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									JANUARY 2010

Avoid Avalanche
      No Two SNOWFLAKES Alike?
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                                           JANUARY 2010                                                            3

                                                             In Our City
Signal Hill Community Association
                                                              Calgary Connection                                                  The Bowness Historical Society is           the event and transportation will be
                                                             printing a new book “Bowness: Then          provided for those in need. To register
Elected Officials                                            and Now”. Residents, past or present,       phone Michelle at 403-286-1811.
Alderman:                                                    or persons with knowledge of
Joe Connelly                                                 Bowness are invited to participate          Robbie Burns Fundraiser:
403-268-2430                                                 with their family history, pictures, etc.   Saturday January 30, 6:00 p.m.                                      Call Carole at 403-288-1737 or Inga         at the Varsity Community Centre
                                                             at 403-288-2055.                            in support of Alberta Rocky
MLA:                                                                                                     Mountain Highland Dancers
Ron Liepert                                                  The Bowness Monument Project                (ARMHD). Tickets to the Robbie
403-216-5439                                                 will proceed in May, 2010. If you           Burns night are just $40 a person or 2                                  have loved ones who lived in Bowness        tickets for $70 and include a delicious
                                                             and have passed away, and you would         meal - with the traditional Haggis and
MP:                                                          like their name on the monument,            a delightful line up of entertainment.
Rob Anders                                                   “don’t delay, call today”. Marg at          For tickets and more information to
403-292-6666                                                 403-288-5561                                the Robbie Burns night, email Stacey                                                                                      Lunt at or call
                                                             Seniors’ Chocolate and Chat Café:           403-201-9048.
                                                             The Northwest Seniors’ Network will
Suburban Journals Publishing                                 be hosting a Chocolate and Chat             Heart and Stroke Foundation: Heart
Editor & Article Submissions:                                Café on Tuesday, January 26 from            disease and stroke are responsible for                                   1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the Thornhill           1 in 3 Canadian deaths. Please help the
Submission deadlines for this monthly publication are
the 10th of the month, prior to the distribution month.
                                                             Baptist Church. Come out for some           Heart and Stroke Foundation change
                                                             chocolate treats and socializing, and       this. Take a few hours this February
                                                             get connected to some great resources       and join our team of Heart Month
Advertising Sales:                                           in Calgary! Topics will include:            volunteers. Last year, over $1.2
Pam                                                          Income Tax, a Bucket List exercise,         million was raised by volunteers
403-880-1819                                                 RESPs and Tax Free Savings                  knocking on their neighbours’ doors.                                      Accounts, a Tai Chi demo and stretch,       These funds support vital research and
The ad booking deadline is the 14th of the month prior to    and the Police Community Liaison            initiatives, such as promoting CPR
the distribution month.                                      Officer will be presenting on dealing       training. Volunteer for Heart Month
                                                             with fear and feeling secure. Chocolate     today. Visit
                                                             treats will be served throughout            help or 1.888.HSF.INFO.
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In Our City
                                                                                   Tickets, admission or registration may be required
 Events In and Around Calgary                                                      for events. Event details are believed correct as of
                                                                                               press time but may change at any time.

Connections to Collections, Jeff
Thomas and Paul Wong:
Until Feb. 21
Glenbow Museum
Connections to Collections invites
artists Paul Wong and Jeff Thomas
to investigate Glenbow’s collections
and create new works based on their
examination. The result is new works
in response to the story of Alberta’s

