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					                                                        VISA Gold, MasterCard Gold
                                                                  from January 1, 2012
                                                                for private individuals

Exclusive international payment cards for private individuals. Along with the card without any additional fees is issued IAPA discount card ensuring
discounts for hotel reservations and car rental services all over the world.

                                                                  Services and prices
VISA Gold, MasterCard Gold                                                                                 In LVL                     In currencies
Card issuance1                                                                                             LVL 70                   USD, EUR 120
Annual fee for the card maintenance 2 (along with IAPA cards)                                              LVL 70                 USD, EUR 120
Cash withdrawal 3,4                                                                                                    of the amount
                                                                                                                           1 0%
ATMs of AS DNB banka, AB DNB bankas (Lithuania), SEB banka and Swedbank
                                                                                                        min LVL 0.50              min USD, EUR 1.50
in AS DNB banka branches
                                                                                                        min LVL 1.00              min USD, EUR 1.50
at any other bank, ATMs of another bank
                                                                                                        min LVL 2.50               min USD, EUR 4
  - within the teritory of the Republic of Latvia                                                                      free of charge
  - abroad                                                                                                             free of charge
Cash pay-in at ATMs of AS DNB banka                                                                                    free of charge
Replenishment of payment card accounts
  - by transfer                                                                                                pursuant to the payment rates
  - cash pay-in at the cash office                                                                               free of charge (LVL 1.00 5)
  - ash pay-in at ATMs of AS DNB banka                                                                                 free of charge
Issuance of the card account statement in the bank
    - once a month for the precedent calendar month 6                                                       LVL 1                     USD, EUR 2
    - per any other precedent month                                                                         LVL 1                     USD, EUR 2
 - per the entire utilization period (no more than one year)                                                LVL 5                     USD, EUR 10
Sending of the card account statement                                                                                   per sending
 - per mail
    within the territory of Latvia                                                                          LVL 1                     USD, EUR 2
     abroad                                                                                                 LVL 2                     USD, EUR 4
                                                                                                                       per every SMS
Sending of SMS on card transactions to the mobile phone
                                                                                                       LVL 0.06 (or equivalent in another currency)
Service fee for account balance display at ATM
At ATMs of AS DNB banka                                                                                                Free of charge

At ATMs of other banks in Latvia and those of AB DNB banka in Lithuania                                   LVL 0.20                 USD, EUR 0.40
At ATMs abroad (if such service is offered)                                                               LVL 0.50                    USD, EUR 1
Annual credit interest rate                                                                                                 18%
Card account overdraft per annum
                       p                                                                                                    33%
                                                                                                            LVL 6                  USD, EUR 10
Penalty for overdue payments                                                                                    (per every overdue month)
                                                                                                            + 10 % p.a. of the negative balance
Support of a closed card account (first charged 12 months after receipt of the customer's
                                                                                                  LVL 20 p.a. (or equivalent in another currency)
written application to close the card account)
Support of the account of the expired card (the service fee is charged every month if the
                                                                                                LVL 0.50 per month       USD, EUR 1.00 per month
card has expired more than 12 months before)
Urgent card production
                                                                                                    LVL 10 (or equivalent in another currency)
(additonal fee for card issuance / prolongation / replacement)
The card is produced within 3 hours after the documents are submitted to the Bank. The card can be received in 12 Skanstes St.
Consideration of claim 7
C     id    ti    f l i                                                                                           Free of charge
Transaction documentation copy request                                                                                     LVL 5
Application of non-standard cash withdrawal limits for Visa,
                                                                                                                           LVL 5
MasterCard cards
Urgent overdraft                                                                                                           LVL 5
 The service fee is applied on issuance of every new card or replacement/producing of counterpart of the existing card. The fee shall be paid to the
Bank by the customer within four business days after submitting to the Bank an application asking for the card issuance.
  If the customer has applied for the card issuance before May 31, 2010 the annual card maintenance fee (also in case of replacement) is payable for
the year to come: for the first year upon receipt/replacement of the card and further on by the respective calendar month the card was issued in. If the
customer has applied for the card issuance after May 31, 2010 the annual maintenance fee is payable every year by the respective calendar month
                     in,                                          produce.
the card was issued in starting from the year following the card produce
  Daily cash withdrawal limits from ATMs: on Dynamic VISA, Galactico VISA Dynamic, Maestro cards LVL 1,000 (or equivalent in another currency),
on VISA Classic, Galactico VISA Classic, MasterCard Standard, VISA Business, MasterCard Business cards LVL 1,500 (or equivalent in foreign
currency), on VISA Gold, MasterCard Gold cards LVL 2,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency).
    Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs over 30-day period on any type of cards: LVL 6,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency).
   Seaparately is imposed a fee of LVL 1.00 when making cash pay-in at cash offices in Brivibas branch also in branches what is equipped with cash
pay-in ATM: Riga, Agenskalna, Elizabetes, Purvciema.
   Private individuals (except for individual merchants) who have not entered with the Bank into an agreement on the use of DNB Internet Banking, are
eligible to free of charge card account statement at the Bank’s branch once a month by prior request.
  If in relation to the customer s claim (chargeback) deriving from to the payment card transaction the latter provides the Bank with untrue information
the customer shall reimburse to the Bank for its costs and/or loss incurred as the result of provision of such untrue information, including the cost for
requesting and obtaining the transaction source documents and other payments effected by the Bank to any third parties involved in processing of the
respective transaction in relation to consideration of the customer’s chargeback.

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