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					Fabulous Foods &
 Glorious Gifts
                                                                 Killer Brownie®
                                                                 Our exclusive, multi-layer brownies are big (each weighs
                                                                 approximately 1/3 lb), moist, and rich – the ultimate treat for
                                                                 the most discriminating chocoholic! Available in trays for your
                                                                 party or in a decorative tin for gift giving.

                                                                 Let one of our pastry chefs help plan the dessert for your
                                                                 next party. We offer a full line of traditional French pastries
                                                                 all made from scratch with clean, all-natural ingredients.
                                                                 Our pastries are not overly sweetened with a lot of sugar to
                                                                 overcome the taste of poor ingredients, but instead you will
                                                                 notice that you are tasting the fresh ingredients!

Laura’s Cookies
These soft, sour cream-based sugar cookie are hand-rolled and decorated by Laura and her staff. Beautifully designed with
a unique almond-flavored frosting, these cookies are available exclusively at Dorothy Lane Market. They are perfect for any
occasion and can be personalized for your special events, such as a wedding or baby shower.

Artisan Breads
Having a party? Need bread? Good, crusty, real bread? We bake ours fresh seven days a week. All of our Artisan Breads
are made using only the finest ingredients such as King Arthur Flour. It is also made with time-honored traditions, such as a
three-day slow fermentation for most doughs, and it is always baked the same day you buy it.

Cakes by DLM
DLM specializes in gourmet as well as delicious traditional, specialty, and
wedding cakes. We take pride in our ingredients and quality to deliver to you
the best product available.

Traditional Cakes
Traditional light and moist, trans fat-free white, chocolate, yellow, or swirled
marble cake topped with buttercream icing.

Wedding Cakes
Months of planning escalate to that one special day worth a thousand memo-
ries and smiles, your wedding day. The wedding cake is at the top of the
preparation list among booking a venue, flowers, and invitations. It’s the cen-
terpiece of your event. Whether your wedding will be small or large, Dorothy
Lane Market would love to help by awing all of your guests. Every bride has a
vision of her wedding cake design, and we at Dorothy Lane Market would be
happy to customize your cake for your special day.

Add a delicious filling of real fruit (strawberry, raspberry, or tangy lemon) or
chocolate truffle to almost any cake for an additional tasty surprise. Cakes are
priced by size and complexity of decoration. Call the store nearest you and ask
for the Bakery Department for additional information on our decorated cakes.
             Produce Baskets
                        dlM Original
                         Our most popular basket consists of a combination of delicious seasonal fresh fruits — extra-
                       fancy apples, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, pears, bananas, and grapes. In the summer, peaches,
                    nectarines, plums, and other fruits are added. Baskets may be wrapped with red or amber film and
                    topped with a beautiful bow.

                    classic Basket
                    Extra-fancy oranges, a variety of extra-fancy apples, tangerines, pears, grapefruit, and grapes are
                    placed in this attractive reusable basket (other fruits may be substituted in the summer). Each Classic
                    Basket is wrapped with red or amber film and topped with a beautiful bow.

                   Organic fruit Basket
                  Filled with naturally good organic fruits of the season. Call for pricing.

              the Ultimate Basket
            Let us custom design one for you! We’ll fill it with hand-selected, lush, perfectly ripened fruit. Wine, candy,
           perishables, and gourmet foods may be included. Bushel and half-bushel baskets are available.

Floral Gifts & Gift Baskets
We custom design unique floral arrangements, planters, corsages, and boutonnieres for all occasions: anniversaries,
birthdays, business functions, funerals, holidays, and proms. Available for your shopping convenience: roses, fresh-cut
flowers, arrangements, potted plants – both foliage and flowering, and gift baskets.

custom-designed gift Basket
We custom design gift baskets for all occasions — birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, house-
warmings, births, thank yous, and all of life’s celebrations. Let us help make these occasions

dlM snack Basket
 Chock-full of delicious DLM signature items: DLM Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets, DLM Cham-
      pagne Mustard, DLM Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, DLM Mixed Nuts, DLM Texas Joe’s
         Salsa, DLM Chocolate Bars by Ghyslain, and DLM Mints, all in a beautiful basket.

