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Brendan the Bold


                     Early Life
               Major Successes/Failures
               Reason For Explorations
First Voyage     Exploration Routes       Second Voyage

                  Hero Conclusion
•During the 1400’s-1600’s, many places all around the world were discovered
and named.
•Most explorers in history, in fact, explored about 500 years ago.
•But one explorer was different, he was earlier than a lot of them.
•The people of 484-577 A.D. called him St. Brendan; otherwise known as
Brendan the Bold.
•St. Brendan was born in Fenit, County Kerry, in Ireland, sometime in the
year of 484.
•Brendan was a devout Christian; wherever Brendan traveled he spread the
Christian faith.
•And, it is told that this great man discovered America.
 In the year of 484 a boy named Brendan was born near what is now Fenit the Port
of Tralee, in County Kerry, in the southwestern part of Ireland.
 The city was known as Ciarraight back in 1500’s, though.
 He was baptized at Tubrid, near Ardfert by Saint Erc after his parents gave him
to Saint Erc for education at the age of seven.
 For five years little Brendan was educated by Saint Ita.
 Then, he went back to Saint Erc and completed his education with him, who
ordained him priest in 1512.
 Not much else is known about St. Brendan’s early life. But one thing is for sure, he
was educated properly.
Many explorers in history have had big successes and big failures.
 Brendan the Bold definitely had some, too.
One Major success of Brendan the Bold was that he discovered America by
landing on Newfoundland somewhere between the years 545-551.
Then, less than a year later, St. Brendan retraced his route back to
Another major success of Brendan the Bold was that he excellently spread the
Christian faith wherever he traveled.
St. Brendan’s last success was living to the age of 93.
This is very impressive, since he lived in the years of 484-577.
Most people today don’t even live to the age of 90.
Brendan the Bold didn’t have any big failures because he was a successful man.
 There are many purposes for different explorations for many explorers.
 St. Brendan only has two reasons.
 One reason is that Brendan got a message from God telling him to go find the
Promised Land; otherwise known as the Island of the Blessed.
 The other theory is that St. Brendan would always go up to the top of a hill, trying
to look out over the ocean to see land.
 But, one day his nephew came running up the hill and told him that he had
discovered land.
 Then, Brendan thought to himself, “If my nephew can find land, then so can I.”
 And he set off to go find land.
Many explorers had at least two exploration routes; that is the same with Brendan the Bold.
On Brendan’s first journey he set sail with three currachs.
Currachs are wood-framed boats with layers of ox hide over the wood smeared with wool
St. Brendan sailed north from Ireland until reaching the Faeroe Islands. After a stop there,
Brendan sailed west towards Iceland.
Then, Brendan the Bold sailed west some more to reach the continent of Greenland. Finally,
Brendan headed southwest, around the tip of Newfoundland to land on southwestern
He then sailed back to Ireland to tell of his stories about the New Land to everyone he
For St. Brendan’s second voyage, he built a larger, stronger boat. Brendan the Bold’s boat
was a larger wooden ship that could hold more provisions and up to 40 men.
St. Brendan retraced his route all the way back to Newfoundland.
Then, Brendan sailed south to Bermuda and west to Augustine, Florida. After visiting
Florida, Brendan the Bold sailed back to Ireland.
First Voyage
Second Voyage
I think a hero is someone who does great things for a good cause.
They don’t have to go around saving people, but a hero would have to do
something good without interfering with anything in the way.
They can’t go around killing people just because they want something.
A hero would have to work out a helpful outcome.
I think Brendan the Bold is definitely a hero because he discovered the un-
known, new land.
St. Brendan also spread the faith of God, which I think is very hero-like.
That is why I believe Brendan the Bold is a hero.
Sadly, but miraculously, Brendan the Bold died in 577 in Clonfert,
County Galway, in Ireland, at the age of 93, of old age.
A lot of people don’t believe that Brendan the Bold actually discovered
America by landing on Newfoundland twice off the coast of northeastern
But some people believe Brendan really did.
Even though, to some people, St. Brendan might not have discovered
America, Brendan still excellently spread the Christian faith all over the
A lot of great explorers discovered great things, just like Brendan.

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