Technology for Students with Learning and Other Disabilities

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					Adaptive Technology for Students
        with Learning Disabilities

   Mike Walker, Learning Strategist
       Mark Giddens, Adaptive Technology Technician
                              Presented at NP-SCDSB
                       Building a Community PD Day,
                                      January 2004
           The Big Three…

• Kurzweil 3000 (our focus today)
• Dragon NaturallySpeaking
• textHELP Read & Write
Three Major Tools
  Reading Software
     text to speech, may include OCR
     Kurzweil 3000 but many other tools
  Writing Software - Dictation
     speech to text
     Dragon Naturally Speaking and others
  Writing Software - Editing
     textHELP Read & Write & others
     listening, spelling, word prediction, etc.
Text to Speech Software

 Kurzweil 3000


 Also see WYNN 3.1, Premier Programming Scan &
       Read, TextAloud MP3, ReadPlease 2003
Text to Speech Definitions
  Scan & Read Software
     converts printed word to electronic speech
     typically uses a scanner in the process &
     OCR – Optical Character Recognition – software
     Kurzweil 3000, WYNN, Read & Write Gold, Premier
      Programming Scan & Read
  Reading Software (& screen readers)
     converts e-text to electronic speech
     TextHELP, ReadPlease, TextAloud MP3, WordQ,
Kurzweil 3000 - Overview
Scan & Read (B&W or Colour)/Read Only

 Used for reading, writing, test taking, research
 For individuals with
     learning disabilities
     reading difficulties - print & physically disabled
 Improves reading speed and comprehension
 Highlights & tracks text as it is spoken aloud
 Uses a multisensory approach to reading and
     at school, at home, at work
 Classic literature CD – 1,100 titles!
How we use it at Nipissing.
  Basic Kurzweil
     Publishers send a copy of purchased
     We cut off the spine
     High speed scanner, 60ppm
     Regular textbook can be scanned and
      converted within an hour or two
     Formatting (photos etc.) remains the same
     Burn a CD
Kurzweil 3000

  Scan & read print
     scan in colour or black
      & white
     save with page
      formatting or as text
     can open many
      formats (.doc, .rtf, .txt,
      .pdf, .tif)
Scanning Basics
 Flatbed Scanner
      Repeated Scanning,
       Setting the Delay
      Two Facing Pages
 ADF (Automatic Document
      8-80 pages/minute, $400 - $10000
 Virtual Printer
      Send any document (pdf, word, etc.) to Kurzweil
       without a scanner.
Scanning Basics
    Change the OCR
     to “FineEngine”
    Despeckle
    Brightness
    Find Columns
Editing Scanned Documents
             Change Underlying Word
                 Edit/Correct OCR/ Change…
                 For Broken or Merged words
             Edit Underlying Text
                 Edit/Correct OCR/Edit…
                 For correcting Large Amounts
                  of text
             Change the Pronunciation of
             a word
Reading toolbar features

    vary voice, reading speed, reading mode
    track print visually, on the page or in the
     magnifier box (change colour & highlights)
    speak definitions, provide pronunciation
    toolbars are customizable; test taking,
     scanning, minimal, etc.
    Read the web feature
The Study Skills Toolbar
    Highlighters let you add your own highlighting to the
      words in a typed or scanned document.
    Typed notes let you attach typed notes anywhere in a
    Sticky notes let you attach rectangular yellow notes to a
    Text notes let you add notes on top of a scanned
    Voice notes enable you to record spoken notes and
      attach them to a document.
    Ability to extract highlights, notes, or bookmarks
Kurzweil 3000

  test taking features
     scan & read
     write or speak responses to document
     integrates with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
     lockout various features, if required, for
      test taking
Kurzweil 3000

   Writing skills toolbar features
      word processor
      dictionary
      thesaurus (synonyms)
      spell check
      word prediction (create a custom
       word list)
Voice Recognition –
Speech to Text Software

         Dragon NaturallySpeaking


 Also see IBM’s ViaVoice, Microsoft Office XP
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
                                       Dragon Demo
  Benefits people
      Physical disabilities
      Fine motor problems
      LDs who can verbalize but not write

  Writing tool
      Get the ideas down
      Worry about grammar and sentence structure
Dragon NaturallySpeaking

