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									                           Dog Food: Healthy Options

It is always a great joy to own a pet. Upon coming home, you can look forward to your dog greeting you
enthusiastically, making the stressful work day easier to bear. It is important to maintain your dog’s
health so the moments you spend last. You can give your dog a longer life by giving them healthy dog
food. Commercially available dog food is usually available in wet canned form or dry form.

Dry dog food does not easily spoil and comes at cheap prices. About six to 10 percent is the
measurement for moisture. Though the dry food is a practical alternative budget-wise, many of its
ingredients are unhealthy fillers.

The dog’s absorbance of nutrients works based on the brand’s fillers. White rice gives some nutrients
while oats and beans give nothing. Carbohydrates from corn and potatoes have less nutritional value
than rice. Cheaper brands that use corn meal also do not help with nutrient absorption. These cheap
ingredients can cause unfortunate side effects like appetite loss and diarrhea.

Buyers should note the descending order in which ingredients are listed. The unhealthy options place
barley, rice, or corn first. You are better off buying brands that list beef first. In terms of protein, the
Association of American Feed Control Officials advises that meats are weight before cooking when
listing the corresponding amount.
Sojos food is a healthy alternative to commercially available dog food. This brand uses healthy
ingredients such as sea vegetables, safe grains, and herbs. Ingredients stick to the basics, leaving out any
fillers and preservatives. It is a long-term health guarantee for you and your dog.

Wellness pet food such as sojos provides dog owners less worries and a better money investment. Dry
dog food appears cheaper and more practical but will actually lead to more vet and medicine charges. It
is better to spend on more now and less later.

Choosing the right dog food for your pet guarantees easy and hassle-free canine care. Look for brands
that use wholesome and safe ingredients. Most commercial brands use fillers such as corn meal that can
damage your dog’s health. To avoid this, look for preservative-free alternatives in brands such as sojos
food. This is a wellness pet food that every dog will enjoy eating.

- Melinda Smith

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