CAPS Calgary Fast Track Program
(Speaker School): Jan. 6 – Jun. 1
Inglewood Co-Op Monthly                   23 White Ave., Bragg Creek                  audience with four renowned health
Assist individuals who are committed      Come see this Canadian icon in an           experts.
to becoming professional speakers         intimate setting. www.braggcreekca.
and seminar, workshop and training        com/upcomingevents.htm                      LG Snowboard FIS World Cup:
leaders.                                                   Jan. 30
event_speaker_school2010.html             Alzheimer''s Disease Community              Canada Olympic Park
                                          Information Forum:                          The world's best snowboarders
The Calgary Motorcycle Show:              Jan. 23, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.            compete for money and recognition in
Jan. 8 – 10                               Calgary Jewish Community Centre             the halfpipe event.
BMO Centre                                Do you know someone affected by   
Canada’s premier motorcycle show.         Alzheimer’s disease or a related              dementia? Attend this free information      Beyond Likeness: Contemporary
                                          forum to learn more about the               Works from the Portrait Gallery of
Singles Glow In The Dark                  resources available, what you can do        Canada: Jan. 30 – Apr. 9,
Bowling (5pin):                           now, and what you need to do next.          10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Jan. 9, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.                      The Art Gallery of Calgary
The Bowling Depot                                                                     This is a rare opportunity to see
Join other like minded singles at our     Dr. Gabor Mate Weekend                      contemporary works from the national
Cosmic Bowling Night with a light         Workshop: Jan. 23 to Jan. 24                portrait collection held by Library and
show, music and prize draws.              South Calgary Community                     Archives Canada.              Association                       
                                          Gain or strengthen your capacity to
High Performance Rodeo:                   drop the negative and enervating            The Kingston Prize 2009, Canada’s
Jan. 19 – 22                              self-judgments that are blocking            National Portrait Competition:
EPCOR CENTRE                              your path towards self-knowledge,           Jan. 30 – Apr. 9,
Presented by One Yellow Rabbit.           self-awareness and self-love.               10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Showcases new local and national                           The Art Gallery of Calgary
works by original and respected talent.                                               The $10,000 Kingston Prize is                               Body of Knowledge Lecture Series:           awarded in a biennial national
                                          Jan .28, Feb. 25, Apr. 1, May 6             competition for contemporary portraits
An Intimate Evening with Murray           Mount Royal University                      of Canadians by Canadian artists.
McLauchlan: Jan. 21, 8:00 p.m.            This series of inspiring, entertaining
The Bragg Creek Centre,                   and informative lectures connects the
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                           JANUARY 2010                                                             7

In Our City                                  Your Safety
                                                                                           toques to exchange wet garments for
 Signal Hill                                  Sledding Safety                              dry ones.
                                                                                         • Take breaks to warm up out of the
 Library                                     Sledding is a fun and exciting activity
                                                                                           cold. Ensure frostbite hasn’t affected
                                                                                           any exposed skin, frequently the
                                             that thousands of children and adults
                                                                                           finger tips, toes, ears, the tip of the
•	 Drop-In Family Storytime: Tue.            enjoy every winter. It is one of several
                                                                                           nose, and other high points on the
   Jan. 12 – Feb. 16, 10:15 a.m. –           great outdoor pastimes that make this
                                                                                           face such as the cheek bones.
   10:45 a.m. OR Thu. Jan. 14 – Feb.         snowy time of year more enjoyable.
                                                                                         • If frost bite has occurred, treat it by
   18, 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Join us       But while sledding is a lot of fun, it is
                                                                                           first removing the individual out of
   for stories, songs and fingerplays the    not without its risks.
                                                                                           the cold environment. Gently warm
   whole family can enjoy! For ages
                                                                                           the affected skin by placing a warm
   2 to 5 with a parent/caregiver. No        Alberta Health Services, Emergency
                                                                                           hand over it or by placing the
   registration required.                    Medical Services would like to remind
                                                                                           affected part in warm water (not hot;
                                             everyone most sledding injuries can
                                                                                           ~41oC max.) until re-warmed.
•	 Relieving Headaches Naturally:            be prevented. Injuries may result from
   Tue. Jan. 19, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.       collisions with stationary objects such
   Learn how a blend of science and          as trees and rocks or with other people
                                                                                         • Avoid hills that are too steep, or too
   nature can help ease your headache        on the hill. Unprotected falls can result
                                                                                           icy– you might lose control very
   pain. Presented by Naturopathic           in injury if you lose control at high
   Doctor Gayle (Heath) Maguire.             speeds. Everyone is at risk – especially
                                                                                         • Choose hills free of obstacles such as
                                             children. Educate your family how
                                                                                           trees, rocks, utility poles, or fences.
•	 The Renovation Planner: Tue.              to stay safe and follow these simple
                                                                                         • Don’t sled on hills that end with a
   Jan. 26, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Good       safety tips for a fun day on the
                                                                                           road or busy parking lot at the
   homes start with a good plan. Find        toboggan hill.
   out how to design, budget, schedule,
                                                                                         • Never go down a hill head first or
   and execute a great renovation.           Equipment
                                             • Make sure your sled is in good
                                                                                         • Avoid sledding at night if the hill is
•	 Reflexology	for	Seniors’	Health:		          condition. Don’t use sleds with
                                                                                           not well lit.
   Fri. Jan. 29, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.         broken parts, sharp edges, or splits in
                                                                                         • Consider using sleds that you can
   Access the benefits of this alternative     the material.
                                                                                           easily control. Inner tubes, crazy
   practice—learn how it can help,           • If your sled won’t stop, or if you are
                                                                                           carpets, and flying saucers cannot
   what to expect, and experience              out of control, roll off your sled onto
                                                                                           be steered!
   hands-on demonstrations. Presented          the snow. You can always retrieve
   by the Calgary Alberta Chapter,             your sled afterward.
                                                                                         Alberta Health Services
   Reflexology Association of Canada.        • Currently, there are no helmets
   Ages 50 and up.                             designed specifically for sledding.
                                               However children should wear a
Visit             properly fitted helmet designed
for more information on these                  for high impact collisions, such as
programs. Registration is required for         hockey, cycling, or climbing helmets.
all programs unless otherwise noted.
                                             Plan Ahead
                                             • Be conscious of clothing that
                                               contains drawstrings, or loose
                                               clothing, such as scarves, which
                                               may present a choking hazard if they
                                               become caught or snagged.
                                             • Dress warmly in layers and
                                               anticipate weather changes. Consider
                                               bringing extra sets of gloves and
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                           JANUARY 2010                                                              9

