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Front Desk Manual

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									                                Department of Residence Life

                   Desk Receptionist Manual
                           Revised July 2008

            Creighton University Front Desk Receptionist Mission Statement

 The smooth and orderly operation of the front desk of a residence hall is an integral part
  of the Residence Life experience at Creighton University. Desk Receptionists provide
      safety and security to each resident while serving as a campus resource. These
responsibilities are fulfilled through interactions with students, staff, and the public. Desk
 Receptionists work in the center of each hall’s developing community and should remain
Dedicated to Exceptional Customer Service and Knowledge. A successful front desk is a
place that helps students connect with campus resources while aiding in the creation of an
   environment suitable for maximum personal, academic, and spiritual growth. This
   mission flows from the greater mission of the Department of Student Services, which
                      focuses on the development of the whole person.

                                                                    Desk Receptionist Manual 1
                                                                             Revised July 2008
                                 Table of Contents

Front Desk Resource Sheet                                       3

Performance & Standards                                         4-5

Policies & Procedures                                           5

       Daily Duties                                             5-6
       Building Security                                        6
       Deliveries                                               6
       Keys                                                     6-7
       Other Desk Procedures                                    7-8
       Residence Life Policies                                  8-9
       Telephone Protocol                                       10
       Emergency Procedures                                     10-11

Reasons to Call                                                 12-13

Position Description                                            Appendix

                                                     Desk Receptionist Manual 2
                                                              Revised July 2008
                                                    Department of Residence Life

                                    FRONT DESK Resource Sheet
Campus Telephone Numbers                                                     PS = RDOD
Graduate Assistant On Duty           690-3658                     When you call Public Safety notify the
Davis Square Desk                    6000
Deglman Desk                         6100                             Resident Director on Duty
DOIT Help Desk                       1111
Elevator Problems                    2104 (Public Safety)         TORNADO SHELTERS
                                                                  Davis Square Laundry Room
EMERGENCY                            2911                         Deglman      Basement
Facilities                           2780                         Gallagher    Basement
Gallagher Desk                       6800                         Heider       Basement/West Side Parking Garage
Health Aide                          2104 (Public Safety) &       Kenefick     Basement/West Side Parking Garage
                                     699-7363 (RDOD)              Kiewit       Basement/North & South Stairwells 2-5
Heider Desk                          6200                         McGloin      Basement
Kenefick Desk                        6300                         Opus         Basement
                                                                  Swanson      Basement/North & South Stairwells 2-5
Kiewit Desk                          6700
Mail Center                          2789
McGloin Desk                         6900                                           FIRE EMERGENICES
                                                                       Call Public Safety (2911)/report the fire alarm.
Opus Hall Desk                       6600
                                                                       Call the RDOD (699-7363).
Public Safety                        2104
                                                                       Locate Mobility Impaired List.
Registrar’s Office                   2702                              Locate the fire panel in or near the desk area/ note the
Residence Life Office                2717                               location of the fire.
Resident Director on Duty            699-7363                          Log the following information in the desk log:
Skutt Student Center                 1705                                  1. The location of the alarm.
Student Activities Office            1715                                  2. The cause of the alarm.
Student Health Center                2735                                  3. The time of the alarm.
Student Services Office              2718                                  4. Follow Staff Instructions.
Swanson Desk                         6500                         Daily Duties
                                                                  When You Arrive
Transferring Telephone Calls                                      1. Are there any messages you need to know?
1.   Inform the caller you are transferring them. Be sure
     to give them the correct number in case you
                                                                  2. Count and record money in the cash box.
     disconnect them.                                             3. Review desk log for new information.
2.   Depress the “TRANSFER” button and dial the                   4. Inventory keys and log missing keys.
     number requested.                                            While Working
3.   When the party answers, inform them that it is a             1. Maintain security.
     transfer call from                  regarding                2. Courteously answer questions asked of you.
          . Then push “TRANSFER.”                                 3. Log all packages, lockout keys, equipment
4.   If the party is not in, allow their voicemail to pick up,       checkouts, etc…
     unless the caller expresses a wish otherwise.                4. Take messages for the RD/AC/GARD/ARD.
                                                                  5. Complete other tasks as assigned.
                                                                  Before You Leave
                                                                  1. Relay messages to next Desk Receptionist.
                                                                  2. Tidy up the desk area/collect your items.
                                                                  3. Record your time in the appropriate section of
                                                                     the payroll log.
                                                                                              Desk Receptionist Manual 3
                                                                                                       Revised July 2008
                                  PERFORMANCE & STANDARDS
These are the standards that will be used to evaluate your work for the Department of Residence Life.

