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					II. The research paper format required
 Cover page
 Abstract and keywords
 Text (without title)
     The size of the paper A4
     Times New Roman (12)
     Chinese characters: 宋体(小四)
     Space: 1.5
     Three copies
     Words: 2000-3000 (excluding Bibliography )
     Deadline for submission of theses: July 2002
1.    Cover (Page 1)
 a.   Title
 b.   School
 c.   Name
 d.   Supervisor
 e.   Date
Title:The Usage of Psychological Analysis
          English Reading Instruction
      School: Hubei Collage of Education

        Name: Huang Jianwu

      Supervisor: Yang Mingguang

           Date: June 30, 2001
2.      Acknowledgement (Page 2)

I am mostly grateful to my supervisor Professor Guide without
whose support and patience this project would not even have got
off the ground.

I am also grateful to my colleagues Li Yue, Song Qin and Wen Jing
for their time spent on brainstorming and panel discussions with

No amount of thanks will be adequate for my students without
whose willing participation in the project implementation it would
have remained on paper.

Last but not the least, big thanks go to my mother and my family
who have shared with me my worries, frustrations, and hopefully
my ultimate happiness in eventually finishing this project.
First of all I would like to give my thanks to my
supervisor Ms. Yang Mingguang for her patient
guidance and help with my thesis.

Meanwhile, I am grateful to Hubei College of
Education and all the teachers who have taught
me during the three years of study.
3.        Abstract (Page 3)
 Brief introduction to your thesis.
     An abstract of 200 words should be written at the beginning of your essay.
     One or two paragraphs should be enough.
     Abstract usually explains the writer’s motive, intention or purpose in
     discussing his or her topic, and its scope and focus.
     It also provides the background or the situation the reader may need.
     In other words, the abstract should make clear why the writer chooses to
     write such a paper and how much he or she intends to cover.
     It may raise some questions the paper is going to answer, or put forward
     the view or views it is going to elaborate.
     It may also make clear the method or methods of research the writer
     intends to adopt in the paper.
In English learning, Chinese people are easily to be interfered by the mother
tongue. That is because the elements from Chinese are used in the process of
English learning.

Since Chinese and English come from different families, they vary in many
aspects: pronunciation, morphology, syntax, vocabulary and meaning. The
greatest difficulty for Chinese people in English learning can be the interference
of their mother tongue. To some extent, the way of thinking is determined by the
native language. So English learning is often interfered by Chinese. Though
similar in some way, English and Chinese verbs in particular, have some subtle
but significant differences in semantic composition, bringing difficulties to
Chinese students in learning English verbs.

This paper discusses the differences between English verbs and Chinese verbs
in semantic composition, Chinese interference in English learning and the
effective way to reduce the interference.

Key words: psychological linguistic reading skill instruction
4.   Contents (Page 4)
Chapter I Psychological process of reading….1
Chapter II The psychological mechanism of
            reading and the controlling of the
            relevant factors..…………………….3
Chapter III Enlightenments of psychological
            mechanism of reading on English
            reading instruction…………………..6
Chapter IV Some suggestions on reading
Chapter V Conclusion…………………………16
5.   Text (Body without title)
            Chapter One
   Psychological process of reading

Reading is a psychological process. During this
process, readers get the information that the writer
expresses by interpreting ….
6. Documentation
 Endnotes and in-text citations
 Bibliography / References
7. Appendix
 An appendix is rarely necessary.
 Add one, however, if you have useful information long
 enough to impede the flow of ideas in the body of the
 Occasionally, an interested reader would appreciate the
 entire context of a document, letter, or extended quotation
 which has been referred to appendix.
  Head it “Appendix,” put a colon after it, and add a brief
 label indicating its content. If you need more than one
 appendix, label the 1st one A and the second one B.
 e.g. Appendix A:MLA Style
      Appendix B: APA Style

 The size of the paper A4
 Times New Roman (12)
 Chinese characters: 宋体(小四)
 Space: 1.5
 Three copies
 Words: 2000-3000 (excluding Bibliography )
 Deadline for submission of theses: July 2002

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