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					      Official Publication of the Triunfo YMCA Indian    Guide Your Child’s Adventure!!
      Guides & Princesses, Papooses, and Trailblazers!

           Trail Mix                  May, 2006

                                                                          and more

 Message from
  Federation Chief
John Gettings
                                         Order of the White Buffalo
                                          Wanna be a Chief next year? See Inside!!

                                                                                      e: gCa ke
                                                                                   sidrin nca
                                                                                 InnSp Pa ast
                                                                                  o the eakf
                                                                             Info and Br
H            From your Federation Chiefs
           ow How! Get ready its time for the annual Pancake
Carnival, May 13th look forward to seeing everyone with friends
and neighbors. Please stop by for breakfast, games, raffle and more.
     Oh yes, Its time to register for Spring Camp, May 19-20. Please
bring registration info to longhouse because it is going to be a great
time at Leo Carrillo.
     Then to finish up the year we have Dodger Day on June 4th
which is open once again to all family and friends. Wear a baseball
uniform and enjoy the chance to walk onto the Dodger baseball
     3, 2, 1, Blast Off. Thank you, Ken Gordon and everyone else
who provided help in making Rocket Day a blast and day we will
all remember for years to come. Also, lets give a big round of
applause to Tim Huddleston for another great outing at Irwindale
     The smiles on all the kids faces and the memories of cars
racing, and rockets big and small flying into the air say it all. We
will all be talking about those events for a long time.

       Your Federation Chiefs,
       Francesca and John Gettings
      Flying Dolphin and Big Buck

                  2005/6 Federation Chiefs
                  Francesca and John Gettings
Fluff and Feathers-The Golden Lance
     When a child receives his or her Golden Lance, it represents the culmination of 3 years of hard
work and tons of fun in the Indian Guides and Princesses program. The basis of the Golden Lance is
the Fluff and Feather awards program which is designed to bring children and dads closer together by
working together to accomplish various goals. Each goal allows the child to obtain both satisfaction
and recognition for reaching the goal. Along the way, Guides and Princesses learn valuable lessons
about responsibility, persistence, goal-setting, planning, and other valuable lessons.
     For each task a child successfully completes, he/she receives a feather, which he or she will attach
to their lance. After a 3rd year Guide or Princess receives 50 feathers (and his/her father has successfully
made the lance!), the child is eligible to participate in the Golden Lance awards ceremony during Spring
Camp. Each child that reaches this level of achievement will be recognized at Spring Camp, given a
special award and a certificate. The following list represents those 3rd year Guides and Princesses that
have achieved this ultimate accomplishment. Congratulations to them all!

Cheyenne                                         Walla Walla                                  Mahwah
Allison Easton Little Forked Lightning           Wyatt Bagnall  Kokoum                        Matthew Chane Little Twig
Danica Guerrero Little Lightning Bolt            Jonathon Luner Flying Bear                   Jack Dorian    Fast Lizard
Natalie Lavacca Fluffy Cloud                     David Levenson Red Eagle                     Josh Glasberg  Wind Bird
Hannah Markow Little Deer                                                                     Daniel Magat   Little Iron Horse
Papish Markow Gracie Rainbow Flower                                                           Samuel Rinkov Little Bear
Sheehan Markow Meggie Snow Flower                Chippewa                                     Benjamin Zimmerman
Becca Stelman   Rainbow Rabbit                   Ashley Stephens Tiger Lilly                                 Biting Python
Kelsi Tanenbaum Golden Sunshine
Breann Tobias Little Star                        Iroquois                                     Sioux
Skyler Wolpert Little Sunshine                                                                Jakob Friedman Crouching Tiger
                                                 Hunter Rich        Red Hawk
                                                 Colin Brunson      Running Stream            Zachary Gordon Brave Wolf
Maricopa                                         Austin Comegys     Blue Fish                 Joshua Khorsandi Shooting Star
Natasha Rowland Running Rabbit                   Max Stein          Running Lizard            Christopher Lim Little Brown Bear
                                                 Henry Weddle       Badger Claw               Jonathon Pietch Great Buffalo
               Rocket Launch, 2006
     Wow! Rocket Day was a real “Blast” this year. We all had an awesome time.
     Everyone had a spectacular day of rocket flying! The rockets were terrific, the kids
did a great job with the designs, colors,
and the finishing on the rockets was
incredible. We shot over 500 rockets in
one day without a “hitch”.... And as a special
surprise, everyone got to see some “really big” High
Power Rockets get shot off for fun.
     Families came and watched as the kids rockets went
soaring into the sky and parachuted down safely. All in all, a
great time was had by all. We send a great big “Thank you” to all
of you who helped at Rocket Launch. Our helpers were great: Hal
Roseman, Greg Hillman and family, Greg Sprague, JJ and Blake and
the girls were fantastic, Bruce Blumenthal, Howard Lim, Dan Friedman,
Pat, Ronnie, Chrissy, and Peter from the “Y”, and many others who were
just terrific in helping make rocket day a great success. We also want to
thank all the tribes that contributed and helped on Rocket Day as all of you deserve a
standing ovation! We thank all of you for your help in making Rocket Day the best.
     Until the next time, keep your “nose” skyward and “fly high, fly safe....
Ken & Zachary Gordon, War Chiefs and Rocketmen
         Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