Your Safety
 Help Police Stop Vehicle Prowlers
It’s not only vehicles thieves are            well-lit area and using an
interested in — it’s also what’s inside       anti-theft device such as a
them.                                         car alarm or steering
                                              wheel locking device.
The Calgary Police Service suggests           Prowlers who see that your
taking a few simple preventive                car is protected are more
measures to help protect your vehicle         likely to move on to a car
from being broken into, or even stolen:       that doesn’t have security
• Take your purse or wallet with you
  — never leave them in the vehicle           If you become a victim of a
  (thieves know all your favourite            car prowling, it’s important
  hiding places).                             to call the police
• Always lock your vehicle doors.             immediately —regardless                    com/districts. You can also call
• Do not leave your vehicle running           of the extent of loss or insurance         the Calgary Police Service general
  unattended, even for a few seconds          coverage. These incidents are rarely       number at 403-266-1234 and provide
  (this is an invitation to steal your        isolated, and thieves often work for       police with as much information as
  vehicle’s contents or the vehicle           several days or weeks in a row. Early      you can: where and when the incident
  itself).                                    information can help police identify       occurred, what damage was done and
• Store valuables and shopping bags           areas of concern and catch the culprits.   what was taken (including a list of
  out of sight within the vehicle.                                                       serial numbers and descriptions of the
• When you’re shopping, it’s best to          To report an incident, visit your local    stolen items).
  keep your shopping with you (if you         district office. District phone numbers
  drop it off at your vehicle and then        can be found on the Calgary Police         For more crime prevention tips, visit
  return to the store or mall, it can alert   Service website at www.calgarypolice.
  thieves that there may be something
  worth stealing in your vehicle). If
  you need to drop off your shopping,
  move your vehicle to a different
  parking spot before going back into
                                              Pre-Trip Planning Crucial to
  the stores.
• Take removable stereo face plates or
                                              Avoid Avalanche Dangers
  stereos with you when you leave the          According to the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC), there are an average of
  vehicle.                                     14 avalanche fatalities per year in Canada. A number of common mistakes put
• Don’t leave CDs in your car, as they         many backcountry recreationists at an increased risk of being involved in an
  are untraceable if stolen.                   avalanche accident, including:
• Don’t leave anything in your vehicle         • poor trip preparation;
  overnight.                                   • lack of knowledge recognizing avalanche terrain;
                                               • inability to assess snow stability; and
Shopping centre parking lots are               • unskilled backcountry search and rescue techniques.
common areas for car prowling and
theft, so many malls employ                    One of the best ways to avoid getting caught in an avalanche is to choose
security guards to deter potential             routes that are appropriate for the conditions. At the CAC trip planning
thieves; however, thieves also target          section at you can get information on weather, popular
vehicles parked in residential areas.          trips, and avalanche safety issues and conditions, and exchange information
You can further decrease your chances          with others.
of becoming a victim by parking in a
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Your Family
 Cabin Fever
January is often filled with many
outdoor high energy and fun filled
activities. Snowmen are on many                                                           Play Slime
front lawns, hills are filled with
children tobogganing, skis are outside                                                    • Corn starch
on the front porch, the smell of turkey                                                   • Water
soup and hot chocolate is in the air,                                                     • Food coloring (optional)
and wet mittens are drying inside on
the heating vent.                                                                         1. Put cornstarch in bowl.
                                                                                          2. Add enough water to make a
When those exciting days of playing                                                       paste.
out in the snow are lost due to a                                                         3. If desired, you may also add
blizzard, or bitter cold, what do you                                                     food coloring.
do then?                                                                                  4. This makes a messy slime that
                                                                                          goes from liquid to solid, and is
Movies and board games are fun                   involved in the making process.          great fun to play with.
family activities, but over time kids
can get quite antsy and what we                • Crafts – pick up a large roll of paper
lovingly call “cabin fever” begins to            and have your kids trace their body.     Silly Putty
set in. Quarreling can be at an all time         They can glue on scraps of fabric,
high, frustration levels increase, and           label and draw their organs, glue on     • glue (wood glue works well but
the noise can often be unbearable.               yarn for their hair etc.                   white glue will work too)
                                                                                          • Epsom salts
Here are some tips to help keep your           • If you are okay with a little bit of     • water
kids active while indoors during the             mess, get your kids in their bathing     • measuring spoons
poor weather, not only for their sake,           suits, and have a bubble bath beach      • plastic spoon
but for yours as well!                           party! Remember to have plenty of        • 2 small cups
                                                 towels on hand!                          • waxed paper
• Homemade play-dough/slime/silly                                                         • plastic bag (optional)
  putty – remember to get the kids             Megan Hidson
                                                                                          1. In one cup, put 1/2 tsp Epsom
                                                                                          salt and 1/2 tsp water, stir to
                                                                                          dissolve salt. (note: It may not all
 Home Made Playdough                                                                      dissolve.)
                                                                                          2. In the other cup, put 1
 •   2 cups flour                                                                         tablespoon glue. Add the Epsom
 •   1 cup salt                                                                           salt water to the glue and stir.
 •   2 tablespoons cream of tarter                                                        3. Watch as your new material
 •   2 cups of water                                                                      starts to form. Pull out the putty
 •   1 tablespoons mineral oil                                                            and put it on the waxed paper. You
 •   food coloring                                                                        can experiment with it to find out
                                                                                          more about its properties.
 1. Mix all ingredients in a saucepan.                                                    4. You can store the new putty in a
 2. Cook over medium heat, stirring until stiff.                                          plastic bag.
 3. Allow to cool, then knead.
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                        JANUARY 2010                                                           13

