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					A Passion for Recovery!
Thank you for joining us at the 3rd
Annual Art of Recovery Expo!

O            n many levels this has been an interesting
             year of ‘awareness’ about addiction,
             recovery and mental health issues.
     HBO aired the powerful series “Addiction”,
which helped demystify substance abuse. Then again,
the media sensationalized celebrities going through a
revolving door of glamorous rehab centers; but they
did not address the seriousness of their problems.

The exciting news is The Paul Wellstone Mental
Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007 is about to
be passed which will eliminate many obstacles to
accessing care for Americans with mental health and addictive disorders
     Stories like yours and mine don’t make headlines or sell newspapers, yet
our success at staying addiction free greatly impacts our families, friends, and
communities in many positive ways. We have chosen to become part of the growing
movement of recovery advocates who are making a difference. We must continue to
be heard in our communities and legislatures, erasing the unnecessary stigma that
addiction carries.

We are making progress. Recovery works. Help is available. Healing happens.
Miracles are abundant for those who make the choice to change.

    We, at the Art of Recovery Expo are filled with gratitude to our sponsors and
exhibitors who continue with their support to make this event possible. We thank
them for providing their expertise in helping those that may be in need today or
sometime in the future. Be sure to visit each and every booth and meet all of the
wonderful people who make this event possible.

     A special thank you to Rokelle Lerner and John Lee for being part of this
memorable day. Most of all, thank YOU for being with us as we celebrate the
victories of recovery—together.


Barbara Nicholson-Brown

                      Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                   
“The harmful effects of alcohol and drug addiction have
   shattered the lives and families of many citizens of
 Arizona. Addiction is a chronic illness, however through
 awareness, constant support and treatment, people can
overcome their addictions and find the road to recovery.
I acknowledge and thank the families, organizations and
     professionals who work tirelessly to help others.
   Your dedication and commitment transforms lives.    ”

                                    —Governor Napolitano

             Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
   November 27 - 30, 2007
       Atlanta, Georgia

Featur i n g
 Christopher Kennedy Lawford,
 William Cope Moyers, Thomas McLellan, David
 Powell, Garrett O’Connor, Robert Ackerman,
                  Paul Earley
             and much more!

            Register Today!
866-293-5510 orExpo Resource Guide 2007
        Art of Recovery                        
                                ank You
                  Dr. Marlo Archer     Sally Lara
                         Rick Baney    Rokelle Lerner
                    Dr. Janice Blair   John Lee
          Barbara Nicholson-Brown      Merv Lynch
                         Bill Brown    Bobbe McGinley
                     Lamar Bryant      George Nicholson
                             Jo Coen   Susan Nicholson
           Cooper’s Destiny Dancers    Tom Platt
                    Dr. Dina Evan      Marilyn Rollins
                      Robert Evans     Julie Vaughn
                     Allison Kobzeff    Bonnie Wasniewski
                     Nancy Koplow      Drew Wathey

                 anks to the Art of Recovery Volunteers

    A very special thanks to Rokelle Lerner & John Lee

4             Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
    Behavioral Health Services
     People care by caring people since 1969

            Programs and Services Include:
             Outpatient Mental Health Counseling
             Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
                  Arizona Families F.I.R.S.T.
               Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment
                  Community Living Services
        HIV Education, Counseling, Outreach, and Testing
                 Prevention Services for Youth
                     Mobile Crisis Services

“TERROS has helped me so many times and I am thankful
    that there is a place like TERROS to get help.”

  To contact TERROS for additional information please call
   602-685-6000 or visit our website at

             Spanish Language Services provided.

            Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007         
    Art of Recovery Expo is proud to team with these organizations
         ABC Wellness Centre                               The Meadows
     ACT Counseling & Education                           Mellody House
Amity Foundation at Circle Tree Ranch                    Meek Publishing
    Arizona Department of Health                 Molly Moon Arts & Publishing
          Hepatitis C Program                Narcotics Anonymous-Arizona Region
    Arizona Department of Health                 NAATP-National Association of
       Div. of Behavioral Health                        Treatment Providers
         Arizona Family Clinic                    Native American Connections
         Arizona Meth Project                 National HIV Testing & Mobilization
Arizona Office of the Attorney General                        NCADD
Arizona Pathways Holistic Residential                  New Life Foundation
                Program                                   Not My Kid.Org
            Arizona S.A.D.D.                                 Parc Place
     Arizona Satsang Society, Inc.               Pathway Drug Abuse Program
     Arizona Together Newspaper                     Power of Play In Recovery
 Ask Sandy Rogers the Referral Queen                      PROMETA TM
    Banner Behavioral - Scottsdale                     PSA Art Awakenings
       Blair Counseling Services                          Quantum Pathic
             Calvary Center                       The Refuge- A Healing Place
          Center for Discovery                          Redemption House
             C.H.E.E.E.R.S.                   River Source 12 Step Holistic-Booth
      Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.                        Rosewood Ranch
     Clean & Sober Living, C.S.L.                  Russ Lyon Realty Company
          Community Bridges                          Run Drugs Out of Town
 Coopers Destiny Dance International                      SAA Intergroup
          Cocaine Anonymous                            Sage Counseling, Inc.
     Co-Dependents Anonymous                    Scottsdale Congregational United
      Creating Strategies for Life                       Church of Christ
         Decision Point Center                            Serenity Sunday
  Desert Canyon Treatment Center                 SOON Survivors On Our Own
              Dore Centers                       Social Security Administration
      Down to Earth Enterprises              Southwest Behavioral Health Services
     Dr. Hyde- Book On Addiction               Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
         Emotions Anonymous                        St. Luke’s Behavioral Health
          Families Anonymous                            Sundown M Ranch
    Family Strategies and Coaching                     The Sundance Center
  First Arizona Credit Services, Inc.              Tarzana Treatment Centers
      Franciscan Renewal Center                              TERROS
          Gatehouse Academy                         Teen Challenge of Arizona
            Gifts Anon, Inc.                             Timberline Knolls
            Governors Office                         Triad Treatment Centers
            Healthy Futures                         UMOM New Day Centers
       HomeBase Youth Services             VA Medical Center- Substance Abuse Clinic
         House of Miracles, Inc.                            Valley Hope
   Intervention Services of Arizona                          V3 Tucson
            Jaywalker Lodge                 WICK Home for Emotional Growth and
     KFNX 1100 News-Talk Radio                               Recovery
  Learning Enrichment Center, LLC               WINR - Women in New Recovery
       Magellan Health Services                  Our Common Welfare (OCW)
            Mandalay Village                              Yoga-n-Massage
         Max Stoltenberg, LPC

