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					What is Crochet?

In the early 1800s, lace made materials are much expensive than the
crochet products. In Europe, some communities use crochet products to
identify their social status, which only indicate that they can afford
crochet products and other lace made items. The craft of crocheting only
requires less expensive supplies and materials, which are commonly
threads and yarns that they can purchase in nearby markets.

Many assume that the craft of crocheting and knitting evolved in
countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. They have come up with
this theory because of the cultural tradition of clothing used by the
people living in these countries. Many experts also say that the craft of
crocheting was more essential to bend the forefinger rather than its
necessity for creating crochet and knitted products.

In the early periods of imperialism, where the art was practiced in the
western part of Europe recognize crocheting as the main source of
livelihood among people living in villages and communities. Most
royalties consider wearing a crochet product symbolize wealth and power.
During these days, crocheting and knitting is the pleasure of many
people. It has developed as an art of creating very good crochet crafts
and designs.

A person can acquire a variety of yarns and threads that are used to make
a crochet product. There are different textures and colors he may choose
depending on the type of pattern or design that he will create. There are
basic types of yarns that are in the market nowadays. He may find
baby/fingering, worsted weight, chunky, sport/baby, and the bulky types
of yarns, which are commonly used in crocheting and knitting.

Yarns are typically labeled by their types to distinguish the yarns’
quality. This helps in identifying which specific yarn would be suitable
for a particular crochet product. Moreover, a person may also need to
know the amount of skein, care instructions, gauge, and the fiber content
of the yarns.

Here are some other supplies aside from the yarn that are needed to
create a particular crochet product.

1. The knitting needles are very essential in crocheting. They are
commonly straight aluminum, wooden and plastic made materials. They can
be availed in different sizes from 2 millimeters to 15 millimeters. They
are purchased in pairs where they feature a knob and pointed edges. This
design was made for preventing the needle to slide when it is left on the
unfinished crochet product.

2. The crochet hooks are used in catching the loops of thread used in
crocheting. They also draw the stitches made from loosening and sliding
from the chain stitches. They also come in aluminum, plastic, and wooden
made materials. The wooden made crochet hooks are the commonly used in
doing a crochet product because it is easier for the fingers handle and
it is also considered as the most affordable.
3. The pattern diagram is very essential in creating a crochet product.
This serves as the guide on how he will follow the instructions and
outline of the design. Most patterns are usually easy to follow
especially if the person is highly skilled n crocheting. For most
beginners, there are patterns, which are more basic and simple. They are
especially designed for them to practice and understand simple patterns
of crochet products.

4. He may also need the use of other resources that will provide him
sufficient basic crocheting instructions such as books and magazines.
There are instructional diagrams that he may use in cases he would like
to choose other designs on how to make a crochet hat, crochet pillow,
crochet scarf, crochet bag, and other items that can be possibly made in

5. There are also special supplies that are needed in making special
crochet products. Lace made and doilies are required to be worked on
using stainless steel crochet hooks. These special hooks have a different
size compared to those regular wooden hooks.

Crochet products are mostly made for the pleasure of creating beautiful
patterned designs. They may be displayed in exhibits especially if the
tools and supplies that were used are certified crochet materials. The
price of the crochet product may also depend on how long it was made by a
person. Although others only work on crochet products for their own
pleasure and satisfaction for finishing a particular pattern, people
still find it helpful in applying their skills to generate income.

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