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Applied-Poultry-Science-PDP-2012-individual-assignment by keralaguest


									                          Applied Poultry Science PDP - Individual Assignment
                           Assigned to Participants for January-February 2012

Assignment description: Each applied poultry science project participant is assigned to develop some
type of tool designed for use by poultry producers (eggs, meat, feathers, hatchery, etc.) or a by professional
who works directly with poultry producers. The result could be a teaching aid, checklist, chart, fact sheet,
guide, plan, calculator, power point presentation, video clip, spread sheet, record sheet, template,
organizer, labor-saver, customer survey, online quiz, or another useful item. You are welcome and
encouraged to gather information and advice from others (both in and outside this professional
development group) as you develop this assignment. However, this assignment should be completed
as an individual. Individuals will be given full credit for their work. FYI - There will be another project
assigned in the Spring of 2012 as a group project (two or more people involved).

Select a project that is reasonable and doable in the time frame allotted on a topic in which you are
interested. Consider coming up with ideas by contemplating the needs of area poultry producers or their
viewpoint of the working group topics for this project. These working groups included educational outreach;
financial farm management; health/biosecurity; marketing; nutrition/feed; egg processing; meat processing;
production practices - equipment & facilities; and regulations. However, feel free to go beyond these
poultry-related topics.

If you need help in identifying a need or selecting a project, please feel free to contact Principal
Investigator, Richard Brzozowski, 207-781-6099.

Assignment Objectives: The objective or purpose of this assignment is two-fold. 1. Each project
participant will create a useful tool or information appropriate for New England poultry producers (or
agricultural service providers) that will be shared with other agriculture service providers in the region. 2.
Each project participant will gain knowledge or skill in some aspect of poultry through this experience.

Assignment Due Date: March 1, 2012

   1. Identify your project – give it an appropriate title
   2. Identify the purpose or objective of your project and include target audience.
   3. Create/produce the item and provide any sources used for its creation – giving credit to originators
       if applicable (including photos if applicable)
   4. Have others review your work and provide input
   5. After review by others, make adjustments to your work where applicable
   6. Submit your assignment (final product) for critique by March 1, 2012 to Richard Brzozowski,
       UMaine Extension, 75 Clearwater Drive, Falmouth, ME 04105 or
       Projects will be critiqued using the criteria listed below by a team of neutral parties as well as
       members of the project’s advisory team (comprised of poultry producers).
   7. Creators of the top three (3) projects will receive special awards.
   8. Each creator will receive full credit for their work

Review Criteria:
    1. originality, creativeness (20)
    2. sources/references identified and credited (10)
    3. usefulness to end user - appropriateness to intended audience/readers/users (30)
    4. clarity of message/purpose (20)
    5. attractiveness/appearance (10)
    6. professional caliber (10)

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