Science & Technology
 DNA Testing Continues to Open Up to Individuals
                                           While genetic testing offers people       a Pandora’s box of problems, such as
                                           an opportunity to take unprecedented      anxiety or depression.
                                           proactive measures to safeguard their
                                           health and even prolong their lives,      Knowledge of your test results could
                                           emotional, privacy and discrimination     also lead to discrimination by
                                           issues must all be considered.            insurance companies and employers.
Personal DNA testing was once the                                                    If you are testing children, there is a
realm of TV crime shows or day-time        “As the availability of predictive        debate of whether late onset diseases
soaps trying to establish the mother       testing for various medical               should be tested for only when the
or father of a child. In Canada, today,    conditions continues to grow, the         person is old enough to make his or
you can access a range of personal         question as to whether these tests        her own decisions.
DNA (genetic make-up) testing              should be performed has stirred a great
services.                                  deal of debate. Among the myriad of       Genetic testing can provide important
                                           questions, one is at the core: Is it      information, but whether or not to be
Independent labs offer not only            better to know or not to know that you    tested is a matter for an individual
paternity but also disease testing,        have the genetic makeup to develop a      to decide after being fully informed
child ID kits to establish DNA             disease or condition?”                    about all of the implications. What
identification markers, and even DNA                                                 does a positive and a negative result
dog testing so you can determine why       Certain facilities will test only for     actually mean? What consequences
your pooch is the way he is and take       genetic conditions for which there is     do the test results have for family
proactive measures to get the best of      a treatment, and that is an important     members—who may or may not want
your buddy!                                distinction to make. Testing              to know?
                                           without viable treatment options opens
Internationally there are even more
DNA services available. You can
even trace your ancestry through
DNA testing using genetic genealogy.        No Two Snowflakes Alike?
Find out where your ancestors came          Snowflakes are made of ice crystals.     dirt that have been carried up into the
from, discover their ethnic                 Each snowflake is made of as many        atmosphere by the wind. As the snow
background, and trace the roots of          as 200 ice crystals. Some snow           crystals grow, they become heavier
your surname. You can compare               crystals are symmetrical. Others are     and fall toward earth. Different
your genetic make-up with 411 ethnic        small and irregularly shaped.            types of snowflakes form in different
groups (                                                               conditions. Temperature determines
                                            Even though most have a hexagonal        if the crystals become a flat plate, a
None of this comes cheap, as you can        structure, there are so many ways        long column, or a prism shape.
imagine—anywhere from $600 to               that water molecules can arrange
$800 for a basic paternity test, to         themselves as the water freezes, that    On average, 10 inches of snow melt
thousands of dollars for complete           some people say that there are no two    down to about an inch of water;
disease testing linking certain genes to    snowflakes alike. Probably no two        however, not all snow is the same.
potential medical conditions.               snowflakes have exactly the same         Some places receive very heavy
                                            arrangement of molecules. But they       snow.
But when it comes to testing for            can look alike.
disease or medical conditions, social                                                Go to Web Weather for Kids
and ethical issues can’t be ignored. A      Snowflakes form in clouds where the      ( there is a        temperature is below freezing. The       to learn more about all kinds of
clear overview of the ethical questions     ice crystals form around tiny bits of    weather phenomenon.
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                            JANUARY 2010                                                          15

