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									    Pearland ISD
 Career Preparation
Cooperative Education

   Career and Technical Education
 Pearland Independent School District
           1928 North Main
        Pearland, Texas 77581
                  Career Preparation Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a full year course that combines classroom study with paid career-
related work. Texas school districts are required by law to provide instruction in the Texas
Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in the courses they offer. Specific curriculum must be
taught throughout the entire school year in addition to the required work hours.

According to the Texas Education Agency guidelines, entrance into cooperative education
classes is only in the fall Semester.

       Each career preparation class utilizing the paid work-based learning delivery arrangement
       must consist of student participation in work-based training appropriate to the instructional
       program plus participation in related Career and Technology Education classroom
       instruction. Classroom instruction must average one class period each day for every
       school week and span the entire school year. (Student Attendance Accounting Handbook)

In addition, students must work 15 hours per week, 10 of which must be during the school week
(Monday through Friday). In order to get credit for the course, students must work a minimum of
540 hours in the school year. This is a mandatory TEA requirement and any hours missed due to
absences or extenuating circumstances must be made up by the last day of school.
                      Advantages of Cooperative Education

To the student, cooperative education

    Provides a realistic learning setting to measure interests and abilities.

    Develops an understanding of employment opportunities and responsibilities through
     direct work-based experiences.

    Provides basic information regarding the importance of making informed life choices.

    Develops work habits and attitudes necessary for individual maturity and job competence.

    Provides a laboratory for developing marketable skills, particularly for occupations in
     which no regular in-school instructional arrangement is available.

    Gives meaning and purpose to the theoretical assignments presented in the classroom.

    Provides firsthand experience with other employees, which leads to better understanding
     of the human factors in employment.

    Provides financial rewards while employment skills and understanding are being acquired.

    Provides an opportunity to participate in, and profit from, two types of learning
     environments – school based and work-based.

    Provides effective tests of aptitude for and interest in a chosen field of work.
                      Student Guidelines for Cooperative Training

1. Students are not guaranteed a job nor are they assigned a job. The coordinator may assist them in
   securing a job in an approved training station.

2. All students must adhere to all school rules and cooperative guidelines.

3. When co-op students are going to be absent from school, they must call their co-op teacher before
   7:00 a.m. OR e-mail teacher. Students must also call their work supervisor as soon as the business
   opens for the day. Leaving a message with a co-worker does not constitute employer contact. A
   supervisor or manager must be personally reached by the co-op student.

    Students may not go to work if they do not come to school. Exceptions are court appearance,
    medical appointments, or funeral attendance. This is a Texas Education Agency guideline and if a
    student wishes to receive credit for this program they must attend school to get credit for work.

                      1 Offense – warning
                      2 Offense – 2 hr Saturday D-Hall
                      3 Offense – 1 day of ISS (7:15 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.)
                      4 Offense – 3 days of ISS (7:15 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.)
                      5 Offense – Removal from program

4. Students who receive ISS must stay in ISS until 2:15. Unless arrangements or approval are made
   by student’s assistant principal.

5. Parents should not call employers about a problem. All concerns should be directed to the
   respective teacher/coordinator.

6. Students are required to have a reliable means of transportation and report to work on time every
   day—ready to work and learn.

7. Students should work the number of hours requested by the employer. Students must give
   adequate notice when asking for time off from work. (preferably 4 weeks in advance, minimum of 2
   weeks in advance) Company policy must be followed and requests should be put in writing.

8. Employers can require students to work on school holidays.

9. Co-op coordinators/teachers should be kept informed at all times of all situations related to
   student’s employment. Direct contact with the coordinator is required immediately if there is a
   problem. If direct contact is not possible, student must call and leave a message or e-mail co-op
   teacher immediately. If termination or quitting is involved contact must be made within 4 hours.

10. Unemployed students will work in a coordinator approved, unpaid community service position for a
    minimum of 15 hours per week, Monday through Friday, five days a week, until paid approved
    employment is secured.

11. If terminated, the maximum six weeks grade a student can receive is 65.

12. Students may be removed from Pearland ISD’s Career Preparation Cooperative Program for any of
    the following reasons:
        1. Failure to acquire employment within 15 days of the beginning of school.
        2. Any criminal offense (immediately).
        3. Excessive absences, 10 or more (at semester).

13. Students will participate in the yearly co-op employer appreciation program. Students are to
    contribute to the cost of this program. This cost will not exceed $20.00 per year.
                           Training Station Guidelines

1. The training station must be within a ten (10) mile radius of the high school that the
   student attends. All training stations must first be approved by the coordinator
   (before the student accepts employment) in order to be in the co-op program and to
   receive credit for the cooperative training program.

