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					Android Tablets or Phones
System Requirements
Android™ v1.5 (or newer)

   •   Download and install
         • OverDrive Media Console app for Android or from the
             Android Market

   •   Authorize Media Console
          • Tap menu icon
          • Tap App Settings on bottom of screen
          • Scroll down to Adobe ID
          • Enter Adobe ID and password
                 • If you already have an Adobe ID enter the email address and password associated with
                     that account – click on Authorize
                 • To create an Adobe ID –
          • Tap on Authorize
          • Tap on the back arrow to get to bookshelf

   •   Setup OverDrive Library
          • Tap menu icon
          • Tap on Get Books
          • Tap on Add a Library
          • Type Howard County into the search box and tap on Search
          • Multiple listing will display but tap on the 1st Howard County Library in the list
          • Tap on the star to save this to your list of libraries
          • Tap on Maryland's Digital Library – this will take you to the mobile version of OverDrive

   • Log into OverDrive
   Login allows Advantage titles to display, holds to be placed and wish lists to be created
           • Tap on Login
           • Select Howard County Public Library from the library drop down menu
           • Type in your library card barcode number
           • Tap on Remember me on this device (you won't have to enter your library card each time)
           • Tap Login
•   Search OverDrive
       • Tap on Home to see featured EPUB books or
       • Tap on Browse to browse by format or genre or
       • Tap on Search and type in title or author in the search box – tap Go
       • Tap on Show only available titles if you want a copy you can checkout now without placing a

•   Checkout a title
       • Tap on Add to cart
       • You have 30 mins to checkout or it's removed from your cart - if you wish to continue browsing
          tap on Continue Browsing
       • When ready to checkout – tap on Proceed to Checkout
       • Screen displays how many items you have currently checked out and how many titles remaining
          after you checkout this/these title(s)
       • Tap on Confirm check out
       • Tap on Download – (on tablets this will take you back to the app and your Bookshelf area and
          title will download)
                • on phones you should see the download symbol appear at the top of your phone in the
                     notifications area – tap on the title in notifications area)
       • Tap on title to open it and begin reading

•   Place a Hold
       • When desired title is found, tap on Place a hold
       • Verify that your correct, current email address displays in the email boxes or enter your email
           address into the email boxes
       • Tap on Place a hold
       • You'll receive confirmation that the hold has been placed with the option to continue browsing

•   Create a Wish list
       • When desired title is found, tap on Add to Wish List
       • You are then given the option to place a hold, remove it from the wish list or continue browsing
       • Title remains on wish list until you tap on Remove

•   To return an EPUB title early
        • Open OverDrive app
        • Hold your finger down on he title you wish to return
        • Options will appear
        • Tap on Delete
        • Tap on Return then Delete

       •   Expired titles will prompt you to remove them anytime you open the OverDrive app

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