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									VOLUME XX NO. 1 • SUMMEr 2007

        U have to C it to Believe it! NSU held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new University Center during Homecoming 2007.

          HOMECOMING 2007
                                                                                                     or the first time in its 43-year history, NSU celebrated
                                                                                                     Homecoming on its home court—at the University Center.
                                                                                                     More than 200 NSU alumni returned to campus to enjoy the
                                                                                               variety of exciting Homecoming events that took place last
                                                                                               January. Among some of the favorites were lunch with Ray Ferrero,
                                                                                               Jr., NSU president; Blues and Bubbly; continuing education courses
                                                                                               and seminars; the university tailgate; and, of course, cheering on the
                                                                                               women’s and men’s basketball teams as they took on the University
                                                                                               of Tampa.
                                                                                               The inaugural NSU tailgate was a crowd pleaser featuring enter-
                                                                                               tainment by the Miami Heat Extreme Team, the official ribbon-
                                                                                               cutting for the new University Center, and the unveiling of the
                                                                                               10,800-square-foot Guy Harvey mural. The University Center was
                                                                                               the inspiration behind the theme of Homecoming, “U Have to C
                                                                                               It to Believe It!”
                                                                                               Alumnus Cleveland Ferguson (B.S. 1997, J.D. 2000) and alumna
                                                                                               Candace Carreno (B.S. 2003) took part in the University Center
                                                                                               ribbon-cutting ceremony by speaking about what this monumental
                                                                                               occasion meant to the alumni of NSU.
                                                                                               “As a former student leader, I see the University Center as a symbol
                                                                                               of dreams realized,” said Carreno. “It represents what happens when
                                                                                               we each do our part to create the campus community we have talked
                                                                                               (continued on page 2)

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  NSU athletics and academic programs. If you’re not receiving the Alumni Association
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  Sincerely,                                                                                    letic and other school-administered programs.
                                                                                                Nova Southeastern University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association
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  Kim Stone, M.I.B.A., ’05
  Director of Alumni Relations

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 about for years. NSU offers students the chance to become a puzzle piece
 of the big picture and create the university they envision. I am so proud
 to be an alumna and am realizing that my degree also grows with NSU. I
 am so excited to see what’s new every time I step foot on campus.”
 Homecoming was the perfect opportunity for our alumni to return to
 campus to see how we have grown. This year’s Annual Blues and Bubbly
 event was held on campus in the new University Center. Everyone
 in attendance enjoyed the musical talents of the Joey Gilmore Band,
 accompanied by Randy Pohlman, Ph.D., dean of the Huizenga School
 of Business and Entrepreneurship, as they boogied the night away.
 More than $2,000 was raised at this event through a silent auction
 benefiting student scholarships.
 Our alumni, who enjoy lifelong learning, returned to campus to par-
 ticipate in the continuing education courses being offered. The Center
 for Psychological Studies workshop, “Domestic Violence: We Always
 Hurt the Ones We Love,” presented by Lenore Walker, Ed.D., ABPP,
 offered two free continuing education credits and attracted more than
 100 participants.
 “It was wonderful to see alumni return for Homecoming and the
 grand opening celebration of the University Center,” said Brad
                                                                                           Homecoming 2008
 Williams, Ed.D., dean of Student Affairs. “It was their commitment
 as student leaders during their years at NSU that made facilities like
 the University Center possible. I received numerous calls and emails                               Save the Date!
 from other alumni members who could not attend, but expressed                              Homecoming 2008, February 21–23,
 their extreme pride in watching their university grow.”                                   will feature athletic events, continuin
                                                                                              education credits, entertain ment,
 Homecoming 2008 will be held February 21 through 23. Come to                                    and fun for the whole family.
 watch the Sharks take on Lynn University in the Homecoming bas-                                 We look forward to
 ketball games and enjoy a weekend of NSU spirit and excitement.                                 seeing you there!
 If it has been a while since you have visited the campus, you will be
 proud to see how much it has grown. 

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2  NSU Alumni Network           Summer 2007
Recruiting Tomorrow’s Alumni                                                                  to a campus visit. Much has changed in the last few years with the addition of new majors
                                                                                              and minors, more opportunities for student leadership in Honors, dual admission, and study-
                                                                                              abroad programs, and so much more. Campus visits give you and your guest an opportunity
                           Recently, my nephew came to visit me from Virginia Beach           for personal admissions counseling, campus tours, meetings with current students and faculty
                           for spring break. In addition to taking him to the beach and       members, and a meal in our dining hall.
                           to a Marlins game, I brought him to NSU to meet with Robert
                           Uchin, dean of the College of Dental Medicine. We followed         As an added alumni benefit, application fees are waived for children of alumni, so apply
                           the meeting with a tour of our growing campus. My nephew is        today at To schedule a visit or obtain more informa-
                           interested in going to dental school, and I knew that as soon      tion, call (954) 262-8000 or email
                           as he saw NSU’s beautiful campus and met our caring faculty,
                                                                                              I am sure that, like me, you will experience a strong sense of pride (and nostalgia!) when
                           he would be interested in pursuing his undergraduate and first
                                                                                              showing off your alma mater to a special student in your life.
                           professional degrees here.
                           As proud alumni of NSU, we play an important role in actively
                           recruiting the next generation of NSU alumni. If you have a
                           child, grandchild, niece, or nephew in high school who is start-
                           ing his or her college search, the undergraduate programs at       Paul Sallarulo, M.B.A., ’87
                           Nova Southeastern University invite you to bring him or her        President of the NSU Alumni Association

NSU Law Students Spend Spring Break Giving Back

The Mardi Gras celebration may be over, but New Orleans is still reeling from                 fill out their paperwork. Both students wished they had more time to devote to the
Hurricane Katrina. Recognizing the help the city still needed during Spring Break             project, and both want to return to continue with their work.
2007, 22 students from the Shepard Broad Law Center visited Louisiana to provide              “Helping the Gulf Coast community to rebuild is really about helping one family at a
legal services and help with the rebuilding of the Katrina-ravaged Ninth Ward.                time,” said Harrison. “That region is suffering from the great American tragedy. After
Led by Linda F. Harrison, associate dean, these students volunteered their time with          18 months, most of the former residents of New Orleans are no closer to moving back
several of the agencies serving the displaced New Orleans residents who still want to         home than they were immediately after the disaster. Every institution in that region
return and those residents physically located in New Orleans who are trying to put            is operating on overload. If it were not for the help of volunteers, like the students
their lives back together. Law Center student Nexcy de la Rosa volunteered with the           who accompanied me on their spring break, they would break. I wanted to show the
Loyola Katrina Law Clinic, where she worked on the appeal of a case involving City            students that they can make a real difference in the lives of real people, and I think I
of Gretna residents fighting to keep their FEMA trailers past the deadline for removal        accomplished that. To these students, the faceless people we all see in the media now
set by the city. She also helped with the Ninth Ward rebuilding before she returned           have real names.” 
to Florida. She wished she could have spoken with more residents, but says she plans
to visit again to continue her efforts.
Edna Estime and Joanne Torrey both worked for the NAACP Gulf Coast Advocacy
Center. For their service, they drove about 60 miles outside of New Orleans to
Baker, Louisiana, and interviewed the residents of Renaissance Village, a large
FEMA trailer park housed there. Estime and Torrey surveyed displaced New Orleans
residents to determine whether they wanted to return to New Orleans and what it
would take to get them there. Both Law Center students wished they could have
seen the direct impact of their work, and both expressed their desire to continue
assisting these residents.
Gina Jacobs and Palmer Calabrese were placed at Common Ground Legal-House of
Excellence. Both students did community outreach, passing out flyers to members of
the community who might qualify to join the class-action lawsuit against the Army
Corps of Engineers. Jacobs also worked on the lawsuit being filed to help get low-
income housing back into the city. Palmer helped those seeking FEMA assistance

                                                                       Capture Your
                                                                       NSU Spirit
                                                                       NSU alumni, faculty, staff and friends now have the opportunity to leave their legacy by purchasing
                                                                       commemorative bricks. Set outside the beautiful University Center, the bricks will be seen by thousands of
                                                                       visitors and students. More important, each brick will serve as a lasting and unique legacy.
                                                                       The University Center is a place for students, faculty and staff members, and alumni to visit and celebrate the
                                                                       traditions of the university. The commemorative brick campaign affords individuals the opportunity to support
                                                                       NSU’s growth while becoming a permanent part of NSU history.
                                                                       “I decided to purchase bricks for my co-workers as Christmas presents. It is a wonderful way to showcase your
                                                                       support for the university and have a tangible legacy outside the University Center,” said Jordán Morgan,
                                                                       B.S., ’01 and project manager for Facilities Management at NSU. “If anyone is thinking about purchasing a
                                                                       brick, I would encourage you to do so. A commemorative brick makes an ideal gift for someone’s graduation,
                                                                       anniversary, birthday, or just to show NSU pride.”
                                                                       Over 70 bricks have already been purchased. Personalized messages are engraved on a 4" x 8" brick for $150.
                                                                       Proceeds from the brick sales benefit the University Center. For more information on purchasing a brick,
                                                                       contact Sara DuCuennois at (954) 262-2103 or visit 

                                                                                                                                    NSU Alumni Network  Summer 2007  
    Dream Turns into Reality
    One idea, two pioneers, countless hours of research, and an
    amateur blueprint is how it all began. In fall of 2000, Tom Vitucci, now director of
    Campus Recreation, and Brad Williams, dean of Student Affairs, took a close look at
    the 10,000 square feet of what was to become the RecPlex and thought, “What would
    it look like if we used this space to create a recreation and athletic center?”

    And that is exactly what they proposed. In a short amount of time, support and
    buy-in was attained by many key university administrators. A committee made up of
    faculty and staff members and students met regularly to determine the functions and
    details of this potential new facility. The concept of a complex that could unite the
    NSU community was being born!

    The first phase was building the recreational complex and an all-inclusive athletic
    arena that would be home to the NSU athletic teams, as well as serve as a concert
    venue, convocation center, gathering area for university-wide activities, and a venue
    for family entertainment events and intercollegiate athletics. This is now complete.
    Phase two will include a performing arts wing to support the Farquar College of Arts
    and Sciences in its pledge to offer more undergraduate majors. Phase three will be a
    new food court that will replace the existing Rosenthal Cafeteria.

    This facility is the “missing link” that Nova Southeastern University had been yearning
    for: a multifaceted complex where students and faculty and staff members can engage in
    recreational activities and social events outside of their everyday schedules.

    Seven years and a few million dollars later, the 366,000-square-foot facility now known
    as the University Center is a reality. As alumni, you can continue to be proud of your
    connection with NSU and gain comfort in the fact that your degree is becoming more
    and more valuable each and every day.

    To learn more about this exciting facility, please visit

                                                                             Look at all of the amenities
                                                                              • State-of-the-art fitness center furnished
                                                                                by StarTrac
                                                                              • 100 pieces of cardiovascular equipment:
                                                                                treadmills, stair climbers, bikes, and ellipticals
                                                                              • 90 pieces of strength-training equipment
                                                                              • Two-court, multipurpose gymnasium for
                                                                                basketball, volleyball, and special events
                                                                              • Comprehensive group fitness schedule to
                                                                                include yoga, pilates, and spinning
                                                                              • Three multipurpose studios to house group
                                                                                exercise and martial arts
                                                                              • Three indoor racquetball courts, one convertible
                                                                                squash court
                                                                              • Resort-style, heated swimming pool
                                                                              • Indoor, two-story rock climbing wall
                                                                              • Individual saunas for women and men

                                 NSU Alumni                                   • Men’s and women’s lockers and showers

                     enjoy a complimentary                                   Services Provided
                                                                              • Personal training
                      three-day guest pass                                    • Member incentive and rewards program
               to the state-of-the-art RecPlex—                               • Guest passes
                             and the                                          • Towel passes

                                                                             Membership Opportunities
                   FIRST MONTH IS FREE
                                                                              MEMBERSHIP PLAN          COST
              upon signing a one-year contract.                                Alumni                  $30 per month
                                                                               Alumni + One            $55 per month
    Present this coupon at the RecPlex Main Service Desk.                      Alumni Family           $80 per month
    Offer valid only for NSU Alumni. One coupon per guest.

          NSU Alumni Network      Summer 2007
25th Anniversary of NSU Athletics Highlighted by Opening of
                                                                           NSU University Center and Induction
of   Inaugural Hall of Fame Class                                             By Bob Prior
                                                                              Associate Director of Athletics Communications and External Operations

                                                                              The second major milestone for the Department
                                                                              of Athletics in recent times is the creation of the
                                                                              Nova Southeastern University Athletics Hall of
                                                                              Fame. As part of the 25th anniversary of the
                                                                              establishment of this department, the inaugural
                                                                              class of 2007 was announced at Homecoming
                                                                              last January.
                                                                              Former NSU student-athletes Shannon Sawyer
                                                                              (softball), Teofilo Cubillas, Jr. (men’s soccer), and
                                                                              David Riley (men’s basketball) joined Abraham
                                                                              S. Fischler, former NSU president, and Charles                       Shannon Sawyer
                                                                              “Sonny” Hansley, former NSU athletic director and
                                                                              head coach, as inductees of the first class of Nova
                                                                              Southeastern University’s Athletics Hall of Fame.
                                                                              The official induction ceremony took place at the
                                                                              NSU Athletics Hall of Fame Banquet on May 2, in
                                                                              the University Center.
                                                                              “The establishment of the NSU Athletics Hall of
     Tip-off of the first men’s basketball game at the University Center      Fame and the announcement of our inaugural class
                                                                              mark a truly historic moment for the athletic depart-

        he 2006–07 school year marked several milestones in the               ment and the university, as we hope to set another
        history of the Nova Southeastern University Department of             standard of tradition on our campus by connecting
        Athletics. The first key milestone was the opening of the             the past with the present,” said Michael Mominey,                   Teofilo Cubillas, Jr.
366,000-square-foot University Center (UC). The UC is the crown               NSU director of athletics.
jewel of athletic facilities in the NCAA Division II and rivals many          Architects from Cannon Design will design the
Division I multiuse facilities nationwide.                                    Athletics Hall of Fame display area, which will be
In the fall of 2006, the NSU Volleyball team kicked off the season            housed inside the main entrance of the University
by hosting the First Annual Sharks Classic. The Classic featured 17           Center. The Athletics Hall of Fame will feature
exciting matches over two days between nine NCAA Division II vol-             plaques commemorating the class of 2007 and
leyball squads. All three arena volleyball courts were utilized simul-        plaques recognizing All-Americans, Conference
taneously during the competition with the state-of-the-art, 100-foot,         Players of the Year, and Team Championships. A
soundproof walls separating the action.                                       timeline detailing 25 years of NSU athletics and
                                                                              two memorabilia display cases will also be part of
The University Center serves as home for the NSU intercollegiate              the display.
athletic program, with a 5,000-seat arena for the NSU volleyball and
men’s and women’s basketball teams. The two upper courts house                Nominations for the Athletics Hall of Fame                               David Riley
the world’s largest automated telescopic seating system, which adds           class of 2008 can be submitted on the follow-
more than 2,000 chair-back seats on either side when extended.                ing Web site (part of the NSU Athletics site):
The main arena court has more than 1,200 permanent chair-back       
seats, as well as a donor/booster room with 66 cushioned club seats           The Nova Southeastern University Department
overlooking the court.                                                        of Athletics appreciates the efforts our
Also included in the building are a sports medicine and rehab center;         student-athletes have put forth to help our
a fitness/recreation and wellness center with a rock-climbing wall            program achieve athletic excellence from season
and basketball, racquetball, and squash courts; team-specific locker          to season. As we continue to build toward future
rooms; and a student-athlete lounge.                                          successes on the playing fields, we want to fol-
                                                                              low the career achievements and personal successes
In addition, the UC includes a student union; cafeteria; and a center         of our athletics alumni. NSU Athletics alumni can
for the performing arts with a recital hall, studios, and a “black box”       help us update our database by filling out the form
                                                                                                                                                 Abraham S. Fischler
theater—all under the same roof. This magnificent venue also hosts            at 
numerous NSU and special public events for the South Florida com-
munity to enjoy.