                    Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
Arizona Bridges to Recovery
   A Program of Community Bridges, Inc.

   A New Beginning...

 25 Years of Experience in Substance
  Use Disorder Treatment serving
    more than 500,000 individuals
              24-Hour Medical Staff
        Affordable Medical Detoxification
        Comprehensive Treatment Model
            Family Support Programs
          Warm & Comfortable Setting
               Semi-Private Rooms
         Most insurance plans accepted

                  560 S. Bellview
                  Mesa, AZ 85204
        Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007   
                      Schedule of Events
                              From the Stage
10:15 am           Native American Blessing offered by Joella Scott
10:15-10:30 am     AZ Teen Challenge Men’s Choir
10:30 - 10:45 am   Tai Chi Demo -Philosophical Martial Arts Institute
10:45 -11:30 am    Arizona Families in Recovery Succeeding Together:
                   Using Recovery Principles to Impact the Lives of Children,
                   Families and Communities
                   with Dr. Hank Radda (Penny Free Burke and Ron Carpio)
11:35 -11:45 am    Flute Journey
Noon - 1:00pm      Rokelle Lerner - KEYNOTE SPEAKER
1:15 - 1:30 pm     Tai Chi Demo
1:30 - 1:50 pm     Destiny Dancers
2:00 -2:45 pm      Prometa Presentation with Dr. Crescenzo Pisano
3:00 - 4:00 pm     John Lee - KEYNOTE SPEAKER
4:15- 4:45 pm      Testimonials from Az Teen Challenge Residents and Alumni

                           Workshop Room A
10:30-11:15 am     Problem Gambling: Where Has All the Money Gone?
                   What Do I Do NOW? with Bobbe McGinley
1:30 - 2:15 pm     How Interventions Work with Dr. Janice Blair

                           Workshop Room B
11:00 - 11:45 am   Achieving Empathy: Actively
                   with Dr. Marlo Archer
1:15 - 2:00 pm     Medicated Teens: ADHD, medication and drug use – Are
                   there other options? Sara Martwig M.S. Dore Centers,
                   Program Practitioner and Lead Program Specialist

                           Workshop Room C
10:45-11:30 am     Know Your Rights - with Cheryl Koch-Martinez,
                   Manager ADHS/DBHS Office of Human Rights
2:15-3:00 pm       V3 Tucson - Leadership, Excellence and Service

                  Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
      Arizona Together
 Proud Sponsor of the
 Art of Recovery Expo
                              Arizona Together believes in every
                                family there is the potential for
                               recovery and a better way of life.

                                For advertising & subscriptions call

“Faces & Voices of Recovery salutes the millions of Americans in recovery
from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, their families, friends and allies and
encourages them to speak out about the power and the reality of long-term
recovery. We encourage you to participate in civic life through voter registra-
tion and education and celebrate the growing visibility of the recovery
community. By speaking out, we can change public policies to make it
possible for even more Americans to experience recovery.”
                          — Pat Taylor, Executive Director, F.A.V.O.R.

                    Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                   9
                             Resource Guide
ABC Wellness Centre- Booth 116                Arizona Department of Health-
7219 E. Shea Blvd.                            Hepatitis C Program - Booth 305
Scottsdale, AZ 85260                          150 N. 18th Avenue, #140
480-991-9818                                  Phoenix, AZ 85020
Fax 480-368-0949                              602-364-3658
Email:                    Fax 602-364-3199           
ABC Wellness Centre offers a full range       Education and prevention for HIV, STD
of outpatient mental health services for      and Hep C Services.
individuals, couples and families including
13 groups weekly. We specialize in treating   Arizona Department of Health-
addictions and trauma. We treat both the      Div. of Behavioral Health-Booth 110
addict and family members impacted by         150 N. 18th Ave., Second Floor
compulsive gambling and drug and alcohol      Phoenix, AZ 85007
addictions. We are trained in EMDR and        602-364-2086
TFT, specific trauma methods. We have a       Fax: 602-364-4603
holistic philosophy towards treatment.
                                              The Arizona Department of Health Bureau
ACT Counseling & Education                    for Substance Abuse offers information on
Booth 109                                     recovery and the direction the Behavioral
5010 E. Shea Blvd. D-202                      Health Services system is taking.
Phoenix, AZ 85254
602-569-4328                                  Arizona Family Therapy Clinic, Inc.
Fax: 602-569-4378                             Booth 126
Email:                      PO Box 64002                         Tucson, AZ 85728
ACT Counseling & Education offers a wide      520-327-5522
variety of services to meet the needs of      Email:
clients and the community. Gambling As-
sessments, Substance Assessments, DOT         Healing Recovery Workshops, using ex-
Assessments, Interventions, 1-1 Therapy       perientially trained and licensed recovery
Sessions, Actualizing Change Therapy,         therapists produce amazing results. Move
Aftercare Support Group, Community            beyond STUCK. Experience new levels of
Education.                                    physical and emotional recovery.

