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									Progressivism: Muckrakers &
             Rise of Progressivism
• New reformers emerge
  as a reaction to the
  nation’s rapid
  immigration, and
  – What were the
    negatives of these?
  – Believed private charity
    could not do enough to
• Progressive Era
  – 1890-1920
     • Many plans produced
       with how to bring about
                    •       Progressivism was not a
Goals and Beliefs           unified movement.
                        –      Included Republicans and
                    •       All Progressives held four
                            basic beliefs in common:
                        –      Government should…
                              1) …be more accountable to
                                  its citizens.
                              2) …curb the power and
                                  influence of wealthy
                              3) …be given expanded
                                  powers so that it could
                                  become more active in
                                  improving the lives of its
                              4) …become more efficient
                                  and less corrupt so that
                                  they could competently
                                  handle an expanded role.
                    Igniting Reform
• At first, journalists and
  other writers had
  enormous influence on
  public opinion.
   – Muckrakers
      • Journalists alerting the
        public to wrongdoing in
        politics and business.
• Many Americans were
  inspired to take action
  through reform.
   – To put or change into an
     improved form or
Muckraker: Upton Sinclair
            • Author – The Jungle
              – Graphic account of
                filthy handling,
                spoiled meat, and
                generally unsanitary
                conditions in
              – Socialist?

               "I aimed at the public's
               heart, and by accident I hit
               it in the stomach."
            Muckraker: Ida Tarbell
• Author – The History
   of the Standard Oil
    – Condemnation of
      Standard Oil’s
“Rockefeller and his associates did not
build the Standard Oil Co. in the
board rooms of Wall Street banks.
They fought their way to control by
rebate and drawback, bribe and
blackmail, espionage and price
cutting, by ruthless ... efficiency of
Muckraker: Jacob Riis
            • Photographer – How
               The Other Half Lives
                – Startling print and
                  photographic exposés of
                  conditions in New York
                  City's slums.

          “The slum is the measure of civilization.”
              Reformer: Jane Addams
• Established the Hull House in
    – Located in poor neighborhood
    – Middle-class, college-educated
      women shared skills with less
      fortunate women and children.
        • Sanitation, hygiene, English,
        • Art exhibits, poetry readings,
          concerts, and theatrical events

"America's future will be determined
by the home and the school. The
child becomes largely what it is
taught, hence we must watch what
we teach it, and how we live before
Reformer: John Muir
         • Naturalist, explorer,
           and author
         • Major figure in the
           forest conservation
             – Muir Woods

          "In God's wildness lies the hope
          of the world—the great fresh,
          unblighted, unredeemed
          Reformer: Susan B. Anthony
• Led the fight for
  women's suffrage for
  more than 50 years.

"The true republic: men, their rights and
nothing more; women, their rights and
nothing less."
"It may be delayed longer than we
think; it may be here sooner than we
expect; but the day will come when
man will recognize woman as his peer,
not only at the fireside but in the
councils of the nation.”

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