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									                                  About Me…

My Name Anggoro Guruh Pambudi, usually called Anggoro. I was born in the small
town of Pati Central Java on 15 November 1977 from the couple husband and wife
named Bambang Pitoyo and Endang Riwayanti, as a child I spent time in Pati, precisely
in jl. Captain Joseph No. 147 Wedarijaksa. Pati. all my life I embraced Christianity.

I started studying in 1983 in kindergarten Wedarijaksa Earth, in 1984 I went to
Elementary School Wedarijaksa I PATI for 6 years, it passed directly proceed to the
junior high school level 1 PATI and proceed to High School District 1 PATI. I graduated
school continuing education to Diploma 3 (D3) UNDIP and proceed directly to Strata 1
(S1) in Semarang UNDIP also, take majoring in Civil Engineering. Graduated from
college I worked at the Contractor for 1 year in 2004, and moved the work to the General
Agency for State Property at BULOG (National Logistics Agency) during January 2005
to March 2007. In 2007 I started my career in marketing as an agent of Prudential Life
Insurance today

In 2005, precisely on November 25, I end my single life and married a beautiful woman
named Monica Sari Kusumawardhani, until now we have two boys and girls. Our first
child boy named Gregorius Marvel Wicaksana born in Bekasi on April 23, 2007 and our
second child a girl named Gloria Felice Sekarayu born in Bekasi on November 2, 2008.
After marriage our family settled in Housing Mutiara Gading Timur (MGT) Block C 26,
No. 8-9 Mustikajaya Bekasi-West Java - Indonesia.

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