; The Executive Branch
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The Executive Branch


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									The Executive
 September 21, 2011
                Article II
O The Executive power shall be vested in a
  president of the United States
O Term of office, qualifications, electoral
O Responsibilities and powers
O Impeachment
   O Treason, bribery, high crimes or
O 35 years old
O Natural born citizen of the US
O 14 year resident of the US
O Vice President – Joe Biden
O Speaker of the House of Representatives
   O John Boehner
O President pro tempore of the Senate
   O Daniel K. Inouye
O Cabinet officers by seniority of the position
   O State – Hillary Clinton
   O Treasury - Tim Geithner
   O Defense – Leon Panetta
   O Veterans Affairs - Eric K. Shinseki
     Presidential Power
O Weak President
  O Does what the Constitution allows
O Strong President
  O Does anything not prohibited by the
O Most removed from the people
O Needs to win
  O Primary Election
  O General Election
       Primary Election
O Party chooses its nominee for President
O Number of delegates a state gets is
  determined by the national political parties
O States determine how delegates will be
  O Primary election – cancelled in WA
  O Caucus – will use
O Majority of delegates to the convention to
  get the nomination
        General Election
O The general election is the election in which
  the people choose the officeholder
O General election is held on the same day in
  all of the states.
  O The first Tuesday after the first Monday in
O Voters vote for electors, not candidates
       Electoral College
O To win the election, a candidate must get a
  majority of electoral votes
O The number of electoral votes a state gets is
  based on population
O The winner of the most popular votes in a
  state gets all of the state’s electoral votes
  O 538 electoral votes
  O A majority (270) is needed to win
       General Election
O If no candidate gets a majority of
 electoral votes, the House of
 Representatives chooses the
  O Chooses from top three candidates
  O Each state gets one vote
  O Majority needed to win
        General Election
O If no candidate gets a majority of electoral
  votes, the Senate chooses the Vice
  O Chooses from top two candidates
  O Each senator gets one vote
  O Majority needed to win
      General Election
O It’s possible to win the popular
  vote but lose the electoral vote
O Electoral vote may not reflect the
  popular vote
O Problems have led to calls for
  changes to the electoral system

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