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									How to avoid major future problems with the
assistance of a Chicago Traffic Attorney

Would you be willing to jeopardize your family, your job, your life for a
traffic ticket? Of course you wouldn’t!

Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping outside to get the mail. Among all the
other envelopes you notice one that causes chills down your spine! Yes, a traffic
ticket! It seems that parking your car in a restricted area last weekend wasn’t a good
idea after all! So what do you do now?

   a. You immediately arrange to send the money to pay the fine.
   b. You take a moment to think things out clearly and end up seeking the advice
      of a professional traffic ticket attorney.

Now, these are the facts. Nearly 96% of the people who receive a traffic ticket just
pay the fine without giving it a second thought. The irony is that most of these tickets
can be contested successfully in court. You can end up either paying half the fine,
receiving fewer points towards your driving record or even avoiding an insurance rate
increase. These reasons are definitely worth considering!

Chicago is a big city with many drivers and it is very logical for traffic to be
unbearable at times. In fact, according to the Texas Transportation Institute, Chicago
comes 7th in the cities with the worst traffic. So, it is very possible for someone to get
a traffic ticket on a daily basis.

                What are the most common traffic offenses?

   1.   Speeding
   2.   Illegal parking
   3.   Not stopping at a stop sign
   4.   Passing with a red light
   5.   Driving under the influence
   6.   Driving without a valid license
   7.   Illegal swerving
   8.   Not using a seatbelt
   9.   Driving without a license or insurance

Now you may ask…OK, what’s the big deal? It’s my first offense. This shouldn’t be a
big problem. I’ll just pay the fine and get it over with.

For minor offenses you will have to pay a small fine, appear in traffic court or attend
traffic school. But for more serious violations, you risk losing your license, being
imprisoned or being sentenced to community service. To really understand the
severity of the situation, here are some consequences of these offenses:
      Driving offenses remain on your record. If you get a traffic ticket for speeding,
       or using the wrong lane, this remains on your driving record for 4 to 5 months.
       However, if you are cited for a DUI, this stays on your record for your entire
       life. Everyone acknowledges the importance of having a clean record. It can
       make a difference in your personal and business life.
      Insurance rates increase. While you may feel upset and frustrated when
       receiving a ticket, this is not the case for insurance companies. Traffic
       offenses result in increases of insurance premiums and that can cost you
       hundreds of dollars depending on the situation.
      Possible imprisonment. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may
       receive jail time for your violation. For example, if you are convicted with a
       DUI and your vehicle is uninsured, that is a Class 4 Felony and it is
       punishable by 1-3 years imprisonment.
      Extremely harsh fines depending on the severity of the offense. Speeding 21
       mph to 30 mph above the speed limit results in a $140 fine. However, a DUI
       can cost you from $1000 to $1500, which is a considerable amount.

Obviously, it is much more risky to try and fight your traffic ticket alone. There are a
lot of things at stake. So, what should you do?

                            How to fight your traffic ticket

      First of all, you should be informed on which exact offense you are cited for.
       Make sure to understand exactly why you are being charged. Gather as much
       specific information as you can about the method of detecting, the time of
       day, your location, any witnesses, etc.
      Record all the relevant information about the court date and location and the
       violation terms.
      It is definitely against your own interest to just pay the fine. It is advisable to
       fight your case in court so as to avoid potential fines and most of all,
       consequences that may affect your life adversely in the future.
      The best course of action is to find an experienced traffic attorney whose
       legal experience and expertise will help you avoid major future problems.
       Most people are not familiar with the legal lingo used in courts. However, this
       is a clear disadvantage for someone who has decided to fight his ticket by
       himself. A traffic attorney who has prior experience in similar cases can
       undoubtedly help you avoid ‘traps’ and potential mistakes.

Regardless of how insignificant the violation, it usually requires you to spend time
(which is time away from work, home, family) and money. Having a traffic attorney on
your side can offer great assistance and money saving options in the long run. Next
time you get a traffic ticket, think twice! Why making your life difficult when you can
easily avoid hardships?

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