How to Make money by blogging

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					 How to Make money by blogging
Creating a blog is easy and free. Many websites give
the opportunity to the users to create blog free and
they have easy management tools so that it takes
only a few clicks to create a blog. You can earn
money from your blog by placing third party ads.
There are several ad provider companies who will
place ads in your blog and you will get commission
by showing their ads. Adsense is the best advertising
program but there are many others you can try.

If you live in a country like Bangladesh where English
is the second language, you may want to improve
your English writing ability at first. Now think or find
out by questioning yourself on which subject or topic
or area you have knowledge and interest. You have
to select a topic where you have very good
knowledge. The topic can be anything. Think about
your hobbies. If you like to play chess then you can
select chess as your topic.
If you like gardening then this topic is very good as
well. Simple thing is you can select any subject
which you have knowledge and interest.

After you select the topic choose a blog site to create
your blog.,* can be
good for your blog. Just visit their website and follow
their instructions to create a new blog. You have to
choose a name for your blog related to your blog
Now that you have a blog site, what you have to do
now is posting articles in your blog. As you have
knowledge in the area you selected so you can write
whatever you know about the topic. Browse internet
for more information about the subject, user
reference books that you have. Do not copy directly
from other articles or website. Gather knowledge by
reading and then write in your own language. Your
target will be getting search engine traffic as this is
the best way to get visitors in your blog. Although
this in not very easy to do. You have topost unique
writings in your blog. Search engines hate duplicate
contents so avoid copying directly from other

Post new writings in every 2/3 days or in a week at
least. First few months do not think about any ads or
income. Do not place any ads within first few
months. Keep posting informative, unique contents
as much as you can within first few months. Within
few weeks or months search engines will index your
blog and you will start getting traffic from search

You can promote your website in various ways. In
Bangladesh, like in any other countries, you can
send press release to different newspapers like
Prothom alo, Jugantor etc. They publish such press
releases for free. And it is a good way of advertising
blog website for free. However, most importantly, if
your blog has real and useful contents you will get
visitors naturally. And your income depends on the
number of visitors. Remember to keep posting in
your blog when you get time.

When your website or blog is ready with many
informative and useful topics you can start moving to
earn some cash from your blog. Register in adsense
from here you
will be prompted to enter your website. Give your
blog link as your website. They will review your
website and after review if they find your site is a
quality website they will approve your account. If
you have made your website as I said earlier your
website is good enough for getting approval. You will
be notified by a mail and your adsense account will
be created. There are many rules of adsense that
you have to follow strictly. When you register with
adsense, give them all the real and genuine
information about you like your name, address any
bank details etc.

Now you place ads in your blog and let the income
coming in your account.

*Note: Do not use for your free blog
creation. You cannot put any adsense, affiliate link,
or any Pay per click ads on WordPress free blog site.
This is against the terms and condition of Use instead.

However if you have your own domain and hosting
you should install WordPress blog from in your hosting server. In that case
you can put adsense and other affiliate ads on your
site. WordPress blog is a really powerful, nice and
easy to use blog creating toos and it is free.

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