        1. Adhere to all University rules and regulations, as published in the Student Handbook and this
           manual. The following behavior may lead to your immediate dismissal and/or additional
           University sanctions:
            a) Insubordination, impertinence, negligence, or refusal to carry out assignments or instructions.
            b) Stealing, including unauthorized removal of University property or private property.
            c) Failure to provide accurate and complete information whenever an authorized person requires such
               authorized information.
            d) Reporting for work intoxicated, or while at work displaying any evidence of having consumed alcoholic
               beverages or illegal drugs or having unlawful possession of such items.
            e) Disorderly or illegal conduct including, but not limited to, the use of profane or abusive language,
               horseplay, and other such behavior unbecoming of a University employee.
            f) Tardiness or unauthorized absence from work duties.
            g) Unauthorized use of University property, facilities, or time.
            h) Inappropriate dress, grooming, or personal hygiene.
            i) Tampering with or damaging University or private property.
            j) Unauthorized lending, borrowing or duplicating keys or the careless use of keys.
            k) Possession of weapons.
            l) Lack of proper protocol, such as discourtesy in dealing with students, staff, or community.
            m) Failure to enforce and follow departmental security measures.
            n) Failure to attend DESK staff meetings assigned by the Assistant Resident Director/Apartment Coordinator.

        2. Present an image consistent with University ideals and policies.
            a) You are required to be neatly dressed and groomed any time you are working at the desk. Torn and ragged
               clothing is not permitted.
            b) Your feet must not be propped on the desk and you must not sit on the desk.
            c) Discretion is to be used when eating or drinking.
            d) The Desk Receptionist should be the only person behind the desk with the exception of hall staff. Extended
               socializing, including groups forming around the desk must not occur. The desk radio may be played at
               low volume when it is appropriate to do so.
            e) The desk telephone is for the use of incoming calls. Answer the phone by the second ring! No personal
               calls may be made from this phone. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO USE THE DESK PHONE
               EXCEPT IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. The desk phone should be kept as free as possible. The desk
               telephone should not be used to make or receive personal calls.
            f) Personal cellular telephone calls are not permitted (this includes personal text messaging).

        3. Maintain objectivity and act with consistency, care, and compassion.
            a) Take care of persons at the counter and telephone calls before attending to other business at the desk.
               Offer help without being asked.
            b) Report any rude behavior to the Assistant Resident Director/Apartment Coordinator or Resident Director.
               Be alert to incidents in the lobby area, which should be reported to the Resident Advisor On Duty. Record
               any incidents in Daily Log.
            c) Personal information about residents and hall operations is confidential. Further, the only personal
               information given to the public concerning residents of a hall is a name and telephone number. It is not
               the policy of the Department of Residence Life to provide room numbers of our residents. Direct guests to
               contact resident using the lobby (varies from location to location) or personal telephone. It is important for
               the guest to use the lobby or his/her personal telephone in order to keep the desk telephone line open for
               emergency purposes.

                                                                                          Desk Receptionist Manual 4
                                                                                                   Revised July 2008
                  4. Report to duty and to staff meetings as assigned.
             a) Be punctual (arrive 10 minutes before shift begins).
             b) You are required to secure your own replacement from the substitute list if unable to work a scheduled
                shift. You are required to complete a substitution form 24 hours in advance. The forms can be found
                in the Payroll/Substitution Book. Please keep substitutions to a minimum. If your desk replacement has
                not arrived to relieve you, call that person and find out if they are coming. If there is no answer, try to find
                someone from the substitution list that will be able to work. As a last resort, you are to page the Assistant
                Director on Duty/Apartment Coordinator on Duty and inform them of your situation. They will take
                appropriate action. Do not leave the desk without having a replacement.
             c) Absence for desk duty without expressed permission from the Assistant Resident Director/Apartment
                Coordinator is grounds for termination. If you cannot work during your assigned time, it is your
                responsibility to find a replacement. Tardiness is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If there are
                repeated tardies you may be required to meet with the Assistant Resident Director/Apartment Coordinator.
             d) There will be scheduled Desk Receptionist meetings throughout the year. The Assistant Resident
                Director/Apartment Coordinator must approve absence from these meetings at least 24 hours in advance of
                the meeting, and you are responsible for any information missed. Failure to adhere to this policy will
                subject you to termination of your employment.