2. Students are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Of these hours, at
   least 10 must be worked during the school week (Monday through Friday) Also,
   students must be scheduled to work a minimum of three (3) days during the school week,
   Monday through Friday. This is mandated by the Texas Education Agency to receive
   cooperative course credit.

3. All training stations must be operated from a place of business which keeps regular
   hours, operates out of a site or office which is not a residence, has a supervisor on
   duty and have a phone in which the student may be contacted at all times. The
   business must also have a registered name and tax number. If a family owned
   business meets these requirements, the student must receive approval.

4. Any contract labor must be approved by the instructor beforehand.

5. All training stations must have a supervisor on duty at all times. The supervisor must be
   directly responsible for the supervision of the student/trainee’s performance on the job.

6. After a student becomes employed at an approved training station, he/she has five (5)
   days to fill out a new employer information sheet and begin entering this data into the
   computer. Failure to complete this step will result in a deduction of (4) four points per day
   deducted from his/her work average.

7. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all the requirements are met in
   order to receive credit for the cooperative program.

8. No student may be employed at a training station where a job requires delivery,
   driving a vehicle off the premises, or the majority of the employees time is spent off
   site from the main location. If the student is under 18 years of age, this is a violation of
   Federal and State Labor laws.

9. Students must maintain the confidentiality of their training station.
                            15 Day Employment Rule

 A student has only 15 school days at the beginning of the semester to find employment at
  an approved training station. The deadline for the fall semester is the end of the school
  day on __September 9, 2011__________________.

 During this time if the student does not actively and consistently seek employment
  each day, does not follow the guidelines given on the “Employer Contact
  Verification Sheet”, or does not find employment at an approved training station
  then he/she will be removed from the program.

 The coordinator must approve all training stations before the student will receive credit for
  employment regardless of employment status. The student must check with the
  coordinator before accepting employment.

 If a student becomes unemployed at any time during the school year, then he/she is
  to follow the appropriate steps outlined in the handbook.

 The “Employer Contact Verification Sheet” is due each Friday. Failure to turn in this form
  results in a 0 daily grade.
               Pearland Independent School District
          Career Preparation Cooperative Training Program

               Employer Contact Verification Sheet

                      Name of the Cooperative Student


Company      Name of the      Phone #       Verification   Date
 Name          Person                        Signature
             Employer Contact Verification Sheet Guidelines

 All parts of this “Employer Contact Verification Sheet” must be in ink.

 Each student who is unemployed for any reason must produce verification of a
   minimum of four verifiable employer contacts per day during the first five days of
   unemployment. Beginning with the sixth day of unemployment and continuing until the
   end of the unemployment period, a minimum of five verifiable employer contacts must be
   made per week.

 Students are to complete the first three columns. Individuals contacted at the business
   should fill out only the last two columns.

 Each time a student visits any business to seek employment, the student should be sure
   to get his/her sheet signed and dated. This includes return visits, interviews, or just simply
   checking student hiring status. It is recommended that a manager or supervisor sign
   the sheet because these are usually the individuals that do the hiring; however, any
   employee of the company may sign in order to verify the visit.

 Every blank on each line must be filled in with the proper information.

 The job contact will not count for credit if the date of the visit is altered in any way. This
   includes erasures, accidental smudges, marked out numbers, etc. If an accident does
   happen, the student should simply redo the information on the next line and have it signed
   and dated.

 Verification is only possible through signed and verifiable employer contact sheets.
   Companies, contacts, phone numbers, signatures, and dates of visits will be used by the
   co-op coordinator as follow-up information. This information must be complete, legible,
   and accurate in order to receive credit.

 The “Employer Contact Verification Sheet” is the only form of documentation that
   will be accepted as proof that the student is actively seeking employment. If the
   sheet is lost or misplaced, the student will not receive credit for those visitations.

 It is the student’s responsibility to show the “Employer Contact Verification Sheet” to the
   career preparation coordinator on a daily basis to receive credit for the work portion of this
   class. Failure to show verification to the coordinator for two school days in row will result
   in a loss of credit for those days regardless of whether proper signatures were obtained or

 For each day in which the proper verifications are not obtained, the student will have four
   points deducted from his/her final work average for the current six-weeks.
 All employer contact verification sheets must be turned in immediately upon
  gaining employment or at the end of the six-weeks, whichever comes first. No credit
  for the work portion of this class will be given unless all contact verification sheets are
  turned in to the coordinator and placed in the cooperative folder.

 Failure to follow any of the guidelines which relate to this form will result in a loss of credit,
  a failing grade for the six weeks, and/or removal from the cooperative program.

