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                          Volume 24; Issue1                               Newsletter January 2012

Westlake Center
activities may be
paid for by cash
(in person only),
 check (payable
                      January Luncheon
  to the City of
                      Wednesday, January 18                                             gram features Polka music,
   MasterCard,        12:00.                                                            as well as easy listening
 Visa, American       Start the year with friends,                                      music of the 40s, 50s, and
    Express,          comfort food, and music                                           60s, country, and swing.
   or Discover.
                      that put Cleveland on the                                         Here are a couple of inter-
                      map—Polka music!                                                  esting polka tidbits....the
 440.899.3544                                                                           U. S. Polka Association is
                      12:00. Lunch. Chicken            Eric Noltkamper.                 based in Cleveland; Polka
  This symbol         Schnitzel, German Potato                                          Varieties, on television
                      Salad, Applesauce, Roll          with America’s Polka King,       from 1956-1975, was the
                      and Butter, Green Beans,         Frank Yankovic. Eric plays       only television program for
 denotes a free
   activity or        Apple Strudel.                   several instruments, including   this type of music in the
   program.           1:00. Eric Noltkamper has        bass, banjo, accordion,          U. S. (Entertainment, favors,
                      been performing for 25           drums, guitar, and piano,        door prizes sponsored by
                      years - since he was 16          and has made numerous            Westlake Village.)
                      years old. His first job was     recordings. Today’s pro-         Cost: $9, pay by 1/11.

                      The Life of Abigail Adams
All City offices      Thursday, January 19             president. Abigail was intel-    After his election in 1797,
 will be closed                                        ligent and well-read, and        he said to Abigail, “I never
                      10:00. Join historian and        her husband, who had a
  on Monday,
                      educator Alice Wills as she                                       wanted your advice and
 January 2, the                                        great deal of respect for        assistance more in my life.”
 day after New        brings to life the fascinating   her, frequently sought her
Year’s Day, and       story of Abigail Adams, wife     advice. Their letters to         Pastries and Coffee will be
  on Monday,          of John Adams, second            each other are filled with       served. (Pastries provided by
 January 16, in       president of the United                                           Brighton Gardens.)
                                                       intellectual discussions on
 observance of        States, and mother of John       government and politics.         RSVP by 1/13.
 Martin Luther        Quincy Adams, the sixth
   King Day.

 AARP tax help
                      Classical Music
   2/6-4/16.          Friday, January 13               Cleveland Pops Orchestra,        Rod Stewart, and Yanni.
   See p. 4.                                           Trinity Cathedral Chamber        Pastries and coffee will be
                      9:30. Fabulously talented
                                                       Orchestra, and Playhouse         served. (Program/pastries
                      violinist Mary Beth Ions
                                                       Square productions. She          courtesy of The Harbor Court.)
                      returns to Westlake Center!
                                                       has provided back-up music
                      Ms. Ions plays in the                                             RSVP by 1/10.
                                                       for Barry Manilow, Clay
                      Cleveland Orchestra, the
                                                       Aiken, Johnny Mathis,
 PAGE       2

