1-1-12 Happy Hour by aerofan34

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									                                                           Happy Hour
                                                              Served Daily
                                                       3pm to 6pm & 9pm to Close

          Caribbean Sweet Potatoes                                     Crispy Asparagus
     tossed with brown sugar and cayenne pepper.          jalapeno marinated and hand-breaded asparagus.
    served with chipotle buttermilk dressing. 2.95                served with chipotle buttermilk
                                                                      chipotle dressing. 2.95
                 Westwood Pasta
      linguini pasta sautéed in a white wine sauce                  Pork Tenderloin Sliders
      with garlic, tomatoes, fresh basil, spinach,           two pulled pork tenderloin sliders topped
            feta and parmesan cheese. 2.95                 with house-made barbeque sauce and coleslaw.
                                                                  served with hand cut fries. 3.95

                   Turkey Cobb
  salad greens, turkey, apple-smoked bacon, tomatoes,                    Sweet Chicken
olives and bleu cheese crumbles tossed with our creamy         all white chicken tenderloins covered
               bleu cheese dressing. 3.95                       with a sweet thai sauce. served with
                                                                           white rice. 3.95

                    Fish Tacos
   sautéed seafood, hardwood grilled tomato salsa,                        Mac & Cheese
    napa cabbage and pico de gallo. served on corn         an old favorite, house-made to perfection! 3.95
                    tortillas. 2.95

                                                                          House Greens
      Artichoke, Spinach & Cheese Dip                              tossed with tomato, cucumber,
    a blend of cotija cheese, artichokes and spinach             homemade croutons, cotija cheese
     served with made to order tortilla chips. 3.95                and balsamic vinaigrette. 1.95

                   Caesar Salad                                           Cheeseburger
          crisp romaine, homemade croutons                quarter pound fresh ground chuck, cooked over a
         and our creamy caesar dressing. 1.95              hardwood grill, topped with tillamook cheddar
                                                             cheese, lettuce, tomato and bermuda onion.
        Barbeque Chicken Flat Bread                                served with hand cut fries. 3.95
  hardwood grilled flatbread topped with hardwood
    grilled chicken, scratch made barbeque sauce,                     Stuffed Mushrooms
      a blend of provolone, mozzarella cheeses                 yamhill mushrooms stuffed with italian
               and bermuda onion. 3.95                       sausage and served with chipotle aioli. 3.95

       Hardwood Grilled Chicken and                                 Chocolate Chip Cookie
                                                                    fresh baked made from scratch
            Cheese Quesadilla                                           chocolate chip cookie.
 tomato basil tortilla filled with grilled chicken and      (20 minute cook time, but worth the wait!) 1.95
 cheese, topped with cilantro sour cream. served with
hardwood grilled tomato salsa and pico de gallo. 3.95
                                                                        Soup of the Day
                  Crème Brulee                                          made fresh daily 1.95
      crème brulee caramelized to perfection and
      sprinkled with fresh in-season berries. 2.95

                         $1.00 off Draft Pints
               Happy Hour Available In The Bar Only. Not Available For Take-Out.
          No Substitutions. Not All Ingredients Listed. Must Be Consumed On Premises.
                        Minimum Beverage Purchase Of $2.95 Required.
                                       Premium Martinis
        Oswego Grill’s Famous Fruit Drop                           Peppermint Mocha
smirnoff vodka, with your choice of mango, guava,         espresso, stoli vanil, crème de cocoa,
passion, peach or mixed berry fruit puree. all hand       peppermint schnapps and cream with a
           mixed with fresh lemon. 7.95                       crushed peppermint rim. 8.50

                  Coconut Kami                                         Pear Cosmo
  absolut citron, malibu coconut rum mixed              absolut pear, triple sec, fresh pear puree,
 together with fresh lime and coco lopez. 7.50            cranberry juice and fresh lime. 7.50

                Melting Passion                                 Oswego Blushing Cosmo
   absolut vodka, passion fruit puree and a fire      grand marnier, stoli razberi, stoli ohranj with
             roasted jalapeno. 8.25                    fresh lemon, orange, lime and cherry. 10.50

                 Blueberry Drop                                       Ginger Pear
      smirnoff vodka, blueberry puree with a               absolut citron, stoli vanil, yazi and
                 sugar rim. 7.95                                    pear puree. 9.25

                                    Specialty Cocktails
                  winter daiquiri                                pomegranate sangria
      bacardi limon, grand marnier, cranberry         pascual malbec, pomegranate puree, fresh
           puree & sweet and sour. 9.50               citrus and house infused simple syrup. 8.25

                   grilled mary                                      blueberry sour
     house made fire roasted tomato mary mix,         stoli blueberry, midori and blueberry puree
            with absolut peppar. 8.25                        with a hint of fresh sour. 7.25

                  slate margarita                                   crafted basil
  classic 1800 margarita. topped with a splash of       tanqueray, fresh basil and strawberry
                parfait amore. 7.95                                  puree. 8.25

                famous fruit mojitos                               the black & white
    bacardi limon, fresh mint and your choice of         godiva white chocolate, stoli vanilla,
    peach, passion, mango, guava or mixed berry            alpenrose vanilla ice cream and
                  fruit puree. 7.95                           chocolate shavings. 10.00

                                        Winter Warmers
                 oswego steamer                                     blueberry tea
       kahlua, bailey’s and frangelico with               grand marnier, amaretto, hot orange
                steamed milk. 8.75                                 spiced tea. 8.50

                 hot buttered rum                                mediterranean coffee
bacardi and premium hot butter rum batter. 8.00       amaretto, tuaca and tia maria with hot coffee.
                                                           topped with whipped cream. 8.75
           house made hot apple cider
         your choice of traditional. 2.95                           moroccan coffee
     add caramel, peach or mixed berry. 3.45               bacardi 151, kahlua and bailey’s with
     add your favorite tuaca or brandy. 8.75          hot coffee. topped with whipped cream. 10.00

             Draft Beers                                           Bottled Beer
       widmer hefeweizen 4.25 / 5.00                   budweiser 4.75          amstel light 5.00
           coors light 3.50 / 4.25                      bud light 4.75        samuel adams 4.75
             ninkasi 4.25 / 5.00                         corona 5.00             heineken 5.00
         guiness stout 5.00 / 5.75
          stella artois 4.25 / 5.00                            clausthaler (NA) 4.00
        ask about our rotating taps.

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