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                             SAMPLE EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT

Dear ------------,

We are pleased to formally offer you the position of Live Out/ Live In Nanny for our___
child/ children to commence on ______ 2006

We wish to confirm the following terms and conditions of employment:

Children:            The children you will be caring for are ---------------------------------

Duties:              These are summarised in the attached Duties & Responsibilities.

Hours:               The hours are 8.00am – 6.30pm (example)
Days:                The days are Monday – Friday (example)

Wages:               Your Gross wage will be $            per week paid weekly.

Superannuation: Your Superannuation will be at 9% of your gross annual salary and will
                be paid in addition to, and not a part of, your hourly rate.

Tax:                 We will pay the relevant tax out of your wage and will then issue you
                     (after June 30) with a group certificate, in accordance with the Income
                     Tax Act.

Payment:             Your wage will be paid in arrears on the last working day of each week
                     and will usually be paid by a mutually agreed method of payment.

Expenses:            Please ensure that you provide a schedule of weekly expenses (with
                     receipts whenever available), for which you will be reimbursed on a
                     weekly basis.

Babysitting:         The opportunity will be offered to you if you would like to undertake any
                     additional babysitting and you will be paid at a mutually agreed upon
                     hourly rate.

Annual Leave: You will be entitled to 20 days paid annual leave per annum.
              (This is on the basis of a five day per week position)
              This leave is cumulative and pro rata, (every 3 months) however the pro
              rata accrual must not exceed 20 days.

                     When annual leave is taken annual leave loading will not be paid.

                     Unpaid leave may be allowed in certain circumstances.

Sick Leave:          You will be entitled to a maximum of 5 days paid sick leave in the first
                     year and 5 days per annum in each subsequent year.
                     (This is on the basis of a five day per week position)
                     Sick leave is not cumulative. A supporting medical certificate is required
                     for paid leave of two or more consecutive days.
Public Holidays: When public holidays fall on a normal working day you will be paid and
                 will not have to work.

Insurance:       We will maintain Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance to cover
                 you whilst carrying out your duties.
                 It is also preferable that you personally take out a Nanny Insurance

Telephone:       You may use our telephone for a reasonable number of local calls,
                 however, we would expect you to inform us and reimburse us for any
                 STD and International calls that were made.
                 We would also prefer that you do not take excessive amounts of personal
                 calls on your mobile phone during work time (unless in the case of an

Confidentiality: It is a condition of employment that now and at all times in the future; you
                 shall keep the personal affairs and concerns of the family, its business
                 and transactions completely confidential.

Termination:     Termination of employment will be effected by two weeks notice given by
                 either our family or by yourself.

Discipline:      Reasons, which might give, rise to the need for disciplinary measures
                 (a) Failure to comply with instructions and procedures;
                 (b) Unreliability in attendance or punctuality;
                 (c) Job incompetence;
                 (d) Causing a disruptive influence in the household;
                 (e) Breach of the above confidentiality clause.

Dismissal:       Reasons which may give rise to immediate dismissal include:
                 Child abuse, drunkenness, illegal drug taking, sleeping during daytime
                 hours on the job, theft, dishonesty and abandonment of responsibilities.

Please note that we need to obtain from you:
(a)     Evidence of identity (birth certificate, passport or Drivers Licence);
(b)     Tax file number;
(c)     Signed tax declaration form;
(d)     Superannuation fund details;
(e)     Bank account details (for the payment of wages)

 It is agreed that the above terms and conditions can only be amended by mutual consent
 in writing.
 We hope that the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you. If there is anything,
 which you wish to clarify or amend, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please initial
 each page and sign the section below.

 Yours sincerely,……………………………………………….. (Employers Signature)
 I hereby accept the above terms and conditions:

 Signed:…………………               Date:………………………….                (Employees Signature)
                              EXAMPLE ROLE OF THE NANNY
                              DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
The duties and responsibilities will include the following but are not limited to:

    Ensure as physically safe as possible a family environment for the children (e.g. In working
     hours make the house as child safe as possible and watch out for electricity, hot plates etc.)
     Special care is also required on or near roads or moving cars when the children need to be
     closely supervised.
    Absolute and constant vigilance in or near water (i.e. bath, shower, swimming pools or any
     other dangerous hazards.)
    Supervision exclusively by you personally at all times.
    Encourage thinking and creativity, appropriate to the children’s ages.
    Encourage visits to/by children’s friends and relatives and initiate the development of children’s
    Ensure regular outdoor exercise for the children.
    Limit the exposure to television to specifically agreed upon programmes (e.g. Playschool, The
     Wiggles, Sesame Street).
    Deliver and collect children from kindergarten and liaise with the teachers, carers and parents.
    Supervise activities and be punctual at all times.
    Take the children on outings such as Playgroup, library, zoo, plaster master, Nannies group
     and other lessons as they arise in the future, reinforcing the teachings from those lessons in fun
    Take the children to Baby Health Centre/ Doctors when required.
    Teach the children discipline by encouraging understanding and responsibility for their own
    Instil in the children basic moral principles e.g., respect and honesty.
    Plan and prepare interesting, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks for the children.
    Tidy up/wash up family breakfast items.
    Ensure kitchen and living areas used by the children are vacuumed or swept and clean and tidy
     at the end of each day.
    Bathing each day after dinner: constant supervision is required for water activities.
    Washing, ironing, folding and putting away of children’s clothes and linen each day.
    Keeping the children’s rooms clean, tidy and organised each day (bedroom, bathroom and
     playroom); with their beds always to be made.
    Keeping toys and any other child related equipment clean and tidy each day.
    Cleaning up any child generated mess each day.
    Changing children’s bed linen once per week or more frequently if dirty.
    Grocery shopping for all children’s requirements.
    Care for the house, its possessions and the family. Keep in constant communication and
     consultation with the parents including structured reporting as to what the children are doing
     and what their changing needs are.

*** Keep a daily Nanny Diary for the parents to read. This should record daily events,
nutritional and Medical Information along with detailed descriptions of outings and
activities undertaken.

Household duties are:

     Washing, folding and ironing of children’s clothes as required.
     Wipe benches, empty dishwasher and light cleaning.
     Shopping as required (delivery can be arranged if necessary) as per lists to be provided and
      maintenance of staple items.

I ______________________________ hereby accept the above duties and responsibilities.

Signed:                                                                 Date:

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