        5. Perform specific duties outlined as effectively and efficiently as possible.
             a) The desk area must be kept clean, neat and orderly at all times. Keep the area presentable. Do not allow
                ANYONE (including Resident Advisors) to leave books, coats, etc. behind the Desk.
             b) Studying on the job and the use of electronic equipment is not acceptable unless there is no business
                pending. Remember to be professional and only study if time allows. You are expected to acknowledge
                everyone who walks by the desk through the lobby! Video games are not allowed at the desk.
             c) The desk log is vital in the operation of the residence hall. Please note your work hours and record all
                events that take place during your shift. Please initial your entries in the log. If in doubt about anything -
                Log it! Also, make it a point to explain everything to your replacement.

At all times you are expected to be neat, alert, courteous, prompt, and professional. Performance as a Desk
Receptionist will be monitored closely by the Assistant Resident Director/Apartment Coordinator and the
Resident Director. Progress and performance will be evaluated throughout the year.

                                      POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
This material pertains to your employment as a Residence Hall Desk Receptionist. To many entering the
residence hall, you will be their first and only contact with Creighton University. Remember, professionalism at
all times! You are responsible for monitoring what occurs in the lobby area.

Daily Duties
When You Arrive
        1.   See if there are any messages that you need to know about.
        2.   Count the money in the cash box and record it in the appropriate space in the desk log.
        3.   Check to see if there is any overdue equipment or keys/cards checked out.
        4.   Read the desk log to see if there is any new information
        5.   Complete a key/card inventory and log any missing keys/cards.
        6.   Wear the desk name badge.

While Working
        1.   Maintain security.
        2.   Keep desk area tidy and neat.
        3.   Log all packages, lockout keys, equipment checkouts, etc.
        4.   Take messages and forward calls to staff.
        5.   Complete other tasks as assigned.

                                                                                             Desk Receptionist Manual 5
                                                                                                      Revised July 2008
Before You Leave
       1.    Give any messages to the next Desk Receptionist.
       2.    Tidy up the desk area and collect all of your belongings.
       3.    Record your time in the appropriate section of the Desk log. If not recorded, you will not be paid.
       4.    Remove Name Badge

Building Security
       The entrances to each residence hall are secured twenty-four (24) hours a day. In all residence halls, access cards
       and/or keys must be used to gain admittance to the building. The Desk Receptionists have the ability to release the
       electronic door lock (button located on or behind the desk); however residents must use their identification access
       cards for admittance whenever possible. Guests from off-campus are only allowed into the building
       when escorted by a resident of that building. There is a telephone available in the entrance to contact
       the resident they wish to visit. If unauthorized visitors gain admittance to the hall, notify a Residence Life staff
       member immediately.

       Throughout the year, the Resident Director or Apartment Coordinator of the building will maintain and update a
       “Banned Students List”. These students are not permitted in that particular residence hall/apartment, and it is for
       your safety and the safety of all residents that those individuals not enter the residence hall/apartment. Follow the
       instructions regarding whom to call if a banned student/guest is identified at the front desk.

       NEWSPAPERS: A list of residents receiving newspapers is at the desk. Once newspapers arrive, write the room
       numbers at the top of each paper. Only students who have ordered papers through the Omaha World Herald may
       receive these. Students should present identification to claim their paper. These newspapers are not for public
       reading, so please keep newspapers out of sight. It is irresponsible, unethical, and unprofessional to read
       residents' newspapers, magazines, or mail while those items are in your care.

       SPECIAL DELIVERIES: Special Deliveries (flowers, gift baskets, etc…) may be delivered to the front desk and be
       signed for by the Desk Receptionist. Once the special delivery is logged, the Desk Receptionist will call the
       individual who received the item. When the item is picked up, the individual must show identification and initial the
       log. Your replacement is responsible for any deliveries after you leave, so inform him/her of any deliveries that
       have not been picked up. The Desk Receptionist must continue to try to contact the person for whom the delivery is
       intended. Do not accept deliveries other than those brought by a delivery service.