 Dictate directly into   Allows hands-free use of
 the computer            the computer
 5 to 15-minute          Have to memorize
 training session        commands
 Patience!               Voice file is transferable
 Works with MS           Reads back what you
 Word, WordPerfect,      say
 almost all Windows      Beware the voice!
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  Make corrections
  Training note (for reading disabilities)
  Test taking – alone or in combination with
  Kurzweil or textHELP Read & Write
  Read back – two modes
  Newer version 7.0 claims 99% accuracy
Reading & Writing

   textHELP Read & Write

   Also see WordQ, Aurora Systems
textHelp Read & Write
 Reading tools                  Writing tools
 Screen Reader                  Use your word
     Read virtually anything   processor
      on the screen
                                Word Prediction
 Text Reader
                                Dyslexic Spell Checker
     Read   e-text
     Read   as you type        Homonym Checker
     Read   after you type     Thesaurus
     Read   the internet       Word Wizard
R&W Reading Tools
 Read the screen & applications (icons, menus)
 Highlight and read e-text (docs & html)
 Track words in 4 different ways
    In the document
    Textreader window
    Speech balloon
    One word display
 Change character, voice speed, voice pitch, and
 highlighting colours and size
 Listen to text as you type – by letter, word, sentence or
 speak punctuation
 Find and listen to words and definitions in Spell Check
 and Word Wizard
R&W Writing Tools

 Listen to your writing
 Check spelling – as you type or after
    Dyslexic (b p q d) and first letter errors - filosofy
    Speaks back definition; gives examples in context
    By parts of speech – noun, verb, adjective, adverb
    Keeps spelling log – errors and dates
 Check homophones
    Speaks back definition; gives examples in context
R&W Writing Tools

 Word Prediction
    Change prediction window size and colours
    Find a word “the word starts with an ele…”
    Expand vocabulary – learns as you type or
     import spelling lists
    Personalize - learns your writing style and
     predicts for YOU
    Program phonetic replacements (fone,
R&W Writing Tools
 Word Wizard – expands vocabulary
     Look for alternative or linking words
           example – auto: part of speech; get a
         definition; do a search – “more things
         like…” or “different kinds of …”
     For research – president
R&W Math Tools
 Calculator – listen to your math work
     Talking calculator
     Can change the size and colors
     Can printout an audit trail
     TextHelp Gold also contains a scientific
textHelp - Helps!

  Assists and motivates
  Accommodates reading and writing
  Helps build reading and writing skills
  Probably the best all round LD tool for
  the money
R&W targets skill deficits…

     reading (e.g., decoding, comprehension)

     written language (spelling, written expression)

     mathematics (e.g., computation, problem solving)

 To a lesser degree:
    • oral language (listening, speaking, understanding)

    • organizational skills

    • social interaction

 social perception
R&W aids processing deficits…

    phonological processing

    language processing

    visual-spatial processing

To a lesser degree:
   • memory and attention (engages students)

   • perceptual-motor (keyboard/prediction)

   • executive functions (planning, monitoring and
     metacognitive abilities) (elaborating, editing)
processing speed
Read & Write GOLD

  All of Read & Write’s features plus
  Speech input (speech to text – XP
  Research tools – gather, organize,
  annotate info
  Simple & scientific talking calculator
  Teacher Toolkit – manage spelling and
  activity logs and student access
Today’s Special - Freebies
ReadPlease 2003       Project Gutenburg
  free text reader      classic literature -
         go to          lots for kids     Aesop’s fables, Beatrix
                        Potter, Mark Twain, etc.
                               go to
                        over 300 titles
Read Please 2003

(no scanning
Developed in
Free version
Supports AT&T
Very simple to

    Kurzweil 3000           ReadPlease 2003 (free
    Scan&Read, Colour       download)
+   Sheet-feed Epson    +   Canon Flatbed
    Scanner                 Scanner with OCR
         ≃ $3544                     ≃ $99
Other Technology

 More Technology for Students
  with Information Processing
         and Other Disabilities
Technology for Young
WordQ (simpler tool similar to textHELP!)
IntelliTools Inc. (
    IntelliTalk II
    IntelliMathics
    IntelliPics Studio
    MathPad
    Accessibility Tools (for physical disabilities)
Premier Assistive Technology
Premier Assistive Technology
Accessibility Suite
Products to assist the      Products to assist people
Blind                       with Low Vision
 Text Cloner                 Scan and Read Lite
 Complete Reading System     Scan and View

Products to assist people   Products for Everyone
with LDs                     Text to Audio
 Talking Word Processor      Talking Calculator
 Scan And Read Pro
                             Universal Reader
 Talking Web Browser
Premier Assistive Technology
  Benefits                   Drawbacks
     much more                 software isn’t as
      inexpensive than           efficient as “name-
      “name-brand”               brand” alternatives
      products                  some of the
     school can apply for       programs &
      a “grant” to get the       functions still a bit
      software suite for         quirky
      free                      however, they are
     $200 yearly                upgrading regularly
      maintenance fee on         and adding new
      grant                      features
Free Software
 Screen Magnifier (Lens Magnifier)
    Talking Calculator (P.P. Talking Calculator)
    Talking Web Browser (Simply Web 2000)
    Text Reader (ReadPlease 2003)
    Screen Reader (textHELP Screen Reader v4)
 . . . We thank you for
       this opportunity!

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