 Beauty Tips that Make a Real                                                             Rice Relief
 Difference in Your Life                                                                 Fill a clean sock
                                                                                         with uncooked
The following beauty tips are                                                            rice for a great
attributed to Audrey Hepburn.                                                            heat or ice pack.
These tips have passed the test of                                                       Put the sock in
time—and aren’t affected by trends or                                                    the freezer for a
new fashions.                                                                            cold pack. Put it
                                                                                         in the microwave for two
• For attractive lips, speak words of                                                    minutes on high for a heat pack.
  kindness.                                                                              Let the sock cool before applying.
• For lovely eyes, seek out the good in
• For a slim figure, share your food
  with the hungry.
                                                                                          Seaweed Soak:
• For beautiful hair, let a child run his
  or her fingers through it once a day.
                                                                                          Great for
• For poise, walk with the knowledge
  you’ll never walk alone.
                                                clothes she wears, the figure that
                                                she carries, or the way she combs
                                                                                          Releasing Toxins
• People, even more than things, have           her hair.
  to be restored, renewed, revived,         •   The beauty of a woman must be            You’ll love this all-natural seaweed
  reclaimed, and redeemed; never                seen from in her eyes, because that      soak for relaxing you, restoring your
  throw out anybody.                            is the doorway to her heart, the place   skin’s glow and releasing toxins.
• Remember, if you ever need a                  where love resides.                      Seaweed is purported to help flush
  helping hand, you’ll find one at the      •   The beauty of a woman is not in          out trapped toxins because of its
  end of your arm.                              a facial mole, but true beauty in a      phytochemical content.
• As you grow older, you will discover          woman is reflected in her soul.
  that you have two hands, one for          •   It is the caring that she lovingly       Place two tablespoons of seaweed
  helping yourself, the other for               gives, the passion that she shows.       (you can purchase this at your health
  helping others.                           •   And the beauty of a woman with           food store) in a piece of cheesecloth.
• The beauty of a woman is not in the           passing years only grows!                Tie with a ribbon and drop into your
                                                                                         tub as you fill with water. Relax for at
                                                                                         least 20 minutes! Then have a glass of
                                                                                         water to help rehydrate.
 Don’t Look Older Than You Are
According to a recent study conducted       we realize and there are multiple signs
at Germany's University of                  that contribute to this impact,” says
Goettingen, the appearance of skin          Rolanda Johnson, senior scientist for
below the face plays a big role in a        Olay. “As we age, changes in the
person's perceived age and                  connective tissue of our skin can
attractiveness. In fact, when judged        reduce the skin's strength and
independently from the face, your           elasticity, especially around our neck,
body skin can actually decrease your        décolletage, hands, elbows and knees.
perceived age up to 10 years.               It's important to take care of the body,
                                            as much as the face.”
“Signs of aging on the body have a
bigger impact on age perception than        News Canada
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                          JANUARY 2010                                                          17

