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									    Amr Diab (Amr Abdel Basset Abdel Aziz Diab; October 11, 1961) is an Egyptian singer and one of the
 most successful Arab singers. His albums have achieved huge sales and translated many of his songs to
       a number of languages, mainly English, Russian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Turkish and Hindi.
  Excellence Amr Diab entered new machines in his music. Received numerous awards during his career,
including the World Music cited 3 times for the highest sales in the Middle East years 1998 and 2002, and
         2007 It is worth mentioning that the old art of the artist Amr Diab more than 26 [1] years since the
                                                    .]appearance of his first album in 1983 and up , 2010 [1

                                                                                          Beginning 1
                                                                                       of his career 2
                                                                                        universality 3
                                                                                           concerts 4
                                                                                             albums 5
                                          most important songs Amr Diab, which have been translated 6
                                                                                             Awards 7
                                                                 composers, poets, and distributors 8
                                                                              companies production 9
                                                                                           cinema 11
                                                                                        the dream 11
                                                                                       references 12
                                                                                 and external links 13

                                                                                              Edit] Beginning[

    Amr Diab was born in the province and the city of Port Said and his family from Qamh Snhout Eastern
   Province and his mother from the city of Port Said. Abdul Basset Diab (his father), worked for the Suez
       Canal Company as head of the marine construction and ship building, and it was a beautiful voice,
   making it encourages his son to sing. Amr took with him when he was six years old to the Festival, July
  23, 1967 in Port Said, and visited a local radio station, was the first appearance of his radio show where
    he sang the national anthem of Egypt (My My). Impressed with his voice which made him Governor of
                                                                                  .Port Said guide him guitar

   Amr Diab married Shirin Reza and fathering a child is the light. And then divorced and married another
   girl is Zina Ashour and fathered her twins are Abdullah and Kenzi and another of his daughters earned
                                                         .their livelihood, which in the second half of 2001
                                                                                       Edit] Professional life[