 If the information on this form is falsified in any way, the student will be liable and the
  result will be failure for the six weeks and dismissal from the cooperative program.
       Career and Technology Cooperative Education
                      Job Change - Procedure

The student must follow this procedure in order to change jobs and maintain a passing
grade in this class. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a 60 for the six weeks.
The teacher will initial and date each item as it is completed.

______ 1. Counsel with teacher/coordinator about potential problems/concerns.

______ 2. Schedule conference to discuss possible job change.

______ 3. Type a letter of resignation/two week notice (see example).

______ 4. Give teacher/coordinator a copy of resignation letter before giving to the
work supervisor.

______ 5. Submit letter of resignation to supervisor.

______ 6. Have supervisor fill out and sign “two week notice” form.

_______7. Student will also receive an exit evaluation from employer.

______ 8. Return “two week notice” form to teacher/coordinator.

_______9. Return exit evaluation from employer.

______ 10. Obtain another job in an approved training station prior to resignation.
Submit place of employment, phone number, and supervisor name for job
confirmation and approval.

_____ 10. Student is responsible for completing new training plan information
online (in classfiles) and printing, obtaining proper signatures and returning to

_____ 11. Training plan signed and on file.

_____ 12. All forms should be completed and turned in within 3 days of

_____ 13. Complete Training Station Report within 2 weeks of starting new employment.
        Career and Technology Cooperative Education
             Two Week Notice / Resignation Form

Today’s Date: ________________________________________

Student Name: _______________________________________

Company: ___________________________________________

Please initial:

_____________ I have received a resignation letter from this student.

_____________ I am requiring this student to work the required two weeks.

_____________ I am not requiring this student to work the required two weeks.

_____________ Date of last day expected to work.

_____________________________                 ___________________________
Signature of Supervisor                       Date

Phone Number

_____________________________                 ___________________________
Parent Signature                              Date

Phone Number

I certify that the above signatures and information is correct and valid:

Student Signature

Supervisor must sign and date to be valid.
Teacher will call to verify information and signature
                     Career and Technology Education
                      Sample – Letter of Resignation
Today’s Date

Name of Business
Manager’s Name
Business Address
City, Texas 77081

Dear Mr./Ms. _______________ :

Please accept this as my letter of resignation effective ____________________. My last
day of employment will be ____________________.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work for ___________________. I have
learned teamwork, responsibility, the importance of initiative and customer service. All of
these skills will benefit me in my future employment.

I would also like to thank you for working with my cooperative education teacher. Your
evaluation of me and the time you took to visit with my teacher helped me earn high
school credit. If I can be any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Sincerely,        Sign your name
                  here using blue ink.

Your Name

Remember to:
    Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling and format.
    Thank your employer for giving you the opportunity to work with them.
    Tell them a least 2 things you learned from them.
    Effective date should be 2 weeks from date of letter.
    Thank them for working with teacher/coordinator during the school year.
                    Guidelines for Students Ending
                     Training Station Employment


    1. Students who resign (quit) their jobs without proper notification/approval or
       who are terminated during a six weeks grade period (including the first or
       last day) will receive a 65 (IF it is earned through the average of all grading
       components) for that six weeks.

    2. Failure to notify the teacher/coordinator by the end of the next school day
       (following termination) will result in a grade of 65.

    3. Upon termination from a training station, the teacher/coordinator will contact the
       employer to review the circumstances of dismissal.

    4. Students are not allowed to change jobs in May.

    5. Effective immediately on the date of resignation or termination, the student must
       refer to the two sheets concerning employer contact verification and must follow all
       rules and procedures contained therein. During the time of unemployment, the
       student’s grade will be determined by the guidelines and documentation obtained
       on the employer contact verification sheets. The two sheets are titled as follows:
                Employer Contact Verification Sheet
                Employer Contact Verification Sheet Guidelines

    1.   Student’s Full Name _______________________________________

    2.   Today’s Date _____________________________________________

    3.   Last Day Worked __________________________________________

    4.   Why was employment ended? ________________________________


    5.   Supervisor _______________________________________________

    6.   Reason ______________________________ ____________________





    7.   Student Signature ________________________________________

    8.   Parent Signature __________________________________________

    9.   Teacher/Coordinator Signature_______________________________
                      Pearland Independent School District

State of Texas

County of Brazoria

                            Parental/Guardian Acknowledgment
                                For School Year ________

Name: ____________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
Date of Birth: _______________________________
School: ____________________________________

