Saint Nicholas

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					Saint Nicholas
      The story of St. Nicholas..

• Nicholas was born in Turkey around
• His parents died when he was young
• He wanted to spend his money helping
• He helped a family by secretly giving them
     The story of St. Nicholas..
• Nicholas became a priest and then a bishop
• He became famous because sailors told
  stories about him as they travelled around
  the world
• Over 30 countries celebrate his day on 6th
• In the Netherlands everyone celebrates
  Sinterklaas by having parties and eating
  special food.
       Nicholas and the poor family

• Nicholas heard about a family who had lost
  their money.
• In those days, if you didn’t have money, your
  daughters couldn’t get married.
• This money was called a ‘dowry’. Without a
  dowry, the daughters would have to be sold
  as slaves.
• Nicholas secretly gave the family enough
  gold for all three girls to marry.
• The father hid one night to see who was
  giving them the money.
• He thanked Nicholas, who told him not to
  tell anyone.
           The Netherlands -
            a year in the life
            of Sinterklaas

• January - Sinterklaas rests!
• February - Sinterklaas travels around,
  watching to see how well children behave.
• November – Sinterklaas travels to the
  Netherlands from Spain by steamboat with
  his helper and his milk-white horse.
           Mid-November - 4 December

• Day - Sinterklaas and his helpers visit towns

• Night - Sinterklaas rides Schimmel to all the
  rooftops in the land.

• He drops chocolate letters, sweets and small presents down
the chimneys for children who have been good all year.

• Children leave out shoes by the fireplace, filled with a carrot
  or some straw for the horse.
         December 5th - evening

• Grown-ups and children exchange gifts
  called "surprises".
• They make up poems about their friends and
  family and secretly put them on the gifts.
• People read their poem aloud in front of
• Traditional sweets and baked goods are
  eaten and the adults drink mulled wine

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