                          COMEDY CAFE                                           DIABETES SUPPORT
                          Monday, January 9                                     Carbohydrates
                          9:30. Movie Talk. Movie trivia placemat.              Tuesday, January 10
                          Pastries & coffee.                                    11:00. The first meeting of the year will
                          Three Men and a Baby (1987). Directed                 be presented by Michelle Hiatt, RD,
                          by Leonard Nimoy, starring Tom Selleck,               LD from St. John Medical Center.
                          Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg. The                     The topic is Carbohydrates: How Do I
                          mishaps and adventures of three bache-                Keep Them Consistent? Carbs are
                          lors who have to adapt their lives to                 essential to good health, but not all are
                          fatherhood when one of the men’s love                 beneficial. Michelle will talk about the
                          child arrives. This was the highest-                  importance of a consistent carbohy-
                          grossing movie of 1987!                               drate diet and practical ways to
                                                                                achieve this.
                          RSVP by 1/6.
                                                                                RSVP by 1/6.
Comedy Café includes
pastries and coffee and
a hot dog lunch.          MEET & EAT                                            MEN’S MORNING
                          Tuesday, January 10                                   Wednesday, January 11
                          12:00. Note day change. Join us for                   9:45. A hot, homemade breakfast will
                          lunch at the Rusty Barrel, 27027 Center               be followed by an awesome presenta-
                          Ridge. Casual atmosphere—good food.                   tion from Fun-Tastic Bob Durante.
  CONTENTS                Lunch is on your own.                                 There will be a magic show and an
                          RSVP by 1/6.                                          exciting interactive show about Poker
  Activities     1-4                                                            and Black Jack. Mr. Durante will also
                                                                                entertain you with stories of famous
  Movies         5                                                              gamblers and some of their more
                                                                                unusual bets. You’ll really enjoy this!
  Fitness        6        BOOK REVIEW
                          Tuesday, January 10                                   RSVP by 1/7.
                 6        1:30. Irma Baker, M.A. returns with more
                          delightful mystery book reviews—Digging
  Social                  Up A Mystery. The science of archeology               COFFEE & CONVERSATION
  Services                helps us solve mysteries from long ago, but           Wednesday, January 11
                          Southern sleuth/anthropologist Elizabeth
  Travel (back            McPherson, intrepid archaeologist Amelia              1:30. Department director Joyce Able
  of calendar)            Peabody, anthropologist/ detective Gideon             Schroth invites you to join her for
                          Oliver, as well as others, all manage to dig          coffee and pastry. She’ll be talking
                          up plenty of their own mysteries to solve.            about the various happenings around
                          Refreshments will be served.                          town, as well as at Westlake Center.
                          RSVP by 1/9.                                          RSVP by 1/9.

 Video visit
    island of
Bali and the
                            Portrait of a Place, Sing-Along & Lunch
 fascinating                Wednesday, January 25          11:30. Our favorite piano      Warm Caramelized
  country of
                            9:00. Today’s video            player, Jack Hogue,            Bananas over Vanilla
   Malaysia.                destination is the beauti-     leads us in a Sing-Along.      Bean Ice Cream. Yum!!
                            ful Island of God, Bali.       Lots of old, familiar tunes.   Cost: $6, pay by 1/18.
                            You’ll also visit Malaysia     12:30. Lunch. Chicken
                            in Southeast Asia, a melting   Vegetable Stir-fry over
                            pot of races and regions.      Rice; Roll & Butter;
                                                                                                          PAGE        3

TALK ABOUT TOWN                                               MEDICARE EDUCATION
Friday, January 13                                            Wednesday, January 25
11:00. Everything you always wanted to know about             1:00-3:00. Meet Liz Powe, Vice President of
eReaders—and more! A Porter Public Library staff              Karsten Bradley, a Medicare/Social Security
member will be here with an Introduction to Over-             consulting firm. Today’s presentation will be an
drive and eBooks. She’ll show you how to use                  overview of the next four seminars, which will
eBooks, download them, and answer questions. If               be presented over the year. Presentations are
you have an eReader, bring it with you.                       designed to provide you with an in-depth overview
12:00. Hots Dogs, Chips, Cookie.                              of Medicare Parts A, B, C (Medicare Advantage),
(Sponsored by Bradley Bay Health Center.)                     and D (Prescription Drugs). You’ll also learn about
                                                              Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap), enroll-
RSVP by 1/9.
                                                              ment periods, disenrollment periods, eligibility, and
                                                              when to make decisions to ensure coverage and
                                                              avoid penalties.
NEWS & VIEWS                                                  RSVP by 1/23.
Tuesday, January 17
11:00. Dr. Floyd Adams is a long-time presenter at
Westlake Center. During his popular monthly talk, Dr.
Adams looks at what’s happening locally and around            Lunch & Learn
the globe as seen and heard on the news. Needless             Monday, January 30
to say, he’s never without interesting material to work
with! You’re invited to join Dr. Adams—and feel free          11:00. Lunch & Learn is a year-long, no-cost
to toss in your thoughts on the subject at hand!              series featuring a potpourri of topics. Lunch
                                                              will be included in each program.
RSVP by 1/13.
                                                              This month’s focus is on how to make the best
                                                              possible nutritional choices. Nutritionist Mary
                                                              Kronik from Devon Oaks will explain the impor-
BINGO FOR FUN                                                 tance of proper food choices in fueling your body.
Thursday, January 19                                          Q&A. Lunch will be served at the conclusion of the
                                                              program. (Lunch/ speaker provided by Devon Oaks.)
11:30. Lunch: Hot Dog, Chips, Cookie, Coffee/Tea.
12:00. Play bingo—win small prizes just for fun.              RSVP by 1/23.
(Sponsored by Devon Oaks.)
RSVP by 1/17.                                                 Lunch & Learn
                                                              Tuesday, February 7