       FEDERAL EXPRESS, UPS DELIVERIES: With the exception of Heider, Kenefick, Davis, and Opus, Federal
       Express, UPS, and DHL packages are delivered to the Kiewit Hall and Swanson Hall Mailrooms Monday-Friday.
       Residents may pick up packages directly from these mailrooms.

           Broken Keys: When a resident breaks a key, s/he should bring both parts of the key to the desk and be
             given a lockout key. Write "BROKEN KEY" on his/her lockout card, complete a Maintenance Request
             Form online to have the key replaced, and log it in the Key Log. There is a $5 charge to replace broken

                Lost Keys: When a resident loses a key, s/he must contact the Desk and will need to check out his/her
                 lockout key until a new key is made (the resident does not have to pay the $1.00 charge during this time
                 period). Write "LOST KEY" on his/her lockout card, complete a Maintenance Request Form to have the
                 lock re-cored, and log it in the Key Log. There is a $30.00 charge ($90.00 in McGloin) to replace lost or
                 stolen keys which may be collected at that time or when s/he picks up his/her new key.

                                                                                           Desk Receptionist Manual 6
                                                                                                    Revised July 2008
      Any resident who is temporarily locked out of his/her room may be issued a substitute "lockout" key from the key
      box at the Desk. In order to use a substitute key, the resident must present proof of identification. Do not accept a
      bankcard, jewelry, books, clothing, etc…

      NOTE:             Davis Square and Opus Hall do not have keys. All residents access their room via a personal
                        identification card (CU ID card). Davis or Opus residents who lock themselves out should
                        report to the Davis or Opus Front Desk.

          1.   Check the CU ID card against the key card (found in the key card box). You may ask the resident to recite
               his/her NetID, which is found on the key card as proof of identification. The key checkout box located at
               the desk has a card for every person in every room in the hall.

          2.   Have the resident sign the key card in the "check-out" portion with date. The Desk Receptionist issuing the
               key must initial the card.
                       a) Collect $1.00 for the lockout key or agree that it will be paid upon return.
                       b) Issue the key to the resident. If the key is unavailable, contact an Assistant Resident Director
                             or Apartment Coordinator.

          3.   The key must be returned within ONE HOUR along with payment of $1.00. If the key is not returned
               within the hour, the fine will be $5.00. If the key is not returned within 1 day, the resident's lock will be
               changed and a $30 ($90 for McGloin) fee will be assessed. Leave a message in the Daily Log Sheet
               regarding which students still have lockout keys checked out and which students need to pay their lockout

          4.   When the checked out key is returned:
                      a) Collect the lockout fee (if not already done) and record it paid on the key card.
                      b) Have the resident sign the "check-in" portion of the key card and date it.
                      c) Initial the card.
                      d) Hang the key back in the key box and file the lockout card.

      Following this procedure exactly will give the residents a sense of consistency and security, which is necessary for
      each member of the community to feel secure and responsible.

Other Desk Procedures
      MAILBOXES AT DESK: Official mailboxes for the Resident Director, Assistant Resident Director, Apartment
      Coordinator, Chaplains, and Resident Advisors may be located at the front desk. Contents should be given to
      authorized personnel only.

      EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT: Enter student’s information into equipment check-out log. A Creighton I.D. is
      required to checkout any equipment (Do not accept a driver's license, bankcard, rings, clothing, books,
      walkmans, backpacks, etc…). Place the ID in the equipment box /card holder. When the equipment is returned,
      please inspect its condition. If the equipment is damaged in any way, please note the information in the equipment
      log. The Desk Receptionist is responsible for all equipment checked out during his/her shift.

      LOST & FOUND: Items turned in to the desk should be tagged with a note explaining the location of the found
      item, the time and date, and the name of the person who found it. After one week, the item should be submitted to
      Public Safety. Taking items from the lost and found is theft and will be dealt with accordingly.

      FACILITIES & MAINTENANCE: When maintenance or cleaning problems are reported to the Front Desk, you must
      complete a Maintenance Request Form on the desk computer. If there is an emergency, IMMEDIATELY notify the
      Facilities Office at x2780 (after 4:30 p.m. contact Public Safety at x2104). A maintenance or environmental services

                                                                                          Desk Receptionist Manual 7
                                                                                                   Revised July 2008
      emergency is defined as a situation which cannot be safely attended to by a Residence Life staff member and if left
      unattended will cause significant damage or possible harm to individuals, facilities, or the environment.

