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									              CANONGATE KIRK

                        September 2011

Minister               The Revd Neil Gardner               Tel: 556 3515
Session Clerk          Mr David Croft                      Tel: 620 0063
Treasurer              Mrs Jenifer Davidson                Tel: 667 4221
Organist               Mr Richard Neville-Towle            Tel: 467 0066
Care Co-ordinator      Mrs Fiona Grant                     Tel: 478 0100
Caretaker              Mr Jimmy Robertson                  Tel: 556 9668
Events Administrator   Mrs Jenifer Davidson                Tel: 556 3515
Events Steward         Mr Edward Dewhirst             Tel: 07814 421812
Open Kirk              Mr Alastair Bowe               Tel: 01573 410284
Manse Office                                               Tel: 556 3515
Harry Younger Hall     Mr Ben Smith                        Tel: 657 2701
CHURCH SERVICES               The usual times for Services are:
                              10.00 am         Family Service & Sunday School
                              11.15 am         Parish Worship

Where possible, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is conducted on the first Sunday of
the month, the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the last Sunday of the month.

MINISTER’S LETTER                             on the right path. Teach me, Lord, the way
During the course of my trip south in         of your statutes, and in keeping them to find my
August I took the car through the             reward. Give me the insight to obey your law
Channel Tunnel for the first time. I’d        and to keep it wholeheartedly. Make me walk
taken the train from London to Paris          in the path of your commandments...
before, but had never driven via “le
Shuttle” from Folkestone to Calais. And       HARVEST THANKSGIVING will
it couldn’t have been easier. 35 minutes      take place on Sunday 9th October and
from one side of the Channel to the           once again we would appreciate
other. So much quicker than the ferries       donations of non-perishable food and
and much smoother, whatever the               toiletries for the Ark project. Donations
weather up above. Not such a good             of flowers, plants and chocolates for
view from the windows obviously, but          members of the congregation who are
you can’t have everything!                    housebound or in hospital would also be
As you draw near to your destination a
tape is played over the tannoy telling you    CONFIRMATION Good news! For
what time it now is and which side of         the first time in several years we have
the road you need to drive on. But as         candidates      for   confirmation     at
we came back into Folkestone the wrong        Canongate Kirk. This is scheduled to
tape was played and we were told quite        take place during the 11-15am service on
distinctly – in English and in French - to    Sunday 27th November, the First Sunday
put our watches forward an hour and to        of Advent. The reason for this advance
remember to drive on the right! This          notice is to encourage anyone else who
could have caused a certain amount of         would like to consider confirmation to
confusion but mercifully nobody paid          get in touch with the minister, who will
the slightest bit of attention and all was    readily arrange a couple of discussion
well.                                         sessions to suit.

In Psalm 119 the Psalmist goes to great       ROAD RESTRICTIONS On Sunday
lengths to remind us of the dangers and       11th September, for the Riding of the
distractions of all the confusing and         Marches, there will be no parking in the
sometimes contradictory advice that           Canongate from 12.30pm onwards and
assails us day by day. And to remind us       the road will be closed from 2.30pm to
that above all it is God’s Word that we       4.30pm.
should take to keep us safe and secure
                                  PARISH REGISTER
20th August          Jake Clements and Melissa Stern
21st August          Paul Allen and Catherine Thomson
28th August          Wayne Devine and Sandra Montgomery
                    Those whom God has joined together, let not man divide.

