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									           All collegeand university communicationsprofession-       to determinewhen ald how to incorporate rhe con-
           alswork hard to promote their institutions' strengths     sortium brand-a balancingact that variesfrom
           and uniqueness.   They tout high-caliberfaculty, Pro-     grouP to grouP.
           grams,and facilitiesand point to the achievemens             Five CollegesInc., a consordum of five western
           of their graduates examples their success.
                               as         of               But       Massachusetts  institutionsthat formedin 1965,offers
           thosewho work for institutions that are membersof         studenrscross-registration ofclassesald bus service
           a higher educationconsortium alsomust balancethe          to the othercampuses;   students alsojoin the
           communicationsand marketing priorities and goals          organizations and sports teams(exceptvarsity) of the
           oftheir own institutionwith thoseofthe consortium.        other colleges. addition to academicand sudent
           \X/hile this can be challenging,many havealsofound        cooperadon, consortium
                                                                                  the                         on
                                                                                                   collaborates dozens
           that rhe opponunity to work closelywith their coun-        of adminirrraritlevels.
                                                                                     e       lncludingcommunicationr.
           terpartsat other institutions contributesto the                                               the
                                                                         "From an institutionalperspective, consortium
           strengrhofdre institution aswell asthe largergroup.        is something ffnd is very compelling .. and we
              Members     ofhigher education consonia  haveoppor-     aredeffnitely                         this
                                                                                    committedro leveraging connec-
           tunities to collaborateand sharercsou(ces   thar can       tion that we share," saysPeterRooney,  directorof
           havea significant impact on the services  they offer       public affairsat Amherst College."Ve prominently
           and the role they play in dreir communitiesaswell          feaure the consoniumin our admissions     materials
           asthe largereducationala-rena. aspresidents
                                            Just              of      because  students find the opportuniryto takeclasses
           coffonium-member institutions meet regularlyto dis-        at the other institutionsvery attracdve. think we all
            cussshared   concerns, commonfor senior
                                  it's                    commu-     bene{itfrom that."
            nicadons  sulf from rhe memberin.titutionsto meet           The Claremonr    Univer.iry Consortium   in
            wirh rheirpeers  aboutstraregy upcomingissues
                                           and                       California includes frve undergraduatecolleges  and
               and events,or evento lend a hand when needed.         one graduate  institutionall located one campus,
                  Professionalswho regularlybalancetheir individual  with another graduateschoola half-mile away.
               insrirulion communications    effons agains( consor- Members shareresources
                                                           J                                    ranging from a central
               rium's biggerpicture offer their perspectives dre     libraryto a joint science department  that serves
               benefftsand challenges such collaboration
                                       of                            ClaremontMcKenna,Pitzer,and Scripps         Colleges.
                                                                        "In our case,we  very much like to reflectthe con-
               WHAT's IN A NAME?                                     sonium," saysEsther\filey, director of university
               Name recognition    varies amongconsortia, com-
                                                           and       communications ClaremontGraduate
                                                                                       at                       University.
               munic,rrions agree aJrhough
                            pros        rhar         posirioning     "The libraryfor us is extremely  important for the
               their own institution is alwaystop of mind, they have highJevel research  done by our faculg' and that is

