Survey Monkey Directions by keralaguest


									What’s the word at CMS?

Now that you and your group members have brainstormed an issue you would like to
research at CMS, you need to create a document that will allow you to receive feedback
from your peers. We will use a survey created on Survey Monkey, a web program.
Please follow the steps below to set up a survey for your team.

   1. Go to
   2. Click on “Sign up for FREE” on the right-hand side of the screen
   3. Create a username and password for your group—write this down so you won’t
       forget it
   4. Include an email address of one of your group members, or you may use mine
   5. After you have created your account you will be directed to a screen where you
       can now create your survey. Click on the button that says “Create survey”
   6. You must first create a title for your survey. Choose something that relates to
       your particular issue at CMS.
   7. Choose a category from the drop-down menu. I would recommend “Community”
       or “Education.” Hit “Continue”
   8. On the Edit Your Survey page, choose a theme from the drop-down menu
   9. After choosing your theme, click on the box that says “Add a question.” Here is
       where you will type the first question you want to ask fellow CMS students about
       your issue. Type your question and then choose your question type. If you do
       multiple choice, you will have to include answer choices. Once you have finished
       typing your question and determined what type of question it will be, click “Save
       and Add Another Question.”
   10. Type your next question and choose its type. Click “Save and Add Another
       Question” until you have included at least 5 questions for students to answer. Do
       not use the same question type every time.
   11. When you have finished your survey, click the tab at the top right that says
       “Preview Survey.” Be sure you are satisfied with how it looks and the questions
       are written correctly.
   12. If everything looks good to you and your group, click on the button “Send
       Survey.” Copy and paste that link into an email and send it to
   13. Once you have completed your survey and sent it to me, go to my website and
       click on the Survey Monkey folder under the Useful Links section and take any
       surveys located in that folder. Be sure everyone in your group takes each survey
   14. You can log into your Survey Monkey account periodically to check and see if
       anyone has responded to yours!
   15. Tomorrow you will be analyzing and graphing your data collected from your
   16. You may play any game that is linked to my website after you have responded to
       any completed surveys.

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