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									   He sees that many of the best ever in the history of Egyptian cinema, the late Egyptian actor and loose
        late artist Hala Fouad them with a son named Haitham. Born in the city of Zagazig and received a
.]Bachelor of the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts Department acting and directing in 1973 with honors [2
                                                                                         Edit] the beginning[

 Ahmed Zaki or boy screen brown as it is known Egyptian actor of the brightest stars that appeared in the
         history of Egyptian cinema, whose full name is Ahmed Zaki Abdul Rahman was born in the city of
   Zagazig, is the only son of his father, who died after birth, she married his mother after the death of her
 husband, Frbah grandfather, he the middle and then entered the industrial school, as encouraged by the
school principal, who loves the theater, and in the ceremony, the school has invited a group of artists from
  Cairo, and met him, and advised him to enroll at the Institute of Performing Arts, and during his Institute,
       he worked in the play Haloa Shalaby, graduated from the institute in 1973 , the first of his class, he
        worked in the theater in the work of a successful mass such as a school hooligans, our children in
  London, dependents grew, and in television work in the series of days, he and she, and I do not lie, but I
    Otgml, and the River salt, and the man who lost his memory twice, work in Many of the films where he
          received numerous awards, he married actress Hala Fouad, and fathered his only son Haitham,
   considered the most prominent representatives of the eighties and nineties. One of the representatives
   who integrate into the role, Faadunh strongly whatever the area or its importance, is the films of him as
 the important stages in the representation, starting from the eyes of not sleeping, and innocent, and love
   .above the Pyramid Plateau, and the dreams of Hind and Camelia, and Nasser 56, and the land of fear

                 By Hassan Haddad critic Ahmed Zaki in the magazine here in Bahrain, January 10, 1990

Supporting actor Ahmed Zaki, aptly deserves the title of a star the eighties, but the future star of Egyptian
       cinema, too. We are in front of an artist Mojtahd very much concerned with quality at the expense of
          quantity, draws attention with each new role offered, and work experience to do so, since his first
   tournament in the movie Shafika and Metwally and even now, through the films of Alex Lee, esoteric, a
   bird on the road, Blackjack 70 , Atnam eyes, black tiger, the date of the dinner, the innocent, the wife of
  an important man, and many of the films that have achieved great successes at the level of the masses
    and critics alike. Through difficult and full of Balahbatat and successes, this is made by Ahmed Zaki to
reach the conclusion reached by the fame and respect for the public unprecedented, making it sits on top
of stardom. Won numerous awards from local and international, and monopolized the best Egyptian actor
                                                                        .awards for several consecutive years

   Ahmed Zaki was born in 1949 in Zagazig (Eastern Province), and the people of this province is famous
       for generosity, even told them that they were determined train. And Ahmed Zaki (Sharqawi), which
dissolves paper and shame. Women do not happen to look in her eyes or her face. Adult men and occurs
with great respect, and treats his peers affectionately infinite, and it is enough that he received a one-time
       even rejects all claims of vanity that stick to it, provided they give him the arrows to the issuance of
                                              .Mtalekayaa, and shouting that Ahmed Zaki pure innocent boy

       His father died in the first year, and married his mother after the death of a parent directly .. Vtalguet
  Bohadalh word orphan, and penetrated into all the details of his eyes, even now lived continuously in the
       silence, watching what is going on without participating in it. This became a meditation Mgrosa in his
       conscience deeply, until it became the property accompanies it in all phases of his life. And when he
      wanted to Ahmed Zaki to escape from his unit in any way, but he wanted to escape from the grief his
  eyes when hate speech orphan, had to flee to friends' homes to try to laugh, and his feet Taataclan They
  eat sidewalks, even thought the child soft lute he grew prematurely. Which contributed to the larger child,
the more this ongoing clash between him and the outside world, did not laugh enough, did not cry enough
 .. But it is silent enough. When he wanted to flee to speak, found outlet in the theater, he enrolled Avalmh
     day was finishing high school, and good fortune that the headmaster was a Jehovah's representation.
 The Ahmed Zaki became in a short period of amateur theatrical representation and the output at the level
     of school students. This means that Ahmed Zaki had discovered art in the early shades, was the team
        leader in the representation of his elementary school and junior high school, then secondary school
  Zagazig. Thus, to determine the way the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art, who graduated from it in 1973
   .from the Department acting honors, the same appreciation that took place in all the years of the study

