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It's all about crochet.

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									Different Kinds of Carrie Crochets

Crocheting is now coming back as a great hobby for most women especially
those who are just staying at home. There are thousands of different
things that can be done with crocheting that hobbyists can make
themselves busy with for quite a period of time.

One of the variations of crochet products that can be found even in your
famous boutiques is the carrie crochet. It is difficult to define what
carrie crochet in particular is. There are online shops and fashion
boutiques that have crocheted items named Carrie. There is also a
particular web site about Carrie’s crochet products. Nevertheless, they
are all good finds and crochet hobbyists may want to take a look at them
and check if they can make one for themselves.

Here are some of the carrie crochet items that can be found in the World
Wide Web:

- Carrie Crochet Hat. This simple yet stylish hat is hand crocheted using
100% cotton yarn. Its head part is just plain with rainbow pattern on the
brim. It covers the head totally which makes it fashionable. It is
available in 3 colors – beige, pink and pastel blue. This nice-looking
hat can be purchased from Headcovers Unlimited for $19.99.

- Carrie purse. This red and silver, elegant-looking purse is made from
the festive fur kind of yarn. This design was created by a Daily Knitter
staff and can be seen from their website. This is not for sale though,
but instead, a pattern is provided for one to follow.

- Carrie Cotton Crochet for Kids. Little Lids came up with their line
spring and summer styles for kids. One of those is this carrie cotton
crochet hat that has a snuggle design. This one is totally handmade with
a soft, pink, cotton yarn. This flower hat designed with ruffles will
surely look lovely in your little lady.

- Fossil’s Carrie Sweater. Fossil has its own version of a carrie crochet
in the form of a sweater. This elegantly crocheted piece of fashion
clothing has a 6-button opening and a ribbon. It is available in three
different colors – bracken, safari, and silver pine green. Sizes
available are from extra small to extra large. One can get this from
Fossil at $54.

- Guess’ Carrie Crochet Corset. Yet another popular brand in fashionable
clothes has its own carrie crochet. This tan-colored corset is handmade
with ramie-cotton blend. It has a square neck with floral crochet designs
along the top edges. It closes in front with a ribbon lace up tied at the
hem. Simple yet elegant looking, this corset is available in three sizes
– small, medium and large. The price of this nice piece of clothing is
CAD $69.25 from Guess’ online store.

- Carrie’s Crochet Page. This web site showcases Carrie’s crochet
projects for sale. There are different hats and shawls available starting
at $20. There are pillow cases, mats and rugs in different colors and
styles. Men’s and ladies’ sweatshirts are also available that ranges from
$45 to $55. Most of the crocheted bed covers are in black and white and
usually with diamond patterns. These are surely nice additions to your
room and all around the house.

One will surely not be bored in selecting crochet designs because each
piece can be different from another. For those who know how to do it,
they definitely will not be bored on same projects again and again
because there are literally thousands of patterns available from
different sources such as the internet or from needle craft books.

Origins of Crochet
There are indeed more and more people getting hooked into this hobby. But
do you know where this hobby actually started and when?

There are a number of articles released talking about the history of this
not-so-easy-to-learn needle craft. But almost all of those do not exactly
say when crocheting actually began. It might really be difficult to trace
back the roots of this hobby.

However, there are some researches that suggest that crochet must have
developed from Chinese needlework and reached Europe in 1700s. But many
still believe the possibility of it being started as early as the 1500s.

But no matter when and where crochet started, it is still making its name
again in the arts and crafts scene and gaining fame to most people all
over the world.

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