     expected  ofour sruden6.Our liftle graduare     schoolis    that people the strengths the consortium. ..
                                                                              see               of                .
     one block wide and six blocks long, but [together]we        The highereducarion                is
                                                                                          landscape only geningmore
     havethe resources major university, including a
                         ofa                                     competitive, and clearbranding in terms of the value
     librarywith more than 2 million volumes."                   of the consonium and connecting it to the studenr
        According to Marylou J. Ferry,vice presidentfor                      is
                                                                 experience extremely      imponant."
     communication and ma*eting at ScrippsCollege,                  The institutions havesharedrhe cost ofads pro-
     nearly every  communicrrionrhecollege      issuesrequires   moting the consonium in rheAtknta Com,ention       and
     determining   whetherit beneffts  Scripps tell the
                                               to                 VisitorsBureauGuide and,ln Dela Slqt,the ma4nine
     storyofthe Claremont    Consoftiumor to standalone.         ofAdanta-headquarteredDelta Air Lines. They have
        "Ifwe aremeetingwidr a donor regarding pro-  a           alsocreateda new logo that incorporatesthe names
     gram that'suniqueto Scripps, probablydon't
                                      we                         of eachinstitution.
     needto useconsoniumlanguage.        Ifwe're talkingto a        Brandingand namerecognitionhavealsobeencon-
     prospective  studentaboutthe sciences shesays,         'I
                                              and                cernsfor the ParisInstitute ofTechnologz, alsoknown
    want to go to a big research   universiry,' our messag-                     In
                                                                 asParisTech. 1991,a group of 12 prestigious    inde-
     ing should include the benel'itsof a science  program       pendentmanagement,               and
                                                                                          science, technoloryinsriru-
    we sharewith two of the Claremont Colleges."                 tions in France  joined forces enhance
                                                                                               ro      their global
        The AdantaUniversityCenterConsortiumInc. in              repuation. Originally known asthe Grandes
    Georgia,a consortium of hisrorically black colleges          Fcolesd'Ing6nieus de Paris(Group
    and universir is arorher      groupof in:rirurionr           of Engineering InstitutesofParis), in
    whoseclose    proximity offersthe typicalconsortium           1999 the namewaschanged    to
    benefits, includingcross-registration ownership
                                           and                   ParisTech, moniker that,
    of a central library. rW4rile connection thesefour
                                the                              arcordingto the consor-
    Atlanta-basedinstitutions sharehasi$ advantages,             tium's web page
    the consonium's     nameand idendryhasalsocaused             abourthe brand,

    someconfusion an issue       that the members its
                                                    of           is "simple and
    publicrel:rions.ouncil   harebeen    workingro
    address, most recently through a rebrandingeffon.
        "rW4renpeoplehearAtlanta University Center,
    many rhink ir's jusr ClarkAdantaUniversiry,"       says                                     Nt
    TomikaDePriesr.      execurive         of
                                   direccor Spelmar

    College's  Ofiice of Communicadons.     "Our challenge
    is ro definethe memberinstitutions     ofthe AUCC so


     ffi   g
      a{a*e!* lr:stituticnaB
    the *:en.*fits {sffisertlrcffi
                         reftrs to a conffgurationknown for other presrigious
                         universities:   Caltech,Gmrgia Tech, MIT, etc." The
                         ParisTech     nameis intendedto be easilyrecognizable
                         and undentood people oclrer
                                               by             in        counLries.
                             "The colleges     grouped togetherwill wield more
                         international     weight,"says        Jacques    Bringuez,
                         ParisTech's     communications           director,"This means
                         we carroffer a broaderrangeofdisciplines and skills
                         and createenough institutional clout to forge interna-
                         tional alliancesalrd strong pannershipswith the big-
                             L i k eU . S .c o n s o r t i ah em e m b eirn s r i r u r i o n s
                        work independenrly aspart ofthe group.
                         Bringuez     meer:monthlywirh rhecommunicarions
                         managers the 12 schools reviewthe overall
                                       of                        to
                         communications          plan for the year,The ParisTech
                        website folwards visitors to the colleges'websites,
                        and all documents          producedby ParisTech             include
                        the logosofthe 12 universities.
                            Name recognition doesn't a.lways               play into the
                        marketing efforts of a consonium's member insriru-
                        tions.The Committeeon InstitutionalCooperation,
                        which wascreatedasrhe Big Ten Conference's                        aca-
                        demiccounterpart,                          the
                                                   comprises conference's                12
                        universitiesplus The University of Chicago, But the
                        members'university relationsofficers tend to focus
                        more on the Big Ten brand than on promotingtheir
                        afiliation with the CIC, which is not well-known
                        outsideof academiccircles.
                            "l see CIC asar invi:ible,
                                    r-he                              facilirarive orga-niza-

                    A   tion," says    Teri LucieThompson,vicepresident                     for

                    t   markedng and media and chief marketing officer at
                        Indiana's Purdue Universiry. "Ve're more about
                        collectivelybuilding the brand of the Big Ten. Vy'e're
                        recognized a fairly elite group in rerms of the
                        quality ofour athletesand sportsprograms;and we're
                        known lor beinghighlevelResearch instirurions.      I
                        Ve stress     thosestrengrhs,        and Big Ten membership
                        is part ofour institutional           brand."
                            TysenKendig.vicepresidenL srraregic      lor            commu-
                        nication at The Universiry oflowa, appreciates                    the
                        valueofusing CIC datato boosthis institutional
                            "In our messaging makessense lweragerhe
                                                    it                   to
                        collectivestrengths       ofthe CIC, and we often drop in
                        messages come ftom it," he sap. "$7e talk about