      ELEVATORS: If an elevator is not functioning properly, contact Public Safety immediately. Contact the Resident
      Advisor on Duty and leave a note for the Resident Director. Enter this information in the desk log. AT NO TIME

      TELEPHONE SERVICES: A resident may request telephone repair service through the following website:

      VENDING MACHINES: Refunds are distributed from the Skutt Student Center. Refund Request cards are located
      near the vending area. Fill out refund card and place it in a “Campus Mail Box.” If students are unable to locate a
      Refund Request card, please take their information and inform the GARD/ARD/AC of the situation.

      WASHERS/DRYERS: All laundry room problems related to the operation of the washers and dryers should be
      reported to the Apartment Coordinator/Assistant Resident Director. Ask the student who has reported the
      malfunction to put an out-of-order sign on the machine. Fill out “Laundry Room Reimbursement” Form online (just
      as you would complete a work order).

      MESSAGES: You are responsible for messages to the Resident Director, Apartment Coordinator, Assistant Resident
      Director, Resident Advisors, and Chaplains. Messages should be accurate and contain the date, time of call, name
      and telephone number of the caller, and what the call is in regard to. Please utilize your e-mail account on the desk
      computer and send the appropriate person the message to be received. Do not take messages for residents.
      Instead, refer the caller to the phone number where the resident can be reached.


      TELEPHONES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS: University calls are made by dialing the last four digits of the
      number desired, and local calls by dialing 9, waiting for the dial tone, and dialing the seven digit number. Public
      phones are located in the lobby or entryway of the Residence Halls and may be used for University and local calls
      only. No long distance calls can be made or received on these phones. The telephone at the Front Desk is for the
      use of incoming calls. No personal calls may be made from this phone. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO USE
      THE DESK PHONE EXCEPT IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. The Desk phone should be kept as free as

      HOUSING DIRECTORY: Do not allow anyone (except staff) to use the Housing Directory. It should be kept
      behind the desk at all times. The Housing Office updates the directory approximately twice per semester. Students
      who wish to have their name removed from the Housing Directory must make those arrangements through the
      Department of Residence Life by calling the Housing Assignments Office at x3016.

Residence Life Policies
      ALCOHOL: Alcohol is NOT allowed in the lobby and you are responsible for enforcing this policy. No person
      may possess an open container of alcohol in any common area of any residence hall at any time. If you observe a
      violation of this policy, you should contact a Residence Life staff member immediately.

      POSTING: Individuals wishing to post may use the general posting board located in hall lobby as long as the
      posting follows posting guidelines from the Student Activities Office.

      VISITATION: Guests of the opposite sex are not permitted to remain in a room or in a residential area past the
      specified visitation hours. Hosting an overnight guest of the opposite sex is considered a serious violation of
      Residence Life policy. Students or guests of the same gender are permitted in a room after visitation hours
      providing their presence does not disrupt the normal activities of your roommate or other residents. University
      residence hall visitation hours are as follows: Sunday through Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Friday, Saturday,
      & Holidays 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Holidays include: Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and Easter.) Being
      aware of these policies yourself and helping your guests and visitors to understand and abide by them, will help
                                                                                         Desk Receptionist Manual 8
                                                                                                  Revised July 2008
      make living on campus much more enjoyable for you and your friends. A student desk worker who asks for
      identification is simply doing his or her job, and your patient cooperation with them in these situations is greatly

Telephone Protocol

      Using the telephone is a necessary and integral part of the Desk Receptionist position.
      Expectations and specific techniques that you will be expected to adhere to are listed below.

      1. Always answer before the second ring unless you are assisting a person.
      2. Answer phone "(respective) Hall, this is (your name), how may I help you?"
      3. Always be as courteous and helpful as you can be. Remember you may be the caller's first and only contact
         with Creighton University.
      4. No personal phone calls are allowed. If you receive a personal call you must inform the person that you are
         working and will return the call later.
      5. Collect calls to the Front Desk for a resident cannot be accepted. Inform the caller that the number can be
         dialed directly and give them the number.
      6. If an important message comes to the Front Desk, contact the Resident Director or Resident Advisor on Duty
         and log this information in the desk log.
      7. Do not give out the Resident Director’s apartment phone numbers! If the message is important, page the
         Resident Director on Duty. If it is not important, take a message.