                                                                                                                                               Charles “Sonny” Hansley

                                   NSU volleyball’s opening serve at the 2006 Sharks Classic;
                               marking the first-ever athletic event in the University Center Arena

                                                                                                                NSU Alumni Network            Summer 2007          
                                                                     David H. Rush; Frank Till, Jr.;
                                                                     and Distinguished Alumni Honored at the
                                                                     Celebration of Excellence

              ova Southeastern University’s Celebration of Excellence is a                                         Medallion from the National Conference of Christians and Jews (1979), the
              premier event held each year. The awards presentation brings                                         Justice Award from the Citizens Crime Commission (1984), Business Leader of
              together community leaders and industry pioneers who have                                            the Year (now known as the Excalibur Award) from the Sun-Sentinel (1979), and
     made significant contributions to their professions and communities. The                                      the Liberty Bell Award from the Broward County Law Association (1987).
     President’s Award is granted annually to individuals whose leadership and                                     Till, who served as superintendent of schools for Broward County, worked
     support provide the foundation for continued growth of the university.                                        in the educational field for more than 30 years. He worked his way up
     This year, NSU honored two community leaders whose combined service                                           through the ranks and held numerous positions including those of teacher,
     spans more than 60 years. David H. Rush and Frank Till, Jr., Ed.D., each                                      assistant principal, principal, and deputy superintendent for San Diego City
     received the university’s highest honor, the President’s Community Award,                                     Schools. He also taught at San Diego State University and the University
     at the Ninth Annual Celebration of Excellence.                                                                of Southern California. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics/eco-
     Rush, a member of NSU’s Board of Trustees, is an inventor, entrepreneur, com-                                 nomics (1969) and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction (1973)
     munity leader, and philanthropist. He has been a pillar of the South Florida                                  from San Diego State University. He earned his doctorate from the University
     community for more than three decades. Having served as a pilot during World                                  of Southern California in 1980. Till currently serves on the boards of direc-
     War II, Rush returned to civilian life with a commitment to serve the com-                                    tors for the Broward Alliance, the National Conference for Community and
     munity. He created companies that made the first camera to take photographs                                   Justice (NCCJ), the United Way, Special Olympics, and NCSS.
     in space and manufactured survival equipment for NASA astronauts and the                                      NSU also presented the 2006 Distinguished Alumni Awards to graduates
     U.S. military. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Silver                                   of the university’s schools, colleges, and centers.

  Annette Bade, O.D.                                Dedric Carter, Ph.D.                          Laurie Lopez Charles, Ph.D.                            Carly Joy Crispino                          John E. DiBenedetto, D.B.A.
 David S. Loshin, Dean                             Edward Lieblein, Dean                            Honggang Yang, Dean                                  Wendy Masi, Dean                            Randolph A. Pohlman, Dean

     Annette Bade, O.D., 1993 ★ Annette Bade is the alumni award               and abroad. The current focus of his efforts is on K–12 pipeline         Charles has written many publications and is a frequent lecturer
     winner for the College of Optometry. After 10 years of providing          programs stimulating innovation in math and science.                     of topics that relate to contemporary family therapy. She has two
     direct patient care in several eye centers, Bade is currently an assis-                                                                            books coming out next year: the first is an autoethnography on
                                                                               Carter’s early research pursuits were in human intelligence and
     tant professor at NSU’s College of Optometry, where she serves as                                                                                  her experience in the Peace Corps; the second is a research study
                                                                               machine learning. He migrated to advanced systems design and
     the instructor for Clinical Optometric Practices, assistant instructor                                                                             of a conversation between police and a hostage taker at a high
                                                                               development, specifically with technology such as all optical
     for Optometric Theory and Methods, clinical research coordinator,                                                                                  school in the United States.
                                                                               communication networks.
     and the clinical instructor to third- and fourth-year students.                                                                                    Charles has served for three years on the board of the Florida
                                                                               He received the David M. Adler Thesis Award from the MIT
     Bade has been a member of the American Academy of Optometry                                                                                        Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and has lobbied with
                                                                               Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in
     for seven years and served as a co-investigator on several stud-                                                                                   the Florida legislature to promote the profession of family therapy
                                                                               addition to receiving a nomination to the Sigma Xi Scientific
     ies funded by the National Science Foundation. She received                                                                                        and parity across the mental health professions in the state.
                                                                               Research Honor Society, where he is an associate member. Carter
     the President’s Award from the Texas Optometric Association in            is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
     2001 and 2002, as well as the Texas Young Optometrist of the
                                                                                                                                                        Carly Joy Crispino  ★ Carly Crispino is the alumni award win-
                                                                               Engineers; the Association for Computing Machinery; the                  ner for the Mailman Segal Institute for Early Childhood Studies.
     Year Award in 2001.                                                       American Association for the Advancement of Science; and                 Crispino was just a toddler when she was first diagnosed with
     In addition, she is actively involved in the College of Optometry’s       Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the International Honor Society for the              autism at the Family Center Baudhuin School. Over the years,
     alumni chapter. She has served in many leadership roles within            Computing and Information Disciplines.                                   she worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles to be who she is today:
     the organization, including that of president and vice president,                                                                                  a fully mainstreamed fourth grader at Panther Run Elementary
     and she was instrumental in taking the chapter to the next level.
                                                                               Laurie Lopez Charles, Ph.D., 1999 ★ Laurie Charles is the alumni
                                                                               award winner for the Graduate School of Humanities and Social            School. With the loving support and guidance of “Miss Roni” and
                                                                                                                                                        “Miss Wendy,” Crispino has not only met, but exceeded, every-
     Dedric A. Carter, Ph.D., 2005  ★ Dedric Carter is the alumni              Sciences. Following graduation, Charles fulfilled her lifelong
                                                                                                                                                        one’s expectations. Panther Run Elementary School presented
     award winner for the Graduate School of Computer and                      desire to travel to Togo, West Africa, to serve as a U.S. Peace
                                                                               Corps volunteer. This experience, along with her years of doctoral       Crispino with December’s Good Citizenship Award.
     Information Sciences. In his role as executive director, Office
     of Engineering outreach programs lecturer, in the School                  study at NSU, has helped shape her professional career.                  At school, Crispino enjoys playing on the computer and drawing.
     of Engineering’s Department of Electrical Engineering and                 Currently, Charles is an assistant professor at the University of        In her spare time, she swims, bikes, and takes dance lessons. She
     Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,                                                                                     attends art camp and cheerleading camp every summer at Camp
                                                                               Massachusetts—Boston, where she teaches family therapy courses
     Carter continues to further the mission of science, technology,                                                                                    Nova. In addition, Crispino is involved in school programs and in
                                                                               and supervises training of family therapy master’s degree students.
     engineering, and mathematics education in the United States                                                                                        her community. She is a junior member of Girl Scout Troop 403,

Robert Goldberg, D.M.D.                          Patrick Hawthorne, Pharm.D.                        Mandel Ilagan, Ph.D.                                 Brian A. Kahan, J.D.                         Roseline H. Marston, M.S.
  Robert Uchin, Dean                                Andrés Malavé, Dean                         Jerome Chermak, Headmaster                           William Adams, Acting Dean                        Richard E. Dodge, Dean

           NSU Alumni Network                 Summer 2007
   Kay Mikulas, M.S.                               Charles M. Morin, Ph.D.                            Frederick A. Rahe, Au.D.                                Edwin G. Torres, B.S.                                Ross D. Zafonte, D.O.
H. Wells Singleton, Dean                            Karen Grosby, Dean                                  Richard Davis, Dean                                  Don Rosenblum, Dean                               Lawrence Jacobson, Vice Dean

   and she recently performed in her school play, 101 Dalmatians. Last       Center, an affiliate clinical associate professor for pharmacy                  Frederick A. Rahe, Au.D., 2000 ★ Frederick Rahe is the alumni
   year, she and her brother participated in a walk for the National         health care administration, and the director of the Institute                   award winner for the College of Allied Health and Nursing.
   Alliance for Autism Research held on NSU’s campus.                        for Pharmacy Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida’s                    As the clinical director and owner of West-Med Hearing and
                                                                             College of Pharmacy.                                                            Balance Center, he is responsible for evaluating and treating
   John E. DiBenedetto, D.B.A. 1985  ★ John DiBenedetto is the                                                                                               patients with hearing and balance disorders. Rahe has published
   alumni award winner for the H. Wayne Huizenga School of                   Roseline H. Marston, M.S., 1995     ★ Roseline H. Marston is                    a number of his works and given many professional lectures on a
   Business and Entrepreneurship. Currently, he holds the position           the alumni award winner for the Oceanographic Center. An                        variety of audiology topics.
   of vice president for Wal-Mart University, where he launched              environmental scientist with more than 12 years of experience,
   the company’s first corporate university in 2005. He is also              Marston is the president of A.D. Marble and Company, one of                     Rahe is actively involved in professional organizations. As a long-
   responsible for talent planning and succession management for             the leading environmental consulting firms in the Mid-Atlantic                  time member of the Florida Association of Speech-Language
   Wal-Mart USA. His talent development solutions support 1.3                States, specializing in environmental impact studies for clients                Pathologists and Audiologists, he has served in leadership roles
   million managers and associates.                                          such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commissions; the U.S. Navy;                   including that of president and vice president in both clinical and
                                                                             and the transportation agencies of Maryland, New Jersey, and                    health care settings. He has been president and vice president of
    DiBenedetto’s avocation is teaching. He has been an adjunct                                                                                              Professional Issues in the Florida Academy of Audiology.
                                                                             Delaware. As president, Marston is responsible for the functions
   professor for more than 20 years at six different higher educa-
                                                                             and operations of the company, including market development,                    In 2000, he participated in the Starkey Hearing Foundation
   tion institutions. In 2006, he received the American Society
                                                                             budgeting and meeting revenue goals, building and maintenance                   humanitarian mission to Nicaragua. In 2005 and 2006, Rahe
   for Training and Development Best Award and the MASIE
                                                                             of client relationships, and the development of the company’s                   continued his service to diverse communities through his partici-
   Foundation Learning Leadership Award and was featured on the
                                                                             100 employees.                                                                  pation in the McDonalds Corporation “McDia Feliz” humanitar-
   cover of Chief Learning Officer magazine.
                                                                             She is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers,                  ian mission to Guatemala to fit children with hearing aids.
   In 2001, DiBenedetto was elected to the Conference Board’s
                                                                             Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Professionals, Society
   Council on Learning, Development, and Organizational                                                                                                      Edwin G. Torres, B.S., 1988   ★ Edwin G. Torres is the alumni
                                                                             of Women Environmental Professionals, Associated Pennsylvania
   Performance and to its Council on Leadership Development                                                                                                  award winner for the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences.
                                                                             Constructors, and American Consulting Engineers Council and a
   in 2004. He is an active member of the following organiza-                                                                                                In 2003, he became the Southeastern District of Florida’s 16th
                                                                             board member of the Congreso de Latinos Unidos.
   tions: the Society for Human Resources Management,                                                                                                        authorized judge. In doing so, he also became the first Hispanic
   the American Society for Training and Development, the                    In addition, Marston represented Puerto Rico in two Central                     and youngest lawyer to be appointed as United States magistrate
   International Society for Performance and Improvement, and                American Games and one Pan-American Games, for which she                        judge in the southern district.
   the Organization Development Network.                                     received three bronze medals in synchronized swimming.
                                                                                                                                                             During law school at Georgetown University, Torres served as
   Robert A. Goldberg, D.M.D., 2003 ★ Robert Goldberg is the alumni          Kay Mikulas, M.S., 1978    ★ Kay Mikulas is the alumni award winner             Notes and Comments editor for The Tax Lawyer. He was also a
   award winner for the College of Dental Medicine. He is the owner          for the Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Services.               member of the Barrister’s Council and participated in the school’s
   and an endodontist at Advanced Care in Endodontics, is a clinical         For the last 10 years, Mikulas has served as the principal of John F.           Appellate Litigation Clinic.
   associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and         Kennedy Middle School. She is responsible for the entire operation              Following graduation, he joined Steel, Hector, and Davis LLP,
   serves at Evanston Northwestern Hospital. Currently, Goldberg             of the school, including curriculum, budget, plant operations, mainte-          for which he ultimately became a coordinating partner in the
   serves on the Admission Committee for the University of Illinois          nance, food service, and safety of personnel. In addition, Mikulas has          litigation department. While at Steel, Hector, and Davis, Torres
   at Chicago and as chair of the Clinical Practice Committee for the        implemented innovative programs to help students succeed. Under                 also served on The Florida Bar Grievance Committee for a three-
   American Association of Endodontists.                                     her leadership, the school has risen from a D-rating to an A-rating             year term. Torres remained in private practice until his appoint-
                                                                             and earned the designation of Management School of Excellence.                  ment to the federal bench in 2003. He currently sits in both the
   Goldberg is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon—the National
                                                                             Only 14 schools in the nation have earned this honor.                           Fort Lauderdale and Miami courthouses.
   Dental Honor Society—and the American Association of
   Endodontists. He has received numerous awards and honors                  In 1981, Mikulas was honored as Teacher of the Year for Miami-
                                                                                                                                                             Ross D. Zafonte, D.O., 1985     ★ Ross Zafonte is the alumni award
   including the American Association of Hospital Dentists’                  Dade County Public Schools Assistant; in 1988, she was Principal
                                                                                                                                                             winner for the College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is chairman
   Outstanding Resident Award, the Walter E. Memorial Award                  of the Year for Region II; and was recognized as Principal of the
                                                                                                                                                             of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the
   from the Odontographic Society of Chicago, and in 1997, the               Year in 2005 for the North Miami Beach Feeder Pattern.
                                                                                                                                                             University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, vice president of clinical
   International and American Associations for Dental Research               In addition to her other professional involvements, Mikulas                     rehabilitation services for the UPMC Health System, and executive
   presented him with the Dental Materials Award.                            is a member of the National Association of Secondary School                     director of the of UPMC Institute for Rehabilitation and Research.
   Patrick Hawthorne, Pharm.D., 1993      ★ Patrick Hawthorn is the          Principles, the National League of Middle Schools, and the Dade
                                                                                                                                                             Among other honors, Zafonte has been named one of the Best
   alumni award winner for the College of Pharmacy. For the past 22          Association of School Administrators.
                                                                                                                                                             Doctors in America for eight consecutive years; was recognized
   years, Hawthorne has worked for the Walgreens Company in many             Charles M. Morin, Ph.D., 1986    ★ Charles Morin is the alumni                  in Castle Connolly’s list of America’s Top Doctors; and received
   different capacities. His current position is director of Pharmacy        award winner for the Center for Psychological Studies. For the                  the 38th Walter Zeiter Award, which is awarded every year to a
   Operations, for which he works on the collaborative oversight             last 13 years, he has served as the director of sleep research and              physiatrist with qualities of statesmanship, scholarship, executive
   and leadership of more than 5,000 retail pharmacies, a respon-            professor of psychology in the Department of Psychology for the                 leadership, and camaraderie within the field of physical medicine
   sibility that involves all aspects of the company’s national phar-        Universite Laval, Quebec City, Canada, where he teaches, con-                   and rehabilitation.
   macy operations. In addition to being dedicated to Walgreens’s            ducts research, and supervises graduate students.                               Zafonte is the principal investigator in a number of studies involv-
   pharmacy marketing and national training to maximize patient
                                                                             In 1995, Morin received the Distinguished Award for an Early                    ing rehabilitation for traumatic brain injuries, an area in which he
   care, Hawthorne provides supervision of patient care initiatives to
                                                                             Career Contribution to Psychology from the American Psychological               has special interest. He is the editor of two of the major textbooks
   advance the profession of pharmacy.
                                                                             Association and the awards for exceptional contributions to psychol-            in the field and author of numerous book chapters, publications,
   Mandel Ilagan, 1995   ★ Mandel Ilagan is the alumni award winner          ogy as a science and as a profession in 2004 and 2006, respectively.            and abstracts on traumatic brain injuries and other rehabilitation
   for the University School. Ilagan is the director of programming and                                                                                      topics. Zafonte has given more than 200 national and interna-
                                                                             Morin is a fellow of the American Psychological Association,                    tional presentations on physical medicine and rehabilitation. 
   production for the Fox Reality Channel, for which he oversees the
                                                                             Canadian Psychological Society, and the American Academy
   production of original programming, mainly serving as the network
                                                                             of Sleep Medicine. He has served as president of the Canadian
   executive of Reality Remix, the channel’s daily reality newsmagazine
                                                                             Sleep Society and chair of the Clinical Division of the Canadian
   program, and Reality Revealed, a series of interstitial segments going
                                                                             Psychological Association. In addition, Morin is the associate editor
   on behind the scenes of acquired reality programming.
                                                                             of two scientific journals: Sleep and Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
   Ilagan got his start in television while earning his degree at
   Harvard University, where he served as the vice president of
   Harvard Radcliffe Television for four consecutive years. He also                                    2007 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
   hosted and produced his very own game show and produced and
   wrote a sketch comedy show.                                                                         Deadline: Monday, September 10, 2007
                                                                                                       The tenth annual Celebration of Excellence will be held on Thursday, January 24, 2008. It’s never too early to nominate some-
   After graduation, Ilagan went to Hollywood to pursue a career in
                                                                                                       one, or yourself, for the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award. To nominate someone, please complete the following
   television. He became a member of the Writers’ Guild of America                                     information and return it, along with a resume, to the Office of Alumni Relations. Winners will be notified by mail.
   when he was promoted to a writer for the FOX game show Greed,
   hosted by Chuck Woolery. Prior to his current position, Ilagan                 The Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award is the highest award that an individual can receive from the Nova Southeastern University
                                                                                  Alumni Association. To be considered for this award, an alumnus or alumna must have made significant contributions to his or her profession,
   worked as the manager of development at FremantleMedia, for
                                                                                  community, and/or to society. Emphasis is also placed on support of the university and the Alumni Association.
   which he produced and developed game shows including Whammy,
   Card Sharks, Beat the Clock, and The Price Is Right.                           The Nova Southeastern University Alumni Association Awards Program has been developed to recognize alumni who have attained excellence.
                                                                                  As a member of NSU’s Alumni Association, your input is valued in the award nomination process.
   Brian A. Kahan, J.D., 2002 ★ Brian Kahan is the alumni award
   winner for the Shepard Broad Law Center. He is the managing
   partner of Kahan Shir, P.L., a law firm located in Boca Raton.                 Nominee                                                                 Telephone

