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The Coming of Beowulf by yurtgc548


									   The Coming of Beowulf
Take out your WN and your “janky” rough draft
         WW—Building Theme
• Theme—a general observation about the world made through
  a piece of writing OR the lesson that you learned
• Avoid cliché
• Theme generally relates strongly to conflict
• Any details that you add (dialogue, imagery, characterization,
  information about setting) should contribute to your theme in
  a statement of purpose/college essay
• For example…
     WW—Building Theme, cont.
• Plot—story about racing my mom and falling on my face.
• Conflict—(man vs. self) I was so competitive and set on winning that all I
  could see was the finish line and not the dirt patch.
• What’s my theme?—Sometimes people who are too competitive end up
  losing because they focus too much on winning and don’t pay attention to
  other significant details.
• What did I learn?—Winning isn’t everything, especially when you don’t
  even get to the finish line. Competition is good, but I can’t always think
  about winning or I’ll fail.
• And then I might think about how this applies to my life now—I want
  everyone to graduate, but I have to get them through each six weeks, each
  assignment. I want to run a 10K, but I have to run a 5K first and make it
  through daily workouts. Etc.
      Grendel Attacks the
• Let’s read what we didn’t get to last class.
• In your notes, draw a picture of Grendel.
• Now draw a picture of Herot (don’t forget
  Hrothgar and the Danes)
• Share your pictures with someone near
  you and talk about why you drew them the
  way you did.
The Coming of Beowulf—Annotations
• In your workbook on page 4, you’ll find the next section of the poem.
• Using the same key from last class, annotate the text.
    OT—Oral Tradition (repetition, alliteration, changes, exaggeration,
    R—Religion (Christian—one god, afterlife, Biblical allusion; Pagan—
      fate, no afterlife, multiple gods)
    H—Heroism
    S—Supernatural
    W—Women
    GvE—Good vs. Evil
• Don’t forget to either underline the portion of the text that relates to the
  key or give a brief note about why you’re writing that code
• When you finish annotating, write a paragraph
  on page 15. Your paragraph should include a
  brief summary of that section of the poem
  and some observations you made regarding
  the items we’re paying attention to in the text.
• Revise your essay—revisions will be a grade.
  Be sure to use a different color ink OR save
  different versions of your essay to print.

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