   Ahmed Zaki has touched the hearts of people amid a storm of laughter .. This was during the play first
     and faced the audience, a play school hooligans. It is the kings of laughter around him: Adel Emam,
        Saeed Saleh, Younis Shalabi, Hassan Mustafa, Abdullah Farghali .. Ghalban a student who was
 sympathetic to the school principal. He wrote his critics that he was in tears the laughter in this play. The
Ahmed Zaki, the customer's old third-class seats in cinemas and theaters, the Egyptian, he drew attention
   mechanism strongly when the role of a poor student in the school play hard unruly comedy, which give
                                                                        .him his clothes the old headmaster

 After that move from theater to television to film, and has had tours and receipts in the three arenas, and
    drew attention to it all a role to play .. And translated these works superior to the awards, and here the
 war began it, and to reduce the danger. And determine the source of danger to the three positions in the
      film and television: the first position when he starred in the series of days, he played the role of Taha
 Hussein, and when the critics had compared him to Mahmoud Yassin, who has the same role in the film.
When the comparison between one hundred of such a film, and those such as five films and the series, it
     means that Ahmed Zaki jumped to a position not to be preceded by a! The second situation emerged
when he starred in the film Shafika and Metwally, in front of Soad Hosni. It does not matter what was said
     in the film or in Suad Hosni, but the important thing is gesture in itself, which is the insistence that the
 Soad Hosni, Ahmed Zaki is the hero of the movie. The third position was in a minor role, is his role in the
      movie underground, among the giants of film-makers are Farid Shawki and Mahmoud Yassin, as the
         awards fell on Ahmed Zaki, alone, a certificate from Jean-neutral on that, and Zgm the existence of
giants, has made its mark in the hearts of the members of the committees the arbitration. Then came the
    film a bird on the road, and came with him the first prize .. Thus, Ahmed Zaki found a place in the first
  row, ie, from fingernails dug for himself a path to the first row!! It was in 1982, is a real breakthrough for
           the artist's brown. As in 1983, and contrary to all expectations, we have seen Ahmed Zaki having
  withdrawn from the limelight and by a remarkable film, only to return in 1984, more vital and active. It is
   strange that this young rural distant handsome, came to the capital of Arab cinema, fascinated Brushdi
                                                                                       .Abaza, known Busamth

      And handsome or not the form that is distinct from the rest of beauty and sweetness, like most boys
 screen current and former. It is not in the beauty or Anwar Hussein Fahmi and grandfather, for example,
but a normal model for the ordinary people are met by one and deal with them every day on the road .. In
  public vehicles, and the rest of the places frequented by people. The cinema audience who Tfirt quality,
 and became the majority of hard-working, they see themselves in the Ahmed Zaki, brown boy who does
                         .not care Bmlbsa do not go to the hairdresser for an individual unkempt curly hair