   Prior to practicing law, Kahan was a consultant pharmacist for
   more than 25 years. He founded two pharmacy provider com-                      Nominee’s address                                                       City                                   State                ZIP

   panies with national and international interests. He is also a
   former president and member of the Council of Presidents of                    Nominator’s name                                                        Telephone

   the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and a current
                                                                                  Address                                                                 City                                   State                ZIP
   member of the American Society of Pharmacy Law.
   As an attorney, Kahan’s practice focuses on the representation of              Telephone
   health care practitioners and health care companies in criminal
                                                                                  Please attach a resume of the nominee and any additional information that you wish to include. Send all nominations to
   or disciplinary matters, malpractice, mergers, acquisitions, and
                                                                                  Nova Southeastern University, Office of Alumni Relations, 3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796.
   commercial litigation.
                                                                                  You may also fax the nomination form and resume to (954) 262-3975, attention: Kim Stone.
   In addition, Kahan is an adjunct professor of law teaching the
   Laws of Medicare and Medicaid at NSU’s Shepard Broad Law

                                                                                                                                                                      NSU Alumni Network                    Summer 2007                  7
20th Anniversary of NSU’s Graduate School of
Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
                                                                                                                           Calling All
SHSS was founded in 1987. It offers three doctoral
programs, four master’s programs, and several graduate
certificate programs in applied multidisciplinary studies
                                                                           The online M.S. in Conflict Resolution
and helping professions, via various delivery formats.                             degree program moved forward.
                                                                                                                         The next time your phone rings, it just
In collaboration with other academic units, SHSS also                             The Civility Project was created.
makes available a number of joint offerings and gradu-                                                                   may be an NSU student on the other end.
                                                                                      FTA was renamed the Center
ate minors. For more detailed information, please visit                                                                  The NSU Phonathon is an annual fund-raising
                                                                                 for Collaborative Change (CCC)., which includes overviews of our                                                                    effort for which NSU students call NSU alumni
clinics and community outreach initiatives. The Quality                         ADR evolved into the Community           to verify their contact information, update
Enhancement Plan for the next five years focuses on                                  Resolution Services (CRS).          alumni on university news, and ask for gifts to the
experiential learning and clinical training (e.g., practi-        The first school marketing office was instituted.      Annual Fund. The phonathon team is composed
cum and internships) to strengthen the school’s multi-                                                                   of 16 NSU students who call alumni on a nightly
cultural, community-engagement orientation. Below is                                                          200       basis. Calling alumni is an effective way to raise
a brief chronology of the school’s advancement. This                                                                     funds and to maintain contact with our graduates.
year, we encourage all alumni to join us in celebrating            The School changed its name to the Graduate           Thanks to the generosity of NSU alumni, the fall
SHSS’s 20th anniversary.                                       School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS).          Phonathon raised over $40,000.
                                                                     DDR changed its name to the Department of
97                                                                  Conflict Analysis and Resolution (DCAR).
The School of Social Sciences was created to                                           The CCC was renamed the
develop a master’s degree program in gerontology                                     Brief Therapy Institute (BTI).
and a Ph.D. program in family therapy (founded by
Brad Keeney) and to host the Institute for Social                    Transit Greenway, an innovative community
Services to Families.                                                design project for a more pedestrian-oriented
                                                                                             environment, began.
John Flynn served as dean. The school was located
on North Pine Island Road in Plantation.                               Graduate assistantships for SHSS students
                                                                                                    were offered.
990                                                                 The SHSS Student Association was founded.
The Medical Family Therapy specialty, available to
those in either Ph.D. or M.S. degree programs in                                                              2002
family therapy, created training and research projects            The Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy
to encourage collaborations among physicians, family                          (D.M.F.T.) Program was launched.
therapists, and family members.
                                                                                   The first Common Ground Film
The online academic journal Qualitative Report                                                Festival was initiated.
was launched.
                                                                         The semiannual interdisciplinary journal,
                                                                           Peace and Conflict Studies, was transferred   What is the Annual Fund? The NSU Annual
99                                                                      from George Mason University to NSU.           Fund serves as a vehicle for alumni to make an
The Institute for Systemic Therapy was renamed                                                                           immediate impact on current NSU students.
the School of Social and Systemic Studies. Ronald                                                             200       The Annual Fund supplies the operating funds
Chenail was named dean.                                                                                                  to support the ongoing work and programs of the
                                                                          SHSS celebrated 15 Years of Excellence.
                                                                                                                         university. These funds help meet the increas-
The Institute for Social Services to Families changed
                                                                         The Master of Arts in Cross-Disciplinary        ing costs of educating students, costs that tuition
its name to the Family Therapy Associates (FTA).
                                                                        Studies (M.A.C.S.) Program was approved          and other sources of revenue cannot cover. The
                                                                                     by NSU’s Board of Trustees.         Annual Fund gifts provide unrestricted support
992                                                                                                                     each year for all areas of the university. Gifts may
                                                                             Medical Family Therapy was renamed
The M.S. in Dispute Resolution degree program began.                                                                     be designated to support a specific school, college,
                                                                                     Family Therapy Health Care.
                                                                                                                         or center or may be used to support the areas of
99                                                                    The SHSS Advisory Board was organized.           greatest need. The annual gifts and pledges that
The Institute for Family Business began.                          Students United with Parents and Educators to          you and your fellow alumni make contribute sig-
                                                               Resolve Bullying (SUPERB) was created by Jeremy           nificantly to the quality of our university. Your
                                                                                                                         gift enhances the NSU educational experience;
99                                                               and Sharon Ring, in collaboration with SHSS.
                                                                                                                         and as an alumnus, your gift adds value to your
The school moved to NSU’s East Campus in                                                                      200       own degree by ensuring that NSU builds upon its
Fort Lauderdale.                                                                                                         solid reputation for the future.
                                                                    The Ph.D. in Family Therapy degree program
The Ph.D. in Dispute Resolution degree program began.            received full accreditation from the COAMFTE.

99                                                            The Department of Family Therapy (DFT) launched a
                                                             cluster M.S. degree program in Jacksonville and Orlando.
The M.S. in Family Therapy degree program
received full accreditation from the Commission                             The Community Nutrition Awareness
on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy                                  Project (CNAP) was initiated.
Education (COAMFTE) of the American Association                SHSS was recognized as a finalist in the category of
for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).                      “academic diversity” for the Diversity Works! Award
The Department of Dispute Resolution (DDR)                            granted by the South Florida Business Journal.
provided mediation training for educational,
governmental, and professional groups.                                                                        200
                                                                    SHSS was relocated to NSU’s main campus in
997                                                                   Davie and shared the Maltz Building with
The Academy for Dispute Resolution (ADR) began.                            the Center for Psychological Studies.
The Violence Outreach and Intervention Through
Community Education and Services (VOICES), a                                                                  200
federally funded project, also began.                                 The M.S. in College Student Affairs (CSA)
                                                             degree program was launched. Community Resources,
                                                                                                                         The spring Phonathon has just concluded, and
999                                                               Solutions, and Partnerships—a federally funded
                                                                                                                         our students called alumni from the Center for
The school began the first Ph.D. program in conflict                          project—continued moving forward.
                                                                                                                         Psychological Studies, Health Professions Division,
resolution offered via distance learning.                                                                                Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, and the
                                                                                                              2007       Oceanographic Center. For more information on
Ray Ferrero, Jr., NSU president, promoted Chenail
to the position of special assistant to the president for                 The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is          how you can make a difference in the life of an
academic affairs.                                                     initiated to further experiential learning and     NSU student, please call Sara DuCuennois, associ-
                                                                clinical training at SHSS over the next five years.      ate director of Alumni Relations, at 800-541-6682,
Ferrero appointed Honggang Yang to the                                                                                   ext. 2103, or visit us at
dean’s office.                                                            SHSS celebrates its 20th Anniversary. 
                                                                                                                         We thank you for your support and honor the fact
The first Residential Institute (RI) was held on                                                                         that your gifts are making a real, positive differ-
campus for distance students.                                                                                            ence in the lives of NSU students. 

      NSU Alumni Network          Summer 2007
                                      On April 26, 2007, at a private, invitation-only gala, The NSU Glass   tory. The unique beauty of NSU’s glass garden is that these glass
    The NSU                           Garden, by internationally renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly, was     pieces are strong interpretations of botanical forms, but no lon-

                                      unveiled in the atrium of the Alvin Sherman Library. It is now         ger necessarily resemble the plants. However, they are definitely
                                      on display for everyone to view and enjoy. When you walk into          intended to relate to nature and depict their own Chihuly identity.
                                      the library atrium, cast your eyes to the mezzanine level, where       Dale Chihuly has created innovative and exquisite large-scale,
                                      this one-of-a-kind glass sculpture is housed. Measuring 20 feet        blown glass works for more than 30 years. His work is included
                                                                                                             in more than 200 museum collections worldwide, including

                                      long, 7.5 feet high, and 4 feet deep, The NSU Glass Garden fea-
                                      tures approximately two dozen organically shaped and integrated        the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American
                                      components.                                                            Art Museum, the Musee’ des Arts Decoratifs, Palais du Louvre,
                                                                                                             and the Corning Museum of Glass. His pieces have also been
                                      Specifically commissioned for the site, this Chihuly original was
                                                                                                             exhibited in numerous museums, including the Smithsonian’s
                                      inspired by his “Fiori,” or flowers series, which he designed and
                                                                                                             Renwick Gallery, the National Gallery of Australia, the Corcoran
                                      created for botanical gardens around the world. The concept grew
                                                                                                             Gallery of Art, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Chihuly
                                      from his long love of “glass houses” (conservatories), and Chihuly
                                                                                                             has been awarded seven honorary doctoral degrees, a Louis
                                      aimed to install his work among some of the world’s most impor-
                                                                                                             Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant, a Fulbright Fellowship, and
                                      tant public gardens.
                                                                                                             a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist grant.
                                      The project began with an installation in Garfield Park in
                                                                                                             NSU’s Chihuly installation will join other important pieces
                                      Chicago, was seen at Kew Gardens outside of London,
                                                                                                             of art on display in the Alvin Sherman Library, including the
                                      and was featured at the New York Botanical Garden in
                                                                                                             monument stone sculpture Withstanding Presence, by Beverly
                                      the Bronx. It will open next at the Phipps Conservatory
                                                                                                             Pepper, and the mixed media installation Woman in the Red
                                       in Pittsburgh. As the show has evolved, the
                                                                                                              Dress, by Therman Statom. It is the vision of the Circle of
                                       individual glass elements have evolved into
                                                                                                                      Friends to make the Alvin Sherman Library a venue
                                       forms with strong colors. The pieces relate
                                                                                                                      that provides exposure to world-class art that patrons
                                      to the gardens, but have their own his-
                                                                                                                       might not otherwise have. 

New to NSU Development Team, Mary Riedel
                                             ollowing a career of more than three          Beach counties, the Donors Forum of South Florida, Winterfest, Community
                                             decades in media marketing and com-           Foundation of Broward, NSU Sherman Library Circle of Friends, Broward
                                             munity relations, Mary Riedel joined          Women’s Alliance, Broward Public Library Foundation, Miami City
                                       Nova Southeastern University’s Office of            Ballet, Cultural Foundation of Broward, and Minority Development and
                                       Development last fall as director of major          Empowerment, Inc. (a Haitian community center). She’s also received sev-
                                       gifts. In this role, Riedel develops private        eral awards for community service from groups including Leadership Broward,
                                       philanthropic support for NSU, with a               Diabetes Association, Girl Scouts, Thousand Plus Club of the American
                                       particular focus on support and naming              Cancer Society, Friends of the African American Research Library and
                                       opportunities in the the new, 366,000-              Cultural Center, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Young at Art. Riedel was also
                                       square-foot University Center on the main           recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the local chapter of
                                       campus. She also works with other mem-              Women in Communications.
                                       bers of the Development Team, support-              Professionally, Riedel is accredited by both the International Association of
                                       ing NSU colleges, programs, scholarships,           Business Communicators (IABC) and the Public Relations Society of America
                                       and endowments.                                     (PRSA). She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals
Prior to joining NSU, Riedel served as community affairs manager for the Sun-Sentinel      (AFP) and a graduate of Leadership Broward, Leadership Palm Beach,
and publisher of its Monday “Society” section. During her nearly 19-year career at         and Leadership Boca Raton. She has a journalism degree from Marquette
the Sun-Sentinel, she expanded its charitable and community support programs to $10        University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she did her graduate work. At
million, annually. Before moving to South Florida in 1987, she was the promotion           NSU, Riedel hopes to take classes in addition to fulfilling her role in the
and communications manager at The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and worked with that          Office of Development.
company for more than 17 years.                                                            Riedel and her husband, Bill, live in downtown Fort Lauderdale and have two
Well known for her community work, Riedel has served in leadership roles in                grown daughters, Kelly and Caitlin, who also live in South Florida. 
a number of organizations including the United Ways of Broward and Palm

Wearing Two Hats For NSU
The inaugural NSU A&E Circle Breakfast was held on January 24 in conjunc-
tion with Homecoming 2007. More than 70 A&E Circle members—NSU alumni
who are also NSU employees—attended the breakfast in the University Center.
This event was the first of many gatherings that will celebrate the dual affinity
this unique group shares with our university.

                                                                                           The mission of the A&E Circle is to celebrate NSU alumni who are also
                                                                                           employees, promote camaraderie amongst the members, strengthen member
                                                                                           loyalty to the university, and encourage members to support the university’s
                                                                                           annual fund. 

                                                                                                                             NSU Alumni Network            Summer 2007           9
 Long-Time NSU                                                 In addition, through the Psychology Services Center,
                                                               we are looking to provide top-notch, affordable
                                                                                                                            and for a university that understood the importance
                                                                                                                            of addressing pressing community needs.
                                                               services to the community, based on the most                 When I came to Nova, there were three buildings. I
 Leader Appointed Dean                                         advanced research findings. We look forward to
                                                               increasing collaborations with our colleagues in the
                                                                                                                            feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of the
                                                                                                                            transformation of the university and to have seen
                                                               health professions, social sciences, and education, as
 of CPS                                                        well as with community partners.
                                                                                                                            so many students go on to do great work.

