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									                          Prospect Tracking Meeting Minutes

Greg Kain, Katie Cox, Diane Flowers, Luke Helms, Eric Matanyi, Robin Sweeney, Pam
Stipanich, and Patrice Bax were all in attendance.

Point of Order
Give a status of the survey, the website, and communication plans.

Agenda Item I: Survey
    The survey was signed by Chuck and is waiting approval. Once approved Luke
     will update the survey on Survey Monkey and the site should reflect the survey’s

Agenda Item II: Website
    All the edits were made to the site. The only thing that needs to be added is the
     survey solicitation that was suggested by Luke.
    As discussed last week, we wanted to change the term “recruitment” in the URL
     to emit a better impression to prospect students. We decided on “discoverGSU”.
     Thus, the website’s URL will be
    Once survey is approved and on Survey Monkey the site will be up and running.

Agenda Item III: Communication Plans
     The plans were reviewed, and Chuck/Eric will edit a little more.
     Once edited and approved, they will be integrated into the tickler system,
       triggering communication between the university and prospects.

Agenda Item IV: Upcoming Stages
     Next week, we hope to have the survey approved and website up and running.
     Next week, we will focus on extracting the data entered in from the prospect to
       CARS database. And then extracting the data to use for our communication
     Our ultimate goal is to raise the number of applicants at GSU, and we hope to do
       that by implementing the website, which is our number one marketing tool.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patrice Bax
Re-Engineering Intern

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