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                                            The Memorial Fund 2011

With effect from November 2010 the NIMF will be changing its approach to the way it provides support to
families bereaved or injured during the conflict from eligibility based approach to a needs based approach.

The Memorial fund is now using a new application for assessment form. This form allows families to apply for
the schemes they believe they are entitled to on a single annual application form. Those entitled are a follows:

Bereaved: If you have lost Husband/Wife/ Partner/Parent/Child/brother/sister/ Grandparent.

Injured: Those who have been physically injured and the injury is ongoing or has been clinically diagnosed with
PTSD or other trauma related psychological or mental health disorder, and have not recovered due to the death
of a loved one in a conflict related incident.

Primary carer: Have become a primary carer for an immediate family member who has been physically injured
in a conflict related incident and his/her injury is ongoing.

 If you are applying for the first time to the Memorial fund:
Those wishing to apply must provide proof of relationship to the deceased, Such as a long birth certificate,
marriage certificate or a letter from your doctor or a member of the clergy. For those applying who have been
injured the NIMF will automatically check that you meet the criteria by way of a PSNI check or through the
compensation agency to confirm your injury. However if you are unsure or uncomfortable with this don’t
hesitate to contact us at relatives for justice for further advice.

                       What support is available from the Memorial fund?

Education and Training: Financial help towards education, training and personal development. The Maximum
annual grant will be £1200. Example of the support available is as follows: University fees, HGV/LGV courses,
Driving lessons, Sports lessons, computer courses and music lessons.
(This is the only available support for those that have lost a grandparent or if you are the partner of an injured

Over 60s Support
This is an annual grant of £250 for those aged 60 and over who have been bereaved or injured as a result of a
conflict related incident.

Care for Carers
An annual grant of £500 for registered primary carers who are in receipt of carers allowance or who provide care
in excess of 35 hours per week for someone who was seriously injured in a conflict related incident.
(The Memorial fund will require proof from your GP if you are not a registered carer).

Chronic Pain & Disability Aids
This Scheme is to provide financial help towards private medical consultations and treatment and financial help
towards disability aids and adaptations to wheelchairs vehicles and prosthesis. This support is for those that
have been injured that have been refused help by the NHS or is required to wait on lengthy NHS waiting lists.

               Relatives for Justice is recognised by the Inland Revenue as a Registered Charity XR41538;
                                       And a Company Limited by Guarantee NI44611

Short Breaks: Help towards a respite break away from home. Only one break award will be made in a 12 month
period. Awards will be made in the form of a travel voucher which can be redeemed at a number of travel
agents in the north. These vouchers can also be used for travel outside of Britain and Ireland. Currently the
support available is around £400 per couple and £150 per child but only those children under 18 years old.

Back to School
This annual payment is made in June/July each year towards school uniform. A grant of £150 will be paid for
each secondary/grammar school child and £75 for each primary school child.

Financial Help (extra needs allowance)
Annual support of £500 for those bereaved/injured or up to £1000 for those severely injured to assist with the
purchase of essential household items or services such cooker, washing machine, bedding, flooring, oil fills and
household repairs etc.
(Only one grant is awarded per household.)

Financial help (regular allowance)
This is a weekly allowance of up to £20 for help with general day to day living expenses. This payment is sent to
you by cheque for £260 every 13 weeks.
(Only one grant is awarded per household).

All of the above are means tested and aimed at low income families. You must supply proof of income such as a
recent bank statement, post office statement, payslips or a letter from social security agency along with proof of
your major outgoings such as your mortgage, rent and rates. Brothers and Sisters can apply to the above only if
they lived at the same address as the deceased at the time of the incident.

The Memorial fund will disregard the following benefits in calculating your household income.
DLA, Attendance allowance, Child benefit, Child tax credits and Carers allowance

Do not be put off in applying for what you are righty entitled to

If you need assistance from Relatives for Justice please phone Mark Sykes on 028 90220100 Monday-
Wednesday 10.00am to 3.00pm and Friday 10.00am- 12.00pm.

Memorial Fund Contact Details:
Unit 1
Massey Avenue
Co. Antrim

Welfare and Benefits Advice

Relatives for Justice can offer support regarding Welfare Rights or Benefits entitlement, or simply carry out a
benefits check either at our office or if you are unable to attend our office a home visit can be arranged. Please
contact Mark Sykes on 02890 220100 to arrange an appointment with our welfare rights worker.

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