        I understand that as part of the Career/Technology Education Class,
_____________________, (name of class) my child is required to maintain a job which is
off school property. I further understand that my child is not required to take this class. I
understand that Pearland Independent School District (PISD) does not provide
transportation to and from the work-site for the work program my child has selected. I
understand that as a condition of participation in the _________________ class, my child
must obtain his or her own transportation from school or home to the work-site and from
the work-site to either school or home.
        I further understand that the PISD will not assume any responsibility in case of an
accident, injury, or other loss associated with the transportation of my child to and from
the off-campus work-site. I hereby release, PISD, its trustees, officers, employees, and
agents from any and all liability and any responsibility in connection with such
transportation to and from the off-campus work-site, and I agree to indemnify and hold
harmless all said parties from claims hereafter made or asserted on behalf of any person
where such claims arise out of an accident, injury, or loss associated with the
        I, the undersigned, have read this parental acknowledgment and understand all of
the terms. I have executed it voluntarily with the full knowledge of its significance.

                                                                      Parent or Guardian
                    Pearland Independent School District
                   Photograph/Video Student Release Form

The Pearland Independent School District has my consent to make (or authorize the
making of) a photograph or video of my child for any lawful purpose without further notice
to me (Sec. 26.009 of the Texas Education Code).

I also agree to hold harmless the Pearland ISD (including the Board of Trustees, agents,
officers, employees, contractors, attorneys, and others representing the District) from any
claims or caused directly or indirectly related to the photographing or videotaping of my

I do hereby waive all residual rights or claims, monetary or otherwise that might arise as a
result of any lawful use of the above-described material and do hereby grant permission
for the use of such material for any lawful purpose.

Please check and sign below:

_____________________ Yes, my child may be photographed or videotaped.

_____________________ No, my child may not be photographed or videotaped.

Name of Student


Parent or Guardian Signature

               Policies Governing Unemployed Students

   1. If a student is released from a job because he\she has been found guilty of
      theft\unethical conduct, the student is released from the program with no
   2. Students fired from jobs for reasons other than theft\unethical conduct, even
      though they go to work at another job, can receive a six weeks grade of no
      higher than 65 for the grading period during which they were fired.
   3. Students fired from jobs are expected to find their own employment within 10
      school days AND must document all applications\interviews while looking
      for employment.
   4. Students who are laid off will have ten days to find a job and the coordinator
      may assist them in finding a job. Grades will be dependent upon
      documentation of the student’s applications\interviews while looking for
   5. If a student quits a job without permission from the coordinator or resigns
      without coordinator permission—whether or not they have already secured
      another job, he\she will receive a six weeks grade of no higher than a 65 for
      the grading period during which he\she quit the job.
   6. If a student is fired and\or quits without permission from the coordinator 2
      times in a semester, he\she will be released from the program at semester for
      the fall semester. In the spring semester they will receive a 70 for the
      semester if they earn at least a 70.
   7. It is the student’s responsibility to DOCUMENT a firing, a lay off, or a
      resignation with or without coordinator permission and give the information
      in WRITING to the coordinator within one school day.

I understand that any time the co-op student is NOT employed in an APPROVED
training station, he\she is under the supervision of the co-op coordinator during
the student’s work periods. THIS MEANS EITHER YOU ARE OUT FILLING
OUT JOB APPLICATIONS, ON AN INTERVIEW or at an unpaid community
service position —not on “vacation”. IT MUST BE DOCUMENTED! You must
come by the coordinator’s classroom before you leave campus.

_______________________________             _________________________
Parent\Guardian Signature                   Student’s Signature

                                            Student’s Printed Name
                             Cooperative Education
                              Training Guidelines
                                Signature Sheet

I have received a personal copy of the Cooperative Education Training Guidelines for the
2011 - 2012 school year. I have read all of the guidelines. I understand the guidelines
and agree to follow them accordingly. I also understand that if I do not follow the
guidelines I may lose credit, receive a failing grade, and / or be removed from the

I understand that a copy of the guidelines is on the teacher webpage. I may have access
to the guidelines at any time through the internet.

My parent or legal guardian has read the document and agrees to the policies in the
guidelines and agrees to contact the teacher/coordinator before contacting the student’s
training station for any reason.

If a student is involved in forgery of signatures, lying, or intentional misrepresentation of
fact, or withholding important job related information to teacher\coordinator, they will
receive a grade no higher than 65 and may be removed from the program.

Please sign below and have your parent or legal guardian sign this sheet to verify receipt
and reading of the guidelines. This statement will be placed in your permanent
Cooperative Education file.

_____________________________________________                         ___________
Parent or Legal Guardian Signature                                    Date

_____________________________________________                          ___________
Student Signature                                                      Date

_____________________________________________                          ___________
Student Printed Name                                                   Class Period

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