Your Pets
 Furry Ears Come In all Shapes and Sizes
A really common area of complaints
veterinarians see in their patients is
various problems of the external ear
canal and the pinnae or external
structure of the ear. The worst
victims tend to be dogs with floppy
furry ears but similar problems extend
to all dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and
our more exotic pets, such as hamsters
and guinea pigs.

Puppies, kittens, and ferrets frequently
have ear mites. This is often
discovered during their pediatric
exam. The ears are full of black crusty
material and under the microscope the       hypothyroidism. Appropriate               a bubble of blood between the two
parasite responsible is easily visible.     treatment options may only be reached     skin layers. This problem may be
There may be only one patient in a          with extensive diagnostic procedures      easily solved with draining but it is not
household with the parasite or              including blood work and biopsies         uncommon for surgery to be
everyone may have mites. Treatment          or food trials to eliminate allergens.    necessary. I saw a cat with this
options are usually simple and              In elderly pets a warty structure or      problem just last week although this is
effective.                                  growth may start persistent ear           far more often a doggy problem.
Clinical signs of an ear infection                                                    For most of us furry velvety ears
include head shaking, scratching or         Severe ear infections and                 are one of our favorite parts to rub,
rubbing at the ears, and the ears           inflammations are not only painful        scratch, or pet on our companions.
appear red, stinky, with or without a       for the pet but may affect the pet’s      Unless your pet has had a chronic
discharge. Causes include parasites,        relationship with its owner. An           problem for which you and your
fungal or yeast infections, bacterial       otherwise sweet dog may lash out          veterinarian have developed an
infections, and allergies. If it is the     if inadvertently the painful ear is       effective treatment plan, seek early
first time a pet has had a problem,         touched; the odor                         medical attention for your pet if you
veterinarians will frequently treat the     associated with some of the worse         suspect an ear problem.
animal topically with a broad spectrum      infections is so bad you don’t want
medication.                                 to be in the same room as the pet.        Jennifer L. Scott, D.V.M.
                                            Some problems that persist without a
If ear problems persist or appear           definitive cure, such as allergies, may
chronically, this is a whole different
ball of wax! Ear problems can be
                                            require a lifetime of prevention and
                                            treatment by the care giver of the pet.    Witness Needed
primary such as a persistent infection
                                                                                       Did you witness an accident at
in that floppy-eared Cocker                 A different type of external problem       the corner of 34th Ave. and 69th St.
Spaniel. Diagnostics may be                 sometimes seen is called an aural          SW at approximately 8:10 in the
necessary to find the right antibiotic or   hematoma. This is when the                 morning of Wednesday, December
antifungal medication. Infections may       external part of the ear is traumatized    9, 2009? If so, I need to talk to
be so severe that surgery is                by shaking, fighting, or even              you as soon as possible. I would
recommended. The infections also            accidentally cracking the ear and head     appreciate a call at 403-949-2029.
may be secondary to allergies or            against a hard surface. A blood            Ask for Rob or Linda.
endocrine diseases such as                  vessel is ruptured and the ear develops
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                         JANUARY 2010                                                             19

