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									                       1999-2000 STRATEGIC ISSUES
                               ACTION PLAN

Issue No.: 18                                      Vision Statement: Quality Service

Issue: Centralized Customer Service

Project Leader: Linda Piwonka, Director of OTIS

Team Members: Bruce Albright, Cathy Stark, Connie Hooks, Charlie Shear, Julie
Kuder, Lee Battle, Ric Ploeger, Jeff Kersten, Art Roach, Lance Simms, Bart Humphreys,
Olivia Burnside, and Kelley Chapman

Goal: Evaluate and implement any needed changes that improve citizens’ access to
customer service.

Seek citizen feedback to determine how different segments of the population wish to
access city services.
Present survey information and proposed implementation plan for
Customer service delivery changes to City Council
Implement approved plan
Review effectiveness

Milestones:                                                       Date:
Present Draft Action Plan to Council                              Done

Form Staff Task Force to Develop Survey                           Done

Form Staff Task Force to begin review of current
Customer handling processes for immediate
opportunities for improvement                                     Done

Review use of technology to improve customer
access to services                                                Done

Review use of volunteers to improve customer handling             Done

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Conduct Special Customer Service Survey                           Done

Present Survey to Council                                         Done

Hold Workshop with Council to seek feedback regarding
Implementation strategies                                         November 1999

Present final implementation plan , including any budget          December 1999
Requirements for Council approval

Estimated Costs: * $10,000 ** $148,600(over 3 years)
* Represents only the costs for conducting the survey.
** Possible technologies to provide, fax on demand services, and interactive services via
   the phone, internet, etc.

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