     We have saved the best event for last. Come out to Chavez Ravine on Sunday, June
4th with the entire family to watch the Dodgers take on the Philadelphia Phillies.
     Going to a ball game with your dad is an event that your child will always remember.
However, this game will be especially memorable, because it is Autograph and Parade
Day. If your child is wearing a Little League uniform, they will be allowed onto the field
to get autographs from their favorite players.
     The game begins at 1:10, but arrive no later than 11:30 if you plan on going down
onto the field for autographs. There are a limited number of seats, so have your Chief
send in the sign up sheet as soon as possible (there are no individual sign ups). If you have
any questions, please contact Brett Morris at (818) 874-8605.

                           A Summer with the                            It’s Time for
                           Triunfo YMCA.
                           Quality Programs                             Spring Camp!!!
                                                                             How! How! Everyone. The year
                           and Great Value...                           has gone by so quickly and it almost
                          Activities and trips make your summer the     time for one of my favorite events.
                          best ever!                                    That’s right, Spring Camp is just around
                          On-site arts, crafts, science, drama.         the corner. A fabulous weekend
                          Trips to the beach, local amusement parks.    awaits you at Leo Carillo State Park
                          Resident camps to Catalina and Caravan to     and Beach on the weekend of May
                          San Diego Camp Surf.                          19-21. It’s less than 30 minutes from
                          Age appropriate activities for kindergarten   Westlake/Agoura so come on down
                          through teens! Extended hours and day trips   for the Friday night Movie under the
                          at no additional cost!
                                                                        stars. Saturday morning we’ll be exploring the tidepools and in the
                          Caring, trained YMCA staff.                   afternoon you can either join in our beach events or hike and explore
                          The YMCA has offered                          the trails. Campfire this year will be on the beach, come a little early
                          summer camp experiences                       and watch the sun set over the Pacific with your guide or princess.
                          for 120 consecutive years!
                          And nobody does it better.                    This is an event you can’t miss!
                          Call today!                                        This is truly a great event. Remember our Motto “Through
                                                                        your child’s eyes…”. It is an experience you and your brave / princess
                                                                        will remember for a lifetime.
                                     Triunfo YMCA                            If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to
                                                                        contact War Chief Doug Easton at 818-991-9301 or by email
                   March was a busy month for the
Focus On...   Cheyenne tribe. Rather than hold our
              monthly meeting at the teepee of one of
              our families, we took a field trip to the
              Chumash Interpretive Center at Oakbrook                    Upcoming
              Regional Park in Lang Ranch. The girls
              enjoyed a night hike to a Chumash Village.
              Allison earned a feather for her lance by        May
                                                               2        Longhouse
              reading an authentic Chumash legend to the
                                                               13       Pancake Carnival
              tribe. Back at the museum, the girls and
                                                               19-21    Spring Camp
              dads were able to see artifacts from the daily   June
              lives of the Native Americans who lived in       4        Dodger Game
              our area thousands of years ago. Many thanks     6        Longhouse
              to our new friends at the Chumash
              Interpretive Center for making our visit
Cheyenne      possible.