                              .In 1982 he moved to Cairo and joined the Higher Institute of Arabic music
In 1983 Amr scored the first time a song (lyrics: Hani Zaki, music: Hani Shenouda), and scored his first
                                                                             .album Aatriv in the same year
                                             .In 1985 Amr record his second album goes from your heart
                                        .In 1986 graduated from the Institute and the album was Hla Hla
Was released in 1987're done with the previous album is officially sorry there is no other solution in the
                                                                                                  same year
   In 1988 album was inclined, in the same year, the AMR film debut with his inspiration Shaheen, and
                                                                     .Youssef Shaaban Alsgentin in the film
        Was released in 1989, longing, which was the beginning of a collaboration with the artist Hamid
                                                                              .romance in music distribution
        In 1990 Amr was chosen to represent Egypt in the fifth African Cup of Nations where he sang in
 English and French. The concert was televised by satellite television in the Arab world and has appeared
on CNN and then put Matakavi album after the clip was seen in North America, and became a singer Amr
 so young Arab, who first called at the Kennedy Center in Washington. This is the ceremony on television
      in the Arab world and broadcast CNN. In the same year was released Matakavi song was filmed in a
                                 .house in Cairo, Amr has appeared ex-wife, actress Shirin satisfaction in it
 Album issued in 1991, Habibi has been used saxophone for the first time in his career and released by
                                                                                                 .Voice of the Delta
    In 1992 issued the album today, distributed by Hamid poetic, and contained the album on his famous
      song last, in the same year, the performance of a movie Ice Cream in Gilliam, who starred along with a
        number of stars including: (Simon, Ezzat Abu Ouf, Hossam Hosny, Ashraf Abdel- the rest, and Jihan
     Fadel, and Imam Hussein, Alaa Wali Al-Din), and directed by Khairi Bishara. The album includes songs
                                                                               .released the film in the same year
       released album Aaamrna to prove his popularity with the masses, particularly the song if you 1993
           have a right. In the same year opened the Egyptian Film Festival film Amr, laughed and played the
 starring alongside actor Omar Sharif and actress Yusra. And is directed by Director of Photography Tarek
                                                                     Tlemcani in his first directorial experience in
  In 1994, the album that appears blaming it for the first time Amro merger with the Spanish guitar. Was
           issued in the same year Zchriatalve album contains songs film laughed and played and love found
                                           Was released in 1995 Returning and was produced by Delta Voice
        In 1996 was the beginning of dealing Amr with the art world, where was released Noor Al Ain, the
 record-breaking sales in the Arab world, and received this award Almiozak booth for the year (awarded to
          the top of sales is right in the region each year), also spread the song Noor Al Ain around the world
In 1997, the album includes the issuance of Amr Ramaxat Noor Al Ain for the song in English. Was the
     most popular dance in the streets in Europe and Diab won three awards and they (the best video clips -
                                                    Best Song - Artist of the Year) festival in the Arab secondary
In 1998 issued the album Audona delegation succeeded album and the clip is great and took Amr Diab
 World Manco award prizes, award, the world's most popular artist from the Middle East. The video clip on
                                                                                        the banks of the River Nile
In 1999 I sang no matter how powerful a small bone in appreciation for artists such as Abdul Halim and
      Umm Kulthum. Then put two satellites after the album on July 28, sings a duet with Algerian star Cheb
Khaled, a song in my heart. However the Greek singer, Angela. Diab then went to walk around in America
         .and his family Yelda Almolodan healing in Washington on December 4 and two Kenzi and Abdullah
    In 2000 was release an album with you dictate, which has achieved great success in Egypt and Arab
     countries. Which portrayed the two songs dictate the forms with you in the Czech Republic, also a song
      and pictures of the world God has been singing, then the singles from a number of singers in the world
                                                                                         .and in several languages
  In 2001 he filmed the clip de Jerusalem is our land and then takes the best video clip in the Video Clip
  Festival in Alexandria and the Arab was directed by Sheriff Sabri. And then called one album Aktar Bihpk
       clip does not have guessed who achieved great success, which forms in London has been mixed this
                   .song between techno music and Arabic music has collaborated with the rapper Sand Man
   In 2002, Amr Diab has led many concerts in Egypt, Lebanon and Kuwait. On March 6, Award winning
         Amr Almiozak booth (for the most popular Arab artist), and this was the most important award of the
                                                         .prizes won by Amr confirmed by an award in the world
         In 2003 comes Amr Balbovernm wonderful aware my heart in 2003 and then go on a tour of Gulf
 countries and includes the Festival Shopping Dubai, Oman, and then to Sharm el Sheikh and Jordan and
         Marina in Egypt and Damascus, and spoke of differences between Amr Diab and Muhsin Jaber, are
                                                            .impaired in a relationship for reasons of productivity
 In 2004, spends the contract with Rotana and leave the art world then appears in concert nights Dubai
            and Hala February releasing an album the following diurnal, and pictures of the album the song in
         collaboration with director Casey Cameron Tripoli (Lebanon), and summer concerts in Carthage and
 Syria. Which has achieved widespread success and Mpehran. Then the party shows in the United States,
                                                                                              .Europe and Australia
 At the end of 2005, the Amr Diab album complete your words, Google has a song and Malo in the City
                                                                              .of London, directed by Loay Haider
     In 2007, the album Amr Alliladi who achieved huge sales from the first day of release which sold two
      million copies in less than two weeks, and pictures of the song say A. in California in the United States
    and was directed by Marwan Hamed has appeared with actress Natalie Martinez that represented in the
 series American Fashion House Amr has earned for this album of world music award from the Arab world
                     .for the third time and would thus be the only Arab singer who won the award three times
         In 2009 put the album Hey, estimated sales of more than 3 million copies. Amr Diab received the
                                                                                          .award Avrivia Music Ord
  In 2010, was originally to play RM files mini-albums, the album be of 3 songs only. Amr Diab won the
                                                                                 .awards Avrivia Music Ord
      In 2011 asked the Almighty Album Bnadak It seems that he has achieved great success since its
        release until now. Song made Bnadak Almighty carefully place on YouTube as the highest viewing
                                              .figures. The album received universally high sales on iTunes

