6-3-09 Minutes UV-WAC by keralaguest


									                                           UV W A C
                            UV Web Advisory Committee
                                  June 3, 2009
In attendance:       Anne Arendt                         Excused:        Tom Rasmussen
                     Laura Busby                                         Mohammed El-Saidi
                     Colby Callahan
                     Mark Crane
                     Jeanie Cranney
                     Nathan Gerber                       Absent:         Vince Fordiani
                     Kathy Johnson
                     Bob Rasmussen
                     Chris Taylor
                     Richard Portwood (for Trevor Tooke)
                     Ray Walker
                     Ian Wilson

1.     Welcome—Chris Taylor

2.     Minutes approval:
       ۰ May 6, 2009: Motion: Nathan Gerber; Second: Laura Busby. Motion passed.
       ۰ May 15, 2009: Motion with changes: Laura Busby; Second: Colby Callahan. Motion passed.

3.     Review of new Strategic Directions—Chris Taylor:
       ۰ Ray & Chris will be working on the wordsmithing of the mission and the strategic directions so
       we don’t have to take time in these meetings.

4.     Tactics or Tasks of the first strategic direction—Chris Taylor: The crux of the first strategic
       direction is to insure that we have accurate, relevant, consistent and compliant content. The
       discussion today was how to make that happen. Suggestions:
       A. Motivation--Create means to motivate end users to find inaccuracies.
               - Incentive contest:
                        Enter any errors found in a quarterly drawing--one entry for every
                        mistake reported.
       B. DeepTrawl (which WRS has just purchased three seats) is software that which will check:
               - Outdated content
               - Hyperlinks
               - Pages that download slowly
               - Valid images
               - Broken links
               - Pages not modified recently
               - Spelling
               - Multiple or identical or similar hyperlinks
               - Links to local files and local images
               - Profanity, sexual language
               - Possible credit card numbers
               - E-mail addresses
               - Specific URLs and links
               - Unusual file types
               - Standardization of the languages
               - Compliancy, etc.
          -No automated system will take the place of human intelligence.
          -They would like to break it down by sub-directory so content contributors can see
               what applies to them.
       C. Online survey—perhaps a link on all pages to gather feedback on each specific page
       D. “Brag Mark”—a notice on a page that shows that it was updated or certified on a specific date.
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       E. Education—People responsible for the content may not be aware of the technical issues or
                what their options are. Sometimes they may not know what to ask for. Teach them and
                let them filter it, not us.
       F. Content Community—(a developer or content contributor community)
                - A place where people can go for information and find out what’s new
                - Share ideas (Blog, Wikis, Facebook)
                - Newsletter or blog that content contributors and all people on-campus can give input
                - Super powered e-mail list
                - Funneled through Web Dev
       G. Processes Defined:
                - Process for page content upkeep--areas who don’t edit their own pages for whatever
                         - They don’t know how, would rather give it to another to do, don’t have time (not
                         - Do we need to go back and reassign who does what--who is doing what for for
                         - No follow-up or review—accountability, consequences and rewards
                         - WDS or WRS roles
                         - Understanding the variance of content contributors and site manager roles
                         - Give recognition/award to best-managed site
                         - Mechanisms for giving kudos to people
                         - Encourage empowerment and enablement
                         - Find out who has the pages and how many pages they have and publish it
                - Process for how to bring up web servers with proper approval and maintenance:
                         - Web editing
                         - Setting up web servers or apps
                         - Consider the monster you created and can you keep it up; if not, remove it
       H. How to get the right colors, etc.:
                - Consistency master CSS files or design sets inside body area
                - If you want one of these, they will create it
                - Fix up the Style Guide
       I. Utilizing students in digital media program:
                - Unpaid internships, class projects or senior project
                         - The problems are inconsistency and often they are not as useful to the class as
                                 first thought—does it increase the skills of their students
                - Perhaps use it as portfolio builder--provide opportunity for students to get experience
       J. Experts List—a contact list for key technologies
       K. Communication of new things
       L. Editing consultation—how to submit content for editing
                - Grammar
                - Writing, etc.
       M. Terminology/lingo guide—perhaps add to style guide—standardization of terms
       N. Ability to publish once to many places

Motion: Laura Busby made the motion that we spend the next few meetings going through the
remaining strategic directions, coming up with potential tasks and then deciding at the end of that
exercise what our key focus is going to be for the coming year on our tasks. The motion was seconded
by Anne Arendt. The motion passed.

Next meeting: Wednesday, June 17, 2009, at 3:00 p.m. in AB202.

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