Amity Foundation at Circle Tree Ranch         Arizona Meth Project- Booth 303
Booth 330                           
10500 E. Tanque Verde Road                    A large-scale exercise in prevention,
Tucson, AZ 85749                              aimed at significantly reducing Meth use
520-749-5980                                  in Arizona. The program consists of an
Fax: 520-749-4852                             ongoing, research-based marketing cam-                       paign, supported by community outreach
A Residential treatment community for         and public policy initiatives, that realisti-
men, and their children.                      cally and graphically communicates the
                                              risks of methamphetamine to the youth
                                              of Arizona.
                                              Maricopa County: 602-372-METH
                                              Outside Maricopa: 1-866-773-8999
0                    Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
    When it comes to addiction,
    there’s no discrimination...

                                           It doesn’t care about your age

                where you live, or who you are*.

If you or someone you care about is struggling, give us a call. e ACT
staff consists of highly trained, licensed professionals who will help
you discover a life free from the chains of addiction. Call us today!
ACT Locations:                                        Gambling Problem?
5010 E. Shea Blvd., Suite D 202                       ACT now!
                                                      •   Problem and Compulsive Gambling
                                                      •   Substance Abuse
4480 W. Peoria Ave. Ste. 203
                                                      •   Aftercare Programs
Mesa Clinic-480.827.2406                              •   Interventions
460 N. Mesa Drive, Suite 110
                                                      •   SAP Assessments
Mesa Appts: 602-569-4328
                                                      •   Consultations
ACT-Counseling & Education                            •   Counseling: Families, Couples
Innersenses-520-623-9180                                  & Individuals
2221 E. Broadway Blvd., Ste. 211
                                                          *Bring in this ad for a percentage
                                                             off Initial Assessment cost

                  ACT Counseling & Education
                       Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                           
Arizona Office of the Attorney                 Arizona S.A.D.D. Booth 426
General- Booth 301                             23425 N. 39th Drive, Suite 104-116
1275 W. Washington                             Glendale, AZ 85310
Phoenix, AZ 85007                              623-434-1670
602-542-2123                                   Fax: 623-434-1677
Fax: 602-364-1970                              Email:
Email:                                        S.A.D.D. provides students with the best
The Arizona Attorney Generals commu-           prevention and intervention tools possible
nity services program ‘educates Arizona’s      to deal with the issues of underage drink-
most vulnerable populations about their        ing, drug use, impaired driving and other
civil, victim’s and consumer rights.           destructive decisions.

Arizona Pathways Holistic Residential          Arizona Satsang Society, Inc.
Program - Booth 419                            Booth 427
2307 W. Devonshire                             PO Box 843
Phoenix, AZ 85015                              Carefree, AZ 85377
602-264-3481                                   1-877-300-4941
Fax: 602-265-3814                              Contact: Susanne
Email:                                  Experience the healing power of God. Sing
Arizona Pathway’s goal is to provide holis-    HU ( Pronounced “HUE”) a love song to
tic solutions to destructive and addictive     God to open your heart to Divine Love.
lifestyles and to discover personal paths to
productive, healthful living.

                     Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
          We are Proud to be a Sponsor of
            the Art of Recovery Expo

Arizona Together Newspaper
Booth 121
PO Box 5629
Scottsdale, AZ 85261
Fax: 480-767-8041
                                              “In the War Against
For over 17 years Arizona Together has
provided the community with resourceful
information on recovery and a better way
of life. Published monthly.
                                             Jon & Dr. Marlo Archer
Ask Sandy Rogers the Referral Queen
Booth 425
PO Box 3838                                         Salute All
Scottsdale, AZ 85271
                                              Those in Recovery!”
Business consulting and referral marketing
specializing in healthcare and events.

                      Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007        
Finally—Relief From                               ADHD • Dyslexia • Asperger’s Syndrome
                                                  • Other Learning Difficulties
ADHD & Dyslexia
He wasn’t a troublemaker.
He wasn’t stupid.
He just needed Dore.
Visit to learn how Dore treats
the root cause, not just the symptoms.
Join the 50,000 people around the world who are
realizing their potential.
Call 1-877-855-DORE to schedule your fREE consultation.


Dore Achievement Center
4131 N. 24th Street, B–104
Phoenix, AZ 85016                1-877-855-DORE (3673)

 Banner Behavioral Health-                        Blair Counseling Services-Booth 311
 Scottsdale                                       Dr. Janice Blair
 Booth 217                                        14460 N. 91st Street
 7575 E. Earll Drive                              Scottsdale, AZ 85260
 Scottsdale, AZ 85251                             602-460-5464
 602-254-HELP (4357)                              Email:                   
 Banner Behavioral Health is a provider of        Specializing in addiction intervention and
 substance abuse and psychiatric treatment        treatment for the whole family.
 for adolescents and adults along with a full
 continuum of care.

                                         Save the Date!
                                            Art of Recovery Expo
                                            September 20, 2008

 4                          Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
Calvary Center- Booth 107                     Chair Massage by Caroline-Booth 412
720 E. Montebello                   
Phoenix, AZ 85014                             Relieve neck, back and shoulder tension
602-279-1468                                  and headache relief.