                Ohio Basket
                  Our most popular basket is filled with products made in Ohio. Esther
                   Price Chocolates, DLM Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, The Pine Club House
                      Dressing, Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce, and DLM Old-Fashioned
                        Preserves or Jump’s Gourmet Almondized Peanuts are placed in a
                         reusable basket.

                            we deliver!
                            Oakwood, 2710 far hills ave. (937) 299-3561
                            Washington square, 6177 far hills ave. (937) 434-1294
                            springboro, 740 n. Main street (937) 748-6800
                             The information and prices contained in this brochure are subject to change without notice.
                             Please check with any of our stores to obtain the most up-to-date information and prices.
Deli Trays & Platters
Turkey                                       Meat & Cheese Tray                           Fruit &
Hye Roller Tray                              Overflowing with DLM Uncured Smoked          Cheese Tray
DLM Turkey Breast, provolone, cream          Ham, Deluxe Roast Beef, Turkey Breast,       An attractive arrange-
cheese, fresh spinach, roasted red pep-      Corned Beef, sliced Swiss and Cheddar        ment of strawber-
pers, alfalfa sprouts, and sunflower seeds   cheeses; garnished with grape tomatoes.      ries, honeydew, red
rolled together in a cracker bread.          Minimum order 5 people.                      grapes, cubes of
Small serves 6–8. large serves 14–16.                                                     Yellow Cheddar, Muen-
                                             Cheese Tray                                  ster, and Domestic
Vegetarian                                   An assortment of five kinds of cubed         Swiss cheeses. Mini-
Hye Roller Tray                              cheeses surround a beef cream cheese         mum order 5 people.
Spinach, alfalfa sprouts, cream cheese,      ball and grapes. Popular cheese choices
sunflower seeds, avocado, carrots, black     are: Domestic Swiss, Yellow Cheddar,         Fruit Tray
olives, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and     Muenster, Colby, and Monterey Jack with      Sweet and refreshing
tomato rolled together in a cracker bread.   Jalapeños. Sliced cheese tray with grapes    fruit, including cantaloupe,
Small serves 6–8. large serves 14–16.        also available. Small tray serves 10–15.     watermelon, strawberries,
                                             large tray serves 25–30.                     honeydew, and pineapple, with a
Prosciutto & Melon                                                                        light fruit dip garnished with grapes.
Our imported prosciutto wrapped              Condiment Tray                               Minimum order 5 people.
around cantaloupe, placed on a bed of        To accompany your favorite sandwich,                                                       Ultimate
lettuce. Minimum order 10 people.            we have crisp leaf lettuce, pickles, and     Deviled Egg Tray
                                             tomato and red onion slices arranged on      An old family favorite! 24 pieces.
Olive Tray                                   a tray. Minimum order 5 people.
Greek mix (contains pits), blue cheese-                                                   Small Vegetable Tray
stuffed, almond-stuffed, picholine, and      Relish Tray                                  Broccoli, cucumber slices, grape toma-
pitted Kalamata olives, served on a bed      Green olives, black olives, dill pickle      toes, carrots, and celery surrounding a
of lettuce. Other varieties available.       spears, artichoke hearts, and sweet pick-    vegetable dip or DLM Hummus.
Serves 10–15.                                les on a bed of lettuce. Small tray serves   Small tray serves 10–15.
                                                     10–15. large tray serves 25–30.
                                                                                          Large Vegetable Tray
                                                                                          Broccoli, cauliflower, red and yellow
                                                                                          pepper strips, cucumber slices, carrots,
                                                                                          celery, and grape tomatoes surrounding a
                                                                                          vegetable dip or DLM Hummus.
                                                                                          large tray serves 25–30.

                                                                                          Gourmet Vegetable Tray
                                                                                          Crisp garden vegetables consisting of
                                                                                          fresh sugar snap peas, red pepper strips,
                                                                                          zucchini spears, fresh asparagus spears,
                                                                                          cauliflower, and snow white mushrooms,
                                                                                          presented with a dill dip or DLM Hum-
                                                                                          mus. Serves approximately 15 people.

                                                                                          A fiesta of flavors consisting of seasoned
                                                                                          bean dip, guacamole, sour cream,
                                                                                          Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses,
                                                                                          chopped scallions, tomatoes, and ripe
                                                                                          olives. Serves 10–15 people.