                                                              11:00. Kathryn Milligan, RN from HCR Manor
ART APPRECIATION                                              Care will talk about the Healthy Heart—a program
Friday, January 20                                            focusing on heart disease and prevention, and
11:00. The Fantastic World of M. C. Escher: A                 cultural differences in heart disease. Don’t miss
Look at the Life and Works of the Famous                      this important discussion! Lunch will be served
Graphic Artist. This documentary explores the                 following the program.
genius of the Dutch graphic artist known for his              (Program/lunch sponsored by HCR Manor Care.)
optical illusions and technical virtuosity.                   RSVP by 1/31.
RSVP by 1/18.

Monday, January 23
11:00. Vitamins and Supplements. Confused by all
the vitamins and supplements you see on drug store        M. C. Escher. Drawing Hands.
shelves? Are some brands better than others?
                                                            1958. Lithograph. (See Art
Medical lecturer Tom Strong will talk about the
perplexing world of vitamins.                                           Appreciation.)

RSVP by 1/20.
PAGE     4

                          JOLEEN ARTHUR’S ART CLASSES               AARP TAXES
                          All experience levels welcome. You’re     Mondays, 2/6—4/16 (not 2/20)
                          welcome to stop in and observe a class.   12:00-3:00
                          Watercolor                                BY APPOINTMENT
                          Fridays, 9-12:00                          Call 440.899.3544
                          Cost: $9/class, pay before class.         IRS-certified AARP volunteers provide
                                                                    FREE tax assistance to older adults
                          Drawing                                   who need help preparing their tax
                          Fridays, 1-2:30                           forms. Bring last year’s tax forms and
                          Cost: $5/class, pay before class.         any forms received in the mail.

                          HELP AVAILABLE...                         SCARLET BLOOMERS
                          Call Westlake Center and ask to           Tuesday, January 17
 Joleen Arthur’s          speak to Sue Venick                       12:00. The group will meet at Little
 Watercolor welcomes                                                Budapest, located at 25124 Center
                                Medicare
 all experience levels.                                             Ridge. Call Queen Jane for details.
                                Homestead Exemption
                                Water and Sewer Costs
                                HEAP (home heating)

Please Note:              KNITTING
If an activity            Wednesdays in January                     WINE TASTING
includes both             10:00. Non-knitters welcome! Friendly,    Wednesday, February 15
lunch and a               low-key group.                            at Meadowood Golf Course
program, patrons
may not sign up                                                     2:00. Katie from Heidelberg Wine
for the program                                                     Distributors will be back to do another
only.                     SENIOR SUPPER CLUB                        wine tasting. Hor d’oeuvres and dessert
                          Discounted dinners in the cafeteria of    will accompany six different wine
                          St. John Medical Center. You’ll need      sampling (mostly reds).
                          to show your Senior Supper Club card      Limited seating—reserve now!
                          – available FREE at Westlake Center.      Cost: $20, payable by 2/8.
                          The week’s menu is available at West-
                          lake Center or you may call the Menu
                          Hotline at 440.827.5990.
                                                                    CLEVELAND POPS AT SEVERANCE
Tickets now                                                         12TH ANNUAL SALUTE TO THE
  on sale for                 Westlake Bicentennial                 ARMED FORCES
  Cleveland                   Cookbooks may be                      Friday, May 25
  Pops 12th                   purchased at reception                This is one of our most popular outings
     Annual                   desk. Cost: $14.                      and always a sell-out—so sign up
   Salute to                                                        early! Depart 7:00 p.m.; return 11:00.
 the Armed                                                          Cost: $60, payable by 3/15.
      Forces                  TRANSPORTATION CLIENTS
                              Westlake Transportation is
                              cancelled when Westlake City          ADDITIONAL TRIPS
                              Schools are closed due to inclement   SEE BACK OF CALENDAR
                              weather. Check local radio or
                              television stations for up-to-date        Multi-day trips
                              information.                              Cleveland Orchestra Friday
                                                                          morning concerts.
                                                                                                                PAGE         5