Fax: 602-279-3090
Calvary Center is an affordable faith-based
residential treatment center for substance
abuse and problem gambling.
                                                   “It is the most rewarding
Center for Discovery- Booth 313               experience on the planet to help
1911 Washington Blvd.
Whittier, CA 90606                              people who have spent most
1-800-760-3934                                 of their lives giving their power
Fax: 562-698-8815                              away to take it back and recon-
Email: elizabeth.rock@centerfordiscovery.
                                               nect to the healing waves that
com                      carve out a new landscape of
Center for Discovery has residential           hope.”—Max Stoltenberg , LPC
programs for eating disorders and dual
diagnosis focusing on male and female
adolescents ages 11 to 19.
                      Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                    
C.H.E.E.E.R.S. -Booth 417                    positive change and self-sufficiency to build
1950 W. Heatherbrae Drive, Suite 2           a better quality of life to those we serve.
Phoenix, AZ 85015
602-246-7607                                 Clean & Sober Living- Booth 127
Fax: 602-841-5148                            480-473-9680
Email:                    Email:                    
CHEEERS- Center 4 Health Enlighten-          Clean and Sober Living (C.S.L.) provides a
ment Enrichment Empowerment Renewal          12-step based quality, safe drug and alcohol
Services offers peer support, recovery       free home. Our goal is to help residents
groups, skills training and much more for    return to responsible sober living.
people living with mental illnesses and/or
substance abuse issues.                      Community Bridges - Booth 105
                                             1811 S. Alma School Road #160
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.                  Mesa, AZ 85210
Booth 205                                    480-831-7566
1046 E. Buckeye Road                         Fax: 480-831-7563
Phoenix, AZ 85034                            Email:
Fax: 602-352-5989                            Community Bridges offers quality sub-                                 stance abuse treatment and recovery to
CPLC is a statewide community develop-       homeless, indigent and working poor
ment corporation committed to building       adults throughout Maricopa County. We
stronger, healthier communities. Promotes    also provide substance abuse prevention,
                                             education and training to the public.

         1800 E Van Buren St., Phoenix AZ 85006
               For a Confidential Assessment call:
                602-251-8535 or 1-800-821-4193
         Inpatient Mental Health Inpatient Chemical Dependency
         Partial Hospitalization   Intensive Outpatient Programs
         Inpatient GeroPsych       Outpatient Chemical Dependency

        Our services are covered by most insurance companies. Treating
        Children, Adolescents, Adults and Geriatrics.

                          Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

                    Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
     Is your recovery headed in
         the right direction?
    We specialize in the
 treatment of individuals
    and family members
  affected by problem or
   compulsive gambling,
alcoholism, or drug abuse.

                               Two locations:
7219 East Shea Blvd                                    1819 S. Dobson, Suite 112
Scottsdale, AZ 85260                                   Mesa, AZ 85202
480-991-9818                                           480-777-3707

Coopers Destiny Dance                    Cocaine Anonymous - Booth 228
Booth 131                                Fellowship of men and women who share
4550 E. Indian School Road               their experience strength and hope that
Phoenix, AZ 85018                        they may solve their common problem and
602-381-7966                             help others from addiction.
Fax: 602-808-8626
Email:            Co-Dependents Anonymous        Booth 409
Come dance through our doors! Birth to
adult.                                   Co-Dependents Anonymous is a 12-step

                                         group for men and women whose common
                                         purpose is to develop healthy and loving

“The best thing about this job is watching miracles happen. The most
rewarding experience happened this year. Four of our former, success-
ful clients came to work at NCADD! Watching an addict mother and her
children turn themselves into a family unit is worth more satisfaction
than any other career could ever offer me.”— Dorothy Roth- NCADD

                   Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                   
Creating Strategies for Life                Decision Point Center and Rehab TV
Booth 312                                   Booth 113
Dr. Sue Probyn, Dr. Mike Solomon            315 W. Goodwin Street
1115 N. Higley Road #107                    Prescott, AZ 86304
Mesa, AZ 85205                              Email:
We help people break negative patterns so   Decision Point Center, Long term residen-
they can be in the present and not react    tial extended care treatment for men and
to trauma from the past by creating body/   women. Rehab TV- complete video guide

mind sobriety.                              to treatment centers.

                                            Desert Canyon Treatment Center
                                            Booth 209
                                            105 Navajo Drive
                                            Sedona, AZ 86336
“Recovery can bring                         888-811-8371 ext. 21
  an excitement, an                         Email:
 aliveness, a joyous                        The successful alternative to 12-step. Des-
 outlook on life that                       ert Canyon’s whole person approach and
                                            advanced methods focus on building self-
did not exist before.”                      esteem, empowerment and healing.
  —Eve Mayer Ph.D.

                   Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
 Long Term Treatment...Life Long Recovery ®
 Decision Point Center is a long term extended care for men
 and women who continually struggle with chemical dependency
 or who need a continuum of care beyond the traditional 30 day
 treatment center.
 The Decision Point Treatment Model
 The“DePo”Model® engages the union of mind, body and spirit by
 providing a comprehensive and individualized holistic program. We
 build new lives through adventure therapy, equine therapy, ropes
 therapy, and nutrition therapy along with a full range of traditional,
 experiential and integrated therapies with a strong emphasis on
 trauma resolution, the 12 steps, life skills, social responsibility, and
 having fun which engages a life long recovery.
             •   Chemical Dependency      •   Dietary Issues
             •   Compulsive Gambling      •   Sex Addiction and Compulsivity
             •   Anger & Rage             •   Love and Relationship Issues
             •   Trauma & Abuse           •   Entitlement Issues
             •   Grief & Loss             •   Family of Origin Issues
             •   Co-occurring Disorders   •   Co-Dependency/Boundary

                                                24-Hour Admissions:
                                              Call 877-77-ADMIT

