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					           Minutes of the Meeting of Seagrave Parish Council on Monday                      Action
   28th November 2011 at 7.00 pm in The Memorial Hall, Green Lane, Seagrave.                By
                                                                   Page No.123
Present: Chairman: Cllr C Walker.
         Councillors: M Hill, L Murdoch, M Nanda, P Hardy

In Attendance: County Councillor R Shepherd, Borough Councillor M Blain,

Members of the Public: 4

Public Participation:

Apologies for Absence:

Declarations of Interest Personal & Prejudicial:

To Confirm the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 26th September 2011:
Cllr Murdoch proposed and Cllr Nanda seconded that the minutes of the Parish Council
Meeting on the 24th October were a true and accurate record, this was unanimously
agreed and the minutes were signed by the Chairman.

Police Report:
Nothing to report however PCSO Cameron had advised that she had been holding an
open clinic in Seagrave approximately every 2/3 months, however it appeared that few
people were aware of this. She had been advised to contact the Parish Magazine and put
details of these events in and the Parish Council where possible would help to advertise.

County Councillors Report:
Cllr Shepherd reported that he had been contacted by the Clerk regarding progress on
the No 27 Bus route, having followed it up it appeared the County Council were awaiting
a reply on the 3 options they had put forward. The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.45
for contributions from the Public and reopened at 7.49, after discussion 2 proposal
were put forward to the vote as follows:
Option 2 Clockwise Loop                                                  - 3 Votes
Option 3 Curtailed route turning round at top of King St on Green Lane – 2 Votes
Option 2 Clockwise Loop was therefore carried the Clerk to write and confirm with the
proviso that the service could be guaranteed on a regular basis, as it was unacceptable
for the bus not to follow the route unless extreme weather prevented it. In the event
that the County Council or Bus Company could not guarantee the service it was
unanimously agreed to accept option 3 curtailed route. By doing this residents would
then know at least where they needed to be to catch the bus.
                                                                             Page 124
County Councillor Report continued
Cllr Shepherd had also been requested by the Clerk in the matter of the replacement
street light on Swan Street which had been outstanding for 12 months. He reported
that he had started the ball rolling and the Clerk was requested to forward further
email information to Cllr Shepherd regarding the matter. Cllr Shepherd advised it
appeared to have fallen between three stools the County Council, British Telecom and
the power company and would take some time to resolve.

Borough Councillors Report:
Cllr Blain confirmed that work on the Corporate Plan for the next 3 years was
proceeding and drew the Councils attention to the residents survey currently being
carried out on how the Borough Council should spend its money.
Cllr Blain also confirmed that the Local Development Framework was being delayed by
about 3 months due to Transport modeling work.
Cllr Blain advised that the Borough Council were pursuing the formation of a National
Park for Leicestershire in conjunction with N W Leicestershire and Hinckley &
Bosworth R D C.

      P/10/2236/2 Amended – Erection of free range poultry house
                    Land Adj Big Lane, Seagrave, LE12 8HN
      P/11/2516/2 Erection of 1st Floor Extension to side of dwelling
                    Grange Cottage, Melton Rd, Barrow on Soar, LE12 8HX
Granted Conditionally:
      P/11/1786/2 Demolition of concrete block and asbestos sheet barn –
                   High Tor Lodge Farm, 28 Water Lane, Seagrave, LE12 7LL
Financial Reports:
     Payments issued 1st October to 31st October 2011
      Chq 660        CPRE                               £ 29.00
      Chq 661        White Lodge Groundcare             £ 96.00
      Chq 662        LCC Rawlins                        £ 77.35
      Chq 663        L C C – Street Lights              £1236.36
      Chq 664        Charnwood B C                      £ 22.50
      BP             C J Hill                           £ 516.70
      Cooperative Funeral Services                      £ 15.00
      Western Power Distribution                        £ 128.56
The reconciled bank balance as at 31 October 2011 of £11354.03 was unanimously
approved as a true record and countersigned by the Chairman.
It was unanimously agreed to increase the precept by £400.00 from £15200.00 to
                                                                               Page 125
Play Equipment Report:
Clerk advised the work required to conform to Health and Safety would be carried out
in the next week, he also advised that the gate post on the five barred gate had
snapped off at ground level. This needed to be replaced urgently at an estimated cost
of £90.00 the work had been put in hand.

Defibrillator / Telephone Box:
Cllr Nanda advised that the Memorial Hall Committee were going ahead with the
purchase of the defibrillator, which included supply, fitting, and training. It was
unanimously agreed that if the telephone box was found to be suitable to house it, the
Parish Council would have no objection.

P/11/00860/2 Mixed Development, Seagrave Road, Sileby:
Cllrs Shepherd and Blain requested they be copied into emails sent by the Clerk relating
to arrangements for construction traffic.

Allotment Fencing:
After discussion it was unanimously agreed to keep the cost of securing the two areas
under discussion – ( adj to the middle cemetery gate and adj to main cemetery gate) to
a minimum. From the verbal quotes given this was anticipated to be in the region of
£350.00 in total. Clerk to arrange.

Swan Street / Butchers Lane Traffic Calming:
The questionnaire had been distributed to residents living adjacent to this area and
replies counted as follows:
Chicane: 14 Votes      Speed Activated Signs: 1 Vote     Bumps: 1 Vote
It was proposed by Cllr Nanda and seconded by Cllr Hardy that the Council approach
Highways regarding the way forward to have traffic calming installed following the
requirement placed on the planning application for the mixed development on Seagrave
Road, Sileby. This was unanimously agreed Clerk to start dialogue with Highways Cllrs
Shepherd and Blain to be kept in the loop.

Proposed suggestion regarding Rural Housing Survey:
It was agreed to defer this matter until January Cllr Blain agreed to research the
background to this matter.

Post Box:
It was unanimously agreed to loan the old Post Box to the White Horse shop to use as
an internal postage system for the village. The post box will be on the Councils asset
register, the loan will be for an indefinite period renewable yearly, any costs involved to
be paid by the White Horse shop.
                                                                            Page 126
Trustee Richards Foundation:
It was confirmed that Brian Jeffs had agreed to represent the Parish Council on this
charity foundation.

Clerks Report:
The Clerk had nothing to report.

Meetings and Training Attended:
The Clerk confirmed that Guy Preston had attended the Snow Warden training as

Correspondence & Documentation previously circulated:
No issues raised

Emails previously circulated:
No issues raised

Monthly Literature received for Information Only:
Available at the meeting.

Items for Next Months Agenda:
Proposed Rural Housing Survey
Defibrillator / Telephone Box
Date of Next Meeting:
Monday 16th January 2012 at 7.00 pm Parish Council Meeting in the Memorial Hall,
Green Lane, Seagrave

The meeting closed at 9.25 pm

Signed:______________________ Chairman Seagrave Parish Council

Date: ______________________

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