                                      THURSDAYS AT THE MOVIES
                                    Morning Movie: 9:00 Snacks; 9:30 Movie
                                   Afternoon Movie: 1:00 Snacks; 1:30 Movie
                                Limited seating! Be on time. Call if you need to cancel.

               January 5—One Day                                               January 12—The Debt
Drama/Romance (2011). Starring Anne Hathaway,                   Thriller (2010). Starring Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington,
Jim Sturgess. After spending one day together, July             Tom Wilkinson. The story goes back and forth between
15, 1988, Emma and Dexter begin a friendship that               1965 and 1997. In cold war Berlin, three Mossad agents,
will last a lifetime. For the next 20 years, key moments        Rachel, Stephan, and David, completed a secret
of their relationship are experienced over several July         mission to capture a Nazi fugitive. Their daring, widely
15ths in their lives. Together and apart, we see them           celebrated exploits later become the subject of a book
through their friendship and fights, hopes and missed           written by the daughter of Rachel and her ex-husband,
opportunities. Somewhere along their journey, they              Stephan. Rachel, particularly, was lionized for her cour-
realize that what they are searching and hoping for             age. Gradually, through flashbacks, the accepted ac-
has always been there. Academy nomination for Best              count of Rachel’s actions begins to unravel.
Picture. (PG-13; 107 minutes)                                   (R; 113 min.)
RSVP by 12/30.                                                  RSVP by 1/5.

        January 19—Cowboys & Aliens                                             January 26—The Help
Thriller (2011). Starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford.          Drama. (2011). Starring Emma Stone, Viola Davis,
1875. New Mexico. A stranger with no memory of his              Cicely Tyson, Sissy Spacek. Based on the #1 New
past stumbles into the desert town of Absolution. He            York Times best seller. An extraordinary film. Winner of
discovers that it’s a town that lives in fear and no one        the 2011 Hollywood Film Award. The Help is an inspira-
makes a move on its streets unless ordered to do so             tional story about the very different, extraordinary women
by the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde. But Absolution            in the 1960s South. From their improbable alliance, a
is about to experience fear it can scarcely compre-             remarkable friendship emerges as they push aside
hend as the town is attacked by marauders from the              society’s rules, bringing their town face-to-face with a
sky and the stranger is their only hope for salvation.          changing world, even as they put themselves at risk.
(PG-13; 118 min.)                                               (PG-13; 137 min.)
RSVP by 1/12.                                                   RSVP by 1/19.

 9:30. Pastry and coffee. Movie Talk. Handouts.
 Movie: It Happened One Night. 1934. Romantic Comedy. Directed by Frank Capra,
 it stars Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Walter Connolly, and Roscoe Karns. It was
 the very first film to win FIVE Oscars - Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best
 Picture, and Best Writing. Heiress Ellie Andrews marries fortune-hunter "King"
 Westley but her father has the marriage annulled. She runs away, boarding a bus
 to New York City to reunite with her spouse. She meets fellow bus passenger Peter
 Warne, a newspaper reporter, who recognizes her. He gives her a choice: if she will
 give him an exclusive on her story, he will help her reunite with Westley. If not, he will
 tell her father where she is and collect the reward offered for her return. Ellie agrees to
 the first choice. Nearing the end of the trip, they discover they’ve fallen in love with each
 other – but there are still lots of problems!
 Lunch: Pizza, Chips, Cookie (sponsored by Independence Village).                       Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert
 RSVP by 1/26.                                                                                 It Happened One Night
PAGE    6

