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									        Project Management
What is Project Management?
  Tracking project timing and cost.
  Managing project resources (people, materials, budget).

Why do Project Management?

  To monitor if your project is staying on time and
  is within budget.
  To ensure project goals are met.
          Project Management
What questions might project managers be interested in?

• How long will the project take?
• Can I add manpower or tools to reduce the overall project
• To which tasks should I add manpower?
• What tasks are on the critical path?
• Is the project on schedule?
• When should materials and personnel be in place to begin a
• Am I within budget?
• Should I transfer funds between line items?
• Other?…
Project Management - Examples
•   University Convocation Center
•   Windsor Engine Plant
•   Other major construction projects
•   Large defense contracts
•   NASA projects (space shuttle)
•   Maintenance planning of oil refineries, power plants, etc…
•   Senior Design projects
•   other…
 Project Management - Timing
A project consists of a series of tasks with estimated durations.

Consider building a house:
Step A: Prepare site. (5 days)
Step B: Build foundation. (8 days)
Step C: Frame walls and roof. (15 days)
Step D: Rough in Plumbing (12 days)
Step E: Rough in Electrical (10 days)
Step F: HVAC Venting (8 days)
Step G: Drywall (11 days)
Step H: Finish Electrical (5 days)
Step I: Finish Plumbing (4 days) Step M: Paint (5 days)
Step J: Finish HVAC (2 days)       Step N: Landscape (5 days)
Step K: Install Kitchen (8 days)
Step L: Install Baths (14 days)
 Project Management - Timing
Timing – Gantt Chart
Tasks and task durations are often represented as Gantt Charts.
No consideration for task precedence.
 Project Management - Timing
Timing – Network Diagram
Tasks must sometimes be performed in series, or may at times
be performed in parallel.

For the house example, let each arc represent a project task/job.

                                     D,12          H,5     7         J,2        M,5
      A,5       B,8       C,15                  G,11       0
                                     E,10                                             11
  1         2         3          4          5          6       9           10
                                                                   L,14         N,5
                                     F,8           I,4     8
Each arc is identified by a job letter and duration. Note the
dummy jobs indicating precedence that jobs H and I must
complete before K or L begins.
 Project Management - Timing
Timing – Gantt Chart
Tasks and task durations are often represented as Gantt Charts.
With task precedence knowledge.
 Project Management - Timing
Critical Path
                                    D,12          H,5     7         J,2        M,5
     A,5       B,8       C,15                  G,11       0
                                    E,10                                             11
 1         2         3          4          5          6       9           10
                                                                  L,14         N,5
                                    F,8           I,4     8

Why is knowing the critical important?
  Project Management - Cost

Estimate your costs by task (add a safety
factor, 20-50%?), also called itemizing.

Track your costs by item.

Formally transfer/track transfer of budget
between line items.

Stay within budget!!
Project Management - Resources

 How do resources effect project management?

 • Add workers to reduce task time.
 • Remove workers if a task is not on critical
 • Ensure tools and supplies are available at
 start of each task.
 • Other?
   Project Management - Tools
Most Popular (Listed by
 Blue Angel Technologies, Inc. - provider of metadata management tools.
 Niku Corporation (Nasdaq:NIKU) - develops enterprise application software that cuts costs and
 increases productivity by automating the work of internal service organizations.
 eRoom Technology, Inc. - makers of a browser-based product used to manage projects,
 collaborate on documents, share information, and hold discussions. Formerly Instinctive Technology.
 Mindjet - developers of software to help business people organize information into visual maps
 which display relationships among diverse information.
 eProject - specializes in web-based project management and team collaboration software that
 includes integration with WAP and palm-held devices. Available on-site or as a hosted service.
 Primavera Systems, Inc - Software tools for managing both small and large projects. - offers web-based project management and time and billing software.
 Welcom Software Technology - provides project management, collaboration, and cost management
 Scitor Corporation Business Solutions Group - provides project and process management software
 solutions and services. - offers free web-based bug tracking and project management software
 designed for business managers and developers.

116 additional sites listed in alphabetical order (did not include
MicroSoft Project)
  Project Management - Tools
Manual Method

Can you manage projects manually?

Absolutely, who managed the building of the
Egyptian pyramids and what software did they

I have used Excel to “manually” track projects.
 Applying Project Management
Initial Setup
• Identify task and task precedence
• Estimate task cost and timing
• Identify critical path
• Modify resource allocation to adjust task timing and

Continuous Monitoring
• Update if timing has changed
• Identify if still on time
• Identify if critical path has shifted
• Modify costs as “real” costs are realized
Applying Project Management
Personal Experience – Windsor Engine Plant
Products – 4.6L, 5.4L, 6.8L Ford Truck Engines
Location – Windsor, Ont.
Budget - $1.2 billion
Timing – Plant Engineering (Summer 1993)
         Job 1 (March 1996)
Volume – 3000+ Engines / day
Launch Staff – approx. 150 personnel

Project Management – 1 person dedicated to timing,
Primavera software, Gantt charts hung around “war
room”, cost management by individual team
managers (with “help” from Finance dept.).
Applying Project Management
Personal Experience – Windsor Engine Plant
My Responsibilities – team manager of information
systems and communications (PCs, networks, phones,
pagers, radios, computer room, PFIS, etc…)

Timing Tracking Method – Used Excel (problem
deck), White Board (primary projects), and note pad
(to do list).
Problem Deck – Some projects tracked closely some
loosely dependent on who was lead analyst.
Primary project status – updated weekly.
To do list – updated daily.
 Applying Project Management
Personal Experience – Windsor Engine Plant

Cost Tracking Method - $8million budget, itemized
by primary projects (e.g. PCs, Networks, Radios,
Computer Room, etc…).
Used Excel and reports from Finance office to track
line items, monitored on a weekly or bi-monthly basis

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