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					     Family Day Care Home

  Bright from the Start, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

 Important Information for Parents
Dear Parent:
        This home is registered with
Bright from the Start, Georgia
Department of Early Care and Learning,
to provide family day care for three to
                                               WHAT’S INSIDE
six children for pay.
        The provider is required to keep
certain information on file in the interest
of, and for the protection of, the children    What does it mean to be a registered family
in care. You can help by providing your         day care provider?
child care provider with the following:        What are the Rules for family day care?
1. The information requested on the            Are family day care homes visited by Bright
    Child Enrollment Record.                    from the Start Staff?
2. A copy of our child’s current               Selecting a day care home for your child
    immunization record.                       Child Enrollment Record
3. Written permission from you at any          Emergency & Illness Contact Form
    time that the provider is asked to         Medical Emergency Statement Form
                                               Travel Permission Form
    administer medicine to your child.
                                               Child Schedule & Interest Form
4. A formula and feeding schedule for
                                               Bright from the Start contact information for
    your child if he/she is under one year      concerns or complaints
    of age.
 What does it mean to be registered as a family               SELECTING A FAMILY DAY CARE HOME
 day care provider?                                                    FOR YOUR CHILD
 Georgia law requires a person providing family day
 care for pay for three to six children who are not
 related to the care provider and who are not                 You have talked personally with the provider
 members of the provider’s household, to be                    and you are satisfied that the way she cares
 registered under the procedures established by the            for children fits in with your beliefs about
 Department and to meet the Rules of Bright from               child care.
 the Start, Georgia Department of Early Care and
 Learning.                                                    The home is a pleasant place where
                                                               spending the day would be comfortable and
 A registration system that has been established by            fun.
 Bright from the Start, Georgia Department of Early
 Care and Learning enables family day care homes              The home has roomy and safe places for the
 to come into compliance with these regulations. A             children to play, both inside and out-of-
 provider checks his/her home for compliance with              doors.
 the Rules and certifies that he/she is in compliance
 with these Rules.                                            There are enough toys and equipment for
 The provider, all other adults who live in the home,          children to have choices about play things
 and any other adult who assists the provider must             and to have opportunities to learn from a
 under go a criminal background check.                         variety of items.

 A Certificate of Registration is then issued by the          Well-balanced meals and snacks are
 Bright from the Start, Georgia Department of Early            served.
 Care and Learning.
                                                              The home environment appears to be free
 The provider is required to re-register annually.
                                                               from hazards that could prove dangerous to
                                                               the child. For example:
 What are the Rules for family day care?
                                                                   Cleansers and medicines are out of
 The rules cover such areas as the provider’s
 training and qualifications, admission of the children
                                                                   Heaters are protected.
 to the home, health and safety, nutrition and food
                                                                   Extension cords are not in use.
 service, program and activities, building and
                                                                   Play space out-of-doors is fenced or
 equipment. The family day care provider will have a
                                                                   protected from the street and water
 copy of the Rules for Family Day Care Homes for
 you to review upon request.
 Smoking is not permitted on the property.                    Discipline techniques are not harmful,
                                                               injurious or humiliating to the child.
 Are family day care homes visited by Georgia
 Bright from the Start, Department of Early Care              There is a comfortable, clean place for naps.
 and Learning Staff?
 All new family day care homes are inspected during           Infants are taken out of their cribs during the
 the first six months they are registered. A 20%               day and are held and cuddled.
 sample of existing homes are inspected each year
 and all complaints are investigated. It is extremely         Children are encouraged to learn to care for
 important that you, as a parent, be aware of the              themselves – in dressing, feeding, toileting.
 quality of care being provided for your child.
 Parents have the right to go into any area of the            Plans for the day included indoor and
 home used for child care any time during the                  outdoor time, quiet and active games and a
 home’s operating hours.                                       variety of different activities.

                                                              The provider readily supplies you with
                                                               information about menus, the daily schedule,
Parent Handbook                                                                                       each
                                                               the requirements, and is interested in Page 2
                                                               child in her care.
Bright from the Start                                          GA Department of Early Care and Learning
                                               FAMILY DAY CARE HOME
                                             CHILD ENROLLMENT RECORD
            These are suggested forms for use in enrolling children; they contain the information required by the rules.
                                                  CHILD’S INFORMATION
Child’s Full Name:                                                                        Child Resides with:
Date of Birth:                                                                            Child’s Age:
Child’s Home Address:
(Include Number and Name)
                                               PARENT(S)’ INFORMATION
                                                           Mother                                            Father
Home Address: (Include Number and Name)
Home Telephone:
Cell Telephone:
Pager Number:
                                     PARENT(S)’ WORK INFORMATION
Mother’s Company:
Work Telephone:
Work Address:

Father’s Company:
Work Telephone:
Work Address:

Special instructions to contact parents:

                               OTHER EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION
   In case of illness or other emergency, give the name, address and telephone number of nearest
                relative or friend who can be contacted if the parents cannot be reached.
Relationship to Child:                      ‫ ٱ‬Grandparent ‫ ٱ‬Aunt/Uncle ‫ ٱ‬Sister/Brother ‫ ٱ‬Friend
Street Address: (Include Number and Name)
                                   PERMISSION TO RELEASE YOUR CHILD
For your child’s safety, I only allow children to leave my home with you (the person enrolling the child) and
the person(s) you have specified below. Changes to this list must be made in writing.
                     Name                                Telephone                    Relationship

Parent Signature                                                                          Date
Name of Physician:
Street Address: (Include Number and Name)

Parent Handbook                                                                                                            Page 3
Bright from the Start                                                    GA Department of Early Care and Learning

                               MEDICAL EMERGENCY STATEMENT
I hereby give _______________________________________(Name of Family Day Care Provider)
permission to take my child, _____________________________________, to a hospital for medical
treatment when I cannot be reached.
_________________________________             __________________________________
Parent Signature                              Date Signed
Please add Medical Care and Emergency Contact Information Form to conform to DHR regulations.

I hereby give _______________________________________(Name of Family Child Care Provider)
permission to take my child, _____________________________________, on excursions from the
family day care home that might include the following types of activities:

            (The provider should fill in the above list with activities that she might provide away from home.
                      Examples might include trips to the store, riding in the car, swimming, etc.)

Parent/Guardian                                                               Date
                               CHILD’S SCHEDULE AND INTERESTS
       The following information will assist the provider to understand and care for your child.
                                 Please describe your child’s eating habits
                   (food likes and dislikes, food allergies, infant schedule and formula).

            Describe the play activities that your child likes, both indoors and out-of-doors.

                                        Describe your child’s naptime habits.

                                 Describe your child’s toilet and hygiene habits.

         What known allergies does your child have? Is your child allergic to any medicines?

                              Does your child have any known medical problems?

               Is there any other special information that is important to your child’s care?

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