                                                                2        Longhouse
                                                                13       Pancake Carnival
                                                                19-21    Spring Camp
                                                                4        Dodger Game
                                                                6        Longhouse
                                                                                 Joshua Tree
Trail Mix   Trailblazers
                                                              A big thanks to those who attended the Joshua Tree outing! We had a great
                                                          time, and the scenery was awesome.
                                                              Another big thanks to Vin Fichter for setting up the presentation by Ranger
                                                          Ohlfs. The event would not have been what it was without his involvement.
                                                              What a great job climbing by our Trailblazer Kids and their families. As for
                                                          the Dads...well...

  3        Trail Council
  13       Pancake Carnival
  31       Trail Council
  4        Dodger Game
  9 - 11   Kern River

YMCA Gets a Leg up on the Coming Year
     Michael Siteman is joining in as Co-War chief to kick off the new year of YMCA
Indian Guides and Indian Princesses starting in September 2006. Why should we have to
wait until Fall Camp to get our tribes together for the first event of the year?? If we plan
a new event earlier in the year, we can help the Y and our tribes climb to new heights!
     So, here’s the deal, we’re setting a date in September 2006 to climb at Boulderdash in
Westlake Village. Conveniently located on Hampshire Road just west of Westlake Blvd.
in the Water Court Building (880-A Hampshire Rd.), Boulderdash contains some of the
tallest inside Rock Climbing walls in all of Southern California. The supervision ratio of
guides to participants at 1:5 is excellent and will promote safety and fun. Dads, Sons and
Daughters will all have an opportunity to climb. Everything you need to have a great time
will be provided including shoes, ropes and food. There will be three sessions on a
September Saturday from which to choose, which should fit nicely into everyone’s schedule.
This event is primarily for second and third year tribes. Chiefs, start promoting this with
your tribes now, because the better the turnout, the more fun we’ll have. Watch your email
over the summer for more details!!
                   I’m a proud chief and would like to share with the Smoke Signal readers why. Recently,
              Yerba Buena Elementary school started a program called Pennies For Patients, which is a
              very low key fund raising drive to help children with terminal illnesses. In each of the
              classrooms a small box has been placed where students can drop any spare change they
              have. The program seems to be popular, and at the last Miwok meeting the boys decided
              they would donate their wampum to the cause. Although, the sum of $50 may not sound
              like a lot of money, it is a good deal more than the handful of coins usually dropped in
              those school boxes. So, to each of the Miwoks, I want you to know how proud I am of
              you, and hope you realize that your donation is a fairly unusual thing for a group of 6 year
              olds to do. You boys are special individuals and deserve all the blessings the Great Spirit
              has to offer.
                   The Miwok braves are Taylor Knigin, Ryan Kravitz, Brett Candioty, David Friedl,
  Miwoks      Adam Holley, Charlie Morris, Jeremy Zacuto, Sebby Nunez, Micah Moss, Aidan Babson,
              and Andrew Gutt.
                   MIWOKS ROCK!!!
     Don't forget the Pancake Breakfast and
Carnival         is
coming up soon!
May 13, 2006 at
Oak Park High
School. 7am is
the start time.
There's a carnival
for the kids to
enjoy, and lots of
Y staff on hand to ask questions about other
     Come brave the dad's cooking breakfast
for hundreds simultaneously ... don't be
afraid, no one has had to go to the emergency
room ... yet. :)
     Tickets are sold by those in the program
-- so if you haven't gotten your tickets, talk
to your chief, or give the Y a call. There are
prizes for those that sell the most tickets ...
including the top prize of a Sony PSP!!.
     Sponsored by many in the community
including Trader Joes and El Pollo Loco.
          Order of the White Buffalo
      As the race toward the 800 point mark      very important time to break in the new guy
for the Order of the White Buffalo heads         so that he can hit the ground running next
into it’s final stages, it is amazing to me to   September. The existing chief should
see that nine tribes have made it over the       bring the new chief to the next
top already. Congratulations go out to the       longhouse.
Miwok, Wolfpack, Wallawalla, Chumash,                 So what’s new about next year? For
Ohana, Iroquois, Little Squaws, Shawnee          starters, unlike in previous years, we will not
and Sioux. Though your fine efforts at           open with Fall Camp being the first event.
volunteering to help make our federation         As you will read elsewhere in this
events a success and due to planning             publication, Michael Siteman will be running
additional tribal activities within your own     an indoor rock climbing event for already
tribes, you have created some of the most        existing tribes right here in town at
cohesive tribes in the YMCA program.             Boulderdash. Come join the fun as we see
WELL DONE!!!                                     which dads and kids are up for the “big walls”
     For a moment, let me change hats,           and, once up there, if any of them will join
feathers, bonnets, hairpieces or whatever it     me in taking a “whipper” off the top of the
is that I am supposed to be changing into        prow or the top of the cave. It will be a blast
next year to assume the leadership role.         and, well, let me let Michael tell you more
Looking ahead, I can tell you that we are set    about it in his article.....
up to have a tremendous year next year with       Miwok           1405        Bears          730
at least two brand new events on the books.       Wallawalla      1225        Seminole       665
To get ready for next year, if you are a first    Wolf Pack       1085        Mugwumps       570
or second year tribe, you should be               Shawnee         945         Wild Horses    435
                                                  Ohana           885         Ahwahnee       390
conducting a coup, overthrowing your old          Chumash         885         Comanche       255
tribal chief, and replacing him with a new        Iroquios        845         Blackfoot      210
one. (You do, if your tribal chief consents,      Little Squaws   825         Dakotas        145
have the right to stay with the tried and true    Sioux           800         Arapaho        135
guy), but either way, May Longhouse is a          Cheyenne        755         Maricopa       25
                                                  Wachabe         745

