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Fried ice cream


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									Fried ice cream

West Sumatera - Indonesia. Who says cold and heat can not be mixed. In province
West Sumatra, Indonesia, I found a cafe sales fried ice cream. Ice cream are wrapped by
a flour batter, and fried before eat. It's interesting, after I asked the seller what and how
the ice cream mixture, so that when ice cream is fried the ice isn't melt, ithe seller does
not answer a detailed explanation. Because they only sale, cann't produce. They got
supply dough from other hand. Their job only fry and sale.

If we see this Ice cream, after Ice cream being fried the flour in the outside feels like
soft bread. So after eating this ice cream you may feel full.

        kept in freezer

It also various taste provided, there are chocolate, vanilla, strawberries and also durian
(one of fruit from Indonesia). Ice cream is kept in the freezer. When a buyer coming the
ice cream is took, covered with egg batter and then fried.
The process of fry was not very long, only 2-3 minutes fried ice cream ready to eat
without feel hot.
After survey in some places that sell similar ice cream, they are supplied by same
suppier without knowing the process of making dough.
The price of a piece of ice cream is only Rp. 7000. This business is very rare, the seller
also claim to be selling fried ice cream is up to 50 pieces each day. Such an
interesting Food business.

             Durian taste
         Before fried

 the ice inside doesn't melt

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