                         WII BOWLING                                   JUDI BAR’S YOGA
                         Tuesdays, 1:00                                Cost: $6/class; pay prior to class,
                         Experience the excitement of the lanes        before 5:00. Note fee change.
                         with Wii bowling! It’s easy to learn—and      Tuesdays, 9:30-10:45 a.m.
                         good exercise for the winter months! Play     Therapeutic. Start on chairs.
                         by yourself or with friends—either way,
                                                                       Tuesdays, 6:00-7:10 p.m.
                         this is a fun game. Try it once and you’ll
                                                                       Intermediate. Stretch/strengthen.
                         be hooked! We’d love to have some
                         teams playing on a regular basis! Open or     Fridays, 9:00-10:15
                         league play welcome.                          Meet instructor Judi Bar. Start on chairs.
                                                                       Stretch/strengthen muscles.
                                                                       Fridays, 10:30-11:45
                                                            Note       Instructor Elizabeth Wolfe. Beginning
                         Arthritis Foundation             Change       chair yoga. For those with physical
                         EXERCISE & TAI CHI                      s     challenges.
                         An exercise program for people with
                         arthritis. Class consists of 30 minutes of    MONDAY NIGHT YOGA (not 1/2, 1/16)
                         Tai Chi and 30 minutes of exercise.           FLEXIBILITY CLASS
                                                                       6-7:00 p.m. Yoga/flexibility. Not strenu-
                         This program will take place on
                                                                       ous. Great for beginners.
                         WEDNESDAYS AT UNITED METHODIST
                         CHURCH and on FRIDAYS AT WESTLAKE
                         CENTER as follows:
                         Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30. Westlake               TAI CHI FOR YOU
                         Methodist Church, 27650 Center Ridge          Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
                         (enter through back door, off parking lot).   Tai Chi for older adults is an excellent
                         Taught by Val Dureka.                         fitness class. Instructor Bert Sanchez
BLOOD PRESSURE           Fridays, 1:00-2:00. Westlake Center.          will work with you to make his class fit
 Sponsored by St. John   Taught by certified instructor Madeline       your needs.
    Medical Center       Crandall.                                     Cost: $5/class, pay prior to class
    Thursdays,                                                         (before 5:00).
   No appointment
      needed.              CHAIR MASSAGE                               EXERCISE
                           Fridays, January 13 & 27                    Mondays/Wednesdays
                           10:00-12:00. By Appointment. Ellen          8:30-9:15 (not 1/2, 1/16)
                           Tudron, Licensed Massage Therapist,         Taught by certified exercise instructor
                           provides 15-minute massages (neck,          Kelly Rigo. If you are new to Exercise,
                           hands, arms, shoulders, back from head      you’re invited to attend one class free.
                           to hip) twice monthly at Westlake
                           Center. Clients remain fully clothed.       Cost: $4/class; $30/10 classes. The
                           Lotion optional.                            10-class package must be used within a
                                                                       two-month period.
                           Cost: $13, prior to appointment.

                           INDOOR WALKING TRACK                        KEEPING HEALTHLY
                           Westlake Recreation                         Health Talk, see p. 3
                           Monday-Friday, 10:00-2:00                   About Carbohydrates, see p. 2
                           Westlake residents age 60+. Call
                           Recreation Center at 808.5700 for
                           registration information.
                                                                       WALKERS—see you in the spring!
                                                                                                           PAGE       7