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  Tell ‘em you saw it in the
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Name               Responsibility    Phone        Email                             SMOKE SIGNAL SUBMISSIONS
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Jeff Alkazian      FamilytoFamily    805-495-3677                      Please preview your photos, and send us the good ones in
VinceCurtis        Fluff &Feather    818-735-0939      the highest resolution possible. Closeups are better than distant
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PeterKristensen    BikeRodeo         818-874-1474   will not be used.
NathanStelman      MovieNight        818-707-6888                  Submitting your photos: Point your internet browser to
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TomWulf            PinewoodDerby     818-865-8171         PUBLISHING SCHEDULE
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DougEaston         SpringCamp        818-991-9301            10... Reminder email sent to all War Chiefs, Chiefs and Club
BrettMorris        DodgerDay         818-889-8089      Bosses
CharlieCangelosi   PancakeCarnival   818-879-1989         1-15... Accept submissions.
                                                                                             The 15th is the deadline for all submissions
                                                                                    15-18...Typesetting & production by Publisher
                                                                                    18-25...Xeroxing and/or printing
                                                                                    25-30...Stuffing, labeling, deliver to Post Office
                                                                                    1-8... Smoke Signal arrives in homes
Trail Blazers
Name               Responsibility Phone             Email                           SMOKE SIGNAL CONTACT INFORMATION
GregWeiss          TrailBoss&        818-889-2423      Allen Rosen (Federation Sandpainter/Smoke Signal Publisher)
                   KernRiver                                                        818-991-2445 e-mail:
RobJordan          FallCamp          818-668-8400               SMOKE SIGNAL ADVERTISING
BarryMyerson       Community Service 818-991-6408      Scott Mahler (Sandpainter/Wampum Bearer)
                                                                                    818-707-9135     e-mail:
JoshuaMarkell      Skating           818-991-5216
PatrickRickard     WinterCamp        818-879-9203        TRIUNFO YMCA
NeilTicktin        CosmicBowl        818-991-8712                May, 2006, Published Monthly
GregSprague        Golf ‘n Stuff     818-784-0900       31225 La Baya Drive, Suite 115, Westlake Village, CA 91362
GusComegys         JoshuaTree        818-681-1719            818-707-YMCA (9622); fax: 818-706-0282 •
                                                                                    Ronnie Stone, Executive Director •

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