 For more than two decades,                                                                                                 What has been the greatest change you have
                                                                              What has been your greatest                   noticed in the university over the years?
 Karen Grosby, dean, has demon-                                               challenge since becoming
 strated her leadership within, and                                                                                         It was an exciting time when we merged with
                                                                              the dean for the Center of                    Southeastern University to become Nova
 commitment to, the Center for                                                Psychological Studies?
 Psychological Studies (CPS) and                                                                                            Southeastern University. The school experienced
                                                                              We have been fortunate to attract             growth and tremendous opportunities for collabora-
 the university at large. She has                                             wonderful students from around
 worked diligently to expand exist-                                                                                         tions and cross-disciplinary activity.
                                                                              the nation to our training programs
 ing degree programs and imple-                                               and to study at Nova Southeastern             What did you do prior to working for NSU?
 ment new ones, including the                                                 University. Our programs involve              I worked many years in higher education at the
 specialist degree in school psychol-                                         three to six years of rigorous train-         University of Delaware.
 ogy, Web-based programs, and the                                             ing. I hope to attract more support
 continuing education programs for                                            for student scholarships to make it           How does the Center for Psychological Studies
 students, faculty members, and                                               possible to ease the sum of the finan-        approach the challenge of providing a broad range
 licensed clinicians in our com-                                              cial pressures on existing students           of training in clinical services and research that
 munity. In April 2006, following                                             and to be able to attract bright,             spans the life cycle from childhood to old age?
 a one-year appointment as interim                             motivated students from diverse communities who              We are fortunate to have a large full-time faculty
 dean, Grosby was appointed dean of CPS.                       cannot otherwise afford higher education. In                 with members diverse in their interests, special-
 Grosby earned her bachelor’s degree and mas-                  addition, I would like to increase support for               izations, and research. In the doctoral curriculum,
 ter’s degree in education from the University of              faculty and student research. Attracting funding             for instance, there are courses that address issues
 Delaware, where she graduated with honors.                    for our Psychology Services Center, so that we can           pertaining to the different populations and age
 While working towards her master’s degree, she                continue to provide services to those most in need           groups. In addition, students receive three full
 accepted the position of complex coordinator at               in our community, will be another challenge.                 years of clinical experiences in a variety of settings
 the University of Delaware. In this capacity,                                                                              with diverse populations.
 Grosby coordinated all student personnel matters              What would you like NSU alumni members to
                                                               know about the Center for Psychological Studies?             How has the Center for Psychological Studies
 for 12 buildings housing 800 students. During
                                                               We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of             responded to recent changes in the delivery of
 her tenure at the University of Delaware, Grosby
                                                               our alumni. I think everyone would be impressed              health care and the profession of psychology?
 also served as assistant director of the Office
                                                               with the distinguished service they are providing at         There is an emphasis on meeting the pressing needs
 of Housing and Residential Life, where she
                                                               Harvard, Yale, and other prestigious universities, as        of the community. Our faculty members are involved
 designed, wrote, and taught training programs
                                                               well as in schools, hospitals, private practices, and the    at the national level, keeping current with research
 for students.
                                                               military. We have continued to attract accomplished          findings; and they, along with our students, maintain
 In 1986, she accepted the position of program                 faculty members to the center and are excited about          involvement in the community. This helps us keep
 administrator at CPS, where she has held progres-             new collaborations, including those with alumni.             our fingers on current issues. When we created the
 sively more responsible positions. In 1989, she was                                                                        Psychology Services Center, we hoped to fill a gap
 promoted to assistant dean of the center; and in              In the interest of improving our programs, being
                                                                                                                            by providing affordable services to the community.
 1995, she was appointed to the role of associate              in touch with alumni is important. Also, our cur-
                                                                                                                            This keeps our students and faculty members close
 dean of CPS.                                                  rent students are asking for alumni mentors, and we
                                                                                                                            to clients and their needs.
                                                               have begun to set up activities that bring students
 What are your future plans for the Center for                 and alumni together. We are also launching a qual-           What has been your greatest accomplishment?
 Psychological Studies?                                        ity enhancement plan and would like to involve as            It is really not about my accomplishments, but about
 In concert with the university’s goals for the future,        many alumni as possible. We hope to stay in touch            those of our faculty, students, and alumni. I hope I
 one of our major goals is to make each of our aca-            with them, as we enjoy hearing about what they are           can create an environment in which faculty members
 demic programs preeminent, in keeping with our mis-           currently doing and from those who would like to             can accomplish their goals and students can thrive—
 sion of excellence in training, research, and service.        work with us on these initiatives.                           and one that alumni can support. The Center for
 There is a tremendous need to address important                                                                            Psychological Studies has a long history at NSU, and
 issues facing our society and to improve the quality          You joined NSU in 1986.
                                                                                                                            we hope our collective accomplishments contribute
 of life for our citizens. The center’s faculty members        What drew you to the university?
                                                                                                                            to a national recognition of the university. 
 prepare future professionals to address these needs           I was drawn to the opportunity to work with a devel-
 by advancing knowledge through research and by                oping institution whose mission was ahead of its time
 providing quality services.

                   NSU-COM’s Center for Bioterrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness Goes National
                          By Scott Colton                                                       comprise a collaborative entity called the National Education Strategy Team (NEST),
                             Director of Medical Communications                                 which is a compilation of HRSA Bioterrorism Training and Curriculum Development
                                                                                                Program supplemental awardees that will link together by sharing resources. These insti-
                    It’s been a rapid rise to preeminence for the NSU College of                tutions have been awarded funds to develop, pilot test, and evaluate training programs
                Osteopathic Medicine’s (NSU-COM’s) Center for Bioterrorism and                  for all community-based health care providers in the nation to respond to a large-scale
             All-Hazards Preparedness (CBAP). What began as a South Florida task-               public health emergency or mass-casualty incident. The evaluation work done and rec-
force in 2001 has evolved into an entity charged with providing all-hazards education           ommendations made will be important at the national level, as future and ongoing
and training to health professionals and the entire health care workforce throughout            training is planned.
the United States.                                                                              “Our job is to develop a national template for all-hazards education preparedness for all
In 2005, the CBAP received two HRSA grants totaling $4.8 million that targeted                  health professionals and those involved in the health care workforce,” said Rokusek.
interdisciplinary all-hazards preparedness curriculum development and continuing                The basic awareness-level program has already been developed and is currently
education. “It was a big coup for NSU-COM to get these grants because there were                available online for four continuing medical education credits to health care pro-
only 19 awarded in the country,” said Cecilia Rokusek, Ed.D., who serves as executive           fessionals everywhere at no cost.
director of education, planning, and research and as CBAP project manager.                      “This program is so important because the federal government and the Centers for
The grant is helping NSU-COM train practicing health professionals and paraprofession-          Disease Control and Prevention have realized that ‘all-hazards’ means more than bio-
als located throughout Florida, as well as represent a variety of health care disciplines.      terrorism and hurricanes,” she added. “It also encompasses a manmade or natural
To accomplish this important task, NSU-COM partnered with neighboring Broward                   disaster that affects a country, state, or small region. This can include everything
Community College through a subcontract to provide additional training to health pro-           from tornados, earthquakes, mudslides, hurricanes, fires, tsunamis, and blizzards to
fessionals who need two years or less to earn their health professions degrees.                 something sinister like someone sprinkling toxic chemicals on our nation’s supply of
                                                                                                fruits and vegetables. The objective is to have people prepared at all levels, to prevent
“With this partnership, we became major players in the provision of education for health        what happened during and after 9/11 and in New Orleans during and after Hurricane
professionals in training and health professionals in practice,” said Leonard Levy, D.P.M.,     Katrina from happening again.”
M.P.H., who serves as director of the college’s CBAP and associate dean for education,
planning, and research. “As a result, we are helping health professionals at all levels to      As it evolves, Rokusek foresees a day when NSU-COM’s CBAP will be perceived
better prepare to react to acts of bioterrorism and other catastrophes such as hurricanes,      as a multifaceted resource for all people looking to enhance their knowledge of all-
tornadoes, and other natural disasters. This is a major responsibility, and we don’t accept     hazards preparedness. “
it lightly.”                                                                                    “All-hazards preparedness is going to continue growing in need and importance in the
In addition to NSU-COM students, curriculum development involves the education                  future because our country will not take anything for granted anymore,” she concluded. “It
of other NSU Health Professions Division students. “Now that we are designated as a             puts Nova Southeastern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine in a prime position
national center, the curriculum we develop for students in our programs can be replicated       to make a significant difference in the curriculum in Florida and throughout the country.
in other schools and universities across the country free of charge,” Rokusek explained.        More important, it positions our CBAP to have a major role in prevention education to
                                                                                                deal with all-hazards preparedness in this country—and perhaps around the world.”
With its reputation clearly on the ascendancy, NSU-COM’s proposal to become a
national CBAP was accepted by HRSA, which selected 5 from the pool of 19 existing               To learn more about the center’s activities or to register for free CME credits, please
centers to expand the scope to a national level. The five aforementioned centers now            visit CBAP’s Web site at 