        And talk about this great star and his career, can only be in favor. So Sndah is talking about himself,
     about his personal life, about his beginnings with art and the artistic community, what beats in Doakhlh.
 Brown star says: I came to Cairo and I am in the century: the Institute, ambition, suffering, and the artistic
      community and the difficulty of homogeneity with him, when you have spent your life in Zagazig simple
     people with no contract and the greatness of hysteria fame. And movies and promises and dreams and
 pains .... Suddenly, on the thirtieth Holiday AD, I looked at the years that have passed and I said: I stole ..
         Nchloa me ten years. When one grows up an orphan in the same mix things .. Smile sad, sad tears,
     laughter and laughter! I am a person quick to cry, do not smile, not joking. The book is true much of the
       night to Mustafa Amin, read it and weep .... Enter to the cinema and sit down to watch the melodrama
third-class I find my tears flowing, and I cry, when I get out of the show and take in the analysis of the film,
 you may find it ridiculous and laugh of myself, but before the tragedy crying abnormally, or perhaps this is
  normal, and does not cry is in the end, everyone confined his feelings and Eekptha. Intellectuals use the
   word depression, maybe I'm depressed, I think I am very very optimistic pessimism. Down to the depths
       of despair, and I find under the bright rays of hope. I have a friend, a psychologist, helped me a lot (in
    recent years) and confirms that all of this is due to the orphan children, the days There was a boy would
   like it to be tender and asked him what one of you. At ten I was like I was twenty .. I felt like I was twenty
             to forty. I lived always greater than my age .. Suddenly, the thirty-day gala AD. I realized that my
  childhood and my youth Nfal .. My life as a melodrama of the film Imam Hassan. My father died and I am
      in the first year. Brought me was not in this world, only he and I, and left me overwhelmed and die. My
 mother was a peasant girl, it may not remain single, Vzojoha and lived with her husband, and I grew up in
          the homes of the family, no brothers. I saw my mother for the first time I am in seventh .. One day a
          woman came home very sad, and I saw her look at me with eyes Huzeintin, then kissed me without
   speaking and left. I felt strange to contain. This view is to take me now, even today when you look at my
   mother's attitudes, the same sad look. Was seven years old I realized that I do not know your father and
        mother, and to the day when going through a dialogue series or a movie or a word Papa Mama, I feel
 embarrassed and hard to pronounce the word. When I was a student at Zagazig secondary school, I was
         very introverted, but memorable things in my mind a strange: the actions of people, their smiles, their
silence. Almenzoa of the pillars, I watched the world and accumulated in the internal feelings and I felt the
  need to scream, to get out what in me. The representation is the port, in the indoor whirlpool of anxiety is
   still haunted me, leaving my home theater. I saw people interested in me and Thitunai love, so I decided
       that this is the natural areas. Thereafter took part in the festival high school and obtained a Best Actor
   award at the level of schools of the Republic. Then I heard more than one person whisper: de son when
  he comes to Cairo, he can login to the Institute of representation. And Cairo for me was like the Hijaz, on
the other side of the world. First years in the capital .. What a difficult and exciting years at the same time.
      From the day I came to Cairo to take it twice .. I have mastered the In the entrance examination to the
  Institute and on graduation. Ahmed Zaki continues .. He says three-quarters of my energy was wasted in
  my thinking in how I deal with people, and the remaining quarter of art. More difficult than working on the
        tree of hours you spend in the scenes. How many times have I felt oppressed, a small complex of not
being able of understanding with the people. The center of a strange, artistic Egyptian .. Fraught with a lot
        of hypocrisy, fear and anxiety .. I see people on each warmly received, and the first thing one of them
  runs back showered on him spewing insults and gossip. With time and experience, I realized that people
in the end is not black and white, but there is planned and the dotted and spotted, green, red and yellow ..
                                                                                               .Forms and colors

 Today we address the human .. I do not know the philosophy and science difficult .. I am a very simple to
      have feelings he wants to express them .. I am not a political doctrine or anything else, I am a human
  representative looking for ways to express their rights. Rights in this age live amid storms of materialism
     insane, and cinema in our country continue to address it superficially. My goal is the son of Adam, the
autopsy, walk behind it, chasing it, revealing what is behind the words, what is behind the direct dialogue.
     Rights and Mtnaqdhath, any person, if analyzed in depth and resembles you like me and like others ..
   Suffering is one .. Classes and cultures are important elements, but essentially one. Insanity standard ..
 Wars and weapons, pain and fear and destruction, mass of Western and Eastern bloc, the whole world is
   steeped in the violence itself and the same concern. And man is the ground. There is no real revolution
     anywhere in the world .. There are stupid people in the ground. Figures who paid it in the cinema sad,
   funny, frustrating, dreamy, reflective .. Sympathized with all the roles, but I am proud of the character in
 the movie Ismail eyes Atnam, where the four gears in the sense .. At first the boy is very very aggressive
 foul, and an hour feels love becomes a child .. Childhood sweeping view of the world and to others .. For
    the first time love, Here is smiling as children, then return Atouhh for the money, then tries to acquittal,
     and then loses his senses .. All gears require special attention to performance. In the eyes of the inter
 Atnam very tired, made me Ahom in decoration and burned the entire pack of cigarettes .. Madiha Kamel
  ask: You Bthbna O Ismail? Answer how this boy mechanic who does not know the meaning of love, and
   anything with him? Ajebha: I Arafh er what is love, but if love is I Want I see you constantly, and to what
Bashovk Abakash where else in the world, and I just Aizak les .. Love remains. Two lines and I started on
the decor Adoor tenth five times .. Reveal the moment of the son of Adam with his love, a moment of very
            pure, must be aware of the heart .. If you were not from the heart will not reach .. One mechanic
 expresses love, not Tawfiq al-Hakim, and not a student at the university, but a mechanic living a moment
                                                       .of love .. This moment the most difficult shot of the film