                                                                                                                  r : i l f : i l r!il i l l t l : L t : , : 1 ' . : a

The Univenity oflowa asbeing pan ofa $7 billion          HCC didn't do what it doesin its marketing, we
researchengineout herein tie middle of the hean-         couldn't do what we're doing. 1W/henstudentsseean
land. Thals CIC data.There'spower in numbers,and         ad for HCC, it sparksthem to san needto sign up
there'smore weight when you talk about the number        for classes my communiry college."'
of alumni we all sendout into tle workforce."
                                                         COMMUNICATE AND COLLABORATE
sIZE MATTERS                                             No matter how often they meet, membersof com-
Consonium membersmay havedifferent approaches            munications     peergroupsagree  rharrheir interaction
to aligning with the consortium brand, especiallyif      is critical to making surethe left hand knows what
they vary widd in size,asdo the nine membersof           rhe righr handls doing and maximizing     opponuniries
the TexasGulf Coast Consortium of Community              to leverage             and
                                                                       resources work smaner.
Colleges,Its members'enrollment numbersrange                 The number of initiatives consonium membe$
from 2,400 to 85,000students.                            shareemphasizes importance of communlcltons
   Joe Huff, who directs instirutional advancement  at   staff membersat the member institutions working
GalvestonCollegeaswell asthe GalvestonCollege            togetherefficiendy, and without duplication of
Foundation, explainsthat in the consortium'searly        effors, while still ensuringthar eachcollegegetsits
daysin the early I980s,its public relationscommi(ee      shareofthe spotlight. Krisrcn Cole, media reladoru
focusedon group advenising.With 2,400 students,          director at Smidr College,citesasan examplethe
Galvestonis the smallestmember.                          lecent announcementof a $ I million grant that was
   "\7e managedto get our institutions o give fthe       awardedto Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire,
consonium's public relationscommittee] mo[ey that        and Amherst Collegesfor the creation ofa biomath-
wasprorated basedon size,which we spent on things        ematicsconsoftium.
like advenising,"Huffsays. "'We all had our own             "The principal investigatorfor the grant wasfiom
campaignsand slogans, for the billboards [and]           Smith, so I reachedout to my Five Collegescol-
TV and radio advenising,we were one group of             Ieagues tell them what we received,"shesa;.s."I
communiry colleges,   and d-re endorsedall of us."
                              ads                        drafted the pressrelease  about the grant, and the
   In recentyears,howwer, statefunding cuts and an       other institutions  signedoffon it and usedit in rheir
inceasingly competitive environment haveprompted         communications their constituents, instead
                                                                            to                   But         of

Weatl hadourowncampaigns slogans, forthebillboards
                      and      but                     and
                                                 [and]TV radio
advertising, were group community
          we     one   of        colleges, theadsendorsed of us.
                                        and              a[[

a move awayftom collaborativemarketing. Bur dre          using the quote from a Smith professor,   they could
smallerinstitutions continue to gain somedfng from       swapit out for one from one oftheir professors."
the effons of their larger colleagues.                      And when Mount Holyokeand Smith collabo-
   "Houston Communiry Collegeis not in any way           rated on a video for a women's educationconference,
brandedwith the consortium," saysDaniel         Mount Holyoket videographerinterviewedsources
Jr., associate chancellorof communicationsand            ftom bodr institutions. The video was usedon each
chief communicationsoftcer at HCC, the second            college'swebsite,the only differencebeing which col-
largestcommunity collegein t}re country. "\(e have            s
                                                         Iege namecamefirst in rhe accompanfngrexr,
to brand ourselves our demographic... everystu-                                  is
                                                            kveraging resources more importalt tian ever
dent goesto the community collegethat's most con-        in rhe currenteconomy     and is a fiequenrropic in
venientto them. ... One of my colleagues r}re                              peer
                                                         communications group garherings.
                                             'If            "The area discuss mosris wharjoinr services
consoftium recendyapproached and said,                                we          the