More significantly, on Sunday 2nd                 captured the country's imagination to the
October the Canongate will be closed to           extent that nearly every British military
traffic for the BUPA Great Edinburgh              base from Camp Bastion to Catterick is
Run from 8.30am to 1.30pm. Access                 involved. The Big Brew Up campaign
from Old Tolbooth Wynd from Calton                takes place during the first week in
Road will be unaffected.                          October and our event will take place in
                                                  the Harry Younger Hall on Saturday 1st
FAMILY SERVICE The weekly family                  October between 10am and 12 noon.
service at 10am is now well established in        There will be tea, coffee, juice, scones
making more provision for children than           and cakes as well as tombola, home
previously. They have stories and other           baking and a sale of goods. Tickets
activities in the foyer before having the         priced £2 each are available from Anne
option of joining the congregation for the        Croft, Jenifer Davidson or Dinah Croy.
last 10 minutes or so of the service. As          Donations for the tombola, raffle or sale
term time resumes, please tell your               of goods would be greatly appreciated.
families and friends about this important
aspect of worship.                                THE QUEEN’S GALLERY                    The
                                                  Northern Renaissance: Dürer to Holbein.
OPEN KIRK Please continue to sign up              This fascinating exhibition celebrates the
to take a turn welcoming visitors whenever        art of the Northern Renaissance,
you can as we hope to keep the church             bringing together over 100 paintings,
open until the end of September. If you           drawings, prints, manuscripts and
have not done this before but would like          miniatures by the greatest Northern
to volunteer, please speak to Alastair            European artists of the 15th and 16th
Bowe. We have raised over £11,000 for             centuries.       At the Palace of
church funds so far this season.                  Holyroodhouse until 15th January 2012.

THE BIG BREW UP In order to                       USED STAMPS There is a box in the
raise funds to support our Armed                  vestibule for used stamps for World
Forces, the Kirk is this year taking part         Mission's appeal to raise funds for Mount
in the "Big Brew Up", an annual                   Olivet Boys' Home in Jamaica.           Our
nationwide     fundraising       initiative       initial target of 10kg has almost been
organised by The Soldiers, Sailors,               reached, but please don't stop collecting as
Airmen, and Families Association                  this is an on-going appeal.
(SSAFA).     The Big Brew Up has
FORTHCOMING CONCERT                          homeland after embracing Christianity.
Sunday 18th September 7.30pm The             Into Injury Time…Former Life and
Orchestra of the Canongait will give a       Work editor R D Kernohan reflects on
concert for Amnesty at 50. Music by          the church of today. Divine Right
Weber, Dvorak and Tchaikovsky.               Lawrence Sum highlights a major new
Tickets £10/7.                               exhibition in Glasgow celebrating the
                                             King James Bible. The Big Question
OTHER EVENTS                                 Who was the most influential person on
30th July – 16th October 2011 City Art       your faith as a teenager? Out of Hours
Centre, Market Street – An exhibition        The Rev Scott Burton introduces a new
entitled "King James Bible, A                form of worship. With Psaltery and
Celebration, 1611-2011." For details of      Banjo       The Rev Dr Robin Hill
other associated lectures, films, music      concludes his series on the Psalms, with
etc. please see poster.                      half an eye to his own church band.
                                             View from the Pew Jim Cunningham
400 year of the King James Bible A           reflects on sectarianism in Scottish
series of talks will take place at 7.00pm    football.     Creation Time           The
on Sundays 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th September   Moderator highlights the importance of
and 2nd October at Morningside Parish        connecting to our land. Theology of
Church. See poster for more details.         Fragility The Rev Martin Johnstone
                                             focuses on the inspiration of three
Sunday 25th September 7.30pm                 individuals encountered in fragile places.
National Youth Choir of Scotland will        Plus all the regular columnists, letters,
perform Walton's Belshazzar's Feast at the   reviews and crosswords – all for just
Usher Hall. See flyers for details.          £1.80. Life and Work Needs You
                                             Please send submissions and suggestions
LIFE AND WORK                                for parish news, Growing Church, View
Freshers’ Faith        Jackie Macadam        from the Pew and The Big Picture to
explores the challenges faced by             Life and Work, 121 George Street,
Christians starting university. Out for      Edinburgh         EH2       4YN         or
the Summer Thomas Baldwin samples  
two major Christian festivals: Solas and
the CLAN Gathering. A Remarkable                     Canongate Parish Church
Life The Rev David Levison tells the                Scottish Charity SC 015251
story of his father, Leon, a Palestinian
rabbi’s son who was banished from his

Donald Davidson*   Christina Coltart                         Ken Scott
Helen Aitken       Mary Craig                                John Smith
Alastair Bowe      Tom Murray
Rosemary Bowe      Bill Reid

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