On the screen, star Ahmad Zaki in the figures of the poor class, far from the Turkish character Mandarin,
and started every time and offers more honest face of the Egyptian original, and keep the advantage of a
human expression of the popular reference .. Ahmed Zaki explains this to say: cinema a lot has changed
   from what it was increased and the characters complex. Cinema realism of today is not that where the
  camera down to the street only, but also those that talk about all the people present their problems and
ideas and Doakhlh. Also believes that Ahmed Zaki personal composition varied with the roles performed
   by: True played a tramp or a marginal role in films dreams of Hind and Camelia, and a bird on the road
  and crab, but all the role of a different character. Today's figures are often gray, not white, not black .. Is
   not exactly the best, not just evil, and the actor, only a life around him to understand that he must strive
                                                                      .and strive to understand a lot in this case

   The fact that Ahmed Zaki knew how to move from the role to another, even if there were not a common
             core denominators between them. It is the farmer naive in the film the innocent, and occlusion
opportunities nomad in the film dreams of India, Camellia, and the son of the neighborhood that had aired
but reluctant and shy in the film crabs, as is the intelligence officer harsh understand patriotism in his own
way just in the movie man's wife is important. Fixed and certain is the ability of Ahmed Zaki to provide the
   performance of a voluntary and convincing in all of these different situations, the ability of thought to be
 the result of remarkable interest since childhood and love of expression. Where he says: stockpiled a lot
of feelings and desires inherent in expressing what I feel, so see me so far I do not care how long that will
      appear on the screen where the personal, even if it could, the same person before I am raising and I
                                                 .found them a new opportunity to express what is inside me

That it rejects the alternative roles Dobller or dangerous nature, and says that in the eyes of the film does
    not sleep a pipe carrying gas burning, and threw himself from a speeding car in the movie Bird on the
     road, and eat a real drubbing in the film buoy 70. It is believed Ahmed Zaki that the failure to use the
    alternative gives the artist the ability and training more, have carried this belief to sleep in the morgue
       after he gave himself to the Make Up Artist, which coated or painted face's blue death and wounds,
   bloody and if need role in the film later at dinner. He has stayed in the refrigerator to be entered by the
         heroine of the film Souad Hosni to reveal his face and recognize him after he shocked her former
     husband in his car. Was re-shoot the scene, which has necessitated the closing of the refrigerator to
    Ahmed Zaki, a number of times does not come until the snapshot that does not take more than a few
 seconds of film time convincing the spectators. Say about his experience in the refrigerator: I felt that my
nerves are all withdrawn and stopped as if my heart beats and I'm trying to represent a snapshot of death
                           ... Has pressed hard on my feet to draw the attention of my temper and Ondhirha

    In the film the way he insisted on a bird to learn to swim, when asked to director Mohammed Khan that
  uses the alternative scene in swimming, as swimming is not known, especially when he learned of it that
  filming will begin after a month and a half. Disappeared about two weeks, and when he returned he said
to Muhammad Khan joked like TCO Channel!! Answered him: what way? He said: I Aazemk at lunch next
      to the swimming pool Ahly. And while sitting there, Ahmed Zaki went to the dressing room, he wore a
  swimsuit .. Khan and filmmaker alive .. And jumped in the swimming pool and has to cross several times
     the movements of art. When he came out of the water, said Mohammad Khan: I have been practicing
    here for 15 days at the hands of the coach. Personal body of President Gamal Abdel Nasser Nasser in
      the film 56 and the body of Sadat Sadat in the film days, this is Ahmed Zaki, the artist who suffer and
    suffer greatly in order to connect the idea and vision Altmthelelh through his characters performed by ..
    Much concerned with the details of the face during the performance, so he hates representation on the
 radio. Each person performed Tstntgah and motivated and challenged to show all of the feelings inside ..
 He also accepted the challenge and succeed a lot in this .. Say an artist than that to find the center of this
                                                    .vast amount of Egyptian Actors .. It is truly a global artist

                                                                                              .. His personal life

    He married the late actress Hala Fouad Mu'tazilah and the couple had one son Haitham Ahmed Zaki,
                 who completed his father's role in the movie Halim, but they separated before her death
                                                                                                Edit] its[