                                                                                                                   , .i l : r i r i ! i , l i l r . i i i : 1 i : ,   I

The University of Iowa asbeing pan of a $7 billion       HCC did-nt do what it doesin its markedng,we
researchengineout herein the middle ofthe hean-          couldn't do what we're doing. \X4renstudentsseean
Iand. That's CIC data-There'spower in numbers,and                                          'I
                                                         ad for HCC, it sparksthem to say, needto sign up
*rere'smore weight when you talk about the number                  at
                                                         for classes my community college."'
ofalumni we all sendout into the worHorce."
                                                         COMMUNICATE AND COLLABORATE
SIZE MATTERS                                             No matter how often they meet, membersof com-
Consonium membersmay havedifferent approaches            munications     peergroupsagree  rhat their interaction
to aligning with ti€ consonium brand, especially if      is critical to making surethe left hand knows what
they vary widely in size,asdo the nine membersof         rhe right hand is doing and maximizing     opponuniries
rhe TexasGulf Coast Consonium of Community               to leverage   resources work smaner.
Colleges. members'enrollment numbers range                   The number of initiatives consoftium membe$
 from 2,400 to 85,000students.                           share               rlre
                                                                 emphasizes imporrance communications
   Joe Huff who directsirutitutional advancement    at   staff membersat the member institutions working
GalvestonCollegeaswell asthe GalvestonCollege            togetherefffciendy,and wi*rout duplication of
Foundadon, explainstiat in tle consonium's eady          effors, while still ensuringthat eachcollegegetsits
daysin rheearly I980s, ia public relationscommirtee      shareofthe spotlight. IGisten Cole, media relations
focusedon group advenising.With 2,400 students,          director at Smith College,citesasan exampler}re
Galvestonis dre smallestmember.                          rccenrannouncementofa $l million granr rlnr was
   "We managedto get our institutions to give [the       awardedto Smidr, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire,
consonium's public reladonscommittee] money that         and Amherst Collegesfor the creation ofa biomarh-
was prorated basedon size,which we spent on things       ematicsconsonium.
like advenising,"Huffsays. "\J7eall had our own             "The principal investigatorfor the grant was from
campaignsand slogans, for the billboards [and]           Smith, so I reachedout to my Five Collegescol-
TV and radio advenising,we were one group of             leagues tell them what we received,"shesays."l
community colleges,   and the adsendorsedall of us."     drafted the pressreleaseabour the $ant, and rlte
   In recentyears,however,statefunding curs and an       orher institutions signedoffon it and usedit in dreir
increasinglycomperidveenvironment haveprompted           communications their constituenrs. instead
                                                                           to                  Bur         of

Weatl hadourowncampaigns slogans, forthebillboards
                      and      but                   TV
                                                 [and] andradio
advertising, were group community
          we     one   of               and
                                 colleges, theadsendorsed of us.

a move awayftom collaborativemarketing, But the          using the quote from a Smith professor, they could
smallerinstitutions continue to gain somethingfiom       swapit out for one fiom one oftheir professon."
the effons of their largercolleagues.                       A,ndwhen Mount Holyoke and Smith collabo-
   "HousronCommuniry College not in any way
                                  is                     rated on a video for a women's educationconference,
brandedwidr rhe consonium," sap Daniel          Mount Holyoket videographerintewiewed sources
Jr., associate chancellorof communicationsand            ftom both institutions. The video was usedon each
chiefcommunications ofiicer at HCC, the second           college'swebsire,*re only differencebeing which col-
largestcommunity collegein the country. "\7e have        lege'snamecamefinr in dre accompanfngrexr,
to brand ourselves our demographic,.. everystu-             Lweraging resources more imporant tlnn ever
dent goesto the community collegethat's mosr con-        in lhe currenteconomy                    Lopicin
                                                                                  and is a frequenr
venientto them. ... One of my colleagues the
                                         in              communications group gatherings.
                                             'lf            "The area discLrss mosris what joinr services
consoftium recendyapproached and said,                                we         the

     Webenefit fromhaving         be           of
                         someone anorganizer consortium-specific   meetings
     that forces to putself-interest
               us                 asideandthinl< the groupcollectively.