                                                                                          Imported Cheese &
                                                                                          Fruit Tray
                                                                                          A DLM exclusive! A wedge of Brie, Top
                                                                          Vegetable       Hat Cheddar, Saint-Paulin (semi-soft
                                                                    the                     Mini sandwiches
                                                                     Ultimate               24-hour notice
                                                                     sandwich               Meats and cheeses on mini
                                                                         24-hour            rolls or croissants (call for cur-
                                                                          notice            rent selection). Minimum order
                                                                          A caraway         10 sandwiches.
                                                                          seed- and ko-
                                                                         sher salt-topped   sandwich Buffet
                                                                         loaf of braided    24-hour notice
                                                                        French bread        includes two mini sand-
                                                                      overflowing with      wiches per person with
                                                                     sliced DLM Turkey      your choice of rolls, cros-
                                                                   Breast, Deluxe Roast     siants, or pretzel slyders and
                                                                 Beef, DLM Uncured          your choice of meat or dlM
                                                               Smoked Ham, provolo-         salad: DLM All-Natural Turkey
                                                             ne cheese, tomatoes, leaf      Breast, Roast Beef, DLM Uncured
                                                          lettuce, and Dijon mustard.       Smoked Ham, Chicken Pecan Salad,
                                                      Greek olive mix placed in the         Chunky Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad,
                                                  center. Serves 10–15 people.              or Egg Salad, and choice of cheese:
                                                                                            provolone, Cheddar, Swiss, and Ameri-
                                              pretzel                                       can. choose two dlM salads: Broccoli
French cheese), and Huntsman (robust          sandwich                                      Raisin, Pine Club Pasta, Classic Potato,
blue Stilton layered with smooth, mellow      Layers of DLM Uncured Smoked Ham,             Homestyle Coleslaw, Seven Layer, Man-
double Gloucester), with clusters of red      DLM Wood Smoked Uncured Turkey                darin Orange, or Tossed (may vary by
grapes and strawberries.                      Breast, Hard Salami, mozzarella cheese        season) to go with your sandwiches. for
Serves 15–20 people.                          with honey mustard, lettuce, and tomato.      dessert, choose one: half an Original
                                                                                            Killer Brownie®, Oreo Ball, Buckeye, or
antipasto tray                                Serves 25 people.
                                                                                            Amish Cookie. We provide all the paper
Our finest Italian selection of Sopressata,   Bread Bowl dip                                products, too – everything you need!
Bianco D’Oro Salami, imported Parmigia-       24-hour notice                                Minimum order 5 people.
no-Reggiano, provolone, Kalamata olives,      DLM Spinach Dip inside a round loaf of
Greek olive mix (contains pits); surround-    DLM Pumpernickel Bread, surrounded by
ing fresh mozzarella and roasted red          extra bread to use as dippers; arranged
peppers. Small serves 10–15 people.           on a tray.
large serves 15–20 people.                    Serves 10–15 people.
nibbler tray                                  BBQ Meatballs
Bite-size pieces of our own DLM All-Nat-      Savory meatballs are served
ural Turkey Breast, DLM Uncured Deluxe        with Jack’s Grill Original
Ham, Hard Salami, Monterey Jack with          Grilling Sauce. Approxi-
Jalapeños, Domestic Swiss, Yellow Ched-       mately 10–12 per
dar cheese; garnished with leaf lettuce       pound.
and ripe grape tomatoes. Small serves         Minimum one
10–15 people. large serves 15–20              pound.

snacker tray
This flavorful tray includes our own DLM
All-Natural Turkey Breast, DLM Uncured
Deluxe Ham, Hard Salami, Monterey Jack
with Jalapeños, Domestic Swiss, Yellow
Cheddar cheese; along with cauliflower,
baby carrots, celery, and grape toma-
toes as a garnish. Small serves 10–15
                                                  Meat & Cheese
people. large serves 15–20 people.                     Tray
Fine Wines
At Dorothy Lane Market, we take pride in our large and dynamic selection of wine. Our buyers are con-
stantly using all available resources to bring you Dayton’s finest selection. Our full-service wine facilities
offer many services above and beyond the “typical” supermarket. Some services include:
        • One of Dayton’s largest temperature-controlled fine wine cellars.
        • Large selection of Champagne, including Dom Perignon.
        • Full-time trained wine staff to assist you in purchases.
        • All wine orders can be chilled upon request.
        • Delivery of wine gifts to anywhere in Ohio (fee applies).
        • An excellent selection of hard-to-find premium wines from the major wine-growing
          regions throughout the world, with some vintages going back to 1945!
        • 10% discount on case wine purchases.