    Deal with the most prominent directors of the Egyptian cinema, specifically the publishers of the new
  realism of the likes of Atif good in the innocent and escape, and Muhammad Khan in "Time for dinner,"
"Blackjack," "Days of Sadat and Daoud Abdel Sayed in the" Land of Fear "," chosen by Youssef Chahine
     film Alexandria ... Why? And Sheriff Arafa, the laugh's look sweet and the days of Sadat and treated
                                                              .Aydama Ines El woman and one not enough
                                                                                                  Edit] its[
                                                               Edit] films[

                                         )Sons of Silence (film) (1974
                                                    )Vows (film) (1974
                                              )Star Maker (film) (1977
                     Shafiqa and Metwally (film) (1978) with Sindrella
                                    Old time (film) (1978) with Magda
                                          )Behind the Sun (film) (1978
                                                 Alex Leigh (film) 1979
                             Internal Medicine 1980 with King Alterso

                                         Bird on the road (film) 1981
                                           Eyes not sleep (film) 1981
                                         A date for dinner (film) 1981
                                               Bloody fate (film) 1982
                                                   Buoy (film) 701 982
                                             Reserve duty (film) 1983
                                            The path of passion 1983
                                                     Addict (film) 1983
      Night, the promised King Alterswochrima 1984 with a selected
                                    Dancer and drummer (film) 1984
                                                Altkhchibh (film) 1984
                                                    Alborns (film) 1984
                          Black Tiger with the appearance of Ahmed
Saad Orphan (film) 1985 with the King of Alterswomahmoadmourssa
                                              Shader Fish (film) 1986
                                                     Home (film) 1986
                             Love above the Pyramid Plateau, 1986
                                                         innocent 6891
                               Four in the official mission (film) 1987
                                      Bey doorman with Voadaleng[
                                Ahlam Hind and Camelia (film) 1988
                                     Wife of an important (film) 1988
                                                   Class III (film) 1988
                                          Ladd and verse (film) 1989
                                           Egg and Stone (film) 1990
                                                  Emperor (film) 1990
                                                       Crab (film) 1990
                               One woman is not enough (film) 1990
                                                          Escape 1991
                                         Shepherd and women 1991
                                                         Hijacked 1991
                                      Against the government, 1992
                                                     Basha (film) 1993
                                                Mr. Karate (film) 1993
                              Alhanm markets (film) with just Adham
                                           The Third Man (film) 1995
                Nasser 561 995 where the body of President Nasser
                                                Astakouza (film) 1995
                                                     Fancy (film) 1996
                                             Hassan Allol (film) 1997
                                                             Hero 1997
                                                       Hysteria of 1998
                                                      land of fear 6888
                                      Laugh's look sweet (film) 1999
     Days of Sadat (film) 2000 in which the body of President Sadat
                                                                   His Excellency the Minister (film) 2002
                                                                                               Halim, 2006
                                                        I do not lie, but I Otgml (film) with Salah Zulfikar
                                                                                          )Abu Dahab (film

                                                                                               Edit] Theatre[

                                                                                      .School of Terrors
                                                                                     .Dependents grew
            .)Hello Shalabi (the beginning of the stage, he was mimicking the artist Mahmoud Melegy
       .)Hamada and Maha (the beginning of the stage, he was mimicking the artist Mahmoud Melegy

                                                                                                 Edit] Series[


                                                                                                       .It is

                                                                     )For the series and I have a (series

                                                                                       )Series (Salt River

                                                                                           But the sad tears
                                                                                   Edit] Awards and honors[

       Award for the film "Bird on the road" at the Festival of Cairo with the Saudi representative (Saud
                                                                                       )Mohammad Al-Otaibi
                                       .Award for the film "Eyes do not sleep" by the Assembly of the film
                     .Award for the film "one woman is not enough" of the Festival of Alexandria in 1989
                                                       .Award for "crab" of the Cairo Film Festival in 1990
      In celebration of the centenary of world cinema in 1996 chose the filmmakers six films starring or
participated in the artist, Ahmed Zaki, within the top hundred movie in the history of Egyptian cinema, the
        wife of an important man, and the innocent, dreams of Hind and Camelia, love above the Pyramid
                                                             .]Plateau, Alexandria Les and sons of silence [3

                                                                                             Edit] The death[

  He died in Cairo on March 27, 2005 after a long battle with lung cancer, were treated at the expense of
  the Egyptian government abroad, and he reportedly was blinded at the end of his days he asked those
                                                            .]around him discreetly News [citation needed

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