      1. Inform the caller that you are transferring them. Be sure to give the party the correct number in case you
         disconnect them.
      2. Press the "Transfer" button.
      3. Dial the number the caller has requested. When the party answers, inform them that it is a transfer call from
         ___ regarding              . Then push "Transfer.”
      4. If the party is not in, allow their voice mail to pick up, unless the caller expresses a wish otherwise.

      1. Dial "9" to get off campus. Dial the number of the individual's cell phone.
      2. You may hear a long beep. Dial the hall’s long distance code, and then the phone will connect to the long
         distance number.

      1. Keep a log of the exact time of every call.
      2. Where did the call come from? On or off campus? You can tell this by how the phone rings. Note what the
         phone number was if the call came from on campus.
      3. Don't talk back. Gently hang up.
      4. Don't get too excited. It may not be directed at you personally.
      5. Report all obscene phone calls to Public Safety immediately.

Emergency Procedures
      HEALTH AIDE: Health Aides are on duty during the week between 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and all weekend. In
      case of an illness or injury of a resident, contact Public Safety, who will then page the Health Aide on duty. Also
      page the Resident Director on-duty to alert them that you have contacted Public Safety and requested a Health Aide.

      1. Call Public Safety (x2911) to report the fire alarm.
      2. Call the Resident Director on Duty (699-7363)
      3. If possible, locate the fire panel in or near the desk and note the location of the fire.
      4. Locate the Mobility Impaired List. Follow the procedures.
      5. Log the location, time, and cause of the alarm in the desk log.
                                                                                            Desk Receptionist Manual 9
                                                                                                     Revised July 2008
6.   Keep the phone lines open.
7.   Assist the Residence Life staff, Public Safety, and Emergency Personnel by relaying information and helping
     evacuate the building.

1. Do not attempt to move the victim unless a life-threatening situation arises.
2. Contact Public Safety and report the situation immediately. Call or page an Resident Advisor and/or the
   Resident Director on Duty. If you cannot find a Residence Hall staff member, and it is during 8:00-5:00 p.m.,
   contact the Department of Residence Life at x2717.

SNOW EMERGENCIES: Public Safety will issue a Snow Emergency when roads are hazardous and driving may be
dangerous. When one is issued, all cars must be removed from the Peripheral Road (the parallel parking areas all
around campus) so that emergency plowing may occur. Those that are not removed will be ticketed. Public Safety
will contact each Front Desk and the Desk Receptionist should post a sign on the front doors warning all residents to
move their cars.

When a power failure occurs, the Emergency Generator will activate emergency lighting. The Desk Receptionist
will remain at the desk to answer any questions. The Residence Life staff will monitor the hallways to insure the
safety of the residents. If the power failure occurs in one building for an extended amount of time, the Desk
Receptionist should contact Public Safety.

Tornado Watch
A Tornado Watch is issued by the National Weather Service when the weather conditions are such that a tornado
might develop within a given area. If a Watch is given for the Omaha area, Public Safety and/or the Residence Life
on-call staff will attempt to notify all departments on the campus, and will ask for assistance from the various
departments in making the notification. Please post a sign on the door warning residents that a Tornado Watch is in
effect. When information is received that a Watch is in effect for the Omaha area, each department is encouraged to
turn on a radio or TV to a local channel for updated information as it becomes available.

Tornado Warning
A Tornado Warning will be issued when a tornado has actually been sighted, or has been spotted on radar. When a
warning has been issued for Douglas County, Public Safety and/or the Residence Life on-call staff will contact each
desk and the Civil Defense sirens will sound. The Desk Receptionist needs to post a sign on the front door notifying
residents of the Tornado Warning, and seek shelter in the designated place of the building. There will be a formal
announcement of "All Clear" made by Public Safety. Everyone is encouraged to continue to monitor a public
broadcasting station for updated weather information including an "All Clear." Residents should be told to move to
the following shelters:

         Davis      Laundry Room
         Deglman    Basement
         Gallagher  Basement
         Heider     Basement/West Side Parking Garage
         Kenefick   Basement/West Side Parking Garage
         Kiewit     Basement/North & South Stairwells 2-5
         McGloin    Basement
         Opus       Basement
         Swanson    Basement/North & South Stairwells 2-5

BOMB THREAT: The most important instruction you should remember in any type of Bomb Threat situation is to
take each and every Bomb Threat seriously!! Do not ignore any type of phone call, note or other communication
and pass it off as a joke.