Meat & Seafood
                                               heavenly ham®
                                               Our exclusive, fully cooked, spiral-sliced, honey-glazed Heavenly Hams are ideal for
                                               holidays and special occasions, as well as everyday meals. The finest American hams are
                                               used, and their natural flavor is enhanced by slow, dry, mild curing and hickory smoking.
                                               The spiral-cut, uniform slices are easily released from the bone with just the touch of a
                                               knife blade. Heavenly Hams can be shipped anywhere, weather permitting.

                                               shrimp tray
                                               Succulent jumbo shrimp (five per person) accompanied by cocktail sauce and garnished
                                               with lemon slices.

                                               smoked salmon tray
                                               Selection of hot and cold smoked salmon and smoked salmon spread. Beautifully ar-
                                               ranged and garnished with lemon wedges, capers, and dill. Serves 8
great food travels Well!
Share your passion for great food with friends and family who can’t
shop at our stores! Our website features many wonder-
ful items that we can ship to friends or family, or even to your own front
door! At you can choose from hundreds of items,
such as our artisan breads, extra-virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, do-
mestic and foreign cheeses, tasty olives, unique salts and seasonings, fruity
preserves, luscious chocolates, and even kitchen essentials.

       Oakwood, 2710 far hills ave. (937) 299-3561
       Washington square, 6177 far hills ave. (937) 434-1294
       springboro, 740 n. Main street (937) 748-6800 •
Deli Department                                                                                                Bakery Department
                                                        $28/small                                              Original Killer Brownie® Tray                            $25.99
Turkey Hye Roller Tray
                                                                                                               Assorted Killer Brownie Tray    ®
Vegetarian Hye Roller Tray                                                                                     Customized Killer Brownie® Tray                          Call for prices.
                                                                                                               Killer Brownie Gift Tin
Prosciutto & Melon                                      $3.75/person (min. 10 people)
Olive Tray                                              $30
                                                                                                               Floral Department
                                                                                                               Custom-Designed Gift Basket                              Prices start at $25.00. Call for details
Meat and Cheese Tray                                    $5/person
                                                                                                               DLM Snack Basket                                         $54.99
Cheese Tray                                                                                                    Ohio Basket                                              $36.99
Condiment Tray                                          $1.50/person (min. 10 people)                          proDuce Department
Fruit & Cheese Tray                                     $3.75/person (min. 10 people)                          DLM Original Fruit Basket                                $29
Fruit Tray                                              $3.50/person (min. 10 people)                          Classic Basket                                           $35
Deviled Egg Tray                                        $20 (24 pieces)                                        Organic Fruit Basket                                     Call for details and prices.
                                                        $25/small                                              The Ultimate Basket                                      Prices start at $60. Call for details.
Vegetable Tray
                                                        $45/large                                              meat & SeaFooD Department
Gourmet Vegetable Tray                                  $55                                                    Whole or Half Heavenly Ham®                              $5.99/lb
Imported Cheese & Fruit Tray                            $50                                                    Ahi Poke Tray                                            $32.99 (serves 15)
Olive Tray                                              $30                                                    Shrimp Tray                                              $5/person
                                                        $26/small                                              Smoked Salmon Tray                                       $59.99 (serves 8–10)
Relish Tray
Antipasto Tray
Nibbler Tray
Snacker Tray
The Ultimate Sandwich           (24 hr notice)          $55
Pretzel Sandwich                                        $55
Mexican Appetizer                                       $25
Bread Bowl Dip                                          $25
BBQ Meatballs                                           $8.99/lb (min. 1 lb)
Mini Sandwiches         (24 hr notice)                  $3 each (min. 5 sandwiches)
Sandwich Buffet        (24 hr notice)                   $12.00/person (min. 5 people)

  oakwood, 2710 Far Hills ave. (937) 299-3561
  Washington Square, 6177 Far Hills ave. (937) 434-1294
  Springboro, 740 n. main Street (937) 748-6800 •
  The information and prices contained in this brochure are subject to change without notice. Please check with any of our stores to obtain the most up-to-date information and prices.

                                                                                                                                                                                                updated 09/15/2011

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