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Comic Book Effec


									Comic Book Effect
Create an exciting comic out of photos and filter
effects. This tutorial will teach you how turn a
normal highway photo into an intense action

Comic Book Effect Photoshop
Step 1

Open an image of a city like this one. The original
photograph is a photo taken on the highway of
Austria during a vacation.

Step 2
Duplicate the background layer then rename this layer to “Original”. Use the Magic
Wand tool to create a selection of the blue sky then press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selected
area into a new layer. Name this new layer “Sky”.

Step 3

Now select the Original layer and put an effect over it called Poster Edges. Take over the
number or play with it to try you own style.
Step 4

Then select the Original layer then choose Filter > Poster edges > 10,10,6. Don't mind the
blue sky area in this layer, we have a clean blue sky in the Sky layer.
See? The Sky layer is above the Original layer so the Original layer has the filter effect.

Step 5

I want to break up the highway so i need some rocky land with a lot of big stones. I used
a photograph from the high mountains in Norway. I took this photo while i was hiking
the famous Preikestølen. I took the half of the photograph and copied it to the other side,
like a mirror reflection.
I pasted this on a new layer then distorted it (Edit > Transform > Distort) it a little to fit
correctly in the perspective of the photograph.
The erase all the unnecessary parts of the rocks. Use the Eraser tool (E).

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