Dore Centers- Booth 119                                          Dr. Hyde- Booth 416
4131 N. 24th St. , B-104                                         678-602-1240
Phoenix , AZ 85016                                               A True Story of Addiction and Redemp-
Phone toll free 877-855-DORE                                     tion
Fax 602-955-1952                                                 Email:                                        
The Dore Program is a home based,
clinically proven, permanent solution for                        Emotions Anonymous- Booth 227
AD/HD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s and other                  
learning differences.                                            Emotions Anonymous is a 12-step program
                                                                 for people suffering from stressful emo-
Down to Earth Enterprises                                        tions such as fear, worry, anger, anxiety,
Psychological Services- Booth 212                                depression, grief, guilt, etc. with strained
1250 E. Baseline Road, #102                                      relationships.
Tempe, AZ 85283
480-705-5007                                                     Families Anonymous- North Scottsdale-
Fax: 480-323-2521                                                Booth 410
Email:                                       Email:                                                  www.
Psychological Services for kids, teens                           623-566-0630
and their families, married and parent-                          Families Anonymous is a group of con-
ing couples and individual adults. EMDR                          cerned relatives and friends whose lives
and Psychodrama. Free consultation and                           have been adversely affected by a loved
newsletters.                                                     one’s addiction to alcohol or drugs.

                               Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                                   9
     3rd Annual Art of Recovery Expo
            Official Sponsors

0         Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
3rd Annual Art of Recovery Expo
     Supporting Sponsors

     Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007   
Family Strategies and Coaching               Gatehouse Academy - Booth 220
Booth 230                                    10 South Jefferson Street
2152 S. Vineyard Road, Suite 114             Wickenburg, AZ 85390
Mesa, AZ 85210                               928-668-0706
480-668-8301                                 Fax: 928-447-1900
Fax: 480-558-3020                            Email:
Email:                     Gatehouse Academy is a long-term resi-
Family Strategies provides quality group     dential drug and alcohol program for young
work, education, workshops, and indi-        adults. Residents are taught life skills while
vidual therapy for sexual addiction and      attending 12-step meetings, therapy and
co-dependency issues. We are “specialists”   school.
in mental health.
                                             Gifts Anon, Inc. - Booth 329, 331
First Arizona Credit Services, Inc.          4524 N. Seventh Street
Booth 128                                    Phoenix, AZ 85014
4408 N. 12th Street, Suite 260               Marilyn Rollins
Phoenix, AZ 85014                            602-277-5256
602-248-0203                                 Email:
Fax: 602-263-0462                            Arizona’s best store for books, gifts, pam-
800-748-5810                                 phlets, medallions for recovering persons,
Email:                      family and friends.
Specializing in settlements of defaulted     Governors Office - Booth 203
debt, general correction of erroneously      Division for Substance Abuse Policy
out-of-date information reported by          1700 W. Washington, Room 101
repositories and bankruptcy updates fol-     Phoenix, AZ 85007
lowing a chapter 11 disclosure.              602-542-3456
Franciscan Renewal Center -Booth 325         The Governors Office Division for Sub-
5802 E. Lincoln Drive                        stance Abuse Policy has information on
Scottsdale, AZ 85253                         Arizona’s Substance abuse initiatives.
Fax: 480-948-2325                            Healthy Futures - Booth 431
Email:                    9449 N. 90th Street                              Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Since 1951-A Community of Faith Through      480-451-8500
Liturgy, Retreats, Education, Counseling,    Fax: 480-451-8510
Social Justice, Spiritual Direction, Meet-   Email:
ings and Conferences, in the Tradition and
Hospitality of St. Francis of Assisi.        Healthy Futures is a professional counsel-
                                             ing agency specializing in the treatment
                                             of eating disorders and related issues for
                                             children, adolescents and adults.

                    Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
HomeBase Youth Services Booth 411              Intervention Services of Arizona
931 E. Devonshire Avenue                       Booth 221
Phoenix, AZ 85014                              1830 S. Alma School Road #112
602-263-7773                                   Mesa, AZ 85210
Fax: 602-263-5498                              480-730-6222
Email:                           Fax: 480-730-5929                                   Email:
HomeBase Youth Services provides a full
continuum of care, including mental health     Intervention Services of Arizona offers
and substance abuse services, to at risk and   a proven plan for helping addicted loved
homeless youth in Arizona.                     ones choose treatment. Intervention con-
                                               ducted with love, care and concern.
House of Miracles, Inc. - Booth 327
4207 N. 12th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Thomas Ameen
Fax: 602-995-9308
Structured living facility for men and
women. 12 steps and EEG feedback.

                       Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                     
Jaywalker Lodge–Booth 115            
Box 969                                        50,000 Watt AM News Talk station cover-
Carbondale, CO 81623                           ing the Valley.
Email:                 Learning Enrichment Center, LLC                         Booth 218
Jaywalker Lodge is located between Vail        14415 N. 73rd Street, Suite 109-A
and Aspen in the heart of the Colorado         Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Rocky Mountains, and provides extended         Shea Schwartz, V.P.
care residential addiction treatment for       480-659-1283
motivated men ages 23 and over. Firmly         Fax: 480-659-0452
rooted in the 12 Steps of recovery, Jaywalk-   Email: sschwartz@learningenrichment-
er Lodge combines an intensive clinical
regimen with an unmatched mountain-  
based expedition program.                      Lasting interventions for focus and learn-
                                               ing. Physio-neuro therapy is a brain based
KFNX 1100 News-Talk Radio                      intervention for individuals with ADD/
Booth 123                                      ADHD, Dyslexia, Sensory Deficits and
2001 N. 3rd Street, Ste. 102                   other learning difficulties.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Fax: 602-248-1478

4                     Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007   
 Banner Behavioral Health Hospital in
 Scottsdale offers a full range of services
 for adolescent and adult drug dependence:
 •    Acute Care Medical Detoxification
 •    Residential Chemical Dependency
 •    Outpatient Chemical Dependency
      Treatment (IOP-CD)