 0      NSU Alumni Network           Summer 2007
Class Notes
Class of 1976                                          Eunice T. Baros (J.D.), Law Alumni Palm Beach             presented by The Florida Bar; the American           Steve Cimerberg (D.O.) was appointed a
Primo V. Toccafondi (Ed.D.) recently retired as        Chapter president, was awarded the Super Shark            Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), South        national speaker for Palomar Medical Technologies,
the University of Delaware’s director of programs      Alumni Chapter Leader Award. Each chapter of              Florida Chapter; and The Florida Bar International   a Boston-based market leader in Laser and IPL
for Southern Delaware. During his 13-year tenure       NSU was asked to nominate one person who goes             Law Section.                                         devices for skin photorejuvenation and fraxel
at the university, he coordinated the master’s and     above and beyond for their alumni chapter and             Louise R. Kingsley (J.D.), of Kingsley & Kingsley,   laser technology. His procedure seminars and
doctoral programs in educational leadership.           for NSU. Baros consistently raised sponsorship            moved her law practice to the Bank of America        workshops,,
                                                       money, planned amazing events, recruited new              Plaza in Plantation.                                 are designed to advance and motivate
Class of 1977
                                                       members, and promoted NSU in numerous ways.               Marie Lefere (J.D.), of Holland & Knight’s Fort      physicians and enhance their enjoyment
Alan R. Marks (J.D.) was honored as a Broward
                                                       Leslie Langbein (J.D.), of Langbein & Langbein,           Lauderdale office, was elected chair of the board    of the practice of medicine.
County Court Judge at the 2007 Broward County
                                                       P.A. in Miami, recently spoke at a Florida CLE            of directors of the Broward County Chapter of the    Robert S. Glazier (J.D.), of Miami, has been
Bar Association Judicial Robing Ceremony.
                                                       event for the Labor and Employment Law                    America Red Cross.                                   re-elected president of Temple Israel of
Dan Wilensky (J.D.) was elected as a circuit judge
                                                       Section. Langbein delivered a speech titled               Barbara K. Sunshine (J.D.), is a Government Law      Greater Miami.
in the Fourth Circuit, Group 35.
                                                       “Presenting the Case.”                                    Board member and serves as a liaison for the         H. Phillip Yorston (J.D.), of West Palm Beach,
Steven E. Ames (Ed.D.), lecturer in communica-
                                                       Richard O’Connell (Ed.D.) was picked by Irish-            Broward County Bar Association. Sunshine was         was elected governor of the Florida District of
tion at California Lutheran University, Thousand
                                                       America Magazine to be one of this year’s Top 100         named president-elect of the Broward County Bar      Kiwanis International.
Oaks, California, was a delegate representative of
                                                       in the field of education. According to Patricia Harty,   Association.                                         Class of 1988
Nova Southeastern University at the installation
                                                       magazine editor, the purpose of honoring each
ceremony for John R. Sladek, Ph.D., at his                                                                       Class of 1985                                        Gregory James (D.O., M.P.H.) was appointed by
                                                       recipient is that, “In America, like no where else, we
inauguration as the sixth president of CLU on                                                                    Jeffrey T. Guterman (Ph.D.) recently published       Philip Shettle, D.O., AOA president, to represent
                                                       are proud of simple beginnings and where they can
February 23, 2007.                                                                                               his book, Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused      the AOA at the National Influenza Vaccine Summit
                                                       take you when you stick to the road though the going
                                                                                                                 Counseling. He is currently an assistant professor   in Atlanta, Georgia. James is the director of family
Class of 1978                                          may be tough.” O’Connell has recently published
                                                                                                                 in the Counseling Department of the Adrian           practice at Sun Coast Hospital in Largo, Florida,
Thomas Bateman (B.S.) was awarded second               an educational book, Motivating Kids to the Max.
                                                                                                                 Dominican School of Education at Barry University    and a 2005 inductee in the AOA Mentor Hall
place in the American Bar Association national         It is a practical and candid handbook for parents,
                                                                                                                 in Miami Shores, Florida.                            of Fame.
speech competition for Law Day, 2005 on the            counselors, teachers, and administrators on how to
                                                                                                                 Elisabeth Adams (J.D.) was appointed Circuit         Nancy Dale (M.S.) recently published the book,
topic, “The American Jury: We the People               motivate students to reach their potential.
                                                                                                                 Judge of Charlotte County. Adams, of Fort Myers,     Would Do, Could Do, and Made Do: Florida’s
in Action.”                                            Class of 1981
                                                                                                                 is a marital and family law specialist. She will     Pioneer Cow Hunters Who Tamed the Last
Micheal Ullman (J.D.) was invited to, and              David Eddy (J.D.), of the Fifth Circuit, was recently     handle all of Charlotte’s probate and guardianship   Frontier, explores the life of the cow hunters who
lectured at, the International Factoring               quoted in The Star Banner regarding the highly            cases and 25 percent of the civil docket. Adams      lived through struggle and forbearance.
Association’s Conference, Presidents and Senior        publicized murder trial of John Couey.                    will spend one week a month on family and            Vanessa A. Reynolds (J.D.), of Fort Lauderdale,
Executives Meeting, held in Los Cabos, Mexico,
                                                       Stuart I. Hyman (J.D.) participated in “Breath            dependency cases in Hendry County.                   was recently board certified in health law.
in August 2006.
                                                       Testing 2007—The Intoxiloser 8000” at the                                                                      Honorable Charles Kaplan (J.D.) was elected
Donald D. Forrester (Ed.D.) was recently elected                                                                 Class of 1986
                                                       Masters of DUI 2007 presented by The Florida Bar                                                               judge in the 17th Circuit, Group 6.
to a four-year term on the Garrett County Board of                                                               Elizabeth Hancock (D.O., FSACOFP) is a founding
                                                       Continuing Legal Education Committee and the
Education. He assumed his new responsibilities on                                                                member of the newly formed American Board of         Luis Otero (M.I.B.A.) is the editor of the
                                                       Criminal Law Section.
January 1, 2007.                                                                                                 Disaster Medicine and the American Academy of        Inter Metro Business Journal, an online
                                                       Robert W. Kelley (J.D.), of Fort Lauderdale, was                                                               journal dedicated to economics and administra-
Susan Dechovitz (J.D.) represented the State                                                                     Disaster Medicine.
                                                       recently Board Certified in Civil Trial Law.                                                                   tive sciences.
Attorney’s Office, Miami-Dade County, at                                                                         Theodore S. Booras (J.D.) was elected judge in
                                                       Douglas M. McIntosh (J.D.), of McIntosh, Sawran,                                                               James Turner (D.O.) was named residency direc-
Public Interest Law Day held at Law Center on                                                                    Palm Beach County, Group 2. Prior to his judicial
                                                       Peltz & Cartaya, received the 2006 Archbishop                                                                  tor of the new Osteopathic Emergency Medicine
February 15.                                                                                                     responsibilities, Booras was the chief assistant
                                                       Edward A. McCarthy Award from the South Florida                                                                Residency Program at the Charleston Area Medical
Ellen Leesfield (J.D.) participated as a faculty                                                                 state attorney for Palm Beach County and was
                                                       Chapter of the St. Thomas More Society.                                                                        Center in Charleston, West Virginia. The facility
member for the 15th Annual Nuts and Bolts                                                                        named the 2006 Prosecutor of the Year by the
                                                       Susan Porter (J.D.) represented the Public                Florida Wildlife Commission for the protection of    is a level-one trauma center that handles about
of Divorce conference, presented by The Dade
                                                       Defender’s Office, Broward County, at Public              endangered species and the environment.              90,000 patient visits per year and houses three
County Bar’s Family Courts Committee, Young
                                                       Interest Law Day held at the Law Center on                                                                     emergency medicine departments under one
Lawyers Section, held on December 8 at the Dade                                                                  Denise Nieman (J.D.) participated in the Palm
                                                       February 15.                                                                                                   umbrella, including a pediatric facility.
County Courthouse.                                                                                               Beach County Bar Association’s Fourth Annual
                                                       Clayton Simmons (J.D.) recently took the bench in         Spelling Bee. All of the proceeds were used to buy   Class of 1989
Barbara Mitchell (J.D.) represented the State
                                                       the 18th Judicial Circuit in Sanford, Florida.            new books for local school children.
Attorney’s Office, Broward County, at the February                                                                                                                    Colette Eddy (M.S.) started an aerial photog-
15 Public Interest Law Day at the Law Center.          Class of 1982                                             Kyle D. Pence (J.D.) was recognized by Howard        raphy company, Aerial Innovations, in 1987,
Gary A. Poliakoff (J.D.) recently participated in      John Galluzzo (J.D.) recently took the bench as a         C. Forman, the clerk of courts, and Jane L. Duff,    which now operates all over the state of Florida.
a luncheon roundtable at the 31st Institute on         Circuit Judge in Sanford, Florida.                        manager of the Clerk of Courts Domestic Violence     Her company’s clients include everyone from
Condominium and Cluster Developments.                  Paige Stover Hague (J.D.), senior vice president          and Pro Se Divisions, for giving back to the com-    land developers and contractors to attorneys.
                                                       of Marketing and Media, has been a contributing           munity by donating his time, teaching the Monday     Aerial Innovations has been very successful and
Class of 1979
                                                       author, editor, and publisher of numerous legal           evening Pro Se Divorce class during 2006.            was highlighted in the Summer 2007 edition of
Richard Strauss (Ed.D.) recently retired as                                                                                                                           Business Week.
                                                       publications. She is a member of the Florida and          Alexandra V. Rieman (J.D.) was selected
superintendent of Lower Cape May Regional
                                                       Massachusetts bars. For several years, she was            Probate/Trust Law Liaison Section chair for the      Brenda L. Di Ioia (J.D.) was selected ADR section
in Cape May, New Jersey. He is the recipient
                                                       host of the popular radio show Financially Speak-         Broward County Bar Association. Rieman and           board member, serving as liaison for the Broward
of the Technology Award from AASA and the
                                                       ing, heard on the Money Matters Radio Network.            Melvin Grossman presented “Guardianship—An           County Bar Association.
Distinguished Service Award from NJASA. He has
                                                       She recently co-authored Life Is Short, Art Is            Extreme Makeover: A View from the Bench” at          Rhonda Hollander (J.D.) was selected ADR section
42 years of teaching and administrative service in
                                                       Long—Maximizing Estate Planning Strategies for            the 26th Annual Legislative and Recent Case Law      chair for the Broward County Bar Association.
New York and New Jersey.
                                                       Collectors of Art, Antiques, and Collectible Assets,      Update for The Florida Bar Real Property, Probate,   Frank Novak (J.D.) was named NSU Law Center’s
Larry J. Behar (J.D.) was selected Broward             published in March 2007 by Wealth Management              and Trust Law Section.                               associate director for Network Administration.
Lawyers Care Attorney of the Month for January.        Press (New York).                                         Leslie Rothenberg (J.D.), of the Second District     Paul A. Remillard (J.D.) recently participated in
Behar, chair of the Immigration Section of the
                                                       James C. Sawran (J.D.) was appointed by The               Court of Appeal, had the highest vote approval       the 2006 Pat Dore Administrative Law Conference.
Broward County Bar Association, has been
                                                       Florida Bar Board of Governors to serve a two-year        with 72.7 percent. Rothenberg also serves on the     Topics discussed included case studies and ethics.
assisting Broward Lawyers Care with numerous
                                                       term on the Florida Medical Malpractice Joint             Commission on Capital Cases.
immigration cases. He was selected Immigration                                                                                                                        Class of 1990
                                                       Underwriting Association Board of Governors.              Class of 1987
Law Section Chair.                                                                                                                                                    Robert Moody (B.S.) was recently promoted
                                                       Sawran is a partner at the Fort Lauderdale-based
John H. Denick (J.D.) was named by Smart CEO                                                                     Mazen Sukkar (J.D.) is the principal lawyer of the   to partner at the accounting firm of Berenfeld
                                                       law firm of McIntosh, Sawran, Peltz & Cartaya, P.A.
Magazine as one of Maryland’s legal elite for 2006.                                                              AV-rated law firm of Mazen M. Sukkar, P.A. He        Spritzer. He is the head of a forensic technology
                                                       Class of 1983                                             has been Florida Bar-Certified in immigration and
Smart’s list compiles Maryland’s top lawyers, as                                                                                                                      practice where he assists in the reconstruction of
recognized by their peers, CEOs, business owners,      Charles Burton (J.D.) recently took the bench in          nationality law since 1995 and served twice on the   computer crimes and the misuse of technology.
and industry experts.                                  West Palm Beach as a Circuit Court Judge.                 Florida Bar Certification Review Committee. He is
                                                                                                                                                                      Burton A. Clark (Ed.D.) EFO, CFO, has been in the
                                                       Ted Galatis, Jr. (J.D.), was named to the Broward         a member of the The Florida Bar, the American Bar
Janice Law (J.D.) was a featured author/panelist                                                                                                                      fire service for 36 years. He is the Management
                                                       County Bar Association Board of Directors.                Association, the American Immigration Lawyers
at the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottes-                                                                                                                   Science Program chair at the National Fire
                                                       Ryna E. Mehr (J.D.) participated in a Mediation           Association (AILA), the American Trial Lawyers
ville, the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in Bowling                                                                                                                     Academy and serves as an operations chief
                                                       Seminar at the 2007 Marital and Family Law                Association (ATLA) and the American Civil
Green, and the Ann Arbor Michigan Book Festival.                                                                                                                      during national disasters and emergencies for
                                                       Review Course, It’s Not Just a Seminar, It’s an           Liberties Union (ACLU). He served as president of
Beverly L. Vesel (J.D.), president of the NSU Law                                                                                                                     the DHS/FEMA. Clark is a nationally certified fire
                                                       Event! It was sponsored by The Florida Bar                the AILA, South Florida Chapter (1994–1995) and
Alumni Association, was awarded The Super Shark                                                                                                                       officer and chief fire officer designee. He writes,
                                                       Continuing Legal Education committee and the              is a permanent member of its Board of Directors.
Gold Award at the Breakfast of Champions hosted                                                                                                                       lectures, and teaches fire service research, safety,
                                                       Family Law Section.                                       He also served as a board member of the Board
by the NSU Alumni Association. Vesel is currently                                                                                                                     and professional development and has served on
                                                                                                                 of Governors of AILA nationally. Sukkar has
the vice chair of the Florida Bar Family Law Rules     Theresa Van Vliet (J.D.), along with two of her                                                                six dissertation committees. Clark writes for
                                                                                                                 written many articles for AILA and The Florida Bar
Committee and remains active with the Family Law       associates, opened a Fort Lauderdale branch of                                                        and is host of the
                                                                                                                 including ones on citizenship and naturalization,
Section of The Florida Bar.                            Genovese Joblove & Battista.                                                                                   Leadership on the Line podcast radio show.
                                                                                                                 marriage and fraud adjustment, the Marriage and
Class of 1980                                          Class of 1984                                                                                                  Laura Church (J.D.) began her LL.M. program in
                                                                                                                 Fraud Amendment Act of 1986, the new H-1B, and
                                                       Christopher Neilson (J.D.) is currently a candidate                                                            taxation this fall at the University of Florida.
Donald P. Glantz (J.D.), managing shareholder of                                                                 vehicle seizure and forfeiture.
the AV-Rated Law Firm of Glantz & Glantz, P.A.,        in Group 31 for election to County Court Judge.                                                                Daniel J. Santaniello (J.D.), managing partner
                                                                                                                 Carlos Levy (D.O.) Earned acclaim for assisting
spoke at the American Prepaid Legal Services           Neilson is also secretary/treasurer of the Broward                                                             of Luks, Santaniello, Perez, Petrillo & Golf,
                                                                                                                 domestic violence victims. He has become an
Institute 2006 Annual Conference on Prepaid Legal      County Bar Association.                                                                                        recently spoke on “Neuropsychological Claims:
                                                                                                                 ardent advocate for domestic violence victims
Services held in Chicago, Illinois, on May 11, 2006.   Anthony J. Carriuolo (J.D.) was named, by                                                                      Evaluating and Defending Closed Head Injuries”
                                                                                                                 after he received a plea from Jeb Bush, Florida’s
His topic was “Financial and Practice Management       administrative order, to the Supreme Court of                                                                  and “2006 Tort Reform Update” to South Florida
                                                                                                                 governor, several years ago. The mass mailing,
Issues for Legal Plan Providers.”                      Florida Task Force on management of cases                                                                      claims professionals.
                                                                                                                 which was sent to all Florida-based physicians,
E. John Banister (J.D.) was named the 2007             involving complex litigation.                             dentists, and chiropractors, served as a heartfelt   Ronald Renuart (D.O.), who serves as president
chair for Gulfstream Goodwill. Banister also           In March, Reginald Corlew (J.D.) was appointed            appeal for the recipients to donate their time       of the NSU-COM Alumni Association, went above
became a shareholder in the law firm of                to the Palm Beach County Court by Jeb Bush,               and services to abused and battered women            and beyond the call of duty while serving as chief
Rutherford Mulhall. He manages the firm’s Palm         Florida’s governor.                                       throughout Florida. It struck a nerve with Levy,     medical officer for the Florida Army National Guard
Beach Gardens office, practicing in real estate,                                                                 who contacted Women in Distress of Broward           squad stationed at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan.
                                                       Rex J Ford (J.D.) participated in a mock hearing
probate litigation, and corporate law.                                                                           County, volunteering his own time and expertise.     When he came into contact with two local children
                                                       at the 28th Annual Immigration Law Update

