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       Corporate Gifting Tips                                     Perfect Pairing
Buying the perfect corporate gift for your clients has never
been easier with the vast selection of gift ideas we offer.      Wine Gift Basket
Before you set out to find the perfect corporate gift for your
clients, know the essentials of corporate gift buying.
    Use Hand Written Cards: It's far too easy in this
    technological age to simply send a card with your gift
    and signature. For a more lasting impression, add a
    hand written note sharing your thoughts. You can write
    the cards and we can include them with the gifts.
    Personalize it: You can brand it with your company
    name, logo and colors. We will put your branded
    promotional items inside each custom basket, theme it
    with your company’s colors, and make your company
    logo the first thing your clients see when they receive
    their custom corporate gift basket. Include custom
    printed wine, champagne and beer with your gift for a
                                                                 If you are considering sending a wine
    Have you gift list ready: You checked it twice, saw          gift we would like to recommend our
    who was naughty and who was nice. By making sure all         newest wine gift basket, available just
    the addresses are current and correct, you avoid hassles     in time for the holidays. The Perfect
    and delays in shipping.                                      Pairing Wine Gift Basket perfectly
                                                                 incorporates all the best flavors to
    *You won’t have to place a separate order for each
                                                                 enhance your wine choice. If you
    recipient. You can fill out our simple spreadsheet and
                                                                 choose, you can use our option to
    we can take care of the rest.                                select our personalized wine and
    Plan ahead: Most gifts can take at least a week for          make it a truly memorable gift.
    shipping, you can order early and we can send the gifts
    out for you, exactly when you want them to arrive.
Not only will your gifts be hand-made with the utmost              NEWSLETTER COUPON
attention to detail, you will have the confidence of knowing
that your gift program is in the hands of specialists, Gift

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