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									      Essential Tips for YouTube Video Marketing Campaigns

Do you have a business? Do you want a most effective and free marketing
opportunity for your business? Well, now you can make your business internationally
known and increase your sells and profit within a very short time through YOU TUBE
VIDEO UPLOADING. However, just uploading a video about your business won't
actually bring you any profit. You need to make sure that your video reaches to
millions and that the message is properly provided to viewers. So here are the tips
for your successful business campaign.

Tips For Using YouTube Marketing

As an INTERNET MARKETER, it is essential to have an online presence and to
brand yourself as well as the product that you market. This is basic stuff that you will
hopefully already know and the reasons for branding and the relationship between
branding and marketing yourself will not be covered here.

YouTube marketing is a great way to achieve both of these things and be able to
increase your profits at the same time.

Using YouTube as a marketing tool has become ever more popular with the new
generation of internet andNETWORK MERKETERS. Since mobile phones started to
come with built-in cameras, posting a video clip online has become second nature to
many people. Using ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING really became a natural
progression for marketers PROMOTING A PRODUCT OR SERVICE ONLINE.

So how can you use YouTube marketing to BRING MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR
SITE and make it a part of yourSUCCESSFUL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS? Here are
6 things you can do to INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC and build your business

1. Start making videos! This might sound like a stupid suggestion but what I really
mean is this. Do not worry about how you record you videos. Whether you use a
built-in webcam or an external one plugged in through USB. Or you can use your
mobile phone. You could use a regular camcorder or even a digital still camera -
most of these have a video setting on the top switch. Do not delay making videos
because you are worried about the quality.

2. Make sure you subscribe to other YouTube members who are in the same or
similar industry. This is where the social part of YouTube comes in. The channels you
subscribe to will paint a picture of you and add to your personal branding efforts.
This goes for adding people as friends as well.

3. Post comments on similar channels. Be informative here. Write something original
and of value that will be useful to the channel you are commenting on. When other
people visit that channel and see your useful comment, you will be increasing traffic
to your own channel. Do not spam your web site address. This is very unattractive.
Make sure your comment raises a positive eyebrow and your channel will be their
next port of call.
4. Make sure you include your web site address on your channel. When people see
your YouTube channel and like what they see, show them where you want them to
go next. Also include your web site URL at the start of the description of each video.
That way, if they see your video without visiting your channel page, they will have an
address to click through to.

5. Be yourself and be natural. There is nothing wrong in making a mistake here and
there. Your viewers will know they are dealing with a real person and makes
personal branding real. Make sure you stick to the point though. Do a single video
for a specific message that you want to get out there. Covering several points about
something is fine but just be careful not to go off subject and start waffling - your
visitor will quickly press their browser's back button.

6. Be consistent with your marketing on YouTube. You will not see any lasting results
if you post a single video once a month. You should really be posting 3-4 videos
every week as a minimum for effective use of YouTube as a marketing tool.

Marketing with YouTube can be a very effective form of branding and marketing
yourself and your product or service as an internet or network marketer. Make sure
you use a YouTube marketing strategy as part of your marketing campaigns and you
will quickly see the benefits to your business.
Find out more about how you can build an internet marketing business from scratch
using YouTube marketing and other free marketing methods.

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Tips and Tricks to Get More Views on YouTube

Here is a list of tips and tricks you can use to DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR
VIDEOS and INCREASE THE VIEWS ON YOUTUBE. The next time that you upload
a video make sure you tick off all these great advices and you'll see results in no

Here we go...

1- Add rich metadata related to your video (tags, description, titles,etc). Don't use
random popular tags, YouTube is not stupid.

2- Update your channel as frequently as possible. The more you upload, the more
chances people will end up in one of your videos, and eventually people will
subscribe to your channel.

3- Plan your stuff and do some research on your related videos, sort them by views,
study them and come up with better ideas by modeling what successful people are

4- Always watermark your videos with your logo or website's URL, you can do this
with any video editing software.

5- Add the URL of your blog or website in the description areas of your videos and
include a call to action such as "subscribe!" or "visit for more awesome videos".

6- Don't do sub4sub. It doesn't drive any traffic to your videos and you will look

7- Try to become a YouTube partner. If you own the content of your videos (you also
need to own the music), you can share revenue with YouTube but most importantly,
you'll be able to customize your YouTube channel with your own header and cool
graphics and people love that.

8- Create compelling and controversial content. If the content is not compelling, your
video will not become to go viral.

9- Include the keyword "video" in your title and tags as many viewers' searches will
likely include it, even if they search on Google. If your video is a tutorial, add "how
to", "guide" and "tutorial", if it is a review then add "review", "compared" and "vs".

10- Keep your videos short. If your videos are too long, they may become boring
after 5 minutes. If you make them very short, like 5 seconds and they are really
good people will watch them at least one or two times more to check if they missed

11- Use Interesting and compelling thumbnails, more than 70% of views come from
related videos so you want to make sure your thumbnails call viewers attention.

12- Allow people to rate, comment and embed your videos on their sites and blogs.
(allowed by default)

13- Use annotations to display a call to action message like "subscribe to my videos"
or to redirect your viewers to another video.

14- Only upload worth-watching videos.

15- Get a mentor or join a free course on how to dominate YouTube like How To Get
Views on YouTube.

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