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Several business owners are still sticking to their traditional means of marketing like word of
mouth, print ads, etc. But today the business world has completely turned into a technology
driven world. Whether you are running a small scale business, or a large scale business, you
definitely require a website to attract more customers. A business without a website is almost
like running a business without having your visiting card.

Websites have become an integral part of every business and also for several professions.
Website makes strong impression on the image of your company. It can promote your business
and expand your business worldwide. Nowadays, an up-to-date, well presented and an
interactive website is anticipated for most of the businesses and organizations by almost every

There are several options for website designing like Static Website Design, Flash Website
Design, Dynamic Website Design, and Hybrid Websites Design. The type of website totally
depends on the type of business you have. Earlier flash has been used by majority of the web
developers, as flash websites are very interactive and with ultimate visual effects. These
websites are mainly used by entertainment, game and animation industries. Today is the era of
smart phones, maximum youth access internet on their cell phones, the flash websites are not
that much compatible with the mobile phone operating systems. This makes HTML5 the best
solution for creating and organizing content in the browser across mobile platforms.

HTML 5 is very useful to represent your product or service in an innovative and attractive way.
It gives a unique and an innovative look to your website. Creating Animation in HTML5 with the
same quality as it is in Flash is quite easy and interesting. You can create amazing Effects/Styles
using CSS with the help of HTML5 easily. HTML5 supports dynamic graphic creation as flash
does but HTML5 does it more effectively. Flash is available with some mobile devices but
performance is low, HTML5 competes that way and performs commendably.

You can easily install HTML5 apps as HTML is supported natively by the web browser, and does
not require any installation. HTML5 offers advanced animation and media features in a cost
effective and an efficient way. For Rich Internet Application one should go for HTML5 Apps
Development. If you already have flash website then you can even convert your flash website
into HTML5. There are several services providers across the globe who give the service to
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