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									                                                              NWHPEC Board Meeting
                                                              May 26, 2011 via telecom
                                     In Attendance: Bryan Goodman, Elizabeth King, Charlie Lake, Julie Hatten
                                                                 Adjourned: 12:31pm

Financial Update (Dale):                                                     New Business:
The Balance Sheet and P&L were provided by Dale with no questions from       OMEP Update: Charlie updated the Board regarding OMEP’s quest to
the Board                                                                    hire a new Executive Director:
                                                                             - The hiring process has been put on hold due to OMEP’s Fiscal
Event Updates (Julie):                                                          Agent, OIT, removing themselves from that arrangement. OMEP
May Training Classes – Learn-Lead-Teach: Four classes were run in               has found new office space and will be relocating out of OIT’s facility
May: (2) Intro to Lean, (1) Set-Up Reduction, and (1) VSM. Three of the         in Beaverton. OMEP is also restructuring themselves legally as a
four classes were oversold and VSM had 13 of 14 attendees. Amy reported         stand alone business, but still a MEP. The NIST Director is now on
good attendance, participation, and contribution.                               OMEP’s Board. Chris Scherer remains as acting Director. Charlie
                                                                                is meeting with Chris during the week of May 31st to discuss
Best Practice Sharing Session, June 2nd: This event is sold out! Two of
                                                                                OMEP’s restructuring and reaching out to old and new clients.
the four best practice presentations hit room capacity. Julie was able to
move the Making C.I. Easy presentation into Con-way’s Ballroom , which       Presidents Council on Manufacturing: Charlie updated the Board on
seats more people. The 2nd presentation by CareOregon is still sold out.     an upcoming Summit he was made aware of through the PNDC Board:
Learning Tour at Stimson Lumber on June 14th: This Learning Tour is          - Chandra Brown from Oregon Iron works traveled to Washington DC
sold out. Elizabeth asked Julie to forward the email announcement with the      and was notified the Presidents Council on Manufacturing is going to
agenda to forward to Steve Pratt, who sits on Stimson’s Board.                  hold its annual Summit in Portland on July 21st & 22nd. In
                                                                                attendance will be the Secretary of Commerce, as well as others.
Practical Problem Solving Overview Session & Workshop with Mike
                                                                                Chandra reached out to Charlie to find local company leadership
Hoseus, June 28th – 30th: The Overview Session is nearly full with just a
                                                                                who would be willing to speak at this Summit to discuss, “what’s
few seats still available and the Workshop at Benchmade is sold out.
                                                                                standing in our way of growth,” “how can the government support
Mastering Lean Product Development Workshop with Ron Mascitelli,                us, etc.”. Elizabeth suggested Steve Pratt and Mark Lewis as
August 29th – 30th: We had enough demand and a host company to                  potential speakers. Dale, in a follow-up conversation with Julie,
warrant offering a 2nd MLPD Workshop in August. Daimler is hosting this         mentioned Kyle and Jake Nichol from Leatherman as other potential
Workshop. This Workshop is already almost full with the carry over demand       speakers.
from the March Workshop getting first chance to attend the August event.

Next Board Meeting: June 23rd from noon – 2pm potentially at Nike
IHM. Brett is very interested in hosting this meeting to show us what
he’s been consumed with for the last year and is working on gaining
the approval to have us on site. Confirmation to follow.

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