                         bestserve  us," saysClaremontGraduateUniversity's        in the aftermath of natural disasters, the Five
                         \7iley. "\7e all paid to build and staffa broadcast      Colleges  institutionsdid following lastAugusis
                         center,where any consortiummembercan connect             HurricaneIrene and the nor'easter snowstormtJrat
                         ro a live broadcastor make our own videos. We also       followed two monfis later. In the midst of dealing
                         paid for a media managementcompany, with eachof          with the immediate aftermath of the snowsrorm,
                         us payingone-eighthofthe cost,or about $7,000."          Amherst's Rooney said, "Right now, everything is
                           Cost-cuningcollaborationisn't alwaysabour big-                    on
                                                                                  dependent how much power peoplehavelost.
                         ticket items, Students from rhe Claremonr                \7e got power back, but Hampshire is still largely
                         Consortium'sundergraduate     institutionsplay on        withour power. Amherst can't absorb the entire
                         .joint sports teams,which meansFerry and her col-        Hampshire College student body, bur we have staff
                         leaguessplit the cost of the photographer who shoots     and facultywho are housingHampshireCollegestu-
                         the imagesthey all useon rheir websites.                 dents. ... I'm trackingwhat weryone is doing on
                                                                                  Facebookand what they're tweeiing. Later today, I'll
                         LEND A HELPINGHAND                                       call to seehow everyone'sdoing. Our relationship is
                         \7hen consortium members are located near one            strong enough that if anyone needshelp, no one
                         another, it's logical and easyto offer hands-on com-     would hesitate."
                           "Since we are contiguous, exceptfor the Keck           ADVANCING EDUCATION
                         Institure .. rhisgive'us a uerydifferenr
                                  .                              cooperarive      In recentyears,rhe Gulf Coast Consortium's public
                         level than many consortia," says\7iley. "Most ofour      relationsgroup hasfocusedon communicating the
                         offices are very small, [so] when Claremont McKenna      value and economicimpact of community colleges
                         had [former President] Bill Clinton come to speak,       by producing insertsfor Texas               It
                                                                                                              Monthly magazine.
                         t}tey put out a generalcall that they were going to      producedthe first orc h 2007 and partneredwith
                         needhelp. They werevery capable      ofhandling the      40 other community colleges the 2009 insert. In
                         actual promotion and media relations, but we offered     2011 rhe TexasAssociationof Community Colleges
                         to do logistical r1-rings running the presscreden-
                                                 like                             endorsed ard funded the project. This year,the
                         tialing booth or distributing name tags."                public relationsgroup plans to launch a comprehen-
                            Crisiscommunicarions emergenry
                                                     and           response
                                                                          is      sivepublic awarenesscampaignthat srresses
                        arother common areaof collaboration,
                                                           whetherthe             importanceofassociate degrees
                                                                                                              and certiffcatepro-
                        schoolsshareone depanmenr of campus safety,asthe          gramsin the growth and developmentofan edu-
                         ClaremontConsortium does,or help eachother out           catedworkforce.

 g    !s      sfu qs r&                                              TEAMWORK      TAKES  WORK.     Whether parl of a consortium not,
 THEMOBE    YOUKNOW.lf you'reinterested learning
                                          in         more            advancement   leaders need strongesl possible navigate
                                                                                                  the           team        to
 aboulconsortia improving workof yourinstitulion's
                 or         the                         con-         thischallenEing economic                   and
                                                                                                environmenl, talent      management
 sorlium,lookno further                    for
                       thanthe,AssociationConsoriium                                 part
                                                                     is an imporlant ofihateffort.      Senior-levelprofessionalslook-
 Leadership (uutu,national-acl,corn).
                                  In addltlonto bestpractices,       ingto builda stronEer or maintain onealfeady place
                                                                                           team                the           in
 books,           and
        webinars, anannual                the
                               conference, Virginia-based            should  lookintonext month's            Talent
                                                                                                     Strategic      ManaEement  confer-
 groupoffersresources suchasa menlofing  pfogGmintended    to              in         The
                                                                     ence Chicago. CASE         program cover importance
                                                                                                          will      the            of
 helpnew consortium           and
                     directors / 6uidefor Consortia, lool,
                                                      a              andslrateEies investing talent
                                                                                   for            in      management.   Leaders who
 available             tlo
          uponrequest, assisl            in
                                consortia reviewing  their           have  gone route discuss hows
                                                                                this      will         the       andwhysof implemen-
 respective         goals,
            m,ssions,     operalionsand planninE efforts."
                                                         With                                           BOI        For
                                                                     lationaswellastheall-imporlant factor. moreinformation
 70 consortia members,
              as         whichinclude thousands profession-
                                                 of                               for
                                                                     or to register the March   28-30 conference,Eolo    rDrow,case.orE/
 alsat hundreds institutions, shows group
                 of          ACL       lhat       membership               re
                                                                     confe nces  _and_tr aini nS/ stm12.html.
 hasils privileges.