                                                                                                                                                            NSU Alumni Network  Summer 2007                            
Class Notes
who were in dire need of intricate heart surgeries,       board prosecutor, chief attorney for pari-mutuel        Violence and Pro Se Divisions for giving back to       original member of the winning litigation team
Renuart personally arranged for them to be flown to       wagering, executive director of several licensing       the community by donating his time teaching the        in the 2002 landmark intellectual property case
Jacksonville, Florida, to receive lifesaving treatment.   boards, deputy general counsel, special counsel to      Monday evening Pro Se Divorce Class during 2006.       of All Pro Sports Camps, Inc. vs. Walt Disney
Class of 1991                                             the secretary, and general counsel.                     Margo F. Weiss (Ph.D.), a graduate from the Mar-       Company, in which he helped obtain a record
                                                          Joe Maus (J.D.) was recently appointed by the           riage and Family Therapy program of the School of      jury verdict for his clients.
Robert J. Feinberg (J.D.) is an officer and
shareholder at Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla,               Broward County Commission to the Broward                Humanities and Social Sciences, has been hired as      Jeffrey Rembaum (J.D.) spoke at the Ins and
P.C. He has been designated by the New Jersey             County Charter Review Committee, which will meet        chair of the CACREP Counseling Education Program       Outs of Florida Condominium Law 2007 Seminar
Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney,        over the next two years to propose changes to the       in the School of Human Services at Capella             “The Turnover Process: Perspective of Developer
a distinction limited to approximately 2 percent of       county charter to appear on the 2008 countywide         University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.                  and Association Counsel,” presented by The
New Jersey lawyers.                                       ballot. His office is in Pompano Beach, and he          Class of 1995                                          Florida Bar and Real Property, Probate, and Trust
                                                          continues to focus on personal injury, employment,                                                             Law Section.
Arlene S. Lakin (J.D.) was selected elder section                                                                 Judith A. Richardson (M.B.A.) retired after a
                                                          and workers compensation litigation.                                                                           Class of 1997
chair for the Broward County Bar Association.                                                                     30-year work history to “travel and do things I
                                                          Dana Baduna (M.S./DFT) presented “The                   never had time to do before. The job I am leaving      Pearley L. Cunningham (Ed.D.), chairman of
Beverly Pohl (J.D.), a partner and chair of the
                                                          Community Connection: In-Home, Solution-                is one I got due to my M.B.A., as I could not get in   the South Campus Engineering Technologies
Appellate Practice Group at Broad and Cassel,
                                                          Focused Family Therapy with Families at Risk”           the door without it. Thanks NSU.”                      Department, has played a significant role in the
was named in the 2006 edition of Best Lawyers
                                                          at the annual FAMFT conference in Palm Beach                                                                   college’s receipt of more than $2 million in public
in America in “Appellate Practice,” and was listed                                                                Derek Stein (M.S.) just helped open a third
                                                          Gardens, May 26–28.                                                                                            and private grants since he joined CCAC in 1972.
in Super Lawyers as one of the “Top 25 Female                                                                     charter school.
Lawyers in South Florida” and “Top 50 Female              Arlene Simon Campione (J.D.) was elected judge                                                                 Additionally, he has been active in collaborating
                                                                                                                  Terry Verduin (J.D.) was this year’s recipient of
Lawyers in the State of Florida.” She spoke               in Broward County, Group 31.                                                                                   regionally and nationally on innovative technology-
                                                                                                                  the Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach’s
at the Advanced Criminal Federal Practice on              John E. DiBenedetto (D.B.A.) is the vice-               Andrew F. O’Connell Award. Verduin’s devoted           based career programs. He has served for many
“Recent Decisions in the Supreme Court—What               president of learning and development of                and preserving work in the area of guardianship/       years on the college’s Curriculum Committee,
You Should Know,” presented by the Florida Bar            Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. DiBenedetto joined                incapacity and guardian advocacy has been most         most recently as chairman.
Criminal Law Section.                                     Wal-Mart in 2005 and is responsible for field           beneficial and supportive in helping to preserve       Stacy Ross (J.D.) was appointed by Governor Jeb
                                                          operations training for 1.3 million associates in       the overall integrity of the guardianship programs.    Bush to the County Court bench in January 2006,
Class of 1992
                                                          more than 3,800 stores nationwide.                                                                             where she currently presides over misdemeanor
Colleen M. Duris (J.D.) spoke at the Elder Law                                                                    An entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in
                                                          Jamie Finizio-Bascombe (J.D.), of Finizio &             international business communications and now          criminal cases.
Certification Review Course: A “Happily Ever After”
                                                          Finizio in Fort Lauderdale, was appointed to the        a member of the Florida Bar, Verduin is currently      Deborah DeKoff (M.S.Ed.), when she moved
Survey of Elder Law. Her topic, “There’s a Lot
                                                          17th Circuit Court Judicial Nominating Commis-          working as a state attorney for the Department of      to Utah, noticed a niche lodging business was
to Know About Jack’s Magic Beans—Additional
                                                          sion by Governor Jeb Bush.                              Children and Families, while maintaining her own       needed. She formed Aspens Ski Condo Rentals
Benefits: Medicare for the Aged and Disabled, and
                                                          Kip Lassner (J.D.), of Cole, Scott & Kissane, was       private practice.                                      in Park City, which caters to property owners
Veterans Benefits for War-Time Veterans” was
                                                          recently promoted to lieutenant colonel in the          Rani Newman Mathura (J.D.), of Cummings &              and rental guests alike, creating a repeat
presented by The Florida Bar Elder Law Section.
                                                          National Guard.                                         Lockwood, LLC, has been named principal of the         customer base.
Michael A. Pancier (J.D.), of Fort Lauderdale,
                                                          Vicki Smith-Bilt (M.B.A.) was elected by the            firm. Mathura joined Cummings & Lockwood as            Anthony Cassaneto (Ed.D.) graduated on May
was recently Board Certified in Labor and
                                                          Association of Legal Administrators (ALS) to a          an associate in the Vero Beach, Florida, office.       20, 2006, from Fordham University in the
Employment Law.
                                                          two-year term as Region 2 Projects Officer, effec-      She later moved to its Greenwich, Connecticut,         Bronx, New York, with a Ph.D. in religion and
Joye Jeffries Pugh’s (Ed.D.) latest book, Eden:
                                                          tive April 1, 2007. As such, she will coordinate        office where she is a member of the Private Clients    religious education.
The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666, was
                                                          member recruitment and event sponsorships for           Group. Prior to joining the firm, Mathura was the      Mary R. Harvey (J.D.) recently participated
released by Tate Publishing and Enterprises.
                                                          regional and national ALA programs for 11 states        probate staff attorney for the 15th Judicial Circuit   at the 31st Institute on Condominium and
It encompasses seven years of research and
                                                          and Puerto Rico.                                        Court of Florida.                                      Cluster Developments. Topics discussed
reveals secret information concerning Leonardo
                                                          John Geake (D.O.) was presented with the                Mariza Cobb (J.D.) represented the Attorney            included association board fiscal issues, special
da Vinci, the Harry Potter series, and Princess
                                                          Excellence in Service Award in August from the          General’s Office at the February 15 Interest Law       assessments, unexpected increases, borrowing
Diana’s death.
                                                          National Health Service Corps (NHSC) during             Day at NSU’s Law Center.                               authority, and SBA loans.
Class of 1993                                             its 35th Anniversary Recognition Dinner in              Anthony J. Scaletta (J.D.) was elected partner in      Bryan Poulton (J.D.) is serving as a board
Walter M. Ryan III (D.O.) has been selected as a          Reston, Virginia. Geake, a former NHSC scholar                                                                 member on the Palm Beach County Bar.
                                                                                                                  the law firm of Baker & Hostetler, LLP, in Orlando,
phase II clinical trial principal investigator for C-1    who works closely with the AHEC Program                 Florida. Scaletta is a member of the Business          Angela Petti Rosenberg (J.D.) received the
esterase inhibitor replacement therapy. By taking         on a range of rural health initiatives in Glades        Group, and he concentrates his practice in the         Distinguished Service Award and the Committee
thorough family history and contacting extended           County, was honored for his dedication and              areas of corporate and real estate matters.            Chair of the Year Award at the 2006 Annual
family members along with a review of hospital            commitment to providing quality health care to
                                                                                                                  Richard K Slinkman (J.D.), of West Palm Beach,         Meeting and Installation of the Broward County
records, Ryan has uncovered several families with         the nation’s most vulnerable populations and his
                                                                                                                  was recently Board Certified in Civil Trial Law.       Bar Association.
hereditary angioedema.                                    significant contribution to improving the health
                                                                                                                  Cindy Lenoff Zatman (J.D.) wrote an article,           Victoria Dreisbach (D.O.), who is board certified
Leon M. Biegalski (J.D.) has become Counsel               of the underserved.
                                                                                                                  “When Cancer Can’t Be Beat,” that was published        in general psychiatry and forensic psychiatry,
with Akerman, Senterfit, & Edison’s Tallahassee           Class of 1994                                           in the December issue of The Florida Bar Journal.      completed a fellowship in forensic psychiatry at
office after 13 years with the Department of
                                                          Claudia Santin (Ed.D.) was named president              Stephen Wade (M.B.A.) is recently “semi-retired”       Yale University School of Medicine in 2003 and
Business and Professional Regulation. His time at
                                                          of Northcentral University. Santin worked at the        and concentrating on syndicating his column,           currently works at Connecticut Valley Hospital
DBPR included work as a professional licensing
                                                          Huzienga School at NSU from 1988 until 2001 and         “How Do I ???”                                         as a forensic psychiatrist with 1998 alumnus
                                                          NSU’s Fischler School until 2004. Upon moving to                                                               Paul Engleman, D.O. Dreisbach also serves as
                                                                                                                  Class of 1996
       STAY CONNECTED                                     Prescott, Santin was asked to develop the School
                                                          of Education for Northcentral University (NCU) and      Elise J. Zahn (D.O., FACOEP) was named medical
                                                                                                                                                                         an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at
                                                                                                                                                                         Yale University School of Medicine and recently
Staying connected to NSU is easy. Take the oppor-
                                                          became dean of the School of Education. She was         director of the emergency department at Columbia       completed a one-year term as president of the
tunity to share your good news with old friends by                                                                Hospital of Palm Beaches. Since the completion
                                                          promoted to provost, and the Board of Directors                                                                Connecticut Psychiatric Society.
submitting your announcements to be published in                                                                  of her emergency medicine residency at St. John
                                                          recently appointed her to the position of president                                                            Class of 1998
NSU alumni publications. Let us know about your
                                                          of the university.                                      Oakland Hospital in Michigan in 2000, she has
promotion, job, honors, personal and professional                                                                                                                        Christopher Strong (Pharm.D.) is currently
                                                                                                                  distinguished herself working for TeamHealth
accomplishments, or any other exciting news you           Nadia Heshmati (M.S.) is currently working as                                                                  contracted by the Department of Defense as a
                                                                                                                  in Palm Beach County. A fellow of the American
want to share. Your updates will be included in the       an adjunct faculty member in a local university,                                                               clinical pharmacist at Fort Carson, Colorado. His
next Alumni Network. You may even be selected to                                                                  College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians,
                                                          teaching psychology and medical management.                                                                    degree gives him open prescriptive authority
be featured in the “Alumni Spotlight” section of the                                                              Zahn serves as an NSU-COM clinical associate
                                                          She also manages medical facilities, mostly urgent                                                             within the population of deploying and returning
Alumni Association’s monthly e-Newsletter.                                                                        professor and as a clinical instructor at the
                                                          care centers.                                                                                                  soldiers. Strong is also a member of the Trau-
                                                                                                                  University of Florida College of Medicine.
Name: ______________________________________              Frank J. Stuart (M.S.) is the president/CEO                                                                    matic Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Management
                                                                                                                  Ann Burke Spalding (J.D.) was recently made a
                                                          and founder of Global Professional Solutions,                                                                  Group, helping to determine appropriate therapy
Maiden: ____________________________________                                                                      partner at Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A.
                                                          Inc. (GPS), a provider of program management                                                                   for screened soldiers. Strong functions as a
Class Year: ________ Degree: _________________            and information technology support to the               Catalina M. Avalos (J.D.), of Broward County,
                                                                                                                                                                         “medical provider” with the doctors, physician
                                                          counter-terrorism and intelligence community.           is the first Colombian-born U.S. judge. The
Phone: _____________________________________                                                                                                                             assistants, and registered nurse practitioners in
                                                          Stuart is the recipient of the 1999 U.S. Chamber        Colombian American Bar Association hosted a
                                                                                                                                                                         performing post-deployment health assessments
Email: _____________________________________
                                                          of Commerce Blue Chip Award in recognition of           reception on September 12 in her honor.
                                                                                                                                                                         on individual soldiers. He is the only dedicated
News: _____________________________________               his solid business practices. In 2000, GPS was          Howard Roy Lazarus (B.S.) is a Renaissance             pharmacist of this type in the armed forces.
                                                          nominated for the U.S. Department of State’s            Providence Hotel developer and manager. Six-
____________________________________________                                                                                                                             Melanie Oyler (M.B.A.) was recently hired as
                                                          Small Business of the Year Award and Stuart             Sigma Green Belt-trained, Lazarus has strategic
____________________________________________                                                                                                                             the new director of corporate relations and
                                                          was selected as one of the “50 Most Influential         expertise creating and leading budget processes
____________________________________________                                                                                                                             fund development for Family Services of Metro
                                                          Minorities in Business for 2003.” He was also           and crafting and implementing financial and
____________________________________________                                                                                                                             Orlando, Inc. (FSMO).
                                                          nominated for the Black Enterprise Emerging             productivity guidelines.
____________________________________________                                                                                                                             Michael Vines (J.D.) was named to the Broward
                                                          Small Business of the Year Award for 2006.              Frank S. Castor (J.D.) was elected judge in Palm
____________________________________________                                                                                                                             County Bar Association’s 17th Circuit Board of
                                                          Beth-Ann Herschaft’s (J.D.) 1992 Nova Law               Beach County, Group 19.
____________________________________________                                                                                                                             Governors, Young Lawyers Division.
                                                          Review article on cruise ship medical liability was     Travis R. Hollifield (J.D.) published an article
                                                                                                                                                                         Willie J. Gilchrist (Ed.D.), former long-time
                                                          discussed in a front page article in the South          entitled, “Successor Liability Issues in Labor and
                                                                                                                                                                         superintendent of Halifax County Schools, has
                                                          Florida Sun-Sentinel on July 17, 2006. Herschaft        Employment Cases” in the January 2007 edition of
                                                                                                                                                                         been elected chancellor of Elizabeth City State
                                                          was quoted in the article.                              The Florida Bar Journal.
Mail to: Nova Southeastern University                                                                                                                                    University by the Board of Governors of the
                                                          Rodger L. Hochman (J.D.), of Coel & Warren’s            Kristine Lefebvre (J.D.) was a contestant on           16-campus University of North Carolina. Erskine
Office of Alumni Relations                                Boca Raton office, was interviewed for, and quoted      NBC’s Season 6 of The Apprentice. Lefebvre
0 College Avenue                                                                                                                                                      Bowles, UNC president, placed Gilchrist’s name
                                                          in, an article titled, “Three Advisers Every Practice   has represented some of the biggest names              in nomination on March 15 during a special
Fort Lauderdale, FL -779                            Needs,” which appeared in Medical Economics.            in entertainment and in the sports community,
or email to:                                                                                                                                            meeting of the board held on the campus of East
                                                          Edwina Kessler (J.D.) is a trial law board              including Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Marino, the Staples    Carolina University in Greenville.
                                                          member serving as a liaison for the Broward             Center in Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Kings.
                                                                                                                  In her current job at a Los Angeles law firm, she      Class of 1999
                                                          County Bar Association.
                                                                                                                  handles sports and entertainment licensing and         Avi Carmel (Ph.D.) is the local dean for the Col-
                                                          Marc A. Shelowitz (J.D.) was recognized by
                                                                                                                  mergers and acquisitions.                              lege of Arts and Sciences, University of Phoenix,
                                                          Howard C. Forman, the clerk of courts and Jane L.
                                                                                                                  Michael I. Santucci (J.D.) is involved in a case       South Florida campus.
                                                          Duff, manager of the Clerk of Courts Domestic
                                                                                                                  against Gloria Estefan. Santucci was also an