 Need help? Contact Our Licensed Social Worker
Call the department social worker at 440-899-3544 for assistance with the following:
 Medicare
 Medicare Prescription Drug Program
 Transportation—for Westlake residents 60 years old and over
 Cell Phones for Emergency Use
 Are You Okay?™ - a computerized home calling service
 Westlake Assistance Program—Food Cupboard
 Loan of medical equipment, as available (wheelchairs, canes, walkers)
 Use of a TeleSensory Vantage CCD machine at the center (by appointment)
 Referrals, applications for government programs
 Homestead Exemption—file January 9-June 1.
 HEAP for home heating help for eligible Ohioans (apply through May 31)
 Help with Water and sewer bills to eligible seniors/disabled
 Utility assistance through the County Department of Senior and Adult Services if you meet the following
 requirements: 60 years or above or disabled; have a disconnection notice; income at or below $21,660 (one person)
 or $29,140 (two persons); assistance can be up to $360; Money may be split between the gas and electric bills if
 there is a shut-off notice for both

The social worker is available for appointments weekdays between 9:00 and noon.

      The food cupboard is available to Westlake residents with limited income. It includes an emergency
      three-day food supply of non-perishable food, as well as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas food

      Thank you all for the holiday food donations! Your generosity has made a difference to Westlake
      families in need! This month’s focus is on personal hygiene products—shampoo, conditioner, deodorant,
      toothpaste, and bar soap.

MEDICARE HELP                               LOW VISION ASSISTANCE
For help with Medicare, Medicaid            Audio description is available for
Prescription Drug Program, Medicaid,        select performances at Playhouse
and long-term care, call department         Square, courtesy of Cleveland Sight
social worker at 440.899.3544.              Center. An audio describer describes
                                            the set, costumes, body language,
                                            and movement of the actors during
LEGAL HELP                                  pauses in dialogue. For additional
Tuesdays, 1/3, 10, 17                       information, call 216.791-8118.
4:00; 4:30—by appointment
                                            Westlake Center has a TeleSensory
Attorney and Westlake resident Justin
                                            Vantage CCD magnifying device
Watling will be available to help with
                                            available to use at the Center or in
Living Wills and Health Care Directives
                                            your home. Call Sue at 899-3544 for
at no cost. Call 440.899.3544 to make                                                 Westlake Assistance Program,
a half-hour appointment.                    more information.
                                                                                      Helping Westlake residents in
                                                                                      need. 440.899.3544.
                               Cards, Games, and More
   Fifty Plus

                                                                                                   ALL ACTIVITIES MUST END BY 4:30.
                               Board Games: Mondays, 12:30. Not 1/2, 1/16.
                               Bridge: Mondays, 9:30 (minimum knowledge of game). Not 1/2, 1/16.
Cost: $13, checks payable to   Bridge: Tuesdays, 9:30 (just drop in).
City of Westlake or by Visa,
                               Bridge: Fridays, 12:45 (good knowledge of game needed).
MasterCard, Discover, or
American Express.              Chess: Tuesdays & Fridays, 1:00.
                               Pinochle: Mondays,1:00; beginner/intermediate. Not 1/2, 1/16.
Stop by or mail to:                      Tuesdays, 1:00; regular play.
Westlake Community Services    Poker—Mixed: Thursdays, 12:00-3:30.
 29694 Center Ridge Road
 Westlake, OH 44145-5117       Men’s Card Group: Mondays, 9:00-12:00. Not 1/2, 1/16.
                               Reserve Cards: Mondays & Wednesdays; 1:00. Not 1/2, 1/16.
Subscription renewal date is   RSVP week before.
shown on last line of the
                               Knitting: Wednesdays, 10:00.
mailing label. A month
before that date, the
expiration date will be
highlighted to remind you it
is time to renew. Individual
newsletters available at
Reception for $1.00.

Web site:
   City Departments tab,
   Community Services tab


    Joyce Able Schroth
        Sue Venick
     Assistant Director
     Karen Biddulph
  Administrative Assistant
      Cindi Lindgren
       Jennifer Yoo
     Program Planners
     Madeline Crandall
     Youth Coordinator
Susan Louisell, Gloria Flint
      Mary Beth Duffy
      Marsha Herring
   Rich Frolo, Jerry Pasti

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