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									Netbook, iPad or
Android Tablet:
Which Tool is Right for
your Student?
Evana Jacobson and Jessica Rigden
Independent Living Centre of WA
Is this the Right Tool for the Task?
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Where do you begin?
Human Activity Assistive Technology
HAAT model (Cook & Hussey 2002)
• A framework for understanding the place of assistive
  technologies in the place of the lives of those with disabilities.
• The model has four components – the human, the activity, the
  assistive technology and the context in which all three of
  these exist.
Student (Human)
• What are the student’s skills/ strengths?

Then consider…
• Does the student have motor impairments?
ataxia, fatigue, coordination difficulties, spinal cord injury,
• Does the student have sensory impairment?
Vision, hearing, touch
• Does the student cognitive impairment?
learning disability, ADHD, ABI, intellectual disability, dyslexia,
auditory processing disorder, autism
• Does the student have a communication impairment?

             A combination of these impairments?
                  Writing task
                Reading a book
         Answering a question in class
               WhatMath task your
                   is an activity in
               Oral presentation
            Organising homework
           Remembering homework
     Participation in a group assignment
 A test on a society and environment subject
            A chemistry lab report
                  Art project
          Media Studies assignment
Assistive Technology
                      • ACTIVITY
• Shelly is in year   writing
  10.                 • HUMAN
                      Memory loss, legibility of her writing
• She has an ABI.     • CONTEXT
                      Completing work in class
• Trouble             Specific time limit
  completing          • ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY OPTIONS:
                      Education software
  written work in     Scribe
  her classes.        Increase time to work
                      Portable Notetaker
Introducing New Equipment
 • Functional assessment
 • Trial of equipment
 • Active involvement of the user in choosing their
 • Training in using the equipment for the individual
   and their primary support networks
 • Equipment maintenance
   People change everyday
           Umberto Boccioni
Unique forms and Continuity in Space 1913
Finding the right tool for the task !
Product feature matching

• There are multiple products to choose from.
• There is not tool that works for everyone
• Compare and contrast the features
• Choose the least restrictive option
• Don’t ask for too many goals to be met at the
  same time ..
• Make sure the student wants the product
Which Tool?
   Netbook    Tablet
• Small, lightweight laptop computer
• Runs Windows or Mackintosh OS.
• Each OS has accessibility features to make the
  computer easier to use
• Has built in keyboard and track pad mouse with
  USB ports to plug in alternative mice and
• Compatible with all Education support software
• Compatible with switch access software &
                                          These are just a
Education Software                         few options!

 • TextHelp Read and Write     • Tar Heel Reader
   Gold                        • Read:OutLoud
 • Word Q

                               • Tobii Communicator
 • Dragon Speaking Naturally   • Boardmaker

 • Clicker 5
                               • Number Shark
 • Nessy Learning Programme

 • Switch It! Maker            • Myzone
 • Choose It! Maker
Literacy Support
TextHelp Read and Write Gold