                                                                                Desk Receptionist Manual 10
                                                                                          Revised July 2008
1.   When any type of Bomb Threat comes to your attention, IMMEDIATELY CALL PUBLIC SAFETY (x2911).
     Tell them the type of communication you received (i.e., phone call, note, etc.), the time you received it, a
     description of the voice you heard, if it was a phone call, and any other pertinent information.
2.   Call the Resident Director on Duty (699-7363) and tell them the same information.

                                                                               Desk Receptionist Manual 11
                                                                                         Revised July 2008
                             REASONS TO CALL
                                           Emergency Contact Guide
    For Deglman, Gallagher, Kenefick, Kiewit, McGloin, Heider and Swanson Halls
If a desk shift cannot be covered (ALL HOURS):
1. Call the person that missed the shift.
2. Call all subs on the list.
3. Call the GARD/ARD of that building, if they are not home.
4. Call all RAs in the building. (For those buildings that have no RAs, call the GAOD)
5. If the RAs don't answer, call the RA on duty to sit until someone from the prior steps can

             Reasons to call the Resident Assistant on Duty
Call immediately when this occurs …                 Leave a voicemail with your ARD when…
- student conduct/ intoxication                     - facility concerns needs attention
- major facility issues (pipe breaks, doors         - Desk Receptionist concern
broken, etc.); routine/non-emergency facility
issues can be logged in MAXIMUS.
- fire (call Public Safety & RDOD first)
- area needs cleaning up
- vandalism
- desk issues
- Anytime you are unsure how to proceed

              Reasons to call the Resident Director on Duty
Call immediately when this occurs…                  Leave a voicemail with your RD when…
- calling Public Safety                             - roommate concerns
- any student emergency                             - floor issues
- suicide attempt/threats                           - alcohol incidents
- drugs
- fights                                            (responsibility is not to confront, but rather
- bomb threat
                                                    recognize a problem and notify supervisor of
- serious alcohol incidents
- harassing phone calls                             issue)
- student injury as a result of food or facility
- sexual violence/ assault/ rape
- fire
- Anytime you are unsure how to proceed.

Graduate Assistant on Duty Cell:                                      690-3658
Resident Director on Duty Cell:                                       699-7363 (699-RDOD)
Public Safety Non-Emergency Line:                                     280-2104
Public Safety Emergency Line:                                         280-2911
                                                                            Desk Receptionist Manual 12
                                                                                      Revised July 2008
                          REASONS TO CALL
                                       Emergency Contact Guide

                                   For Davis Square & Opus Halls

       Reasons to call the Apartment Coordinator on Duty
Call immediately if…                                 Leave a voicemail with your AC if…
- a desk shift can’t be filled (and you have         - area needs cleaning up (non-emergency)
already tried to find a sub)                         - facility concern needs attention
- any major facility problem                         - Desk Receptionist concern
- bugs, mice, etc.                                   - In Davis Square & Opus Hall, a student gets a
- pipe leaks                                         new ID and needs to set an appointment to get
- doors broken                                       their door re-programmed
- vandalism
- Desk issues that cannot be solved
- when calling Public Safety                         If you are not able to reach the GAOD even
- any student emergency                              after leaving a message and waiting for a call
- suicide attempt/threats                            back (about 10 minutes), OR if you cannot
- drugs                                              reach the GAOD in a true emergency:
- fights                                             Call the RD on Duty at 699-7363
- bomb threat
- alcohol incidents                                  Do not contact Public Safety for students
- harassing phone calls                              who are locked out of their room!
- student injury as a result of food or facility
- sexual violence/assault/rape
- fire
- In Davis Square, ID card issues:
   - a student is locked out of their room and
cannot find roommates to let them in, and does
not have a lockout card available to him/her
(student must be willing to pay the $30 fine)
- In Davis Square & Opus Hall, ID card issues:
     - a students’ ID card is not working in their
door and they have no other way to get into
their room

-Anytime you are unsure how to proceed.

Graduate Assistant on Duty Cell:                                      690-3658
Resident Director on Duty Cell:                                       699-7363 (699-RDOD)
Public Safety Non-Emergency Line:                                     280-2104
Public Safety Emergency Line:                                         280-2911

                                                                             Desk Receptionist Manual 13
                                                                                       Revised July 2008

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