 We also have a full range of services
for mental healthcare.
Banner Behavioral Health Hospital-Scottsdale             For free assessment and referral                                 Call 602-254-HELP (4357)
     Magellan Health Services of Arizona-           Max Stoltenberg, LPC - Booth 321
     Booth 210                                      5040 E. Shea Blvd. Suite #268
     4129 Van Buren Street                          Scottsdale, AZ 85254
     Phoenix, AZ 85008                              602-499-0378
     800-564-5465                                   Email:
     Crisis Line: 800-631-1314                                       Counseling for those who want more power
     Magellan of Arizona is the Regional Be-        in their lives. Max Stoltenberg, LPC helps
     havioral Health Authority for Maricopa         people who want to experience freedom
     County. Funds for services are provided        from what’s holding them back.
     through a contract with the Arizona De-
     partment of Health Services/Division of        The Meadows - Booth 102,104
     Behavioral Health and AHCCCS.                  1655 N. Tegner St.
                                                    Wickenburg, AZ 85390
     Mandalay Village - Booth 302                   800-632-3697
     1612 E. Ocotillo Road #8                       Fax: 928-684-3261
     Phoenix, AZ 85016                              Email:
     Fax: 602-266-1703                              The Meadows is a multi-disorder facility
     Email:        specializing in the treatment of trauma
     Mandalay Village is an adult transition fa-    and addiction.
     cility for recovering alcoholics and addicts
     and co-occurring disorders.

                          Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
Mellody House -Booth 102,104                 Molly Moon Arts & Publishing
1655 N. Tegner St.                           Booth 225
Wickenburg, AZ 85390                         Sherry & John Vames
800-632-3697 or 928-684-3926.                8513 E. Mulberry Street             Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Mellody House offers supplementary           Email: flutejourneyworkshops@yahoo.
treatment and care for clients who desire    com
to augment and safeguard their recovery.
Mellody House is based on 12-Step Tradi-     The sounds of the Native American Flute
tions and healing.                           can soothe and heal. This beautiful instru-
                                             ment is easy to learn with our instructional
Meek Publishing - Booth 224                  books. Stop by for a FREE lesson and dem-
5110 Old Ellis Point                         onstration.
Roswell, GA 30076
770-740-8696                                 Narcotics Anonymous-Arizona Region
Fax: 770-751-7282                            Booth 430-428
Email:                            Narcotics Anonymous message is “That an
“Committed to producing literature           addict, any addict can stop using drugs, lose
through books and other mediums to help      the desire to use and find a new way to live.”
families better their lives and providing    NA is a global community-based organiza-
people with vital tools in achieving these   tion with a multi-lingual and multi-cultural
goals.”                                      membership.

                      Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                          
     Chicanos Por La Causa
                Proud Sponsor of the
                Art of Recovery Expo

NAATP-National Association of                  National HIV Testing and Mobilization
Treatment Providers                            Campaign- Booth 324
717-392-8480                                   San Francisco Federal Building
Fax: 717-392-8481                              90 7th Street, Suite 5-100
Email:                    San Francisco, CA 94103                                  415-437-8042
NAATP promotes, assists and enhances           Fax: 415-437-8004
the delivery of ethical, effective, research   Email:
based treatment for alcohol and other
addictions.                                    The National HIV Testing Mobilization
                                               Campaign is a national effort to promote
Native American Connections                    HIV testing.
Booth 130
4520 N. Central Avenue Suite 100               NCADD - Booth 204
Phoenix, AZ 85012                              4201 N. 16th Street Suite 140
602-254-3247                                   Phoenix, AZ 85016
Fax: 602-256-7356                              602-264-6214                      Fax: 602-265-2102
Native American Connections mission is         Email:
improving the quality of life and commu-
nities through Native American culturally      National Council on Alcoholism and Drug
centered opportunities in health, housing      Dependence fights the stigma and the
and development.                               disease of alcoholism and other drug addic-
                                               tions. Referral, prevention and educational

                     Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
New Life Foundation- Booth 231               Parc Place - Booth 208
PO Box 2230                                  2190 N. Grace Blvd.
Pine, AZ 85541                               Chandler AZ 85224
928-476-3224                                 480-917-9301
Fax 928-476-4743                             Fax: 480-917-0503
Email:                Email:                   
New Life Foundation offers books and         Provides therapeutic environment and
tapes by inner development author, Vernon    continuum of treatment services neces-
Howard, with authentic solutions to life’s   sary to empower troubled youths and
problems.                                    their families to obtain insight, skills and
                                             strength to engage in a life-long process
Not My Kid.Org - Booth 421                   of recovery. Male and female adolescents
333 W. Indian School Road                    ages 12 to 18.
Phoenix, AZ 85013
602-652-0163                                 Pathway Drug Abuse Program
Fax: 602-266-1958                            Booth 300                             648 S. River Drive                         Tempe, AZ 85281
Not My Kid is a national non-profit orga-    480-921-4050
nization devoted to educating individuals    Fax: 480-921-2673
and communities about behavioral health      Email:
issues facing our teens today, believing
through education we can achieve pre-        Pathway is a drug and alcohol abuse pro-
vention.                                     gram that provides outpatient treatment

                      Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                        9
Parc Place
a treatment center for youth and families

           Residential Treatment for Boys & Girls Ages 12-17
                  Professional Accreditation / Certification Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation
      Licensed by the AZ Dept. of Health Services North Central Accredited Private School Summary of Programs & Services

                                                   2 Locations:
2190 N. Grace Blvd. Chandler, AZ | 1120 E. Sixth Street, Casa Grande, AZ
                 480-917-9301          520.423.2662
     Email: / Website:

services to adolescents ages 13-17 and                       The PROMETA® Treatment Program
young adults 18-25.                                           Booth 101-103
                                                             11150 Santa Monica Boulevard
Philosophical Martial Arts Institute                         Los Angeles, CA 90025
Booth 408                                                    800-700-5500
Sifu Ben Serpas                                     
13832 N. 32nd Street                                         The PROMETA® Treatment Program
Phoenix, AZ 85032                                            is a unique outpatient treatment for al-
623-696-8244                                                 cohol, cocaine and methamphetamine                              dependence that integrates physiological,
                                                             nutritional, and psychosocial therapies,
The Power Of Play – In Recovery                              designed to help patients meet their indi-
Booth 420                                                    vidual recovery goals.
Find out how you can receive a toolbox of
skills that supports recovery and sobriety
through the use of creativity, authentic
humor and the “art of a playful attitude.”

