Cell Analogy Powerpoint Project by jamesdauray


This project encourages students to formulate their own analogy to track the function of each organelle within a eukaryotic cell.

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									 Biology I Cell Analogy Project

 For this project, you are going to develop an analogy between all the organelles of the cell and
 another object or place everyone is familiar with. This can be a great help in remembering the
 function of all those organelles!

 Here’s an example:

 The cell is like an assembly line factory.

 …The boss of the factory would be like the nucleus, because he makes all the decisions about what
 the factory produces.

 …The blueprints and designs of the factory’s products would be like the DNA within the nucleus.

 …The nearby power plant that produces all the electricity used by the factory would be like the
 mitochondria that produces ATP for the cell.

 Try to think of your own, unique analogy and assemble it into a Powerpoint presentation to show
 your classmates. Use the rubric below for a guide on how to create your presentation.

You will be graded on the following:                                                              Points
   1. Cover Page                                                                                  5
      - Your Name
      - The name of your analogy
      - The name of this class and period
   2. Explain your Analogy                                                                        10
      - What are you using to represent the entire cell?
      - Are you representing a plant cell or an animal cell?
      - Show a picture of a cell and a picture illustrating your analogy example.
   3. Nucleus                                                                                     15
      - Explain the function of the nucleus and all its parts.
      - Explain what part of your analogy represents the nucleus.
      - Include the nucleolus, chromatin, nuclear envelope, and nuclear pores in your
      - Show a picture of your analogy.
   4. Organelles                                                                                  20
      - List each of the organelles, describe its function, and what represents this organelle
          in your analogy.
      - You should include the following organelles:
      - Plant cells: Mitochondria, central vacuole, chloroplast, Golgi, Smooth ER, rough
          ER, ribosomes, cytoskeleton
      - Animal cells: Mitochondria, vacuole, lysosome, Golgi, Smooth ER, rough ER,
          ribosomes, cytoskeleton
   5. Cell Membrane                                                                               10
      - Describe the cell membrane and what represents this in your analogy.
      - If you are using a plant cell, also describe plasmodesmata and cell walls.
   6. Speaking                                                                                    5
      -    Present to the class, speak clearly.
   7. Organization / Appearance                                                                   5
      -    The powerpoint is well organized, easy to read, and formatted.
                                                                          Total Points Possible   70

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