Word Q
Clicker 5
• Writing support and multimedia tool
Dragon Speaking Naturally
Voice Recognition Software, converts speech into
text on the screen
Key points:
  • Quiet environment
  • Learning the commands
  • Learning dictation skills, including punctuation
    and flow of words
  • Editing and proofing work
  • Quality of voice
  Switch It Maker     Nessy Learning Programmes
& Choose it Maker 2
Netbook Accessories
•   Keyboards
•   Mice
•   Adaptor to connect to projector/monitor/TV
•   Headphones/microphones
•   Smart Pen
•   Mounts
•   Laptop stands
•   Switch adapter
•   Removable storage device
Tablet Wars
•   Touch screen
•   Lightweight, portable it can be used anywhere.
•   Cord Free – has a good battery life.
•   Menu is easy to navigate
•   There is a tactile home button that is used to go out of apps
•   There are some built in accessibility features within the iPad
    voiceover, zoom.
•   Password restrictions.
•   Apps can be stored on multiple iDevices – iPod Touch, iPhone
•   File Sharing requires access to a computer with iTunes loaded.
•   Apps can only be purchased on the iTunes Store.
•   None of the education software works on the iPad.
  iPad Apps
Communication   Handwriting   Talking Books   Productivity
Apps            Development   & Social        Apps
                Apps          Scenes Apps
iPad Apps
Mathematics   Scheduling and   Referencing   Concept
Apps          Organisational   Apps          Development Apps
iPad Accessories
     • Apple keyboards and
       Bluetooth keyboards
     • Stylus
     • Mounts
     • Durable cases
     • Adaptors for HDMI,
       SD card, USB (for
       camera only), VGA
     • BubCap
Common Apps
 • Dropbox
 • Evernote
 • Google              • Talking Books –
 • E-Reader (Kindle,     Oceanmedia Group
   Kobo readers)       • Skype
 • Tap to Talk         • Documents to Go
 • TASUC               • Alexicom
 • NeoSpeak            • Google
What is Android?
• Its an operating system owned by Google that runs on a
  number of different devices made by different companies
• Like comparing Windows operating system to Mac operating
Android Tablets
•   Motorola Xoom
•   Acer Iconia
•   Samsung Galaxy
•   Asus Eee Pad
•   Toshiba Tablet
•   Acer Internet Tablet
•   Lenovo Tablet
Android Features
• Highly customisable platform
• USB ports and HDMI ports – able to plug in a keyboard
• Flash Player support (for programs like Reading Eggs)
• SD card – expandable storage
• Multiple Android markets to purchase apps
• Download keyboard can be used in different apps
• Accessibility apps can work in multiple applications – voice
• Home Button, Back Button & Menu Button – on screen
• Keyboard Shortcuts
• Supports Microsoft Office Formats
Android Apps
• Accessible Keyboard apps Literacy Support Apps – that can
  work over multiple apps
• Interactive Books & Talking Books
• Productivity Apps (using Microsoft Office) – SwipePad
• Voice Recording Apps
• Note Taking Apps (typing w support or voice recording)
• Eyes Free Shell – voice activated navigation
• Accessible Web Browsers – gesture or voice search, typing
  search for spelling
• Apps designed for phones, may not enlarge in tablet formats.
• Concept Development Apps
Android Accessories
•   USB keyboards
•   Bluetooth keyboards
•   Limited range of cases
•   Stylus
•   Switch interface & switch (limited applications)
•   Waterproof cover
technology in your
                  ASK YOURSELVES …
       Is there Wi-Fi access for the student?
       Where am I going to charge this device
              Who is going to insure it?
  Who is going to purchase the apps or software?
   Is there IT support for us if we can’t work it?
      Can I use iTunes on the school network?
What type of tasks do I see using this in my classroom
  Who can I ask to help me see what options are
 Managing Tablets in Classroom
  Android tablets allow work to be    iPad’s tablets need access to
transfer on/ off the device through       a netbook or desktop
      a portable thumb drive                computer for file
Apps can only be purchased with a             management
  credit card – no voucher system      Wifi access for transferring
                                        documents on and off the
•Communication AAC to support new
  Is 13 years old
•teachers & school to understand Sam (uses
  Has Down syndrome
•sign & uniqueschool – making the transition to middle
  Attends a small language)
 Develop computer skills for mousing &
• Requires support to communicate
• Requires support to read and write
 Increase literacy opportunities
• Mobilses in a variety of ways - walker or w/c
 Learn to navigate a computer / internet
 Recreation options through technology
What did we come up with?
TASK : Communication
AT: iPod Touch & Proloquo2Go
Low Tech Supports
Video s of Sam’s unique language
Context: Mobile device that Sam could wear and carry with him around the

TASK: Computer Skills – mousing & keyboard
AT: Computer with one click mouse & coloured big keys keyboard
Context: Work tasks set at the computer, gradually building up his skills

TASK: Ongoing development of literacy skills
AT: School to start using Clicker 5, provided resource links to EA & teacher.
Context: Learning goals, would also include access to talking books and for
Sam to start making them in class.

TASK : Recreation & Media
AT: Access to an iPad for leisure
Context: the utilisation of the iPAD would be used for watching videos, playing
Video – Assistive Tech
           Ask yourself…
is this the right tool for this task?
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