0                         Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
           National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
Fights the stigma and the family disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions

Services we offer:
• Women in Recovery- Intensive Outpatient Treatment
• Healthy Connections for Moms to Be, Assessment,
  Case Management, Outreach, Referral for Pregnant Women
• Library
• Weldon House, supportive housing for women
  with children in NCADD treatment
• Membership
                                                    4201 N. 16th St. #140
• Community Information/Referral
                                                                  Phoenix, AZ 85016

    1.866.836.8078 /24 hour Hotline 602.264.6214
                    Serving Maricopa County

   PSA Art Awakenings- Booth 213                 addictions, emotional and physical issues at
   1014 N. 2nd Street                            the cellular level of consciousness.
   Phoenix, AZ 85004
   602-340-1675                                  Redemption House - Booth 418
   Fax: 602-340-1697                             12031 N. Cave Creek
   Email:                 Phoenix, AZ 85020                         602-866-0150
   PSA Art Awakenings promotes empower-          Email:
   ment and recovery through the power of
   creative expression, fostering exploration    Providing a clean, safe and loving place
   and development of artistic skills.           for men and women needing a program of
                                                 encouragement, guidance and acceptance,
   Quantum Pathic - Booth 216                    while transitioning into the next step of
   Sherry Anshara                                their lives.
   6701 E. Clinton Street
   Scottsdale, AZ 85254
   Fax: 480-609-1714
   The Quantum Pathic Cellular therapy, an
   innovative cumulative methodology of
   guidance, language, visualization and heal-
   ing techniques which supports you to heal

                         Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                         
   Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
The Refuge- A Healing Place                   Run Drugs Out of Town - Booth 229
Booth 304                                     PO Box 25152
14835 SE 85th Street                          Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Ocklawaha, FL 32179                           480-513-3909
866-4-REFUGE - 1-352-288-3333            
The Refuge is an extended care, 12 step
oriented residential treatment program        Providing information on drug addiction
focusing on chronic relapse, trauma, PTSD,    prevention for students, parents and pro-
family issues, SLAA, co-dependency and        fessionals. Ask us about staging the Run
multi-diagnosis issues.                       With Red Ribbon Week or any other time
                                              of the year.
River Source 12-Step Holistic
Booth 326                                     SAA Intergroup - Booth 129
108 E. Second Avenue                          Sex Addicts Anonymous
Mesa, AZ 85210                                Email:
Fax: 480-827-1637                             Support group. Sex Addicts Anonymous is
Email:                        a twelve-step program of recovery based on                        the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.
A naturopathic treatment center for alco-
hol and drug dependency. Unique program       Sage Counseling, Inc. - Booth 319
focuses on all aspects of recovery-mind,      303 N. Centennial Way #250
body and spirit.                              Mesa, AZ 85201
Rosewood Ranch - Booth 118                    Fax: 480-649-3358
36075 S. Rincon Road                          Email:
Wickenburg, AZ 85390                
928-684-9594                                  Sage Counseling was formed in 1998
800-845-2211                                  specifically to provide clinical education                         services to the criminal justice system
Rosewood Ranch is a 14 bed inpatient          and court-mandated clients throughout
program combined with a 20 bed extended       Maricopa County.
care facility designed to treat adult women
suffering with an eating disorder.            Scottsdale Congregational United
                                              Church of Christ - Booth 226
Russ Lyon Realty Company                      Reverend Sandi Britton
Booth 308                                     602-485-1161
8852 E. Pinnacle Peak Road - J-2              Cell: 480-720-4593
Scottsdale, AZ 85255                          Email:
Email:                 Everyone is welcome at Scottsdale Con-                              gregational UCC, home of Art-In-Worship
Russ Lyon will meet all your real estate      and progressive Christianity. Reverend
needs. LaRae Erickson and Don Kaufmann        Sandi Britton provides full service ministry
are competent, experienced agents who         to the recovery community.
will work hard for you, whether you are
buying or selling.

                      Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                         
Serenity Sunday – Booth 413                    480-649-8958
Randy and Betsy Olson                
Email:                The information technology revolution has                         changed the way SSA operates by expand-
Serenity Sunday is committed to spiritual      ing our online services, SSA allows for
fitness. We blend the 12 steps with recovery   public to quickly, efficiently and securely
stories in the Bible. We support and con-      access information and conduct business
tribute to recovery in the Valley.             with SSA.