                                                                                                Edit] universality[

  First meeting for "Amr Diab" with the world was during the African Games in 1991, which was chosen
   to sing at the opening ceremony of the session .. We all remember his famous song "Africa" is merely in
the Cairo Stadium Almsdan white shirt black circles, which sing in Arabic, English and French .. The event
                                .reported by Arab channels, and was referred to on the screen of CNN's World
       The Great Leap around the world with the album "Nour El Ain" in 1996, which achieved the highest
 sales in the cassette market in the Middle East, and the sound of success worldwide also with the English
  version of "Nour El Ain", which bore the name of "Habibi", which caused an uproar in many countries the
         world such as India, France, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Argentina, Chile and South Africa, and
                                                             !became months songs dancing in discos in Europe
    It was natural that after the overwhelming success of the album at the Arab level and global, that are
     showered awards for "Amr Diab" and he received three awards at once in the festival, the annual Arab,
  came the crowning global ceremony Almiozak booth in May 1998 in Monaco, in the presence of many of
                    the stars of the world such as "Celine Dion" and "Stephen Steagall" and Backstreet Boys
  From here began "Diab" its cooperation with international singers, sang with the Algerian-born French
   singer, "Cheb Khaled" song "My Heart", singer and sang with the Greek "Angela Dimitriou" song "Aktar I
     Received the "Amr Diab" Award Almiozak Ooord World Music Award four times in 1998 for "Nour El
                                                                 ".Ain". * And in 2002 for the album "Aktar is one
                                       " .And 2007 for the album "Allelady." * And in 2009 for the album Hey
      Addition to the AMR to provide advertisements next to Pepsi's biggest stars the world of the likes of
                                           .""Britney" and "Beyonce" and "Jennifer Lopez" and "David Beckham

                      :The company's global distribution and production of albums Amr Diab to the world

                                                                                               German Arriola :1

                                                                                         Hot German Records :2

                                                                                          Emmy Greek Music :3

                                                                                              Amy Arab Music :4

                                                                                         Emmy Turkish Music :5

                                                                              Amy Music Canada - Himesfar :6

                                                                                        Amy European Music :7

                                                                                   Music International Emmy :8

                                                                                     .World Music Naturk U.S :9

                                                                                    George French Records :11

                                                                                .Putumayo World Music U.S :11

                                                                               French Music and criminality :12
                                                                                    Virgin International :13

                                                                                        English Nacent :14

                                                                                       Milan, Italy 2000 :15

                                                                                 Music Raverb English :16

                                                                                  Italian toast Records :17

                                                                               Warner Brothers French :18

                      :International musicians who deal with them, Amr Diab over the honorable career

                                               Stuart Crichton - founder of the Music House Albroujresf :1

                                                                  Frank von Butlenberj Diem - Germany :2

                                                                            George Antwerp - Germany :3

                                                                           Haz (Dedea Delisal) - France :4

                          Club Heads (and the fact that Groeneveld Addy van der Zwan) - Netherlands :5

                                                you Force (Lyon and Mathu Roberts) - United Kingdom :6

                   Rivem Masters (Robert Bruce Shit Katie and Steve Mac) - United States of America :7

                                                                         Beth Bechtel - United Kingdom :8

                                                                       Simon Gardner - United Kingdom :9

                                                                   Andy Greenwood - United Kingdom :11

                                                                    Kevan Gallagher - United Kingdom :11

                                                                        John Bishop - United Kingdom :12

                                                                                      Juan Siro - Spain :13

                                                                              :Amr Diab in world movies

                 the song nor the French film in Palo Devine Antervaenchen issued on October 2, 2002 :1

                    Audony song in the film The Spanish Dancir Ibstarz issued on September 20, 2002 :2

 the world of God, and Noor Al Ain in the Brazilian television series or color, issued on October 1, 2001 :3

            the same place in the film world and the American Double Lamy, issued on August 3, 2001 :4

                        dictating with you and Noor Al Ain in the French film comedy of March 15, 2009 :5

Noor Al Ain in the world the American television series Malcolm In The Middle, in the fourth season, the :6
fourth episode, and the name of the episode: a girl. Foolish or Stiaubd Girl. Minute 1:08. Series issued on
                                                                                            9 January 2000
                                                                  :Remember Amr Diab wrote

                                                 :Mediterranean Mosaic By Goffredo Plastino: 1

                   :Egypt By Virginia Maxwell, Mary Fitzpatrick, Siona Jenkins, Anthony Sattin: 2

World Music By Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham, Richard Trillo, Orla Duane, Vanessa Dowell :3

                                                      Teens in Egypt By Barbara A. Somervill :4

        :Syria & Lebanon By Terry Carter, Lara Dunston, Andrew Humphreys, Damien Simonis: 5

                                                                World Music By Richard Nidel :6

                                   :The Mediterranean in Music By David Cooper, Kevin Dawe7

                               :The Middle East By Library Information and Research Service: 8

      :Let's Go Egypt By Let's Go, Inc., Joey Shabot, Dave Newman, Elizabeth Ogburn, Charlotte

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