Your Health
 Tips to Succeed with Your New Years Resolution
Did you know that 75 – 80% of all          of success. Be
New Year’s resolutions fail? Fitness       specific, “I will
based resolutions are definitely one       run 3 times a
of the leaders made on January 1st,        week starting
and unfortunately most are broken by       January 3rd”, or
January 31st.                              “I will lose 20
                                           pounds by April
Improve your chances to keep your          1st” Goals you
resolution this year by following these    can track will
5 steps:                                   keep you
1. Let the world know. Don’t close
your eyes on New Years and                 3. Get Help.
whisper your resolution to yourself,       Asking for help
tell everyone you know. Some believe       and involving
for superstitious reasons you should       others can be the
not tell others your resolution. If you    best guarantee of success. Join a gym;       Pick a goal that is attainable, you can
want to succeed you need to yell it at     hire a personal trainer, sign up for a       always increase your goal once you
the top of your lungs. Tell loved ones,    registered fitness class…these steps         have reached it. To watch the Biggest
co-workers and anyone else who will        will give you the extra motivation           Loser on TV and think that the
encourage you along the way. Let           you need to meet your goals. Hiring          average person is going to lose weight
others help you along the way, and         a personal trainer is very effective, as     like them is not realistic. Losing 1-2
keep you in check.                         they provide you with the motivation,        pounds per week is a tough but a more
                                           knowledge, schedule and consistency          realistic and attainable goal.
2.	Write	a	specific	plan	down.	Saying      to make you stick to your resolution.
“I am going to lose weight in the New                                                   5. If you don’t succeed, try again
Year” is a tough resolution to follow.     4. Be realistic. I would like to say         RIGHT AWAY. If your goal was to
Just by writing something it down, you     everyone should shoot for the stars          go to the gym 3 times per week, and
have already increased your chances        but often that is the receipt for failure.   you failed the 3rd week of January,
                                                                                        so what! The worst thing you can do
                                                                                        now is quit. Don’t say I will start again

 Go Ahead: Laugh Out Loud!                                                              on Monday, go the first minute you
                                                                                        can. Starting an exercise program is
                                                                                        just that: starting over and over again.
 We’ve all heard about the power of laughter to improve our health and
                                                                                        Every time you get in your workout
 general well-being. But ComedyCures founder Saranne Rothberg took her
                                                                                        you have succeeded, over time you
 experience to a whole new level.
                                                                                        will succeed more than you fail and
                                                                                        eventually it will be a part of your life.
 Saranne was inspired by the writings, teachings and wellness of Norman
 Cousins, the pioneer of therapeutic humor. She launched ComedyCures from
                                                                                        Remember that a healthy lifestyle is
 her chemo chair several years ago to entertain patients, families and
                                                                                        something that does not happen
 care-givers around the globe through live and digital programs.
                                                                                        overnight for anyone. Let your 2010
                                                                                        New Year’s resolution be just the first
 Today she is cancer-free and the non-profit Comedy Cures Foundation brings
                                                                                        step to the lifestyle you want and
 “joy, laughter and therapeutic humor programs to kids and grown-ups living
                                                                                        create a healthy body for a long life.
 with illness, depression, trauma and disabilities.” Take a look at the great site and, go ahead: LOL!
                                                                                        Peder Lodoen, Fitness Director
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                       JANUARY 2010                                                          21

Green Living
 Home Energy Efficiency: Turn Down Your Heat
How much do you spend on energy in       recommended for your attic and R20        cent of a home’s total electricity.
your home each year? Take simple         for basement walls (“R” is the
actions to save almost $600 a year.      measure of insulation). Check with a      To cut phantom power, unplug
Here are some tips:                      home insulating and heating supplier      electronics when not in use or use
                                         to clarify what this means for you and    power bars with built in timers to
1. Turn down your heat: Turn down        to ensure proper installation.            automatically turn entire systems off
your heat by five degrees when you’re                                              and on according to your schedule.
sleeping and away at work. For every     But there’s more to your home’s           This can save you $44 each year.
degree you lower the temperature, you    insulation than the insulation itself.
save up to two per cent on your energy   Adding weather stripping to your          But you can save even more.
bill. Turning your thermostat down at    doors and windows and wrapping
night from 21 to 16 degrees Celsius      pipes and duct work will save you         Take other actions, too, like switching
will save you 10 per cent of your        even more.                                to energy efficient light bulbs and
energy bill and up to $56 each year.                                               unplugging your old second fridge
                                         3. Turn off electronics: Save energy      (older than 1995), to increase your
For added convenience, consider          and money by powering down your           savings to almost $600 per year.
installing a programmable thermostat     electronics and turning off your
to adjust your heat automatically.       computer when not in use. But             If every household in Calgary took
                                         powering them down means more             these simple actions, we would reduce
2. Improve your home’s insulation:       than simply turning them off.             the energy we use and the greenhouse
Improving your home’s insulation can                                               gases we produce that make up our
save you up to $167 each year. Tax       Many electronics, like your television,   carbon footprint. It would be the
rebates are also available, but you      stereo and game consoles, draw energy     equivalent of taking 365,000 cars off
must act quickly to take advantage       even when they’re off to receive          our roads.
of them.                                 signals from remote controls or to
                                         operate clocks, timers and touch          For more details on measuring your
Consider your current attic and          pads. This energy is called “phantom      ecological footprint and to calculate
basement insulation – R50 is             power” and consumes up to 10 per          your savings, visit