2      NSU Alumni Network                     Summer 2007
Class Notes
Jaime Arango (M.S./DCAR) was the 2005 Fourth           types of situations knowing very specifically what     Joseph Perez (D.O.) received the Physician of          Elizabeth M. Ricci (J.D.), of Rambana & Ricci in
Quarter Winner of the Helen Graham Employee            the rules are,” he stated. “The truth is, being        the Year Award at Hollywood Medical Center in          Tallahassee, became president of the Federal Bar
Achievement Award of Excellence at NSU. Arango         manipulative and deceitful plays a huge role in        Hollywood, Florida.                                    Association Tallahassee Chapter.
works as the institutional review board administra-    reality television.”                                   Elisha Roy (J.D.) was elected treasurer of the         Class of 2002
tor in the Office of Grants and Contracts and has      In 2004, Kirby was fortunate enough to                 Palm Beach County Young Lawyers Section and            Geoff Still (J.D.) has developed the new master’s
been an employee at NSU for almost 10 years.           be accepted into the prestigious Western               president of the Palm Beach County Chapter of          in science in education law degree for nonlawyers,
Laurie Charles (Ph.D.) presented “Family               University/Pacific Hospital Dermatology                the Florida Association for Women Lawyers for          now offered at NSU’s Shepard Broad Law Center.
Treatment with Survivors of Political Torture,         Residency in Long Beach, California, which is          the 2006–2007 year. She was also appointed to
                                                                                                                                                                     This is a collaborative effort between MSI, the
Refugees, and Asylum Seekers” at the annual            run by renowned osteopathic dermatologist              the Executive Council of the Family Law Section of
                                                                                                                                                                     Law Center, and the Fischler School. Still began
FAMFT conference in Palm Beach Gardens, May            David Horowitz and accepts only one resident           the Florida Bar. Roy delivered the opening remarks
                                                                                                                                                                     developing the program in 2003 and, as a result,
26 through 28.                                         per year. Because he possesses a strong work           at the Basic Family Law 2007 presented by The
                                                                                                                                                                     has been named the associate director of the
Kate Nichols (B.S.) earned an M.S.W. from              ethic and meticulous attention to detail, Kirby        Florida Bar and the Young Lawyers Division. She
                                                                                                                                                                     master’s in science in education law program and
UCONN in 2003. She became a family therapist,          immediately excelled in the program. In 2005,          was elected to Seat 3 in the 15th Circuit of the
                                                                                                                                                                     is an adjunct professor, as well.
working with juvenile offenders and their families.    he was named chief resident and earned the             Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors.
                                                                                                                                                                     Michael Pritchett (D.O., M.P.H.) is in the
Nichols left the job to focus on being a stay-at-      prestigious Daniel Koprince, D.O. Educational          Armando F. Paz (J.D.) has formed the firm Alvarez,
                                                                                                                                                                     process of completing a fellowship in pulmonary
home mom to her son, Elias, 10 months old. She         Award from the American Osteopathic College            Paz, & Barbara, LLP, in Miami.
                                                                                                                                                                     and critical care at Tufts University in Boston,
now has a private therapy practice, which focuses      of Dermatology.                                        Terrance Johnson (D.P.A.) is a member of the           Massachusetts. His case report, “Successful Treat-
on treating individuals with disabilities.             In addition to his dermatological career, Kirby        Lincoln University faculty and teaches criminal        ment of Refractory Methemoglobinemia with Red
Michael Herman (D.O., LCDR) recently completed         is currently involved in a range of entertainment      justice and public policy courses. Johnson             Blood Cell Exchange Transfusion,” was accepted
his military obligation with the navy and has just     and entrepreneurial ventures that includes the         researches and writes on contemporary law              for publication in CHEST and for presentation in
started a hepatology and liver transplant fellowship   establishment of a jointly owned company with a        enforcement issues, with an emphasis on police         slide form at CHEST 2006.
at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, which     group of dermatologists called Coast Adventure         misconduct. He is a member of peer-review
                                                                                                                                                                     David Ogman (M.B.A.) has accepted a position at
will be followed by a gastrointestinal fellowship.     Capital that invests in a range of projects such as    editorial boards for four Criminal Justice Journals
                                                                                                                                                                     H.I.G. Capital Management, Inc.
Daniel Kayal (D.O.) is now employed as a               real estate, three new celebrity-backed restaurants,   and numerous professional criminal justice,
                                                                                                                                                                     Roberto Casas (Ed.D.), assistant superintendent of
gastroenterologist in Jackson, Tennessee, at           a bowling alley, a teddy bear business, and a          public administration, and law enforcement
                                                                                                              organizations. He also is a book reviewer for          educational services for Lynwood Unified School
the Medical Speciality Clinic.                         movie company called Formosa. In fact, Formosa
                                                                                                              a large publishing company. Johnson is a               District, has been appointed a member of the
                                                       recently received the green light to begin
Joseph Wise (D.B.A.) is the business manager of                                                                                                                      Urban Education Committee for the Association of
                                                       preproduction on a movie scheduled for release         “pracademic,” with a 20-year career in policing,
the Greater Louisville Building and Construction                                                                                                                     California School Administrators (ACSA). In addition
                                                       in 2007 called Black Water Transit that is slated to   law enforcement, government investigations,
Trades Council. He is currently serving as vice-                                                                                                                     to his ACSA membership, Casas is a member if
                                                       star Bruce Willis and Jude Law.                        and corporate security. He retired as a special
chair on the Kentucky Community and Technical                                                                                                                        the California Association of Supervisors of Child
                                                       Scott Chitoff (J.D.) was named to the Broward          investigator from the Office of Chief Counsel,
College System, a state-wide system with more                                                                                                                        Welfare and Attendance and the National School
                                                       County Bar Association 17th Circuit Board of           Department of Transportation, the Common-
than 82,000 students. He also serves on the board                                                                                                                    Boards Association. He serves as a volunteer with
                                                       Governors, Young Lawyers Division. Chitoff also        wealth of Pennsylvania.
of the Louisville Water Company.                                                                                                                                     the Homeless Student program and is a member of
                                                       participated in the Florida Bar CLE Committee on       Judy Welch (M.S.), a professor of English at
Kenneth Christopher (D.P.A.) retired in 2006                                                                                                                         the Youth Accountability Board.
                                                       Basic Corporate Law speaking on such issues as         Miami-Dade College, is the recipient of the
from Miami-Dade County, Florida, after 26 years                                                                                                                      Thad Anglin (Ed.D.) is now serving at Tarleton
                                                       outside counsel, engagement agreements, pierc-         Endeavor Writing Institute 2006 Learning
of service, most recently as captain with the                                                                                                                        State University as assistant vice president for
                                                       ing the corporate veil, self dealing, usurpation of    Innovations Golden Apple Grant.
Miami-Dade Police Department and Chief of                                                                                                                            Student Life Studies.
                                                       corporate opportunities, attorney-client issues,       Kevin Banks (Ed.D.) was recently appointed
Security of the Port of Miami. Now he’s an                                                                                                                           David Pizzimenti (D.O.) is currently serving
                                                       and discovery.                                         as the assistant vice president to the dean
assistant professor of criminal justice at Park                                                                                                                      as medical director at a hospital located in an
                                                       Erin L. Deady (J.D.) delivered the opening remarks     for students at University of South Florida in
University in Parkville, Missouri.                                                                                                                                   underserved area near Memphis, Tennessee.
                                                       at the 2006 Environmental and Land Use Law             Tampa. Banks was the author and lead singer
Mertella Burris (J.D) represented Coast to Coast                                                                                                                     Hardwick Johnson (Ed.D.) was elected president
                                                       Annual Update, a CLE event.                            of “I Believe I Can Write,” an inspirational hit
Legal Aid at Public Interest Law Day held at the                                                                                                                     general of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne
                                                       Elias Leonard Dsouza (J.D.) was named Broward          performed at the Summer Institute by the former
Law Center on February 15.                                                                                                                                           (OCC) on April 13, 2006. He will serve in this
                                                       Lawyers Care Attorney of the Month for September.      Philadelphia Cluster.
Jason R. Himschoot (J.D.) joined the law firm of                                                                                                                     capacity for the 2006–2009 term. The Order
                                                                                                              David Ogman (M.B.A.) joined Morgan Stanley’s
Becker & Poliakoff in Fort Myers.                      Sheryl A. Moore (J.D.) was recognized by
                                                                                                              Global Wealth Management division, as a financial      is composed of proven lineal descendants of
                                                       Howard C. Forman, the clerk of courts, and Jane
H. Michael Muniz’s (J.D.) 1992 paper, “Did the                                                                adviser, in the Boca Raton, Florida, office.           Charlemagne, Emperor of the West.
                                                       L. Duff, manager of the Clerk of Courts Domestic
U.S.-Puerto Rico Political Status Act Establish a                                                             Charles Terrell (Ed.D.) has been named a Colby         Kimberly Evans (Ed.D.) served Baltimore City
                                                       Violence and Pro Se Divisions, for giving back to
Blueprint for Leaving Puerto Rico on the Verge of                                                             College Trustee, a nationally recognized authority     students, parents, and community members for 32
                                                       the community by donating her time teaching the
Statehood?,” was recently cited twice in the book                                                             on higher educational access, diversity, and           years. Professional development to improve teacher
                                                       Monday evening Pro Se Divorce Class in 2006.
The Unfinished Business of American Democracy.                                                                student financial assistance. A 1970 graduate          competence has been the foundation of her work as
Additionally, Muniz’s latest article, “Compelling      Anne D. Ogden (J.D.) was installed as the president
                                                                                                              of the Maine liberal arts college, Terrell is vice     teacher, principal, executive assistant, and assistant
Arbitration of Disputes, the Florida v. Federal Law    of the board of directors of the Broward County Bar
                                                                                                              president of the division of diversity policy and      superintendent of elementary and high schools.
Quagmire” will be published in the December            Association Young Lawyers’ Section.
                                                                                                              programs of the Association of American Medical        Her work to reform K–12 has been rewarding and
2006 issue of The Florida Bar Journal.                 Edward Lukomski (Ed.D.) is currently the chief                                                                produced positive results.
                                                                                                              Colleges (AAMC), in Washington, D.C.
Adam G. Rabinowitz (J.D.) was elected Seat 1 in        executive officer of Pathways, Inc., a human
                                                                                                              Prior to joining the AAMC, he was on the               Sandra E. Krumbein (J.D.) spoke at the Ins
the 17th Circuit of the Young Lawyers Division         service organization serving 2,000 individuals
                                                                                                              faculties at Wheelock and Salem State colleges         and Outs of Florida Condominium Law 2007
Board of Governors.                                    and families in the Finger Lakes Region of New
                                                                                                              and enjoyed a 25-year career in student affairs        Seminar, “Dealing with Purchase and Sale
                                                       York by providing an array of services through
Doreen M. McGunagle (M.B.A ., Ph.D.) delivered                                                                at the Boston University Medical Center, where         Contracts in a Slow Economy,” presented by
                                                       four core programs including Developmental
her paper “Case Study: Impact of Economic                                                                     he served as associate dean for student affairs.       The Florida Bar and Real Property, Probate, and
                                                       Disabilities, Child and Family, Mental Health,
Reforms in China” at the Economic and Interna-                                                                In 1997, Tom Daschle, Senate majority leader,          Trust Law Section.
                                                       and Traumatic Brain Injury Services.
tional Business Research Conference in Miami,                                                                 appointed Terrell to the National Advisory             J. Freddy Rhoads (J.D.) was recently hired by the
Florida. The paper is a case study analyzing the       Gwen Levine Pearlman (D.O.) has joined the Holy        Committee on Student Financial Assistance,             Injury Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick, P.A.
changes in the economy and the challenges that         Cross Medical Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to    where he served as both vice chair and chair.          Sorraya M. Solages (J.D.), of Carlton Fields’
still confront China. It was published in December     practice endocrinology. She and her family recently    Among his numerous awards and honors are               Miami office, was appointed to the Dade County
2006 in The Business Review.                           relocated from Stony Brook, New York, where she        Meharry Medical College’s award for Outstanding        Bar Young Lawyers Section Board of Directors.
                                                       had completed her training in internal medicine with   Service and Support and induction into Boston
Class of 2000                                                                                                                                                        Mark Kranis (D.O.) was accepted into the
                                                       a subspecialty in endocrinology.                       University’s Arts and Sciences Collegium and
Frederick Wolf (D.B.A.) recently joined the faculty                                                                                                                  Cardiovascular Fellowship Program at St.
                                                       Scott Pearlman (D.O.) accepted a position with         Academy of Distinguished Alumni.
of the School of Business at Pacific Lutheran                                                                                                                        Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts.
                                                       Neurological Consultants in Pompano Beach, Florida.    Zascha Blanco Abbott (J.D.), of Allen Norton
University as visiting professor of management                                                                                                                       He will enter the fellowship in 2007 after he
and executive in residence. He came to PLU             Class of 2001                                          & Blue in Miami, was elected to the board of           completes his year as the hospital’s chief
School of Business from Total Petrochemicals,          Florence Ross (Ph.D.) was honored at Temple            directors for both the Dade County Bar Association     resident in internal medicine.
Inc., where he was a manager and executive             Adath Or in Cooper City on January 28. The temple      and its Young Lawyers Division.
                                                                                                                                                                     Class of 2003
in the field of sustainable manufacturing and          honored Ross for her seven decades of peacemak-        Chris D. Connally (J.D.), of Bazinsky & Korman,
                                                                                                              was installed as the president-elect of the board of   John Lopes (D.H.Sc.) has accepted an assistant
risk management.                                       ing. Ross’s peacemaking activities range from
                                                                                                              directors of the Broward County Bar Association        professorship with the physician assistant
Nancy Borkowski (D.B.A.) was named dean of             co-founding a Muslim-Jewish-Christian dialogue in
                                                                                                              Young Lawyers section.                                 program at Central Michigan University after
Academic Affairs for South University’s West           South Florida to starting the Institute of Peacemak-
                                                                                                                                                                     spending the last two years working in general
Palm Beach campus. In addition, her recently           ing Elders at NSU. The Miami Herald profiled Ross      Angela Crandall (J.D.) was elected vice president
                                                                                                                                                                     practice surgery in Oldbury, United Kingdom.
published book, Organizational Behavior in Health      and her efforts as a peace activist in the “Tropical   for the upcoming year for the Palm Beach Chapter
                                                       Life” section in the Saturday, January 28, edition.    of the Law Alumni Association.                         Scott Danner (J.D.) has recently been appointed
Care, received the American Journal of Nursing’s
                                                                                                                                                                     by the Florida Bar to serve in the Standing
Book of the Year Award in the category of Nursing      Matt Hesh (D.O.) completed his radiology               Felicia Jordan (J.D.) represented Coast to Coast
                                                                                                                                                                     Committee on the Florida Small Claims Rules.
Management and Leadership.                             residency at Temple University Hospital and started    Legal Aid at Public Interest Law Day held at the
                                                       a fellowship in radiology at the hospital of the       Law Center on February 15. She was elected to          Kathleen Harmon (Ph.D.) spoke with Steven
Martha Boger (Ed.D.) is the assistant principal
                                                       University of Pennsylvania in July 2006. He is the     Seat 12 in the 17th Circuit of the Young Lawyers       I. Weber, Esq., at the annual meeting of the
at Southwest Middle School in the Charlotte
                                                       only D.O. to have ever matched into this position.     Division Board of Governors.                           American Bar Association’s section on dispute
Mecklenburg School System in North Carolina.
                                                                                                              Kristen M. Lynch (J.D.) spoke at the Charitable        resolution, “ADR on My Mind in Georgia,” on
                        Will Kirby (D.O.) went from    Susanna Chyu, D.O. (2001), finished her
                                                                                                              Giving as Part of the Family Income and                April 7, 2006. The topic was “The Effective
                        being an anonymous intern      fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry
                                                                                                              Transfer Tax Plan Seminar. “What’s New to              Mediator: Perspectives from Counsel and Client.”
                        at Mount Sinai Medical         at Jefferson Medical College last June. She is a
                                                       recipient of the prestigious American Psychiatry       Know: Pension Protection Act of 2006” was              Joseph Page (D.B.A.) won an International
                        Center and Miami Heart
                                                       Association’s Minority Affairs Fellowship.             presented by The Florida Bar Real Property,            Leadership Award. Page has been selected to
                        Institute to a bona-fide
                                                                                                              Probate, and Trust Law section.                        receive The Armed Forces Communications
                        celebrity, thanks to his win   Captain James Hill (D.O.) completed his emer-
                                                                                                              Christina A. McKinnon (J.D.) was elected to Seat       and Electronics Association (AFCEA) 2006
                        on the TV show Big Brother     gency medicine residency at Mt. Sinai Medical
                                                                                                              1 in the 11th Circuit of the Young Lawyers Division    International Leadership Award. He was selected
                        2 in September 2001.           Center in Miami Beach and was recently featured
                                                                                                              Board of Governors. McKinnon was named In              from an elite field of nominees in the global
                        Thanks to his cunning          in a searing HBO documentary Baghdad ER, which
                                                                                                              Focus Magazine’s 2006 Business/Organizational          information technology (IT) community. Page
strategy, Kirby won the competition and the hefty      captures the day-to-day lives of doctors, nurses,
                                                                                                              Advocate of the Year.                                  will be formally presented with the award at a
$500,000 first prize. So what was the key to his       medics, soldiers, and chaplains working at the
                                                                                                                                                                     ceremony on June 20 in Washington, D.C.
reality TV triumph? “You have to go into these         86th Combat Support Hospital in Iraq.

