Ft. Lauderdale RN-BSN Nursing Program Dress Code Memo by MichaelAmes



To:              The Entering Class of 2009
                 College of Allied Health and Nursing
                 Nursing Department

From:            Mr. Vladimy LaFontant
                 Admissions Counselor
                 College of Allied Health and Nursing

Re:              Orientation Dress Code

The dress code for orientation will be as follows:

Students must dress in professional attire. Professional attire for men includes trousers, shirt,
socks, shoes and a necktie. Professional attire for women includes dresses or skirts of appropriate
length or slacks, blouses and shoes.
Students may not wear the following:

      Shorts

      Cut-offs

      Mini-skirts (higher than mid-thigh)

      Blue Jeans

      See-through clothing or halter tops

      Sandals or sneakers

      Tee-shirts (as outer shirt)

      Jogging or exercise clothing

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