Roll of Thunder_ Hear My Cry - by yurtgc548


									This is a story about a black family in the south during the 30’s. The children
are beginning to figure out why blacks are treated differently. A former
plantation heir who is anxious to buy back the land his grandfather owned.
The Logan family will do anything to keep their land. Enough about the
family, this is really Cassie’s story. She has to figure out that whites think they
are they are better than blacks. Cassie has a fight with a girl who bosses her
around and makes Cassie do whatever the white girl tells her to do.
An unfriendly friend, T.J, who is in a life or death situation because of white
people. And the cotton could burn completely because of lighting and the
friend could die but, her mama says stay in inside the house!!! Will she listen
to her mom or go help T.J.?
Cassie Logan - The narrator of the story. Cassie is the second-oldest Logan child. She has a quick temper
     like her Uncle Hammer.

Little Man (Clayton Chester Logan) - Little Man is the youngest of the Logan children and is starting to
      understand why “blacks” are treated differently.

Stacey Logan - A curious thirteen-year-old boy who is the oldest child of the Logan family. He will go out
     of his way for friends and family.

Christopher-John - A cheerful seven-year-old who is the second youngest of the Logan children. He is a
     quiet character.

Papa (David Logan) - Cassie's father. He leaves to go to work on the railroad every day in order not to lose
    ownership of Logan land.

Mama (Mary Logan) - Cassie's mother and a schoolteacher. She wants her children to fight for what is right
   with their actions without violence.

Uncle Hammer - Papa's brother, Hammer lives in Chicago. He has a short temper.

Big Ma (Caroline Logan) - Papa's mother. A sixty year old woman who runs the Logan farm.
Lillian Jean Simms - A prissy seventh grader who is often rude to Cassie.

Melvin and R. W. Simms - The older Simms brothers who make trouble. They are white and pretend to be
friends with T. J., but make fun of him behind his back.

L. T. Morrison - A big, burly man who comes to work on the Logan farm and help protect the family .

Mr. Jamison - A local lawyer; a white man. His forefathers bought land from Harlan Granger, and helped
the Logan family get their land.

The Wallace family - The Wallace family runs a general store on Harlan Granger's land. They are violent,
brutal people.

Harlan Granger - A rich plantation owner who is really anxious to buy back the Logan's land.
      Mildred Taylor, author of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was born in Jackson, MS on
September 13, 1943. Then she moved with her family to Toledo, Ohio where she lived most of her
childhood. She went to a public school and went to collage in Toledo. After graduating from college
she joined the Peace Corp and spent 2 years teaching English & history. She moved to Africa, while
living there she observed black independence that reminded her of the stories and tales her father
told her when she lived in Toledo. When she returned to the U.S. to teach and recruit for the Peace
Corps. Then she studied journalism at the University Colorado, where she received her Master’s
degree. When attending the university, she joined the Black Student Alliance (BMS) and helped to
create a black studies program at the school. After graduating, she worked as a study skills
        Mildred decide to move to Los Angeles where she worked during the day and at night she
wrote; “From as far back as I can remember, my father taught me a different history from the one I
learned in school. By the fireside in our Ohio home and in Mississippi, where I was born and my
father’s family had lived since the days of slavery, I had heard about our past. It was not an
organized history beginning in a certain year, but one told through stories - -stories about great –
grandparents and aunts and uncles and other that stretched back through the years of slavery and
beyond. It was a history of ordinary people, some brave, some not so brave, but basically people who
had done nothing more spectacular than survive in a society designed for their destruction.”
- Mildred Taylor
In our ending Uncle Hammer tries to kill Kaleb Wallace. But
Cassie says, “No Hammer don’t kill him, go help T.J., he could die
and you just kill Kaleb just to let your anger out!” So Uncle
Hammer didn’t kill Kaleb and he went to go help T.J. Then the fire
started. Cassie just got back in time so mom did not see her outside
the house. And the fire got put out with the help of everyone . T.J.
did not get hanged, he went to the hospital because he was hurt
bad. Papa said that T.J. will go to the chain gang or to jail because
of his crime.
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