+2    F E B R U A RY         2O    12

   Meanwhile,the CIC's university     relationsgroup     could. If there are compelling reasons creatinga
usedits collectivevoice to suggest  changingthe aca-     consorrium. dreyre probably
                                                                       and                    economic   reasons.
demicprogramming consortiumprovides the
                      the                       to       then you really should meet fairly regularlyand allo-
Big Ten Nerwork, which is a cabletelevision chan-        catetime ro rlrink abourhow your organizarion       can
nel primarily dwoted to promoting the conference's       benefftfrom it. ... Ifyou don't see beneffts,
                                                                                               the           the
athledcs.                                                incentive to keep meeting will diminish."
   "\[e all volunteered to create new,collabora-
                        ...          a                      Meanwhile, Kennedy offers new consortrumcom-
tive program formar of theme-based     showsthat will    munications peer groupsa pieceof advicehe received
        a          of               ur
fearure number BigTen instir ion: in aly given           from a former Five Collegesercecurive    director.
segment,"saysThe University oflowa's Kendig.                "Because communicationsneedsof the mem-
"This wouldnt havehappenedwithout this group             ber instirutions can be so different, start wirh an issue
being able to talk about it and pull it rogerher.The     that everyoneagrees that they can collaborareon,
conversal abour     collaboradve  programming    wenr    and that is doable," says.
                                                                               he       "Evenif there's big
all the way rc the CIC presidents'group, and they        monsterofan issue,     don'r stanwith that. Startwith
worked        the             ro
         rair-h conlerence gerrhefirnding.'              doablestuffbecausegetting a success     r.rnderyour belt
                                                         wiII createa sense  ofcamaraderieand help you
LEARNINGCURVE                                            dwelop reladonshipsand waysofworking togerher."
A-lthough  communicarions            lor
                             leader. insrirurions           \X4rileconsonium peer group membershipcan add
valuethe opportuniryto share     information,discuss     a few more moving para ro an alreadycomplexjob,
challenges, and developnew collaborativewaysto           Claremont GraduateUniversity's lViley providesa
servetheir institutions, individually and rhrough rhe    perspective  drat's hard rc arguewith: "No matter
consortium)veteransknow it isn't alwap easy.             what theproblem challenge 1ou're
                                                                              or          is.              in
                                                                                                     ncver it
   Rooney creditsFive Collegesconsonium Commu-           alone."0
nications Director Kevin Kennedywith ensuringthat
all the membersregularlyule time to think about          IVa"v rra' (ollirs : o freela_ce
                                                                                        wr_er - st P6-6rso L a 5l^e
the biggerpicture.                                       aso writesfor the Association           Professionals
                                                                                     ofFundraising          and
   "\Webenefft                          be
                from havingsomeone an organizrr                pr
                                                         several vate colleges            schoos
                                                                             and ndependent
ofconsortium-speciffc meetingsthat forcesus ro put
self-interestasideand think of the group collectiveln"
Rooney says."Even with that catall*t, we sdll prob-
ably don't think about the consortium asmuch aswe

                                                                      GOING  GLOBAL. theface globalization
                                                                                         In         of                   all
                                                                                                                   across business
                                                                      seclors, cross-border                in
                                                                                             collaborationhigher              is
                                                                                                                    education increas-
                                                                      inElyimportant. r epofiHighetEducatlon Collabotation
                                                                                        The                         and
                                                                      in GlobalContext:                                preparedby the
                                                                                          BuildinEa GlobalCivil SocietJ,
                                                                      UVUS   Study          for
                                                                                    Group former Prime U.K,      MinisterGordon  Brown,
                                                                      discusses oflhe loftier
                                                                                 some                goals cancome
                                                                                                          lhat         fromcollabora-
                                                                      tionamong andU.K.
                                                                                  U.S.           highereducation inslitutions.addition
                                                                      to discussing               the                world
                                                                                     technology, internationalized oftoday's
                                                                      students, theimportant thathigher
                                                                                and                 role          education  instilutions
                                                                      playin theeconomic social
                                                                                             and       health             the
                                                                                                              ofcountries, repori
                                                                      looks current
                                                                            at                 in
                                                                                       trends U.K. U.S.
                                                                                                      and     educationalcollaboration5.
                                                                      Beadil at


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