; Chapter 16 Section 3
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Chapter 16 Section 3


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									Chapter 16 Section 3

        The Holocaust
   Explain the reasons behind the Nazis'
    persecution of the Jews and the
    problems facing Jewish refugees.
   Describe the Nazis' "final solution" to
    the Jewish problem and the horrors of
    the Holocaust
The textbook ties with the
   1942 Gerda Weissmann 3M Jews in
    Poland sent to German labor camp
   Separated from her family because of
   Married Kurt Klein from the movie
Persecution Begins
   1933 Hitler ordered all non-Aryans removed
    from government jobs
   Holocaust: the systematic murder of 11
    million people across Europe
   Anti-Semitism: hatred of Jews. Jews blamed
    for Germany’s economic problems
   1935 Nuremberg Laws: Jews lose German
    citizenship, jobs & property
Persecution Begins
   Kristallnacht: Night of Broken Glass or
    campaign against the Jews turns violent
   Jews flee Europe but no other country
    wants or will accept them
   U.S. brought in 100k of whom were
    Albert Einstein
   St. Louis in 1939 turned away with 943
Hitler’s Final Solution
   Final Solution or Genocide: deliberate &
    systematic killing of an entire population
   Other targets: communists, socialists, liberals,
    Gypsies, Freemasons, Jehovah Witnesses,
    homosexuals, mentally deficient, mentally ill,
    physically disabled, incurably ill
   Ghettos: forced relocation in Poland cities
Ghetto Resistance
   Some formed resistance movements,
   while others published underground
   secret schools to continue educating
    Jewish children, and
   kept alive various cultural activities,
    such as theaterand music.
Hitler’s Final Solution
   Concentration Camps originally set up
    for political enemies. Cycle of hunger,
    humiliation, work, and ends in death
The Final Stage
   1942 camps murder using poison gas
   6 death camps in Poland
   Cheerful music played and soap
   Huge crematoriums
   Medical experiments

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