SOON- Survivors On Our Own                     Southwest Behavioral Health Services
Booth 328                                      Booth 317
PO Box 61358                                   3450 N. 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85082                              Phoenix, AZ 85012
602-231-0071                                   602-265-8338
Fax: 602-231-0334                              Email:
Email:                                  Southwest Behavioral Health Services
SOON provides support services to adults       (SBH) has been a community leader in
diagnosed with a serious mental illness.       the provision of Behavioral Health and
SOON is a peer-run day program.                related services for more than 35 years.
                                               SBH provides a continuum of services to
Social Security Admin. Booth 424               the Phoenix Metro Area, Buckeye, and
702 W. Jerome Avenue                           parts of Pinal and Gila Counties. Services
Mesa, AZ 85224                                 include: School-Based Prevention and

4                     Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
Early Intervention, Outpatient Counsel-
ing for adults, children and families, Crisis   The Sundance Center - Booth 111
Recovery, Substance Abuse Treatment,            12816 E. Turquoise Avenue
Housing, Homeless Outreach and a range          Scottsdale, AZ 85259
of services for persons with SMI, including     800-658-4880 or 480-773-7329
Residential Treatment, Community Place-         Email:
ment and In-home Services.            
                                                A residential inpatient chemical depen-
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts             dency treatment center with a holistic
Booth 316, 318, 320                             approach. The Sundance Center focuses
1100 E. Apache Blvd.                            on teaching individuals to take responsi-
Tempe, AZ 85281                                 bility and accountability for their actions
480-994-9244                                    and choices.
Email:                           Tarzana Treatment Centers                                   Booth 108
Private holistic healthcare college offering    18646 Oxnard Street
complimentary Life Coaching and Toe             Tarzana, CA 91356
Reading sessions. “Are you walking your         818-996-1051
destined path?” Come see us to find out.        Email:
St. Luke’s Behavioral Health                    Drug alcohol and mental health treatment
Booth 112                                       for youths and adults. Our mission and
602-251-8799                                    values are realized through a continuum
Fax 602-251-8795                                of integrated alcohol and drug addiction
Email:              treatment, education, mental health, medi-                        cal detox and residential rehab for teens /
St. Luke’s Behavioral Health offers chemical    youth, and adults.
dependency treatment through inpatient
detoxification and intensive outpatient         TERROS – Booth 200, 202
programs (IOP). Three convenient outpa-         3003 N. Central Avenue #200
tient programs.                                 Phoenix, AZ 85012
Sundown M Ranch - Booth 120                     Fax 602-265-6973
2280 State Rte 821                    
Yakima, WA 98901                                TERROS is a non-profit community based
800-326-7444                                    organization providing behavioral health,
Fax: 509-457-5313                               prevention, education and treatment ser-
Email:                         vices in Maricopa County.
Sundown M Ranch is the oldest residential
treatment program for adults, adolescents
and families in the state of Washington.

                       Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                         
   Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
    News-Talk Leader 1100-KFNX
                        The Charles Goyette Show
                          The Dr. Laura Program
                  The Radio Factor with Bill O’Reilly


Teen Challenge of Arizona                    individualized program that combines
Booth 309                                    evidence-based clinical services, a state ap-
Rev. Snow Peabody                            proved academy, and expressive therapies
PO Box 5966                                  tailored to those struggling to overcome,
Tucson, AZ 85703                             eating disorders, chemical/alcohol addic-
520-292-2273                                 tion, self-harming behaviors, depression
Fax: 520-299-2257                            and personality disorders.
Email:                      Triad Treatment Center-Booth 211
Teen Challenge offers a faith-based solu-    Conveniently located in Orange County,
tion to life—controlling problems in order   CA and close to John Wayne Airport.
for those in recovery to become productive   1-877-653-4431
in society.                                  Email: drsteve@triadtreatmentcenter.
Timberline Knolls - Booth 431      
40 Timberline Drive                          TRIAD’s NTR™ Treatment system uses
Lemont, IL 60439                             specially formulated, naturally-occurring
1-877-257-9611                               amino acids given by trained professionals                     to stimulate the brain to heal its own drug
Timberline Knolls is a female only resi-     and/or alcohol damaged neuroreceptors.
dential treatment center nestled on 43       It appeals especially to those seeking a
beautiful acres just outside Chicago.        “natural” solution, and works for all drugs
The TK approach is a strength-focused,       of addiction.

                      Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007                         
UMOM New Day Centers                          Valley Hope - Booth 125
 Booth 429                                    501 N. Washington
3320 E. Van Buren Street                      Chandler, AZ 85225
Phoenix, AZ 85008                             480-899-3335
602-275-7852                                  Fax: 480-899-6697                        
A shelter for homeless families that offers   The Valley Hope Association is 12 Step
an array of supportive services through       based treatment program that is high in
program staff and community collabora-        value and continuum of care.
                                              V3 Tucson- Booth 117
VA Medical Center- Substance Abuse            1309 N. Venice Avenue
Clinic - Booth 124                            Tucson, AZ 85712
650 E. Indian School Road                     520-299-4778
116A/9 Building 4                             Fax: 520-881-4704
Phoenix, AZ 85012                             Email:
602-277-5551 x 6883                                         V3 Tucson is a long-term residential pro-
Military, Sexual Trauma, Counseling.          gram for addicted young adults ages 18-25.
                                              Sober living skills and academics.

                    Art of Recovery Expo Resource Guide 2007
The WICK Home for Emotional Growth           WINR - Women in New Recovery -
and Recovery - Booth 219                     Our Common Welfare (OCW)
2101 E. Fir Street, #301                     Booth 310
Cottonwood, AZ 86326                         860 Center Street
928-639-9425                                 Mesa, AZ 85201
Fax: 928-639-1484                            480-464-5764
Email:              Fax: 480-834-5372                          Email:
The Wick Home, co-ed, 90 day residen-
tial, extended care for adolescents ages     WINR, a recovery organization for ad-
12-17, emphasizes ongoing therapy and        dicted females, is the facilitating organi-
social coping skills necessary for relapse   zation for OCW; a project designed to
prevention.                                  improve current recovery support services
                                             to recovering individuals.
    Contact us at 480-767-7880

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