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									                                                                   Shanghai American School
                                                                   1-Year Moodle
                                                                 Implementation Plan

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), while extensively used at the university level for a number of years to offer distance learning
courses for those not in attendance on university campuses, are becoming more and more prevalent in K-12 schools world-wide as a
supplement to what occurs in standard classrooms. Moodle is an open source virtual learning environment designed using sound
pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities. It was first developed by an Australian educator,
Martin Dougiamas in 1999 but has grown to a development team of over 1,000.

In a world of online wikis, blogs and other web 2.0 tools, Moodle has become a mainstay tool for educational institutions because of its
large array of specific learning activities and modules not found in other applications. These include, among others things, uploading
assignments with time cutoffs, glossaries, discussion forums, live chats, email sending, wikis for group document creating, online
quizzing and survey tools. With the advent of 1:1 laptop programs, Moodle has increased in popularity due it its ability to provide quick
access to course content from student laptops in classrooms while still providing the security of login credentials. Additionally, it is now
possible to purchase entire Moodle courses for a broad range of academic subjects to be installed on local and remote Moodle servers.
While Moodle has competition from other VLEs such as Blackboard, its popularity, in part, also comes from its free initial cost and
ability to be installed anywhere with minimal human and hardware support requirements.

The successful implementation of this 1-year cyclical plan will require supervision, organization, planning, coordination,
communication, research, and support between administrators, teachers, technology integration specialists and technology support staff.

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    Getting Started             Implementing                 Progressing                 Expanding
     (Quarter 1)                 (Quarter 2)                 (Quarter 3)                 (Quarter 4)

Teachers are expected to   Teachers are expected to    Teachers are expected to    Teachers are expected to
learn about virtual        learn about and             experiment with and         implement and expand
learning environments      experiment with basic       begin to implement          use of all Moodle
                           Moodle functions.           Moodle activities.          activities.
 Introduction to the how
  virtual learning         Launching Workshop          Launching Workshop          Launching Workshop
  environments can be       Logging in                 Adding resources vs        Setting up online
  used to supplement                                     adding activities.          survey (Questionnaire)
  what occurs in the        Editing course setting.
  classroom.                                            Linking to a pre-made      Creating collaborative
                            Creating Moodle             files such as MS Word       documents with the
 Providing staff with       Accounts                    files and external          Moodle wiki module.
  samples of completed                                   URLs.
  courses to show           Assigning Roles to the                                 Creating and using
  Moodle’s capabilities.     courses.(students or       Creating a Moodle           Moodle quizzing for
                             teachers added)             directory to distribute     online assessment.
 Direct teaching staff to                               content.
  the uploaded online       Changing themes                                       Assessment
  Moodle demo course:                                   Creating and using        (common, ongoing)
  http://sasoc.saschina.or  Adding & deleting           Moodle forum for
  g/course/view.php?id=      course blocks               online discussions         Survey staff on
  190                                                                                Moodle use on an
                            Becoming familiar          Customizing blocks on       annual basis.
 Discuss the importance     with course settings.       course main pages.
  of online virtual          (Course format,             Adding text and            Utilize web server
  learning environments      starting date,              graphics.                   statistics program for
  for future academic        enrollment key)                                         hard data on hits and
  purposes.                                             Adding Assignments          usage.
                            Setting up Moodle           with students
Glossaries’.   uploading files.

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