                                                                                    TV Energy Use
                                                                                    According to, the power
                                                                                    used by an active television is
                                                                                    determined by three factors:
                                                                                    screen size (the bigger the more
                                                                                    power used); technology type
                                                                                    (plasmas use more power); and
                                                                                    picture brightness.

                                                                                    Stricter versions of the ENERGY
                                                                                    STAR program are coming in
                                                                                    in 2010—with just 25 per cent
                                                                                    of TVs released after that date
                                                                                    expected to be eligible to bear
                                                                                    the ENERGY STAR logo.
SIGNAL HILL SUBURBAN JOURNAL                       JANUARY 2010                                                            23

Worth Noting
 What’s The World’s Top City                                                         How to Stay
 for Dining?                                                                         Away from
                                           In the past, people would say “Paris”     Demon Dialogues
                                           without hesitation when it came to
                                           top spot for outstanding dining. But
                                           now Tokyo has taken over the lead        Dr. Sue Johnson, offers some valuable
                                           as the top dining city in the world.     advice to couples caught up in
                                           This according to the 2010 Michelin      emotional chaos and who now view
                                           Guide, the connoisseurs’ bible.          each other as the enemy.
                                           Eleven Tokyo restaurants captured
                                           the coveted three-star award. Paris      To reconnect, she says, they have
                                           has 10 three-star restaurants in the     to be able to de-escalate the conflict
                                           guide, and New York just four.           and actively create a basic emotional
                                                                                    safety. They need to work in concert to
                                                                                    curtail their negative dialogues and to
                                                                                    defuse their fundamental insecurities.
 A Fishy Way to Burn Fat                                                            With steps such as Stopping the Game,
                                                                                    Claiming Your Own Moves and
According to researchers from the                                                   Feelings, and Standing Together, they
University of Western Ontario, fish oil                                             can have their differences and not
may have the power to dramatically boost                                            careen helplessly into Demon
your metabolism—by about 400 calories                                               Dialogues. Go to www.holdmetight.
per day. They found EPA and DHA, the                                                net for excerpts of her book, and
omega-3 fatty acids found only in fish oil,                                         more on her Emotionally Focused
increase levels of fat-burning enzymes and                                          Couples Therapy.
decrease levels of fat-storage enzymes in
your body. For the best metabolism boosting benefit, choose capsules containing
at least 300 milligrams of EPA and DHA total say the researchers.
                                     Something for
 100 Heartbeats Away from Extinction the Winter Blues
                                                                                     This is the time of year where
Conservationist and Animal Planet Host Jeff Corwing has a very simple message
                                                                                     many people can feel depressed
in his book 100 Heartbeats: Our own survival, as well as that of the world’s
                                                                                     and at a loss for ways to shake the
wildlife, is in our hands. The race to save the planet’s most endangered wildlife
                                                                                     winter blues.
is under way. Every heartbeat matters.
                                                                                     The Royal University Hospital
He takes us on a global tour of the problems facing our natural world, and
                                                                                     in Saskatoon has created a
the battles being fought on the front lines—from the loss of forest habitat for
                                                                                     valuable tool to help you with
Florida’s panther, to the giant panda’s climb ever-higher in China’s mountains,
                                                                                     boosting positive mental and
to the poaching that has devastated Africa’s rhinoceros and elephant populations.
                                                                                     physical health. Take a look at
Saving each animal, each heartbeat is critical.
                                                                            for a very
                                                                                     comprehensive look at the emotions
                                                                                     that drive our lives, and ideas and
  “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”                                        resources that will help you to
                                                                                     feel better.

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