                                                                                                                                                         NSU Alumni Network                 Summer 2007                  
 Class Notes
 John Benz (S.E.O.) received the Susan B. Anthony        Broad Law Center and the University of Barcelona.           Dawn Burgess (Ed.D.) recently joined the faculty             Kathleen Loftus (Ed.D.), of the Chicago
 Recovery Centre Community Advocacy Award on             Abril received her B.A. in political science and her        of San Diego Miramar College as a full-time                  17 Cluster, wrote a very popular book for
 October 13, 2006.                                       certification in international relations with a minor       professor in the Child Development Department.               educators, Set Up to Fail, 100 Things Wrong
 Elizabeth E. Daugherty (J.D.) was recognized by         in criminology from the University of Florida. She          Marc Brody (J.D.) has joined Gunster, Yoakley, &             with America’s Schools. This book is being used
 Howard C. Forman, the clerk of courts, and Jane         joined Carlton Fields in Miami as an associate              Stewart as a corporate attorney in the West Palm             by several Chicago universities as part of their
 L. Duff, manager of the Clerk of Courts Domestic        in the firm’s corporate securities, taxation, and           Beach office.                                                leadership program.
 Violence and Pro Se Divisions, for giving back to       asset-based financing practice group.                       Peter F. Ferola (J.D.) is a full-time Corporate              Jose M. Gonzalez (D.B.A.) accepted a job with
 the community by donating her time teaching the         Philip D. Mosciski (D.B.A.) has been appointed as           Department and Securities Group associate at                 Accenture. Gonzalez is a consultant with their
 Monday evening Pro Se Divorce class in 2006.            president of GEO Design Services, Inc. Mosciski has         the law firm of Dilworth Paxson in Washington,               products group.
 Katianna Mazard (J.D.), attorney in the senior law      been with GEO for nearly 10 years, first as an architect,   D.C. He is currently completing his LL.M. in                 Jeffrey Forrest (Ph.D.) is the chair of the
 unit of Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida,      then as director of design, and most recently as vice       securities regulation at Georgetown University               Aviation and Aerospace Science Department at
 served on the 2006 conference committee of the          president of Design Services since 2001.                    Law Center. Ferola has accepted an offer from                Metropolitan State College of Denver.
 14th Annual Conference on the Minority Elderly.         Marie Auguste-Alvarez (M.B.A., R.N.) has launched           the Michigan State University Journal of Business            John Ventura (Ph.D.) was selected as the 2006
 Michael Shafir (J.D.), an associate at Carlton          Healthcare Education and Consulting, Inc., a health         and Securities Law to print his fourth published             Christian Brothers University Featured Engineer
 Fields in Miami, was appointed to the Editorial         care education and consulting firm. Auguste-Alvarez         article, “The Role of Audit Committees in the Wake           and the 2006 IEEE (Memphis Section) Featured
 Board of The Florida Bar Journal and The Florida        has brought together top government officials and           of Corporate Federalism: Sarbanes-Oxley’s Creep              Engineer. In addition, he received the Tennessee
 Bar News.                                               some of the country’s most prominent attorneys              into State Corporate Law,” next spring. His other            Society of Professional Engineers Distinguished
 Susan Berlinger (SLP.D.) is the founder and             and health care leaders to address all areas of             three articles were published in the South Texas             Service Award “for his dedicated service to
 director of the Boca Raton Speech and Rehab             operations, compliance, and quality/performance             Law Review, Nova Law Review, and U.C. Davis                  TSPE and his contributions to the local and
 Centre, Inc., which serves patients with voice, com-    management in health care.                                  Business Law Journal.                                        academic community.”
 munication, and swallowing disorders. Berlinger is      Scott Atherton (J.D.) was elected president-elect           Hadlee N. Goldberg (J.D), of Adam, Scott,                    Michael Igel (J.D.) was selected and honored as
 a recognized speaker and lecturer at state, national,   for the upcoming year for the Law Alumni                    Goldberg, Krause, & Goldberg, P.A., recently                 the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Advocate of
 and international professional organizations. As an     Association Palm Beach Chapter.                             authored an article, “A Look at CEO Compensation             the Year.
 invited speaker at the 2004 International Association   Amy Cosentino (J.D.) was elected treasurer for              Issues for Tax Exempt Organizations,” in the                 Kim Mack (J.D.), who was in the NSU-University
 of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) in Brisbane,       the upcoming year for the Palm Beach Chapter of             September issue of the Florida Bar Tax Bulletin.             of Barcelona dual degree program, passed both the
 Australia, she presented her research exploring         the Law Alumni Association.                                 Connie L. Fleming (Ed.D.) has joined the ranks of            New Jersey and New York State bars exams.
 vocal hygiene for the professional educator. In         Andrew M. Fisher (J.D.) is an associate in the              Alcorn State University as a professor of education.         Grant J. Skolnick (J.D.) accepted a position with
 2004, Berlinger was published internationally in        Orlando office for the national law firm Baker              Fleming is a 2005 graduate of Cluster 116 and                clerk and comptroller Sharon Bock as a liaison
 the Speech Pathology Australia journal. In 2006,        & Hostetler.                                                recently presented a workshop on “Strategic                  between the Palm Beach Clerks’ office and the
 she presented nationally at the American Speech         Andrew A. Norden (J.D.) has joined Hodkin,                  Approaches to the Development of Vocabulary and              County Commission.
 Language and Hearing Association on Vocal Pathol-       Kopelowitz, Ostrow as an associate.                         Fluency in Young Children” for the Natchez Adams
                                                                                                                                                                                  Peter Sobota (J.D.) accepted an offer from Ruden
 ogy. In addition, she published an instructional                                                                    School District. Fleming remains committed to
                                                         Sarah Yoho (J.D.) was elected secretary for the                                                                          McClosky’s Fort Lauderdale office.
 DVD, Good Vocal Behavior for Teachers.                                                                              investigating approaches that will ensure children
                                                         upcoming year for the Palm Beach Chapter of the                                                                          Jennifer Tuby (J.D.) represented the Everglades
 Class of 2004                                                                                                       become proficient readers.
                                                         Law Alumni Association.                                                                                                  Law Center at the February 15 Interest Law Day at
 Natalie Halloran (Ed.D.) is the recipient of the                                                                    Donald Yager (D.H.Sc., PA-C, MT ASCP)
                                                         Julio Rodriguez (M.B.A.) was recently promoted by                                                                        NSU’s Law Center.
 2004 Applied Dissertation of the Year Award for                                                                     recently accepted the position of director of
                                                         Carrfour Supportive Housing to director of operations                                                                    Todd Unger (J.D.) was accepted to the George-
 the Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership program.                                                                     Clinical Services for the new Physician Assistant
                                                         and Human Resources. In this role, Rodriguez                                                                             town LL.M. program in tax.
                                                                                                                     Program at South College in Knoxville, Tennes-
 Jennifer Spong (M.S.) presented “Expanding              overseas all aspects of administrative operations,                                                                       Brian Yosef (J.D.) represented the State Attorney’s
                                                                                                                     see. He is currently employed in the Emergency
 Family Therapy into Business Consulting” at the         resource development, event planning, and human                                                                          Office, Miami-Dade County, at the Public Interest
                                                                                                                     Department at the University of Tennessee
 annual FAMFT conference in Palm Beach Gardens,          resources. He has more than 15 years of experience                                                                       Law Day at NSU’s Law Center on February 15.
                                                                                                                     Medical Centre in Knoxville. Yager was recently
 held May 26 through 28, along with Christopher          in administration, marketing, personnel management,
                                                                                                                     promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander                 Margaret Rohan Keefe (Ed.D.) just finished
 Burnett, Psy.D.                                         project development and event planning. He joined
                                                                                                                     in the U.S. Navy Reserves.                                   a book entitled Adapting Content to Empower
 Kim Nisbett (Ed.D.) published her first book, titled    Carrfour in 2003 and was formerly the manager of
                                                                                                                     Seth Politano (D.O.) was named Intern of the                 English-Language-Learners (ACEES). Keefe is a
 …and the last shall be first.                           operations and resource development.
                                                                                                                     Year by the Department of Internal Medicine                  20-year public school educator and 6-year uni-
 Dawn Rapoport (J.D.) opened his own practice            Michelle Jaffe (J.D.) recently accepted an offer                                                                         versity instructor of TESOL courses in preservice
                                                                                                                     at the University of Texas at Houston. He also
 at the Jet Center at Fort Lauderdale International      to become a judicial clerk, upon her graduation in                                                                       and postgraduate programs. She advocates for
                                                                                                                     received the Humanitarian and Excellence in
 Airport, specializing in aviation and land              May, for Federal Judge Donald Middlebrook.                                                                               migrant students and families, and her research
                                                                                                                     Teaching Award.
 development. Her focus in land development is           Class of 2005                                                                                                            focuses on educating English-language-learners.
 in affordable housing and social entrepreneur-                                                                      Class of 2006                                                She is finishing a video documentary, Voices of
                                                         The Honorable Jacey H. Kaps (J.D.), a partner
 ship in Florida, the Bahamas, and Central and                                                                       Mary Lueking (M.A.T.L.) is currently a reading               Immigrant High School Students. Keefe resides in
                                                         with Rumberger, Kirk, & Caldwell, recently
 South America.                                                                                                      specialist for Springfield Public Schools and sits           Florida and the north Georgia mountains with her
                                                         participated in the 120th anniversary commemora-
 Diana Abril (J.D.) was one of the first dual-degree                                                                 on the Instructional Leadership Team.                        husband, Michael.
                                                         tive court session for the 11th Judicial Circuit
 graduates from NSU’s Shepard Broad Law                  of Florida. Kaps was part of a select group of              Lynn Martin (M.B.A.) made the cut for the 2006               Moises J. Pineda (M.B.A.) was recently
 Center and the University of Barcelona. A native of     attorneys invited to take part in the ceremony. He          Miami Dolphins Cheerleading Squad.                           selected out of approximately 300 individuals
 Colombia, Abril immigrated to the United States         serves on the Dade County Bar Association’s Civil           Clyde A. Bailey (D.F.T.), upon graduation, earned            to join AP Financial’s Management Training
 when she was 10 years old. She came to NSU on           Litigation and Construction committees and is a             a full-time job as a clinical therapist at the Center        Program in Doral. 
 a full-tuition scholarship and was drawn to the         member of The Florida Bar.                                  for Family Services in West Palm Beach.
 dual-degree program between NSU’s Shepard

Pharmacists as First Responders                                                                                      NSU Theatre Finds a Home
Keeping up with the current public health care demands on Florida’s pharmacists, the
NSU College of Pharmacy Continuing Education Department has taken a leadership
                                                                                                                     in the University Arts Center
role in designing and coordinating the educational programs in the area of emergency                                 The University Center continues to unfold exciting offerings for NSU and the surround-
preparedness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently created                                  ing community. One wing, the University Arts Center, is managed by the Farquhar
a special 48-hour response role in their Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) program for                               College of Arts and Sciences. This facility will feature classes, performances, and exhibits
pharmacists during disaster events.                                                                                  beyond the previous capabilities of the university.
To meet those needs, the NSU College of Pharmacy now trains pharmacists in a                                                                                                 The University Arts Center will open in
15-hour certificate program to manage emergency situations as “first responders.”                                                                                            stages. The first floor, expected to celebrate
Pharmacists can take another certificate program, Pharmacy-Based Immunization                                                                                                a grand opening in fall 2007, features a black
Delivery, that provides the knowledge and skills to position them to help vaccinate                                                                                          box theatre designed for variable seating plans,
Florida’s communities in the event of a bird flu pandemic. Both certificate programs                                                                                         as well as costume and set design shops. This
have been presented in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, and Puerto Rico. Visit                                                                                               dedicated facility will serve as the home base for information on upcoming programs.                                                                                                               for NSU Theatre, allowing a more diverse per-
                                                                                                                                                                             formance repertoire. Additionally, the scene
“The success of both of these programs has exceeded our expectations,” said Carsten
                                                                                                                                                                             and costume shops will be used as teaching
Evans, Ph.D., FASHP. “We planned for 50 to 75 pharmacists for the first emergency
                                                                                                                                                                             laboratories where students learn set and cos-
preparedness program last November and had 144 in attendance, the majority of whom
                                                                                                                                                                             tume design and construction.
                were NSU grads and preceptors. Florida’s administration (the emer-
                     gency leadership) has been impressed with the fact that pharma-                                                                        Mark Duncan, M.F.A., assistant professor and
                       cists want to know what’s going on and to be involved. We                                                                            the Division of Humanities’ performing arts
                        are proud to be the first college of pharmacy in                                                                                    coordinator, expressed confidence that audi-
                        the country to offer these courses.”                                                        ences will find upcoming productions compelling: “The new facilities, as well as the
                                                                                                                     Miniaci Performing Arts Center and the Mailman-Hollywood Building Second Floor
                                                                                                                     Auditorium, are state-of-the-art. We have professional equipment in the black box
                                                                                                                     theatre that local theatre companies would envy.”
                                                                                                                     The college is building on the success of its drama and dance productions. Undergraduate
                                                                                                                     offerings are set to expand with upcoming majors in music, dance, and eventually visual
                                                                                                                     arts when the second and third floors of the wing open.
                                                                                                                      An added benefit of having a new theatre on campus is that it gives the NSU theatre
                                                                                                                      community a home. As Duncan pointed out, “Theatre students rehearse, on average,
                                                                                                                     five evenings a week, for five to six weeks for each show. The black box theatre gives
                                                                                                                     them a place where they can spend time together outside of rehearsals, building a sense
                                                                                                                     of belonging.” 

       NSU Alumni Network                   Summer 2007
Alumni Chapter Leaders Recognized for Excellence                                           Each alumni chapter received a blue
                                                                                           silk banner to display at chapter
                                                                                           functions. The award ribbons they
                                                                                           receive each year are to be attached
                                                                                           to the banner to showcase their
                                                                                           There were three chapter achieve-
                                                                                           ment award levels: gold, silver, and
                                                                                           bronze. Each level has three com-
                                                                                                                                 Eunice Baros, Palm Beach County—Law
                                                                                           ponents: number of events planned, Chapter president, the Overall Super Shark
                                                                                           number of attendees at each event, Award recipient
All Chapter Presidents Alumni chapter presidents at the                                    and amount of money donated to the Annual Fund. In addition,
Breakfast of Champions Awards Presentation
                                                                                           there were three individual chapter awards: Outstanding Community
In January 2007, the NSU Alumni Association brought all of the alumni                      Relations, Outstanding Fellowship and Networking, and Outstanding
chapter presidents to South Florida for a weekend-long retreat for edu-                    Chapter Web site. The final award presented was the Alumni Chapter
cation and idea sharing. Alumni chapter leaders from across the coun-                      Super Shark, which is given to one member of each chapter who
try and from various NSU schools and centers attended the event. The                       goes above and beyond for his or her alumni chapter and for NSU.
highlight of the weekend was the Inaugural Breakfast of Champions
                                                                                           GOLD LEVEL                                  OUTSTANDING FELLOWSHIP AND
Awards Presentation, during which alumni chapters were awarded for
                                                                                             Palm Beach County—Law Chapter, Law          NETWORKING AWARD
their involvement in the Alumni Chapter Achievement Program. The                             Alumni Association, New Jersey, Eastern     New Jersey Alumni Chapter
goal of this program is to generate excitement, energy, and support of                       New York                                  OVERALL SUPER SHARK ALUMNI
all chapters. Chapters are asked to host regular social and network-                       SILVER LEVEL                                  CHAPTER LEADER
                                            ing events, support the NSU Annual               Chicago and Los Angeles                     Eunice Baros,
                                                                                                                                         Palm Beach County—Law Chapter
                                            Fund, and maintain a regular base              BRONZE
                                            of alumni members. Through their                 M.B.A., NE Florida/SE Georgia,            SUPER SHARK CHAPTER NOMINEES
                                                                                             Tampa, Detroit, and Ontario                 Palm Beach County—Law Chapter,
                                            hard work and efforts, these chapters
                                                                                                                                           Eunice Baros
                                            are able to reach our 90,000+ alumni           OUTSTANDING CHAPTER                           Los Angeles, Gerald Lambert
                                            population worldwide and continue                WEB SITE AWARD                              Alabama, Earnest Davis
                                                                                             Eastern New York Alumni Chapter             Law Alumni Association,
                                            the NSU experience after graduation.
                                                                                           OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY                           Beverly Vesel
                                            The Chapter Achievement Program
                                                                                             RELATIONS AWARD                             Chicago, Leroy Kaplan
                                            recognizes these efforts and awards              Palm Beach County—Law Chapter               New Jersey, David Weintraub
Dave Weintraub, New Jersey, receives the
                                            the chapters and leaders for going the                                                       Eastern New York, Kathleen Corbett
Outstanding Fellowship and Networking award extra mile for NSU.                                                                            and Kim Nisbett

NSU alumni chapters continue to grow and strive throughout the year.                      the Office of Alumni Relations at The steps for
Since July of 2006, our alumni chapters have held over 25 events all                      new chapter development will be outlined for you.
across the United States and Canada. From picnics to networking                           We encourage all of our alumni members, if you haven’t already, to con-
power lunches, our chapters have been doing it all. If you haven’t had                    tact your local alumni chapter president. Many chapters hold events at
the chance to attend one of our many fun and exciting alumni events,                      least twice a year, if not more often. Being involved in your local or pro-
make sure you regularly check our alumni Web site,                           fessional chapter means networking with other NSU alumni, meeting
/alumni/events, for upcoming events in your area. If there isn’t a                        new friends, and staying connected to NSU. As always, we look forward
chapter near you, and you are interested in forming one, please contact                   to seeing each of you at a future NSU Alumni Association event! 

Join a Local or Professional Alumni Chapter
The NSU Alumni Association is busy forming new alumni chapters                            Are you interested in helping form, or being a part of, one of
in the following locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, and West Palm Beach                        these new chapters? If so, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at
area, Florida.                                                                  

  NSU AlUmNi ASSociAtioN                        eASterN New York                          heAlth ScieNceS                            optometrY
    Paul Sallarulo, President                     Kathleen Corbett, President                Helen Ewing, President                      Annette Bade, President
  AlAbAmA
                                                  Chapter Web site:                                                  Chapter Web site:
    Earnest Davis, President                                                                lAw AlUmNi ASSociAtioN
                                                                                                                                                          New JerSeY                                 Beverly Vesel, President
                                                  David Weintraub, President                 bvesel@aol                                 NSU-com
  AtlANtA, GeorGiA
                                                                                                               Greg James, President
    Tamara Henson, President                                                                lAw—pAlm beAch coUNtY
                                                                                                                                         Chapter Web site:                       Ne FloriDA/Se GeorGiA                      chApter
                                                  Billy Waldrop, President                   Eunice Baros, President
  chicAGo, illiNoiS
                                                             ebaros@pd                                  pSYcholoGY
   Curtis Smith, President
                                                                                                                                         Cheryl Gotthelf, President                            oNtArio, cANADA                           m.i.b.A.
                                                  Roz Doctorow, President                    Leslie Argenal, President
  Detroit, michiGAN
   Jeffrey Livermore, President
                                                                                             Chapter Web site:                   tAmpA, FloriDA
                                                  Joe Perez, President

                                                                                                                             NSU Alumni Network           Summer 2007           
      Alumni Events
          Check out the fun our chapters have been having!

      NSU Alumni Connect
      in the Northeast

                                                                       Hour at                                                                Eastern New York Spring Lun
                                                         Detroit Happy
                                                         Bahama Breez

                                                                                             New Jersey Mid-Winter Brunch

  Eastern New York Holiday
                                        New Jersey Mid-Winter Brunch

    Events Engage Florida Alumni

                                                                                        Tampa Bay
                                                                                                  Alumni Ha
                                                                                        at Bahama           ppy Hour
                                                                                                  Breeze                                   NSU Alumni Day at the
                                                                                                                                           Miami Dolphins Game

                                             NE Florida/SE Georgia
             /SE Georgia
  NE Florida                                 Networking Reception

                                                                                         NSU Alum
                                                                                                  ni Day at th
                                                                                         Miami Dolp            e
      Alumni Networking Events in                                                                   hins Game                          NSU Alumni Day at the
                                                                                                                                       Miami Dolphins Game

      Los Angeles, Chicago, and Ontario

                                                                        New Graduate Celebration in
Los Angeles
            Fall                                                                                              Ontario Fa
Luncheon                                                . Patrick’s                                                      ll Luncheon
                                         Los Angeles St                                                       and Art Ga
                                                                                                                         llery Tour
                                         Day Luncheo

      Law and HPD Alumni Continue
      Their NSU Pride
                                                                                                                                                  New Graduate Celebration in

                                                                                        Palm Beach Law Chapter
                                                                      ine               Holding Annual Book Drive
                                                          ental Medic
 Palm Beach
             Law Chapte                      College of D ing for Continuing
                           r                             ther
                                             Alumni Ga
 Alumni at H
             oliday Even
                                             Educati on Course

            NSU Alumni Network      Summer 2007

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